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StGHT TESTtMC AND SPECTACLES,  ?L7'OUa,raco!-d:a?y invited to cuLiUDcn "r. ERIC PEES, F.H.M.S., F.S.M.C.. et, (bond. .j Castle-street. Swansea.. Con- COOKS, K:TCHENMA!3S, Etc. 'p'ITCH EX-MAID Wanted; eleai- a!)(t coo.i worker; ui.,8 22,-1 hl'ee Lamps i-iocel. i'em?l&street., 2&3rl-10 W ANITED. at once, exppriencEd :K it<h en- maid, a.bout 20; ?ood Ava,e-Api,ly K'Mh Hotel. 406unl.7 COOK-CENEHALS. E XPE'RIE-NCED ? ea.rly n Januai-y.—Apply. a,ry eveu- int;, bet-ween 7. and 3. to Mrs. Elsworth, 152. Si. Helen '-road, Swansea. 4C&6T11-11 T??'ANTED, a, capable Woman, as. C'<jk- General; good wa?a.—54, '.Yind- I street. 2001'1-10 t T??AXTEl), at <?uce', a.n px?'enenc?d Cook- ? Cpneral; gc'?l home and g?<xi wa?s Ci-ren to one 6uitabl€3<5. Cxiord-strcpt. SOlrl-lO? HOUSE AND PARLOUR MAtDS. UOUSE-PARLC'URMAiD 'Y[tntcd, January i '*— 9th, e,perienceù; abü co pable Crenera!. January 18th; no aehing.- Apply, st&tictr ace. wage' and reference; t-j MTS. -.Dr.) Brice, St. Thomas 13¿rl-7 T? ANTED. i-nme<liat?'y, a. good M::tid.— Apply Mrs. Forbet-. 161, St. Helen's- road. 185rl-7 NURSE-HOUSEMAtDS. N uRSE HouEEmaid, 17 to 21 yea-rs of age; ?' must be hen Hby.—Apply, with full particulars. Urs. peregrine, 17, High-street, Brecon. 102rl-6 HOUSEKEEPERS. TJOUSEEEEPEK. jC-:5; Busine&s Y,()use; !jma!I .tlaff,-Apvl. Urgent," Daily Pcet, .3wa,mc?.. 190rl-10 1ICŒLL,-Wact-etl. Eideriy Working HouFekeepar. by old 1-ady; gmall Cot.- t&,E'p: gO<"<l home to suitable woman,-AppJy, ttatjng references. Hou&ekeepei' Yt'eckly Pres!>" o ffi 00, )lurnb¡.æ, 48rl-5 7A.NTED, f,,r- Wo,-king Ma.u ¡W¡.-10\\Tt\; no 11'aee, etc., to Mr. Isaac Joseph. 7, Glam<jr- g"i1''ac('. Trebanos, near l'oute.,rùa.we, ? 165i-l-10 MOTHER'S HELPS. ÂXTFD. ¡()tÜer's Help. for two Cliudica; mas.e herself ciiei-RI13- u: f):l: light duties.—Apply Marker. Brynder- wef!, Go-.vertc)n. 4070ni-10 GENERALS. B IP,D-INc-TIAND, Swansea. Wa-nted, a sued General; must be clean; À..3sist iii Kar. 2S4rl-ll EXPERIEl"CED General and Houemajd \Va.nted: wages 28o. per month; libl-rel outings.—Appiy .\l r¡; Tucker, Houbp, GB<dl Pa.rk-ro.Ml. N° DSSPECTABLE Girl Want?t. immediately. L abu-tt CO of age. to asaht ui Housework.-Appty 97, Norfolk-street, Swan- sea 67rl-5 I E-NERAI, 'Glerii-oy," 70. Sketty-road. Swans-.a. GENERAL Sorv.tnt Wa.nt<-d. for Rou..&- ?' work. and A?iat in Shop.-Apply, with reference. 34, Oxford-street. Swan.sea. 31lrl-8 GOOD Gener-al Wanted; three in family.— —' Bevan. Butcher, Uplands, Swansea.. 341-1-14 t?'A?TED. a Get.cral Sprvani.—Apply 17?. ? Port Tennant-road (afternoons). Swan- ea., 17url-7 T? ANTED. a stron? General S'-rTant.— f Apply Terminus Hu?l. Rutland-! street. 135rl-lQ AAIA-NTED, good CeneraJ; sma.U ramily; gc<'d wa?es.—Apply NQ, 8, Brynymor- <-f€:(-<-ut. 61rl-5 -NAT ANTED, a gccd, uiean Geneial: small f-VW fa.ic.ily.—Apply All's. Bcaja.tain, j, -Jk>1Xi-$reet. Haneily. 4C82nl-10 W A,NITED, ?ood General Servant; 3 in family.—A-pply 5, Mil-ndor-crescent, Uplands, SwtLnsea,. 105rl-6 TIT .ANTED. g'x)d General; two m tamily.— ) Apply Mrs. J. Atartin Curnov:, 9. ri i-c rromenad?. Swa.nsea. H.4rl-6 'Y? ANTED, n. yonn? rcspettable General (<u:t(.'ut. 16?.; three in tamily.—Apply 15, F)nsbury-t<racp, Sw:<,u.-ea. 376rl-8 'T A.XTED, a General, abont 18 to 20; steep out; required.—Apply 73. Carmarthen-road, Swansea.. 279rl-lf, 'IT .A.TED, Young Gei)ei'A. iLI)out 18 to SO, for light Housework.—Apply 26. Delhi-street. St. Thomaa, Swa.nscu. 965pl-3 ANTED, a grood General: references re- ouired; after 6 p. m.. 10, Brynymor-roa.d, Sv;an&ej. 286rl-7 W A,N,rEl), immediately, ,ood Girt, or Woman, for Housework, for a few weeks.