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Fighting Near Aden.


Fighting Near Aden. I STRONG TURKISH FORCE. I THE BRECKNOCKS PART. Considerable anxiety was evident in Brecon on Saturday morning when the following news issued by the Press Bureau appeared in the morning -papers. In consequence of rumours that the Turkish force from the Yemen had crossed the frontier of the Aden Hinterland and was advanc- ing towards Lahej, the General Officer command- ing at Aden recently despatched the Aden camel troops to reconnoitre. They reported the presence of a Turkish force with field guns, and a large number of Arabs fell back on Lahej, where they were reinforced by the advance guard of the Aden Moveable Column, consisting of 250 rifles and two 10-pounder guns. Our force at Lahej was at- tacked by the enemy on the 4tli July by a force of several thousand Turks, with 20 guns and large numbers of Arabs, and maintained its position in face of the enemy's artillery fire until night, when part of Lahej was in flames. During the night some hand-to-hand fighting took place, and the enemy's attacks on our front were beaten off, but the enemy also commenced to outflank us. Meanwhile the remainder of the Aden move- able column was marching towards Lahej, but was delayed by water difficulties and heavy going. It was therefore decided that the small force at Lahej should fall back. The retirement was car- ried out successfully in the early morning of 5th July, and the detachment joined the rest of the column at Birnarr. Our troops, however, were suffering considerably from the great heat and shortage of water, and their difficulties were in- creased by the desertion of Arab transport follow- ers. It was, therefore, decided to fall back to Aden, and this was done without the enemy at- tempting to follow up. Our losses included three British officers wounded. Names will be com- municated later. We took one Turkish officer (a major) and 13 men prisoners. Archdeacon Bevan Interviewed. Archdeacon Bevan interviewed by one of our representatives on Saturday morning said :-r "Is is unlikely that any large numbers of the Breconshire Battalion were engaged in the recent fighting at Aden. It is known that,one company is garrisoning an island in the Red Sea, 24 hours distant from Aden, which has been recently cap- tured from the Turks without resistance. The Breconshire Battalion being the only British Re- giment in the garrison would not have been fur- ther weakened to any considerable extent, by tak- ing part in the movable column. It would have been retained for the protection of Aden. The movable column probably consisted of the Camel Battery of R.G.A.. and native regiments, with possibly the machine guns and one company of the Brecons. Of the 3 officers wounded, the one who was most severely wounded and has since died belonged to the 32nd Pioneers. The town Lahej which was attacked by the Turks is 21 miles from Aden. Aden itself is absolutely impregnable. It is only approached from the mainland by a narrow strip of sand. Xo hostile force could come across this isthmus in face of the guns of the fortress by which it is absolutely commanded.

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