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BUILTH WELLS. I Morris's for finest tinned fruits and salmon. True Economy—Wear Eadie's Boots. 698 Large variety of canned friiits.-Davies Bros. SUMMER HOLIDAYS.—Local elementary schools close for the summer vacation on the 30th inst. .Always at the Front—Wyles Bros.' boots and shoes. Bibbv's "Cream Equivalent" calf food-by "test the hest"-15/- per ewt. d/d nearest station. MUNITION VOLUNTEERS.—Three local men en- listed, on Saturday, as munition workers. Price and Co., Cloth Hall, for French and English millinery. 147 S.P.G.— £ 6 was the amount collected at St. Mary's Church on Trinity Sunday in aid of the S.P.G. funds. VISITORS.—There is now a good sprinkling of visitors in the town, and, generally speaking, the prospects of a fairly good season are certain. When you feel run down and out of condition, take Quinine and Iron Tonic. It will pick you up. In 1/- bottles-double aize 1/9.—Coltman, Cash Chemist, Builth Wells. 1867 TENNIS TOURNAMENT.—The arranged tourna- ment between members of the tennis club on Wed- nesday was, on account of the inclement weather, abandoned. To FARM RANDS.-Do you want a Canadian Government free farm, or a ready-made "C.P .R." farm? If so, call and see Mr G. E. Sayce, Fern Lea (agent for "C.P.R." and "Royal" lines.) STRAWBERRY TEA.—Lady members of the local tennis club provided a strawberry tea on the ten- nis court on Wednesday, to which the gentlemen members were also invited. JUST THE PLACE.—Ah, the sunshine shows up the seediness of my old clothes I I'll go at once to Crystal House and select from J. P. Pugh's excellent new stock of men's, youth's and boys' suits. ECCLESIASTICAL.-Duri-n July. Rev. Arthur Church (rector. Abbots Morton. Worcestershire), who is at present staying in the town, will assist the Vicar, who has been single-handed since Rev. E. G. E. Davies (curate) joined the navy. RURAL DEAN.—Rev. J. L. Brvans (St. John's, Builth Road), rural dean for Elwel, has, since the departure of Rev. H. A. Crosbie, been acting as rural dean for Builth Deanery, The vacancy, it is anticipated, will be filled shortly. SUCCESS.—In the County Minor, Scholarships Examination. Master Edmund Price, a pupil of the local county school, headed the list for the county of Brecon, being awarded a scholarship tenable for two years. IN FRANCE.—Pte. R. Wearn. of the Royal West- minster Rifles, son of Mr and Mrs C. J. Wearn, has just reached France. Pte. Wearn, an old pupil of the county school, was in the London and Provincial Bank. RURAL COU,-XCIL.-Present at a meeting of this authority, on Monday, were Messrs. T. Pugh, Wernfawr (chairman), Rees Powell, Roger Powell, David Davies, Jas. Jones, Dd. Jones, Rees JOLes. Thomas Davies and W. W. Lennard (deputy-clerk). Business was routine. PERSONAL.—Mr Idris Morgan, son of Mr and Mrs A. P. Morgan, of Glangwy, has just been gazetted captain. Captain Idris Morgan is now stationed at Colwyn Bay, and the news of his de- served promotion will be heartily welcomed by his numerous friends in the Wyeside town. A BRECONSHIRE LADY.—Dr. Mary Phillips, of Leeds, who has gone out to attend to the sick and wounded in Serbia, as a member of the Scottish Women's Hospital, is a native of Breconshire. She is known to many in the town and, some twelve months ago. addressed meetings on the question of "Women's Rights" in the district. SUNDAY SCHOOL.—Scholars, who have received prizes for securing the highest possible marks at St. John's Sunday school, Builth Road, are Annie Price, Edward Jones, Willie Jones and Eunice Field. Twenty-nine other prizes have also been awarded. We are informed that, in consequence of the war, the annual combined Sunday school festival has been abandoned. > AT THE FRONT.—Pte. H. T. Jervis, a native of the town, has been in the trenches for several months with the 2nd Battalion Welsh Regiment He enlisted in South Wales shortly after the out- break of war, and proceeded to France at Christ- mas. Pte. Jervis was. at one time, a member of St. Mary's Church Lads Brigade. NEW GUARDIAN.—Rev. S. H. Wenham (vicar) was the only person nominated, on Tuesday, to fill the vacancy on the Board of Guardians, creat- ed by the death of. Mr J. Jones (Gelynen), as one of the members lor the town area. The proposer was Mr Richard Price. and the seconder, Mr J. Duggan. INTERCESSORY SERVICE.—Under the auspices of the local Free Church Council, a well-attended united intercessory service was held at Memorial Baptist Church on Friday evening. Rev. W. O. Williams (pastor) officiated, and others who took part were Messrs. Bowen Evans, J. T. Catley, Luther Davies and a visitor. The organist was Miss Morgan (Trig-Fan). PRODUCE MARKET.—The supply of produce at the market, on Monday, was snfall. Ruling prices were :—Butter, 1/1 per lb.; hen eggs, 10 for 1/ duck eggs. 9 and 10 for 1/ live chickens, 1/- per lb.; live ducks. lOd; old hens, 4/- per couple; rabbits, 6d and 7d each; black currants, 4d per lb., gooseberries. 1M; mushrooms. 4d; and new potatoes, lid. OFF TO THE FRONT.—Regimental-Quartermaster- Sergeant E. Astbury lPark Wells, and of Princess Alexandra's Own. Yorkshire Regiment), who has been home on a few days' leave, rejoin- ed his regiment on Tuesday and pro- ceeded to France. Pte. Baker, of the S.W.B., formerly head-keeper at Caerberis, is ex- pected home in a day or so, prior to leaving for the Dardanelles. REFUGEES.