—Jenkias, 6. The Grove, Upland?. 151rl-7 Y?'ANTED, Young General. 17 to 20: three 'In f&mily. no chiidren: he!p ?ven.— Write Box 434? Daily Post," Swansea,. t 845)'l.t i  WANTED. good General, able to do Cooking and Washing, with I references. Apply Ivoriteg Hotel. High-street, 245rl-ll IV ANTED. ?ood General Servant. able to do Plain Cooking, and Assist in Bar, if required; sma,ll family.—Apply Bird-in- Hand, Mon-iston. 4088nl-ll ANTED, experienced General, or Woman: references; good wages to: suitable person.—9. Cwmdonkin-t-orrace. 255rl-10 good Genera. for small family. —Apply, vith leferences. to Mrs. Pinions, lngledene." E&ton-orescent, Swap.- 6e<L. 229T1-1C \\T AN'l'ED, at once. sood Girl. as Gen. eral, to Assigt in Bar in evenings; must be respeeta-ble.—Apply Chambcrt, t ornish Mount, Broad Qua-y. Docks, Swan- FOro&. 274rl-ll T?7'A.\??ED. respectable General. 13-25. for family two; must be able to Co'k: no Washing; good home; best wages oCered to suitable person; reference required.— Apply, nrst by letter, to 4, Dynevor-avcuue. Nea.t.h. lGOrl-6 :IOIUNf3 Woman RequiTed, o'er "0. to As- s'ist in House and Bar; on'y tho&e wth icoent refereTicss cntfrtaine<l.—Apply, he- 6 and 7 p,n¡" No, 10. l' ni<JTl-Etl't. Swansea.. 277rl-S YOUNOCtRLS WANTED. ?' 1R.L Wanted, to SeH Chocolates ami ?? <?E'ar'?tt?a. a?fd K.—Apply Refretih- tR<.nt Boon:?, Ijandore 8ta-ticn. 2?1rl-U w ANTED, a Girl. to a..wisi in Rousework. 'T —Apply, personally, 1?, Promenifle, GaTden Citv. Mount Pleasant, Swansea. alrl-5 ANTED, a pupenor Young Girl, B,bout 17, for 'Eou??wo'k; two in family.— Write 'Ethel." "Daily Post," Swansea. 5orl-6 A;V3V.D. a. good ciean Girl, to Deliver Milk and Aesist in the House; good va?ea paid.—Apply Mrs. Taylor. 6, Cradock- ttt.T-eet. Swansea. 271rl-l'' DAY C!RLS. '?TAID Wanted, 17 to 21. sleep in. or Day ?'JL Girl.-Kent, 45, St. Helen's-rcad. Swan- 11' 170rl-8 ANT ED, reapeotable Day Girl. age 19-24. —Appl' y 4, 8kftty-road, Swansea. 280rl-ll t:V' ANT.E>D. reapeotable Young Day Girl.— Apply Mrs. Sparks. 24, Bridge-street. ?-5 "'ANTED, at once. good Day Girl, age ;V about 17 years.—Apply Bush Hotel. &wajisea. 4066nl-7 VA F, D, a respectable D'?y Gu'l; tv.o itL famil' y.-App!y UM-ohl?-a." Beech- tfood-road. 2551,1-8 ?T?A?TED. n <ifan. ca.rable L'ay Gn't; W comfortabte tx?me. Appty \ai." D<T.Uv h>3t," luol,Iu '?A?TED, a rcsp?t?bh- D..y (.;rt. f?:'<t <? ?" ohildn-tt.-A??.y -? '?. ??1'??. 1 1'. ?7'A?TED. a \?n? 'I. ?-L?!y. t<.r t?h? Ho.u?cw<Mk :i;? heh) i' ?tihire! A.pp)v Xewtu(.l liou;;e, Sketty. 27Crl-8 MORNINC C! RLS. ? "{"Å:rEf). tood ,l()rn;jg- !e clear,. -App,17 Mrs. J.).ckett. lI'!len'8,roarl, H_g.A;. 2:JO,8 Relen's- ro a ri, I MtSCELLANEOUS StTUAT!CNS. :II.I ?AKLR?.—Want?.i, Wi?an. t.o help WWe in Bakehouse; one with little expert- preferred: country.—Write B. D. Daily .P03t," .Sv.-au&ea. 126rl-6 CIOT Repairs.—Hcnch Man Wanted, jm- -.) me,Jj<tI-t>i:p!'ly A, E. V/atts, L'p- i.n'd.=, Swansea. 107rl-6 ?OOT 'LE?bE.—Wautpd. good R?pau-ei; —' gocd v.-at.ea.-W..J. Kva;?, L'a, Fa.bian- St. Thomas. Swanscn. 257rl-ll TJRICKLAYEES and Ma0ns ranted, at once. Apply J. and F. Weaver, 'Hdpr.s, Mansclt-L't), S'.v.3.n&es.. 83rl-5 RIVER V/a.nted. m, once: one vr':th! -? knowledge of Grocery Tiade pr?fer?eL. -Fred Morgan aa<t Co., Provision M:e, chants. Waterloo-street. 17Srl-e ?''Xl-ERIJ'?-CED Ci:-ls Wanted, for Bco.k- j E bindim,' Depa.rtnient.—Apply Watking' Printing and Stationery Co., Ltd.. Rutland- t.'eet. Swansea. 2C3rl-ll <rA?AGER?'SS. aL?o Packer, Wanted. .J Send full pa.i'tioulars.