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I BOYS' WEAR FOR SCHOOL AND HOME. THE WHITBY SUIT with smart lapelle, 2 or 3 buttons to coat, vest buttoned to neck or with slight open- ing. The most serviceable style for Boys of 7 to 12 years. They are made from Irish and Scotch Tweeds, Saxony and Fancy Cloths, as well as from Navy Serges and Worsteds. The tailoring and materials are as Boy-proof as hands can make them. Schoolboy life demands the toughest make—you pud it in these Suits. They are priced at from 6/6 to 16/6. (V I Too numerous to here illustrate or even describe are the many shapes in Fancy Suits for little boys. We can show you something fanciful and natty yet quite serviceable for the little chaps whose ages are from three to nine years. Bring your sonny m and try some of these garments on in our secluded upstairs department, which is set apart for the boys of all ages. TH rf??{R-BXCHl.??-Mt?' -?? ophite ????BREC?N? the Monument "? I ) ALL AT BEFORE-THE.WAR PRICES, j ELECTRIC THEATRE, WHEAT STREET, BRECON. PMtMMom R. W. PHILLIPS & SONS. THE OLDEST, MOST COSY. AND BEST VENTILATED PLACE OF ENTERTAINMENT IN THE TOWN. ANOTHER ALL STAR PICTURE PROGRAMME THURSDAY, FRIDAY. & SATURDAY, 'CHARLIES TROUBLES." A SPLENDID KEYSTONE COMEDY. A SURE CURE FOR THE BLUES. 2,000 FEET LONG. We have also secured in addition to the above A MOST SENSATIONAL PICTURE. 3,000 FEET LONG. Making one of the strongest picture programmes shown in the Brecon. We have secured for early production the greatest serial picture ever screened, entitled THE MASTER KEY." This film is 30,000 feet long, and will be shown to you two parts each week. This picture is being shown at all the principal Theatres in the United Kingdom with enormous success, and we can assure our patrons that anything has not been screened in the town of Brecon can equal this masterpiece of sensationalism Remember the name is "THE MASTER KEY." Date of commencing this enthralling —— story will be announced shortly. —— SIPEOIAIj MATINEE ON SATURDAY AT S-30. < NIGHTLY AT 7. POPULAR PRICES 3d., 6d. and 9d. SPECIAL PICTURE AND VAUDEVILLE PROGRAMME. LOOK OUT FOR NEXT WEEK'S BILLS. THE THIRTEENTH Llandrindod Wells Convention FOR THE DEEPENING OF SPIRITUAL LIFE. AUGUST 1ST TO 6TH (INCLUSIVE) 1915. Chairman and Convener, Mr ALBERT A. HEAD. The following Speakers are expected to take part:<- Bev. CHARLES INWOOD, F.R.G.S., Brighton. Rev. W. GRAHAM SCROGGIE, =dpe=d. Rev. G. C. GRUBB. London. Rev. the Hon. W. TALBOT RICE, M.A., Swansea. Rev. W W. LEWIS, Swansea. Rev. R. B. JONES, Ynyahir. Rev. JOSEPH JAMES, Cwmbach, Ahefdare Rev W. TREVOR JONES, Llanelly. Rev. NANTLAIS WILLIAMS, Ammanford. Mrs ALBERT A. HEAD, and others. The Meetings will be held in the Convention Tent, situate in DySryn Road, unless otherwise stated. Programmes free from H. D. PhilIIps, The Vita, Uandrindod WtIIs. br676 Atfred QuarrcH, Florist, Fruiterer and Seedsman, 3 and 4HtCH STREET, BRECON ———— Ali kinds of ———— Garden Requisites, Manures, &c. kept in stock. Fresh Cut Flowers, Wreaths, Crosses, Ac. at the shortest notice. Telephone, 74. :o: b67 o FAI C .4 8 ;v ——— THE ——— We!sh Insurance Corporation, LM. Head Omce HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. BRECON AGENTS—Mr W. H. Gimson United Counties Bank Mr Jas. R. Probert, Cilwhybart; Mr Howell Powell, 8, Castle Street; Mr H. E J. Rich, 41, Watton Mr W. Williams, 6, Bulwark; Mr W. Lewis Pritchard, Harddfan. ? Fire, Consequential Loss Following Fire. All Sickness and Accidents. Burglary, t t Motor Car, Plate Glass, Workmen's Compensation, Boiler Explosion, etc., etc. ? t br717 ? HARVESTING & DAIRY APPLIANCES, Mowers, Horse Rakes, Haymakers, Reapers, Binders and all kinds of Harvesting Machinery. Mellotte and Wolseley Separators Fixed. Oil & Petrol Engines of various makes, always in stock. Inspection Invited. MEAMLEY AND PUCH. !