—At the last meeting of Builth Road Belgian Refugee -committee, the treasurer stated that there was a credit-balance of £6 4s 4d. The committee resolved to continue supplying all neces- saries to the family at Pencerrig Lodge, as well as the small allowance for pocket-money. They also decided to bank all money earned by M. Kupens and his son and hand it over to them when they return to Belgium. IN HOSPITAL.-Information has been received by Mrs Douglas Lloyd (Pendre Vill) to the effect that her husband, Sergt. Lloyd, of the Canadians (first contingent), is in hospital at Warrington. Sergt. Lloyd. son of Mr Lloyd (formerly of Pul- rose), emigrated to Canada some years ago, and, at the outbreak of war. enlisted. When at home, he played football for the local eleven, and was very popular. NATURALISTS' SOCIETY .Iembers of the local Naturalists' Society went on a botanic exepdition to Aberedw on Friday. Miss Hawkins (Avon- dale), who led the party, made the outing full of interest. Tea was provided by Mrs Price (White House), who, on the proposition of Mrs Rees Thomas (secretary), was heartily thanked for her hospitality. Thanks were, on the motion of Mr Telfer Smith, seconded by Mr G. R. Thomas, B. Sc., tendered to Miss Hawkins for her services as leader of the party. MINISTER OF MUNITIONS.—The Right Hon. D. Lloyd George. Minister of Munitions, passed through the town at 6.30 on Saturday for Llan- drindod Wells. The chauffeur, instead of proceed- ing over the bridge, drove the car up High street as far as Mrs Abram Davies and Sons (butch- ers), where he was directed the right way. Very few people were about at the time, but "Mr Roberts (manager of the Star Supply Stores) and Mr A. Barrett at once recognised the Minister of Munit- ions sitting in the ear. PROMOTION.—Second-Lieutenant Pratt, son of Mr and Mrs Pratt, who served in the Guards for many years and who received his commission in the Worcesters last Christmas, has been promoted first lieutenant. Lieut. Pratt, who went to the front with the Expeditionary force, has seen severe fighting. Mr and Mrs Pratt's second son is on his way home from the Dardanelles, having been with the British Fleet there for several months. When last heard of, he was in good health. A third son is with the South Wales Borderers at Colwyn Bay. RED CROSS HOSPITAL.-The commandant (Mrs Harcourt Wood) of the Red' Cross Hospital wishes to thank most sincerely all those who have helped her in the hospital, also the V.A.D. men, all of whom have given their services gratis. She is most grateful to those in the town and district who have brought produce, etc., during the 15 weeks the hospital has been running. The local Red Cross Hospital has accommodated 2 batches of wounded soldiers, and is now awaiting a third f batch, when the parent hospital at Cardiff deems it advisable to send them. 730 STOCK MARKET.—There was an improvement in the cattle-trade at the stock market, on Monday, but the supply was not a large one. Yearling- steers realised £9 to X13; and cows with calves, £ 15 to zel9. Very few two-vear-old steers were in evidence, but what were fetched excellent prices. Mr J. A. Evans, Ysciog (auctioneer), sold two fresh heifers at X20 7s 6d each. An average sup- ply of sheep met with fair demand. Fat lambs sold exceptionally well, making 5d per lb. (live weight.) Welsh lambs made 10/- to 13/- each. Several cart pigs and porkers were on offer, the former selling from 20/- to 25/- apiece, and the latter, 8/6 to 9/- per score. THE KINO.—Mr G. M. Hand is exhibiting an excellent series of pictures at the Kino this week, which should attract crowds. "Mystery of the crystal salt" was the title of the chief film screen- ed on Monday and Tuesday evenings. A most thrilling picture called "Mystery of Munroe Manor" (Cine's special) will be the principal pic- ture shown the two following nights. An adven- ture story, "Shadows of Adventure" (special drama), will be exhibited on Friday and Saturday evenings. Pathe's war pictures, which are changed twice a week, will be screened each even- ing. Other films include "All the fault of grand- pa" (comedv), "Wi,.ik,'s blue diamond" (comic) and "Red Cross pluck. '1 OBITUARY.—The funeral of Mr Joseph W. Pugh (Welfield View) took place at St. Mary's Church on Wednesday. Deceased, who passed away after a long illness on Saturday week, was only 39 years of age. Rev. Lewis Beynon (Congregational minister) conducted a brief service at the house, when the hymn, "Jesu, Lover of my soul," was feelingly sung. Rev. S. H. Wenham (vicar) offi- ciated in church and at the graveside. Principal mourners were Mrs Pugh (widow), Master Pugh (son), Messrs. Roger Pugh. John Pugh and Samuel Pugh (brothers), and Miss Lizzie Pugh (sister). The remains were borne to the grave by Messrs. S. Davies (Bristol House), T. Jones (Wye Bridge House), WTm. Hamer, junior (Tanhouse Terrace), Chas. Hill (Spring-Gardens), W. Willis (Market street) and W. Beavan (Spring-Gardens). The polished oak coffin, with brass-fittings, was inscribed, "Joseph W. Pugh, died July 3rd, 1915, aged 39 years." Messrs J. M. Jones & Sons (un- dertakers) carried out the funeral arrangements. There was a large attendance, including members I of the local Lodge of Oddfellows, of which de- ceased was a member.



















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