—Merlin's Bridge Sanitary steltni Laundry Co., Havertcrd- \f)<3t. 982pl-ll \f AX Wanted (ineli'?ibf€). \\ith knowledpe ? (1 Fish and Pcultry Trad&.—Apply A. J. Chappcll, ,)3, Wind-street., 'ansea" 'i072nl-7 ?t—? acd Giris Required. to Work m: .J Bee,' EOLUin¡; Stores, at :\; incst ni've -rood references; s.pplica.nt.s with ex- :m'iet;ce preferred.—Apply H. Ktone, Wine ),e!Y' fla,nt, Neatly. 185nl-10 T.?ORUK Ef(.in!r€d. immediately; g'ood wa.ges; musb be n.eIigibIe.—D. J. Mey- i" Ltd., Draper, High-street. 4jrl-5 LAWYER.—Wanted, Circnia.r Sawyer (in- .J el'.pible; constant employment; <-ta.te éig'O, :.¡a¡ê, :'eq;¡iN;G. ctc,-Chae. Jeukms awl Son. 'itmbet- Ü:rchants, Bridgend. 4CMnl-7 "r L' rED, < respectable La.d. at, once. n.ed to .Hoi-am.—Apply Ffynone Stores, E.n5ea. 40Mnl-10 \?''A? ??D. ;7t?i-t Lad, :ts Assistant A' P?,.Dl it Lad, ,s A ssi.stayit R.()Jal. Swansea. 2.31ri.-7 'T'lI A::TED, IawQ;'f\ C'í.nema. Checker, 6mM-t, to (,m hine CleaT-nng-.—Appiy. ,ith ipf& bMr.€€ii 7 a,;id 8 p.m. 74rl-5 A V, A-TED, f')i' Commerc.ial Ca.r.- W. Thomas and Co., Glü'stt':r Build- 'M. sirl-S "T ANTLD, n, strong L?.d. used to Driving Pony a.nd Cart.—T. Howell, Grocc)-. h.!n!? E(Lward-road. 252i-l-ll YV-r AXTED, Improver, and a. 'atror.K Boy, for Bakehouse.- Appiy Thomas Bros., '?. ThontM, ?w::n.-e?. <tC67nl-10 AN-TF,D, ?ocd Carpeuters and Painter ,pply Mercer and Som, Contractors, Hanelh VU' AXTED, expcri€i;<.ed Notol' D'lver (not eligible), do Running Repairs.—Apply Laundry Co. 8'!rl j V A!\TE]), 1:oung Ladies, for Fruit Shops: preference given to expei-ier.cea h:nds.-Apply Heard's Stores, Ltd., 'Union- d ¡-eeL 2';9,.1,10 "T _<1.TE D. a t. once. experienced Baker; wa¡;f:f', 56s. per ween. :nd overtime.- Apniy Midney PaLmcr and :"un.ô, 'eet. 259rMG V? AXTED. a. go<xl Shoeing a'td Whee;- t ?ri=-ht Smith. n."ed to coT'Ltry v?u-k; cood "g<'F! i,-en,n-Arrly J. Thom:.s. A,PFD. Forcma.n. for Foujidry. ueixhbourh<jod Sw&nBea, (jp- eligible); good reliable man.— 'VIite Foundry," Daiiy Post." Swansea. 145rl-7 Y\ANTED, Genera.1 Farm Hand (no milk- ing); ineligible; farm adjoin.? village: jgo(xl wag53 paid; house found.—Edward 9, Tyilwyd," TonyrefaU, near Forth, Gia.m. 4053nl-j l.T ASTED, intniedintely. two &trort? Men, ? aq Porters, .?ot eiigiMe lor ILM. ? Fcrcea; also an Errand Boy, 14 to 16 yeaM. —App)y Ben. Evai.s and Co.. Lud., S'.vansea. 4073rl-]u Alt,AiNTED. Rtcne Masonp. Bricklayers. and )'iason.s' Labourers tineiigible); lens' job; top district rate paid; sub daily; plenty of LoO¡J; Edwards, Contractor, Cv.-m Cottage- LIantwit. Vardre, near Pontypridd. 4053nl-5 1)<;0.nted. a,i'-round man (in-elipit)le, also Hoyd a')d Co.. Biahop.-ton.. Swa.ii,ez, 188rl-10 \XTINI:O\Y Cleaners Wanted; ¡;ocd wages V Y to expericnoed men; inetigibIe.—Appiy onth Walea Laundry Co., Francis-street, t f-wan-;ea. 173rl-16 I,TOUT-R (or M<in., ineligtt.fc, Wanted for -L \'i'orki,hop,-HaItonl Cycle Co., Castte- ) squa re:wa,lJ8ea..z/hl-10 CLFr-R'.CS, Etc;, T ADY Clerk -;h-thoro-{îgh knowledge of Book-k(,f'ping; cxpfriencc of Drapers Account¡; by Iett< D. J. \Ieylf'r, Ltd., Draper. Hish- streot. 255ri-10 DAY-BOOK Clerk R<(iuire<J. with know- ledge of Shorthand a,nd Only those inelig:.bJe for the Army need a,pply. stating age to: Spelter, c.o "Da.ily Post" OScp, Swar- e a. 4059ii).-(. "r AXT1:D. n, Genera-1 Clerk (not eligible fc-L- ).he Foroes).—Apply, statmg age. I to "Atla3," "Daily I)o,,t" Ofti(- Swansea, j ? ?"ANTGD, ??o<?k-?:pppcI-. for Wo'Ms OE6ce (Ma,Ie. ineligible, or Female. Short- h, n <' nd 'rypewriti)" I,- to experienced perMn. — Write Box 470, "Daib' PoM). S?