(N!SHm R619 II m 1 I J. W. OWENS,. COACH AND MOTOR BODY BUILDER, Ijlandrindod Wellis. Tel. p.o. 55. MOTORS. Cape Hoods & Wind Screens ntted. Car Springs renewed at short notice. I RE-PAINTING A SPECIALITY. CARRIAGES. I AU kinds of Road Vehicles made and repaired or painted. All kinds of Rubber Tyres affixed on the Premises. j A Number of Good Second-hand Vehicles always on Sale. j ?_ 213r ) ENGLISH 11 and 0. WATEINS. I AMERICAN I DENTISTRY. I PERFECT FITTING & NATURAL LOOKING As-rmcAL TEETH Set from 15/6, Single Teeth from 2/- PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS and NO ILL AFTER EFFECTS- Extractions from 1/. Fillings from 1/6 Re- modelling and Repairs a Speciality. Guarantee for Five Years Given. Local Branch Surgeries: LLANDBiNDOD WELLS, (Thursdays), Buxton House, Middleton Street; NirwBi&mGic-ow-Wyz, Mr Hulbert'a, WoodviUe (Thursdays); RnAYADEB, Mre Pugh's West End, West Street (Wednesdays). ? < ?><>?K>????0??<>0????<><>0??0<><><><>????????K>??? j ? ? IMPORTANT TO ORSAMtSERS! ? ? EXQUISITE PRINTING ? P -— IS NOW OBTAINABLE AT THE —— ? j "EXPRESS" OFFICE ASY9 BREØON, ? AT MOST REASONABLE CHARGES. 9 ? Give us a Trial and see if our Up-to-Date New Model 4 ? ? Linotype can please you. ? ? The "Model 4" is the best Type-Setting Machine on the 0 ? Market Q Maximum Quality GOOD CATCH CROP RAPE AND MUSIAM.SEEOS AT LOWEST PRICES. PURE STANDARD FLOUR. A CENTURY OF EXPERIENCE. We were milling in 1815, and are still at it 1915. Prices, 45/- Sack 23/- half Sack. Carriage paid nearest Railway Station. A. Handle/A Son, I Builth Wetts & Rhayadar. I Swede, Turnip AND Mangold Seeds THE BEST VARIETIES AT LOWEST PRICES FOR RELIABLE SEEDS. Joseph Blower IMghtm and Cnvm Am FARM BUILDINGS. IDEALS. PLANER RAFTERS, JOISTS, MATCH-BOARDING FLOORING and LATHS CUT TO ANY SIZE AND LENGTH AT THE Watton Kew Saw Mi!h! BRICKS, SLATES, PIPES, and all BUILDING REQUIREMENTS IN STOCK. Apply:— BrMonshire Coal & Lime Co. LTD., Timber Yard, Watton, Brecon. To AM:<3LERS. The most successful novelty yet introduced. FISHING GUT The fanious Jap(inese Gut Fibre known <M "KILLGUT" ———— 40 Yardl ivithout a knot. -——— 5 Trout Sizes ) i/- pep coil. (extra &ne to stout). ) (post free). ?%e "Killgut" Fi8king Fs&-e to he obtained only froiti- The Arden Anglers Supply Coy., Redditch. mYDE'"??-CAPES !\liJJ cure for- GAPES ————————.?— in PHBASANDS ———-??.? and PocLTRY. ?—————— 2/4 per Tin post free. Sample Tin Bent for 1/3. NMoeroua teatimociata. Full deaoriptive Price Hat of all our Poultry and Game Fooda post free from the maketa: George Smith Norwich, Ltd., (Succeaaora to Jas. Ohamborlin & Smith), GAME & POULTRY FOOD FACTORY, NORWICH. bM5 BRECONSHIRE WAR DISTRESS FUND. LORD LIED TENANT'S APPEAL. To the Editor, Brecon and Raooor Express," Sir, Writing on behalf of the County War Fund Committee, we desire to make an appeal, through your columns, to the Clergy and Ministers of all Denominations, to arrange for D Special Offertories in their Churches, on SUNDAY, AucusT Isr, to be devoted to this Fund. The nrst Sunday in August pracdcally marks the Anni- versaryof the outbreak of War, and seems to be a fitting occasion for an appeal on behalf of a Fund, viz., organised for the purpose of mitigating, as far as possible, some of the hardships inevitable to a people in time of War. Yours faithfully, JoHN J. JoNES, Chairman. W. PARRY DE WiNTON, Hon. Treas. E. PiRiE GORDON, Hon. Sec. Please note that the various Banks throughout the County will accept and forward to the Hon. Treasurer at Brecon any amount proffered them for this Fund. Acknowledgment will be made by advertisement in the Locat Papers. b738 SHIPPING NOTICES. ,'Q'NAD.pÁCIFIC LUXURIOUS MAIL STEAMERS. Regular Service from Liverpool. FAST LINE to CANADA I MISSANABIE Fri., July 16 META&AMA .Fri., July 30 Unsurpassed Accommodation for all classes. Moderate Fares. Special Tours arranged. Lowest rates quoted for ight and Passage. I Apply jtjr