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I Gift to Brecon


Gift to Brecon BY THE LATE MR. JOHN LLOYD. CORPORATION'S RESOLUTION. At Brecon Town Council's meeting, on Tues- day, the following letter was received from Mr Robt. L. Hunter, 9, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C., viz., "As one of the executors of the late Mr John Lloyd, J.P., of Brecon, I beg to send you an extract from his will relating to certain books, papers, etc., and, as his description of these is very full, I need not further refer to them.' I understand, however, that the papers referred to by Mr John Lloyd as the 'Mayberry' papers may be the subject of claim by some other person, or persons, and therefore, in dealing with the gift, it will, I think, be wise to keep the Mayberry papers separate from the others. I think there will be j no difficulty in this..The first point, however, is to ascertain whether your Corporation is willing to accept the gift, and, assuming that to be the case- then, where they would like them sent and how disposed of'? You are probably aware tnat the late Mr John Lloyd purchased, with the help of Lord Tredegar, and, also, with the assistance of a public subscription, a site on the Bulwark at Brecon, upon part of which there is a building at present vacant. I suggest, with the acquiescence of my co-executor, Captain Conway Lloyd, ) that the papers, etc., should be re- moved to this building. I am afraid that, if there is any duty payable upon the gift, it would fall upon the Corporation, but I think that, as- suming there to be historical value attached to the papers, the Treasury would, without any difficulty whatever, liplieve the estate of any duty in respect of it." The following extract from will of Mr John Lloyd dated, June 3rd, 1915, was also submitted, namely, » "5.—I give and bequeath (subject and except as hereinafter mentioned) the collection of docu- ments known as the Mayberrry papers now at No. 15, Chepstow Place aforesaid, together with other documents accumulated during various important cases at law relating to common rights of land, rights of way and fishery trials, the most import- ant of which are known as the 'Torglas Common Case,' the 'Doldymer Bridge Trial on the Irvon Case,' 'the great free fishery water trial on the river Wye at Hoarwithy,' and to the Great West- ern Railway Company as to the supply of water to Brecon and Abergavenny canal from the river Usk and its tributaries-also, documents relating to, the London County Council, 1880 to 1888, and the opening of part of Regent's Park in 1883 and all maps relating thereto and to a projected ground plan of London, together with all my printed works and the copyrights thereof and the plates and books and the shelves and also the large Board room table of the National Providence League, formed by Rev. Canon Blackley, at Lancaster House, Savoy, in 1880, of which I was the hon. secretary for nearly 30 years, until it was dis- solved on the passing of the National Insurance Act-to the mayor and corporation of the borough of Brecon and the Breconshire County Council for the purposes of the public library and muniment room now or about to be established for the said town and county of Brecon. And I direct that, if so desired, all the above books and effects may be vested in any trustee or committee, who may have the management of the said library and muni- ment room." "6.—I direct that all books, papers, maps, etc., which shall, in the opinion of my executors and trustees (whose decision shall be conclusive and binding on all persons interested undfcr this my will) relate' to the Great Forest of Brecon Com- moners' lands and their committee be excepted from the above bequest, and, also, all war maps copy-rights in the same, unless I shall, by a codicil to this my will, otherwise direct." On the motion of Mr C. W. Best ,seconded by Ald. A. E. Wright, the following resolution was unanimously passed, viz., "That the thanks of the Mayor and Corporation be accorded to Mr Robt. L. Hunter for his letter of the 5th inst., on be- half of the executors of the late Mr John Lloyd (J.P., Brecon), sending us extracts from the will of Mr John Lloyd relative to his bequests to the Mayor and Corporation of Brecon and the Brecon- shire Coutnty Council, chiefly of a collection of books and documents of general and local interest for the purpose of a public library for the town and county of Brecon, and their suggestion that the books and papers referred to be removed to the building now existing upon the site acquired for the purpose of such proposed public library-tbat no objection whatever is made by the Mayor and Corporation to the re noval of the books and papers, as suggested, but that no responsibility can at present, be accepted for the truest implied in the conditions of the bequest, although the Mayor and Corporation, of Brecon, are prepared to consider the matter favourably when the ownership of the site of the proposed public-library has been deter- mined and when the Breconshire County Council are willing to concur with the conditions set forth or implied in the bequest under consideration."


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