-au?a. ?97rl-1() j TT"A2?TED, ior Tinplate Work., a thoroughly competent Clerk, to take sote charge of Orders, Invoioing, Yields, etc,-V.'rit..e, ata.thig experieuce, and palar" required, to Titi,)Ialc, "Ditily Post." Swansea. 4058nl-6 t -V-,ITA-NTEI), Lady Clerk (or Ma.)e. if not eii'.nb)'? tj:' the Army): good Ha,nd- Shorthand and Typewriting :i, recommendation. Apply, with recent t€timonia.l, to The North Centra.1. Wapon Cf.. !d., 4086nl-ll \7'OUXG Girl Warted. good knowledge J.. ot Shorthand. a.nd willing to Lpa,m Typey.ritmc a,nd General Office work.— Apply, stating age ¡1¡Hi salary expected, tc Beng-al," Daily Po-t." Swansea. 156rl-c -—————— ——. ACENTS AND TRAVELLEHS. 1/'T A"7.'l'ED, in South Wa,Ies. smart Tra.vel- ler. over 40 ye,u's of age. to Call upon those engaged on Electrical and Engineer- jng 'tV'ork. preierred, but not neoe:<;ary, Good opportunity to one versed in the art of peliing.—Apply. staiins' tu'l particulars, to Hex 551, D.uly J'cht." Swansea. 908pl-5 w A.NTED, immediately after Christmas, smart Mrool Rppresentatiye, to In- troduce &nd Bon1;: Order" for New and lui- po;'tattt l' n bli'aí.,ion, Ready Ra'.c; gocd commMa'on. Suit ex-Sohoohnaater or Cllarn-rnan. -.kpply,statiiig 1)revious.Binploy- rr,ezit, (,,thei-iee, appiioaticns not consid- eredl, to Bex -194, "Daily J'c'st," Swa,naea. 969pl-5 TA!LORS, TAILORESSES, DR ESS- MAKERS, Etc. Y?rTxTK?, Y'n?tica! Mach)n).?, ? us?l "i.J ('on' t)r Jm?-o'-ers.—Apply 2, (irovp-, .).nfpn.. ijirl 7 SHOP ASSISTANTS. \V A), TE.o:- ;t-:f< L,Zd:: a houi18: fc;' Counter Ti'n-dt'—App]y. between 10 and 11, o)' 6 a!)d 7, to Manager, l\ar- domah. 24.?rl 3 \?7-ANT'ED. Yo':np Lady. for Confectionery Bu?ness; only those expcrienc<?<l ne<'d ap:)Iy.—App)y H. vr, V.'a.tts. Confeotionera. X<')'-o'i-s<r"€t. "lv3ntea. <089nl-ll ):OUNG Lady Reqnhcd for Shop.-Appiy Matthew?, Confeotionpr. Walter-rfléL Swansea. 4077nl-j0 OFF!CE BOYS, ERRAND BOYS. Etc. B OY, or Apprent ic Wanted, at once.— Apply G. Morris, Cradook-etrect. Swan- sea. S2rl-5 QMART Lad Required in Local Auctioneer's Owoer:o,- Write to .Bma.rt," Daily PÙ6t," i'3.ansea, 77pl-ó QTRONG Lad Wanted. Pork Butcher's; gcod wages, and chance to Learn Trade,attE', Brynymor-road. 176rl-10 ril-EA Tradf.—Boy Wajitsd. to He.lp Va.n S .I.esmaii; wages 8s., and commission. — Apply, Thui'Miay moruing', Phillip. Hnd C- 12, Waiters-road. 209rl-7 ?t?ANTED. it htroti. Hi rand .Boy, <'i Girt. —Appiy K. -Jol?nt-. ?'ruit?rtir, 'nie (; coVe>, 222rl-6 ?\7AXTET?. :t ?u??irt. Lad. a?.L.t 14-15.- ?' A'?ty L. J<.i" ?-ninp.'Ton '\? A?'i'?'U. ?:natt. )?.J. tur tl.? Crit?j:? h?k?ry.Sv.h?.??. lS7i1-7 'iradt.?jipty Ci?Ktt) Prhttin?- ?ofk?. Af)«?i-L.-rr:c? 'h.?k «' Kmpit?). ??rl-8 "H?A?'KI), smart OHJH- hoy :al?u Junior C!fL):. 1 17 years.—App'y \V. J. Ko?ers, <i, 11lluQ)hrp.y-strect, SwansM. 2j2rl-lC 1X;rANITD. a sharp JAH!. j'lst tpft schoc'. to AiSi, w;th MHk Hound.—Appiy 'r:.y'm', 6, Cradock-gtreet, Swansea. 7j:'l-a '?'/ ? P?r Wepk for suita?e B'\v. 15-16.- < ? Clothil)g Co" 225, Hig11:re6,+' C?sh Clothin? Co.. 225. higt'-?-tree*. _M_ I S!TUAT!OMS WASTES. ? T? AKER (inf.!igih1a\ ,t i'on?d. R'-o.s i .u- )-? ation.wat?<<-i.Mtrjct.—i'i'€<i.e<'23. <Mth?ri?!<e-tt-ce!,Swt(.n'<?.. ?9.5''1-.S I DI')CïU.Ji(Œ.D ::ioldiel'œeks L;ghi, Em- D ployment; ableto.I)!i-7'p;wi)Ih?toj Lear:). Motor Driving'.—Wtits D?ch?i-s?€d," Daily Post." Sv.a,r..3€p. 69rl-5 DEQUiRHD, by ? ctea-Tung, and Assist in "C'cndaj€ 192i'l-8 R ESPEC'l'AB,]'; Pernon Requires Sit.u&t.]on cs General; ¡çood relerences, HcTnely. Ga.rcy. K?'.vsa!;<nt. Sketty. 2C'jrl-7 ?iTUATlON R,e?!ired ? Yc?ug Girl l.i.:1.. -40 J". k- just lle') t aohooi; shop prei€rr's<I.