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(SINKING OF THE SUB L. 1. J 1 d I:' I [ Ü L'  t  1 7 S MAK?E. I ;R P! 8- ?", j REAL STORY OF THE | BARALONG. i nc (.1 Lie St-t-ll  of <?,')".t;?.. b ti Itll t £ • t h c. ?.r.!ci< t-i'- i l,y _niu-r v. -no v. a a i.iotiiber oi* tb.a 1:1:: f + :?: ¡, .;{t');:¡;i' 't!?.?i't?.i;?,,??,?  pirates to i11 "?''h?-t?.? t)?!' !?.'?!).t" J y b* to;¡:d \1, "ij'J:i ¡\ [:l: ht:(m: '))!t??.rh?<?)..)n<!uv<rn)ncn? j have eireulatefi ;u l nt uiral euuntrics k I lie • ""turder oi th- ••■ ;r.;iriiie's <rf-. bv t?'?' ?" of tin J b ii*aloi! AcLurdiug i? t-i'-s ("le, i he p;ia(,cs D.ij!; refuge in r'nci sL-:mv ii:ii in- ti viua to ;:i n ¡" j ll. Hunted out by the Baralong's men and shot Th?sr.? <oi.-J ?;.t! L..i..k.t? ?n;.i-: ?. .'s foHo..??; ,I, '-li August. Lj at, p. in. e xcr-iwa Hf ■>v:re l c«s J r>' .ss,= ■■ Lout ♦ m; ? 'n an:-? h in .??.? ?.??..??? b-1;d \?? Lr-njHU suL'ii'tri .r d m_ ;»Hcreci at i.ill speed t/> ie-v ;!S. taner. /\t o n,. sigiited -yliich was iieing shelled bv the sub. marine, whilo the ore v.* v ere getting iuta tiioir IHcItmI '\k- nniniuuitiini readv <si> the ;oop. ,-uai the mar iiu..< H < over t-nc Itthe furl tl)(,, aftri- The I gunners also tii"ir guns. 4 p.m. I be (i-rder M as C. 1 11 te> "stririd by.' 1." e•lien', seatnn-n.-liifi "Ui- explain broughtl Olll" .iiip side- oi the i-o- t r 1, tile .submarine. Lung vn the pert si do, U>3<- 'or f' lev, m nni. s. v.e were Jiuiden from the, subinav-iiv.'s ic\v. During that» short interval we '<-le,ed pins outlj!,a.:d.el sights lot '(0'J a; ??.'?'nJi noisied tin 11ik Lu.iyi. A soon e « Appeared round the bows of he ieofiuM, the submarine .fired onfl shot- at, us. vbieli went wide over the bows of Tin.- i'liarine tii-ni opened fire with a well-aimed, \ol!e\ wlueh s-.ept the d-cka of the see a-d t-, ilenioralises j ber crew, for the" jniur-u.' k-lfc i-htu '<¡':i and rushed for the l-.wej- so' isoing overboard but, wheth-T they were siioti by ritle fire, or whether they dived over from panic, i eariuot-sav. e then o\>cn»-d t'ne wil.h out port, ami i e;i ;2.IJ:I- I. iio (irsi :1C'f., w.'s bit s horty 1.0d.- I hould say it hit the submarine be.« ueath The next shot hit ihq conning .oeai^;l#to split •« j ball*, sending i Pc ca n flying high inio t!;a suo.V c ve- s hot-.s a! h.ia the s.ubnoM i;ie, which gradually sank. ever "Put?.(. ?'ie' h.'iu? either drow-H.- d UL» s'k-i en d only u few pans of bodies -md ":rf\ (lU:llltiLy oil lettiJinxd on th.o .u-- o. e lasted Unions.. LId" lircd t'iirly-sf \>. u rounds bci.ween the tv.j gmis Tie.'i-lne h--< I One of Germany's latest and largest, tons. j bad Ivni gi;us litorntwl lore ai d aft, el a I slight! isrg^r (.-di'.u-e tJoen oni own. e thell took aboard ?ico?ta)), ?no in))nb.?-;i 107 ni t ??u< j whom had brou injured or killed. Wc weuH I idongsidu tiie fs ieosion, and d..?cu.:?'pdti?O t.hc<h';));j? caused by ibo (.i,rnian shells# ;'j(:,(\n !i 'l(I> and t b^t .-lie cou l d procce d .-?)\ iv und er !u-r nwn .-team 011 her original course t, A von mouth. "'Our ea-ualtics were i> but v.e wei e ;il j alisolutely disgustwi at '.lie oo> <'■ rdiee di.s- p?.yedi)y the rrcv o: iiie ubruarine, who • were !?'jt'c heavily iu nwd inn o«is. Ives, iu additiu!t to :d scvii.d | to bear un tlicni. If bey liad siue! to tlieir guns they would at !e;i-t. luwe ?io d a sport- utg ebauce. but apparently the German sub- in a, fines, although aiv.ay^ ready -.0 a!t;i.-k o'elV'(j'iVs in,r";I::ní .hi! nut icdi I:J n:i!tl .I¡\jl jji.v.-Migei- aud ,t w. i-iu- i;o .-t n-.eeli ;jor lighting ai-nuvl ships m his .Maj-y's ,N ;• even w h c!i the 1 -Jds ere .u ?it?ic lu,vonr.