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I COMPULSION BilL. ! — ___.…


I COMPULSION BilL. —  TEXT OF THE MEASURE- THE "CONSCIENTIOUS OBJ EGTOR." The .Malitory fiervioe (No. 2) Bill was j issued as a Parliamentary Paper on Friday. It iis erut.itled, "A Bill to make provision with respect to mjilitary service in nonnec i tion with the present wa/r. Giauise 1 reads :—-Every male British sub- ject. wtio on August 15th, 1915, was ordi- narily resident m Great Britain, and had attained the age of 18 years, and had not attained the a^ e of 41, and was un- married, or was a widower without children dependent upon him, shall, unless within fohe e» eptioriis set out in the first schedule to this Act, be deemed as from the. ajprpointed da to to have been duly attested in his esty s ltegiular Forces for general oor- v.iJi)t3, with the colours or in the Reserve, for the period of the war, and to haw been forthwit,h transferred to the Reserve. The Army Act (with the exception of Section 96 thereof, which relates to the claim of mast-ere to apprentices) and the Reserve Forces Acts, 1882 to 1907, and any I orders and ragiuilatioais made thereunder shall apply accordingly to ai)iv man who is so (ieemed to have been enlisted and trans- ferred to the Reserve, and if any question anises in any legal proceedings under any of those Acts, orders oc regulations, wthertih er any man is a man who is under this section deemed to liaav been en.Bisted and transferred to the Reserve or not, the Court may require the man to give evidence on the question, and if satisfactory evidjowe is not given to the contrary the man shall be <:> Deemed to have been so enlisted I and transferred. Provision shall be made und er Section 20 of the Reserve Forces A!(I,, 18&2. for in- form,a,t,ion beimr obtained from mem who axe transferred to the Reserve under this Section ae to preference for naval service in cisa their services are needed for that purpose. (is) An application, may be made at eny time brfore the appointed date to the Mili- tary Service Tribunal established under this Act. by or in resnpetrt of any man or class. or body of njen, for a certificate of esxefmjption from the provisions of this Act on the ground that it is expedient in the national interests that he or they should instead of being employed in military service be engaged in other work, or on the ground tha.t the man by or in respect of whom the application ds made has any person dependent on him who, if the man was called up for Army service, would be without, suitable means of sub- sistence, or on grounds of ill-health or infirmity, or on the groun d of I Conscientious objection I to tine undertaking ot combatant service. Certificates of exemption from the provi- sions of this Act may also be granted by any Government Department after consulta- tion with the Army Council to men or classes or bodies of men in the service or employ- ment of that Department or to men or classes or bodies of men employed in any work which is certified by the Department to be work of (national importance and which comes under the sphere of the Depart- ment. If any question arises whether any person or body of persons' is to be treated as a Government Department or as a separate Government Department for the purpose of this provision or whether any work oomes within the sphere of one Department or another, the question shaill be referred to the Treasury, and the Decision of the Treasury thereon shall be final. For the purpose of this section any certificate of exemption may be absolute, conditional, or temporary, as the Authority by whom it was granted tninks best suited to the case, and in the case of an application on conscientious grounds may take the form of Exemption from combatant duties wily. The Military Service Tribunal shall be constituted, with the provisions of the id schedule to this Act, and any decisic,;i o the Military Service Tribunal shaJJ be subject to ap- peal, a? provided in ,Iiat ??hl-dl'. A mrtificat,? of exemption may be reviewed by the authority by whom it was ¡ granted at any time on application cither of the holder of the certificate or of any person generally and specially authorised for II the purpose by the Army Council, and may he withdrawn or varied if the authority are of opinion that in the circumstances of the case th3 certificate should be withdrawn or varied. It shall be the duty of any man holding sudh a certificate if tlie circumstances which 100. to the granting of the certificate are changed, to give notice to the authority mentioned in the certificate that the circum- stances are to be changed, and if he fails to do so he shall be liable on summary convio- tion to a fiaie not exceeding £ 50. Where a certificate of exemption ceases to be in force owing to the withdrawal of the certificate or failure to comply with the con- diitions on which the certificate was granted or the expiratioit of the time for which the certificate was granted, the man to whom the certificate wa.s granted shall a-s from the date on which the certificate so ceases to be in force, be Deemed to have been enlisted and tiansfeared to toÜe- reserve in the same manner as if no ruck certificate had been granted. If for the purpose of obtaining a certificate of exemption any person makes any false statement false r aprewentartion he shall be liable on snnunary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exoeeding six months with or without hard labow. Where an application has been made by or in respect of any ma-n for a Certificate of exemption he shall not oe caaiea up ior service with the colours, until the applicaition has been finally disposed of. (4) This Act may be cited as the Military Service Act, 1916, and shall ooune into operation on such day as his Majesty may fix by proclamation, not being more than 14 days after the passing thereof. The ap-i pointed date for the purposes of this Act shall be the 21st day after the day on which this Act comes into operation. Two schedules are attached to the Hill, I be.iniz as follows :— Exceptions. Men who are resident in lireat liritam for the purpose only of their education or for some other special purpose. Men who are members of his Majesty's regular or reserve forces, or who are mem bers of the territorial force and liable for foreign service. Men who are serving in the Navy or the Royal Marines, or who, though not serving in the Navy or Royal Marines, are recommended for exception by tho Admiralty. Men who at the date of the passing of this Act were in Holy Orders or regular ministers of any religious denomination, Men who hold a certificate of exemp- tion under this Act for the time being in force or who have offered themselves forl enlistment and have been rejected since the 14th day of August, 1915. -t  of 91 The second schedule consists of the following constitution of tribunals:— There shall be a Military Service Tri- bunal for e,;}.r h local ro^st, ration district under the National. Kejcistraiion Act, 1915, n 'treat nntrfwn, or tor any atvwon of any I such district which may be adopted for the 1 purpose bv the Registration Authority of the of such persons, not d L:r l T ll ,(-.1 less than five and not. exceeding 25 in num- ber, as may be appointed for the pUTpose by that authority. There .I',h3..1,1 be Appeal Tribunals arting within such as his Majesty may appoint, consisting of such persons as may be appointed for the purpose by his Majesty. Tribunals may act through committees appointed by them consisting wholly or partly of members of the Tribunal. There shall be a Central Tribunal in Great. Britain, consisting of such persons as may be appointed for the purpose by bis Majestv. who may, by Order in Coun- cil. make regulations with respect to the JCAOntmuad pt. Foot of Next Cohuma.)



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I COMPULSION BilL. ! — ___.…