—Apply Swansea.. 221ri-10 T R O.\G Girl, 21. would take ina,n'. place IlJ during \?a,r; Iear:i horae-drjYujg or a,ny- thing; quick learner.—Write D.E.T., "Daily Post." SwaMsea. S24rl-"S JITA-.NLTED, a few days a week, Clean.in6" j I; a rfspfctabia 'om.f'i. — Writt} ( "Da.uyPost,"Swnnsea.. 85rl-5 '\Y'A.'<rKD. by l'mg Lady, Plain 8ew- in, (jr a'iy other light employment.- 166rl-10 tfANTED, Poition cf '1'i-ust, by carried Ma.n. inelit:;jblE:, :t.gc<i .56; excellent re- ferencee.—Write Trustworthy." Daily Pest, Swansea. 971pl-5 T? A?TRD, b?' M?rned Man, Situation as Clerk, or Ca&hicr; thorouiruly experi- enced; agoo 39.—Write F.T.,c'Daily f'it'<1L:ioll, Wording riouBC- keeper: gocd C'-rck; middle- aged; Swansea. district prefEii'ed.—Write C M., Daily Post. Swans(;a, '-itua.tion, Kug-ine-driYpr ('gas M' st<am' or Fitter's Mate; oon- 1.1"â1C:Ql'tJ or 11 years')ctprpneeiu Dmty Posi. Swansea.. 16jrl-0 by re.'pcots.Me Perscn. Daity and Cleani:lf' 01- Shops to Clean); experienced: good refer- ences.—Write G.Hcpkins, Newsagent. Pj!y- ;YI:J1ih-3treet, \\a.nst"a. 247rl-ll HOUSES WAKTED. .4 DVERTISER wishes to purehase House, I in Lriiii.Ici-P lace Booch- v,"JOO-¡'úa.-Ü (north si<).e).—A'J.di'CBi: En13Jd," Da.ily Post," Swai-,sc-,i. 91rl-7 T ANrrLAXD BAY. Wanted, to Rent, or parti- culars to M&rine," Da.i!y l'ot." Swan- sea.. 4054nl-5 ?TA?n?D. Four-roomed Rou?: !T?dc''&te rent..—\Vrite Box 1?2. "Daily Pot<t," 191, -.10 l''1:T .\);1'1<:D, to PnT0ha!'e, a. House, in tt!)l Ttartioula-rs to "DaiJy Post," 661'1-5 -}' t J t I' 11 H I ANTED, to Let. or Purchase, Ho,-tEe, in PfE:e-.str<*ot. cr Mamfl-street.—Y/rite. ;:i\'i¡¡g iu!i pa.riicuia,s, to "Domns,' "Daiiy Pcgt." Swansea. 7POnl-? ??"A?TED. to Purchn&c, 4 to 6-Ro<;m<;d rea-s'tna.bie lra,6e: not. to e:<'fed ?N)J.—Writ? .?''r?ice'. "D..t.?y Po;jt."SwM)'t'-& :?:)4fl-7 -<r?/ Reward to anyone 6nding App?oa?t? ? ?m.a,H HouM; rent a,tMUt Ss. weekly. or?hortlr'n'?<?;Fo<'()t<'nn:i'Writo"(!)tt," S64r1-7 CARACES WAMTED. W A-NTED, (-:arago, f<1' UI10 cr 1,,vo Care.— Htate terms to.Jones, White i-¡wan, Swansea. 253rl-11 DOGS WANTED. ?/!T ANTED. Young Fox Terrier Dog, ovej.' 'V distemper (wire-haired preferred).— Writ'e Terrier, Daily Post," Swa.i-sea. ]00nl-5i MtSCES-LANEOUS WANTS. Y? A?TED. Dreseom.hiBg.—Write Box P.76. '? "Da.ily Post." Swansea. 970pl-? 'FT A¡ri'FD, 100 tou.s cf Scrap 1,ea(l, for—C..). -Mansel-strcc. Gcwertort. 844rl-1' 't.tT'ANTED. Coiieh-built P,,and, in gœri condition.—FuU pa,rticula,rs to AJpha, DaJJy Post," ??aaaea,. 98r.t-6 '\?'ANTED. Quantity of ScaKold PlankH a.iid Pntios's: good condition, and cheap for cash.—State pripe, c,nd whfre seen, to "Contractor," "Dai'y Post," Swan- sea. 210, MtSCELLANEOUS. -4- 'TTHGEyT a.nd Im?ort?nt- Vt'iil the La< L tl'a. J. an J t. 11 tJ.IC J..J¿{<" U who had her hair attended to by ?'fr. AUen. ou \Yednesda.y, the 29th. kindly ca.i. or write? 115rJ u Cla-ssf-s for Adults, Eveji- < ? can be arranged; also Da,y Appren- tices rejuirod. — Fra,nces WiilJtaniP, 10. t,<yfh'-r?'rjc: Uplands, Swansea.. 122rl-6 A LL Horts of up.ft-oS C'othir)?. Furniture, ? Bo'lght and Soid. Ohi False Teeth, with Gold, MilYpr o'' PIatiuu-m Settingg.—Mrs. Clegg, 14, Brnnswick-strept, Swansea. T)AL.MJSTRY and Clairvoyance.—Consult P Ma? Virgo, late ot Cardiff emd Abpryrtwyth, now 238. IIig'h-street, Swa.n&eu, two doom's frctn Hotel Ca.nieron. Advice dni'y, irom 11 a.m. 59rl-5 f EFT OFF! Idt, Off! Left 0!I!