Free Information and Pamphlets to:— Canadian Pacific Railway, 18, St. Augustine's Parade, BRISTOL. Hampton Brammar Schoo). GLASBURY-ON-WYE. Principal: Rev. D. C. Ltoyd. é. Claaaica, Mathematics, Civil Service, Short- hand, Typewriting, Commercial Tuition, I m Pupila highly anooesafol at London, Oxford Cambridge, and Wales Univeraitiea. Atao in all public exama. For prdapectna apply— Rev. D. C. LLOYD, Glaabnry-on-Wye I HOTEL GWAIJA, Upper Wobnrn Place, London, W.C. 130 Rooma luxurionsly rurniahed, Fireproof Building, Electric Light to all Floora, Centrally situated, cl%g e to Euston Station. la. 6d. cab fare from Paddineton to the Hotel. TariS: Bed, Breakfaat. Bath, and Attend- ance. 5a. each peraon. Telegraphic Addreaa: "Gwaliatei," London. Telephone: 5010 & 5011, City. JOHN M. JENEINS, Manager. W. W. BECE:, LICENSED BORSE SLAUGHTERER, will give more Money than any other Buyer for Live & Dead Horses, Cows, &e., and remove them on the shortest notice. CASH BEFORE REMOVAL. ——— ——— DISTANCE NOIOBJFZR. ALL CARCASES REMOVED WHOLESALE. Letters and Telegrams to—- CHEMICAL WORKS. WORCESTER, or NORTH ROAD, LEOMINSTER, Beck, Slaughterer, Presteiarn. 401 BEE APPLIANCES. BUY DIRECT FROM US—WE ARE MAKERS City Stores, Stanhope Street, & Hive Works, Hereford Meadham,& Sons, Certincated Experts, B.B.K.A Calalogne post free. 1647p BROOKFIELD SCHOOL, HAY. Boarding & Day School for Girh. PrepM&tory !or Boys. PRINCIPAL MiMTBMtMT. Reaident trained Kindergarten MMtreas. — Pupils prepared for Oxford Loca1 Examinations, Associated Board of R.A.M. and B O. M. and othera. M62 ALL KINDS OF INSURANCES EFFECTED. a" CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETTLED. AGENT for several FiRST-CLAas COMPANIES. W. WILLIAMS, Accountant, Insurance, and General Agent, SENNYBRIDGE, & 6, BULWARK, BRECON. b724 Do you keep & BoairdinaH'oTNeP Ifao, advot-iaae it dm the "Brecon &nd PAduor .EacprosB" and the "Radnor Bxpreaa." See omr prepaid aoale on page 1, top of oohimm 1. Our papers reach aN paa-ta of the country, espehiaJtiy Breoomaimre, Badnofahifpe, Here- fojdahire, Monmou'tihehire, Montgomeryshire, Shropshire a.nd GkmorgandiiTe and contain a.H omoial amnoumoemente. SpecMMm oopiew sent on afpptMaftiom to M&nagw, BnwwM" Omce, Brecon. '] Births, Marriages, Deaths In Memoriam, Ac. It is our deaire that our column of notices under the above heading should be valuable to all our readers. Noticea are inserted at the minimum rate of 1/- for 20 words and sixpence for each additional ten words or part of ten words, and must be prepaid* Unless prepaid ther are charged at the rate of 2/6 per insertion. ACKNOWLEDG- MENTS will be charged at same Rate. No notice of this description will be inserted unless authenticated by the name and address of the sender. The latest time for receiving notices for the Radnor Express is Tuesday noon, and for the Brecon and Radnor Express, Wednesday noon. T ISTS of wedding presents and wreaths, sent to ?* us for publication, are now charged for at the rate of 2d per line. Correspondents are requested not to forward lists of wedding presents and wreaths without accent- panying payment. Mr and Mrs Morgan and family, Usk Hotels Talybont on Usk, wish to thank all Wbo kindly sent flowers and letters of condolence82P their recent sad bereavement. 178-eP Deatft. ISAAC.—July 4tli at Aden, Cyril Isaac, 1st Breck- nocks, dearly beloved son of Major and Mrs 11" T. Isaac, Castle Farm, Brecon, aged 18 years. 1789P MEMOR!AL<9 j-. To Heroea of the War. ?t? Mural Monuments, Cemete!fy j? Memorials, special designs, 9?* 3 P?? wo?- Plans and prices "? -?- free from T. A- KINC? Monumental and Architectural Sculptor, Victoria Worics, HBREyoBD. A LL CLASSES of printing can be done at ? ? "Express" Omce. No job too big, no joo too small. The only Linotype Machine in tn? county, for setting programmes, catalogues, etc' Ask us to quote when you want anything cheap.