-C. Baruett, .ihe Jbondo:n Ward:'obe Dea,1cr, 2, \Vat.erloQ-stl'cet, Swansea. Good Prices given for and Chiidren's Ulothep, Boot' etc. All letters and post-cards promptly a-ttendcd to. All Parcels sent, Money by ret urn. 37rl-6 '\fADAME D&USIIJ.A. F.B.I.M.S.. Palmi?t- lJ L Cla.'rvoyant. American Mystic Read- jyJI!?, Ajdvice D..u!y..Hours: 11 to 9.—Ad- dress 68, St. Hclen'a-road (opposite the Kespital', S'ansea. Late Royal Spa, Hurro- eate. 60rl-5 SERVANTS' REGISTRY OFF!CES. 1"')-R-AN8B!S-(¿;t) Registry OSoe fOl' 1 ? Servants. Mumbles. Telephone, )8?.— Wanted. immediately. Experienced House- Parlourmaids, B?twe?n-maid?. Cook-Ge!)- ';t-a.I?. Hou8e!<?. ctx-. Want plac?: Km-se?, Ba.immdg. 97rl-6 ? 1!? LRW3. IS. Cast!e-?!tT?t. Swa.nsea, L tequ??s Etperienced artd P!?in C<joka. WDb&> £Z5 to ;Y,40; number of Cook-Gene: a,la. General: -LTpi)er and Under Houi-emaid- Governeaaes, Heips, Nurses, Kitchen, Be- twooH,ruaid: Servants; aU kinds for good Hotel.; and other Business Houses (aU p:iT-ts). 500nt.o. MATR:MCNY. U'AC'?1'.?OH, Orptm. M'ddle Ciass. wishes -'L ? to know Young Lady. Orphan, with .vifw )" m.a,trijjuony; g'eutt'nf.—Write, with of a.e. etc.. I lO M. 6 LOST ANDFOUMD. -+- T OST. <'<:];! B?npie. u' Mort'isto'), ou 'Mon- -?? day e'enin?.- Fiudc;' Rewarded on re- hnr))ingto25.1'pnt!;ppot J.'?rl-6 T OSt, a. Ginger Pcr?i:)) <'?, on j0)h Decpm- JLJ h?r. Under rpwat'ded.-?pp!y Ciyuo Yallpy ilotpL Rutlaud-strt.ct. Swansea. 2?.3rl-6 I O;;¡'. G.¡tl Ring. wtthCentrc Diamond.- ? F;der <-)uita.b]y Rcwai<led on returnin? to lYoj- h. 225. Cxford-Btreet. SwaM3pa.. 4062t)l-7 t TOST, Lady's Gold Curb Bracelet, on 2?t L D'?-cmbcr, iu ?t. Jud? s <'haioh Ha.M.— Findei' su;taMy Rewarded on returnmg <'<true to tll,) Rev. Watkin Da,Yies, York House, 8wa,!)Ma,. 124rl-5 T ObT. between Recreation Ground and -Lt Hospital, a. Lady's Gold Penda.nt <ind with il<ljer's Photo.—Finder will be Rt;Aarded on rcturniai? same to 54, Rt. Helen's-road. 282r]-7 T OST, in. Taylor's Tea Rooms, Wind- -L? street, Swa-n&ea,, on Friday, 31st u!t- Cold Ring, set. with one Poa.rl.—If a.nder will kindly return to Taylor's, suitable Re- ward will be !Ïven. 217rl-6 T OST, oa D?comber 2Znd, between Field -L? House and Arnold'a Brewery Stores, ReynoldHtt.n. sma-ll Black Bag. containing Gold Chain, bp:.ulc Guinea, Brooch and Bim<. Finder Arnold's Bi-ev.tti.-y StxM-es, Reynoidstone. 118rl-7 ???LL tIiLsBoy?'topx?kcd up a. Gold .f" Riti'-r ne'ar \<'? P-.tik return bame to L. Koberti- !l!:f()l'(I-tn:'l't, wimn ho will k >;ilituuly Ee.dt,¡\? 213i-l-10 I"Et(liilg "o L H.c.1 .,1' ¡[:lnd-u'n! II:UTJO 011 !{l," 1: Hoo.kbill'le; 12. D,I'iIC, \.[::(*, ;wal\<t. 905)Jl-7 L. EDUCAT!OM. DOOK-KEHD.?G. Accou?tt<!i<'y. Banking.- j Complete C:orr38pondencf' Coarses, I 'Ie: m t:O(!l:l'te: ta:y instalments. ,cMss .guaranteed. —Prosp(.'ctr. .Lwk:oon, A.I.S.A.. 16, Lo.tdon. E3UEAT!OM. t ?LARK'S C?'Hegf, SwuneeQ.-Tuition f?r c Business. C'vil Service. the Professions. I'm\3 to C:L!1 or wIite: Paefielld Houfa. 865p3-23 XPI,F,IENCEi) Tutor. Graduate. Prepares for Ujnvcrsities. Prftfpceional Prelim- inaries. Civil Service, Commercial life. in Advanced Cla&sios, 1[athematÎøs, English Subjeo! Book-ke.epiug. Write Box IS, "D<nly Pest," 8' a.n8(:a. 185rl-10 ?AJCAME GRAIXDOH, 92, King Edwa.rd- ?' r.jad, laMly French Teacher in. Pa,ris Schools, excellent Diplomas, Tould be glad to i'roTa any Y01lllg .La/iies who would c.n'c tc- join. R F;'eiioh she is forming; al,o Pliva-to Lessens. l.<6rl-7 'jDBIVATE Tuition ia Laj]gua:rcs, Eook- I'-eeping', Shorth&nd. Typewriting, ArithmcUo, etc. ThOtOugh Preparations for Examiiiations and Business. ProspectuB on pplication. Osw&ld Kol-th, Professor c'): 1, Kensington-terrace, Sw&naea. 6194<l.b.-t.c. TT-L''LA?D? Preparatory School. — Miss Fias? 10, Wïndsor-terrace, Nexu Term oommEU&ea on Konday. January 10th. 2<0rl-]: ,.i{/ ANTED, Gid Learners. Rg-e 14 a.nd oTer, ior Swansea, Pcst OiRce. Ea i- for I'ebrua.ry. Sklc- cess gun.ra.iiteed workers. Preparat,i.,Ti through 1,0, fee.—Write Civil &)<:r- \&e èÎlOc i. King-siraet.. Hull. 176rl-'d M!SCELLANEOUS SALES. I D-" 0 lîlilili:PA.N-}:iil-'I: ange for Sale. g'cod -? condition; ?e\T ?Olbe. Pota.toc Peeler a):<t Chipper; ohpöp,-Ivor Beynon, 175, Hi ell-street, Swansea. 62r!5 lOR SALE, Prima Mea<i.ow Hay: Brst- dnss quality.—Write Box 53, "Da,ily P0$t, ;v. ansea" 133rl-7 F OP. SALE. large quantity Tin Basins a,nd Pans t'iin.perfe-ct.).—Apply X7, Daily Pod, Sv-ausca.. 141rl-7 OR Portal Gj-ecnhcuM, by 7ft.; also Vine.—Appty 48, Fabia.n- street., St. Thomas. 183i'l-10 F OR !-tALE. a. large, wcM-buitt Coach Pram., iu (-xocHent conditjoT). Price Soa.—Write POdt," WH use?. 227]-1-7 F Oft n. Fat Pig. abont 18 score; alf-o 5 Biack Mnorpa Cockerels, pure b-efd. —E. Taylor. GIa,iUT.a"t Villa. Sketty. 150rl-7 T?OP fALE, good Sceonu-lis?d Dining E.ud -?- Billiard TaMe, oombmcd, 3ft. 6in. by 6ff. 6in.—Ap?Iy 18. Kicholl-street, Swansea. 162i'l-9 '!7''OP. SALE, Ba-r-Lock Typewriter. Foolscap Roller. a, or Tt.ea.reat oScr; inftpeotion. -Write Bar-Lock," Daily 137rl-7 'S70R SALj, phed, Kft. 6in. x 17ft. 6in., "k'u1làing in Burrows Ledge Goods !Y;u-<-L-Apply Go.psill Brown a.ud Sons, Ltd.. Hwajisea. 99rl-6 li'OE: SALE, 10 H.P- PortaMe Engine, a;i(i -L 6tt. JMortar ..MLill; to be seen at my yard,-Henrr J<J !JeS EeoUae. Birohgrovp, Lla.n.samleL 129t'l-7 t?OR. 8ALE, at, 21, Kiaibcrl€.y-rGn<l. Sketty. F Portable She(L 7tt. long, ?ft. hi?h..?t. wide, coitta-ining oypr 200ft. of 5-8in. Match- board: .?) Overmantel; ro i:e;? oflcr rofuecd. Idrl-lO ji?URH.'—Very handsome Het P.lack Fox, re- oentty new, -68 t5s.; fa.shiona.bly-sha,ped ,tole, beaut.iiu.l A:,i-al, sa<-rHiM £2 2' approva.1; economical— Wri'.c Fur'j. Daily P03t," Swansec.. 135rl-7 UST be :-1old, owner joining Am-.y, .ü High-speed C'M Engine. Xo. 35,513 Crossley," M.E. type, with specia.1 heavy Fly-wheel and Outride Beann?; eyerything connected with Engine complete; expert in- spection invited.- Apply Gaa Engine." Daity Post." Mwnnaca. 96rl-? W E,I)T)TNG Gift.-Lady offere ma.gninccnt. 7-Guinea. Service. Al quality pla-te (stamped); six each Table Dessert Spoons and a,lso TfLi,, and Egs Spoors <56 pi&cea); uneoiled; accept SCs.; approva.1 will- ingly arranged. Write "Gift," Daily Poet," Svar.&ea. 231rl-18 ? fFT. (''onntc)L' fof Sale.iahogp.ny toi,), jLO containing 9 drawers.—Appty M.T,iket. Ree!'a'uant. Swansea.. 189rl-10 ?IIUNA an<i E?rthenvt'are.—Cliea.p, welj- ?' aasort?d Crates o.f everyd:y SpHin? i Icr Shop?, Markets, -Ha.wkutg.— WriLu )or free lisi.s: Hhcaf Pottery 'J(U;1l- Ùwtunrs, t'tatfs, 6':9i,.c. ir-' HORSES, CARTAGES, TRAPS, Etc. A i,<n'gain.—Farmers &'id Others.—Useful l'\l )1.(" ('(>J]lf'l' ¡""Jl1P, [-iEing 7 y&are, j4 h.h., :;E14. .11::0 J..igllt \n.u M.a,rf, 15 h.b., 7 ye"i.[' ?16. Both Warj-a?tsd m Foa], Good in <?ain o)' Shafts. 2 Spring Tioll'?ya, carry 30cwt., sound preservation, L-11 a.ud £13; 2 Sots Harness, .i-2 Se't. Selliu;; for in fauft.— -Li?ht ji'a.uhM'. j, Nurthamutou-lane (.near Aibert Hall), 8war sea. 226rl-]0 OX ikliiL-,o)i 'or Ûe cheap to clca,r; roo!n Ltd., Gorac- !at'e. 275rl-lt !OR a t,,c, i i I i'o u 1, 16-2; gocd i' .vcrker; 110 further USB tor J. Owe)i. Manset-str&ct. <Jowc!-tot). 344rl-U ?ALE. Bay '??.? 4 years c!j; ..l Uoverne&s U:).r; FJat 'JsTt, and HeL cf Kai-tie.M.- Api))y 4, Coi-c,-Le r 144'-l-7 .OR SAIjE. to s'-o.l home only, my w?h !.r rc'.y, 7 y.t)-. o)d. 12? h.h. ?[..r.r.g Gnvornoes Ca.r, R.'gs..La,jnps. Wijjp, Stable Arces- at, a, pa<-niice. :4el! ech i:'pa,rat(> or together; nust K<'tl; no avaiiabJe. i3ccn a,ny time '1war Bliud Institution), Swan- sea. 226rl-10 riiwo Horp, 16 .1 15.2 Im.t:.d.=; Oue Ca,rt, thre-e t-s ()f 1I,trness,Apply rr Jones. 5, Osborne-su-cet. Nea.t.h. 46rl-5 ?AKRfAU? Lamps. Ck!-rt. Van, Dra,y. and ?' Waggon Lamus, iitted with Patfnt :-atety Handle: from. ??. 6d. each. InRp<?t ou'- ,t,)ck.-Swansem :tddlery Co., High- .-tr&et 117rl-7 T?/ATERPROOF Ca,t n,nd Wa.ggo.u Sheett-, ''? Hor?e I.otn Cloths..Koscha.?s. N'g-ht Enquire 1):60<; before buying e-læwhere,-Swanseg t-'iddlery Co" High-st.reet Arcade. TeL. 103y Centra,1, 117rl-7 -> PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET. I Mr. Joseph Harfis's Announcements. ?!ENR[ETTL'A-?Tl:EET.-For Sale, :in ex- C011ell Ifouse, in E-pleiadid (,uDdiwon,- Apply Joseph Harris, Aiietio-fLe,(,r aJjd V:u.nfr. 1, George-street, Swa.IJl:ea, Tol.. No. 469. Dor,k°. 40641-7 ??/'jLLO<V?;-PI.A.CH. .WoU-built. Hou?, with -).H modern cotivf-nience?, tor chenp.—Appiy Joseph H.a.ri")- Auc- tiolleer und Va.luer. 1, George-street, 8wan- se: Tp.]., No. 469 4064ul-7 t bo Sold, chea,p, V a ¡oplendjd Hou, with paoc -Apply Joseph Harris, Allet!oneet' ara Ya.lner. :i, üeDrge,street.,8w¡¡,nsea, Tet. No. 469 .0001\ 4064nl-7 QT. G RORGK'H-TEP.RACE. Substa ntiany- k", nl1¡]f, J:tülI1".e, wIth for", .i t. ,I. tow M close a-! Eotate. —Apply Joseph Jfa't'is, Auctioneer and VaJuer. 1, G(-orge,st.reet, Swa.u.sen.. Tel.. No, 469 ])och?. 4064nl-7 r'<OURTKj ?-STREET. Mar?eMon. Two c H?!:pM for ?a.l<\ cheap, in this gc<«i letting loca,Uty.-Apply Josaph Hams, Auc- t.ion.eer and a.1upr. 1, Ceor&o-strcet. Swan, t-ca.. 't'el.. Ko. 469 Docks. 4064nl-7 t?B?'' Double-iiocu8€d Houfa f?r Disposal in centre ?'f the town; ?hort Jea?e; ]ow ront: prico, £275, pIns Y ¡¡,luatio II Apply Joseph Harris, Auctioneer and VaJucr. 1, George-street. &wa,nsen.. TeL. No. 469 Docks. 4064nl-7 ?JORTH JUfL-ROAD,-E:œllent House for Sale, cheap to an immediate pur- chaser.—Apply Joseph Harris, Audio neer anj Value' 1, (.Teoi'Ke-sti'eet, Swant'ea. Tel.. No. 469 Docks. 4C64nl-7 T4/rR. JOSEPH HARBI8 ha? also a large -?- number of other Houses for Sa-!e, cheap, in various parts of tho town and neighbourhood, full particulars of which cs.n be obtained at his OSloe. No. 1, George- street, Swansea. Tel., No. 469 Docks. 4064nl-7 _=====,,=: LAND TO LET OR FOR SALE. FOR SAM. Freehold Building Sit-es. cloe to Terrace-road and proposed new t.ra,Bt route. 16it. frontage Mid large depth, com- n-,a,udi,ig vie%r, a.nd eminently suit- a-ble for erecb:on of boull houses. Prices tiom £O e<tch. — I'or turthe.- pal'ticu}d,fS alJply .t'dwffd ifM'ria, Sciicibor, 5, Fishe:' fttec-t, S"/a.t"?ci< 2334 ''fO ?nndo'—Hou?.s ?'a"tt:d. J.'t 8?"? ? Mf'?'\ t?'' S?Hhi' ].?"H. hH3[. )?.)si- [ioii-Ap!)iv JJ1\\Yllliently, 132['1-7 t TO LET—SMALL HOLD!MCS. jL\L¡' H(I¡din t\. lÆI,H(YLJf) (with Shop, ? ir 11lden(" 4 Acx.'s of '—)(). J'n!t"y or ,ji\ynhet.dy. u- EUS!NESSES FCH 06SPOSAL. V10R MHPOSAL. Wa,rdrobe Buf;inp<°: I Stocjr, Fittings. Fnr'uturc. etc.; good fo 2n yone; (?ne mmutc from Swan- &ea, Market; chen-p r?nt; aeH cheap to im-I mediate purchaM?' -Apply Mrs. Kei?, 13. Ne?6on-gtrp<*c, Swansea. 208rl-7 ? ITjK Rou?d a.nd C'onfcctiou€ry Businpss ?'? fM' Disposa- in Swauf-ea; r'o reasonable I :.>f:E-r refusod,-A)!)ly Box 67. 3.)3.iiy Post." Swansea.. 142rl-9 FOR SALE-6USiNESS PREMISES. ?LEXAKDRA-ROAD.-Shop t? be S.?id; A ba,rsam to irumediato purcha.aer.—For p-n'ticulars, a.pply to Kinds, Solicitor. 6, c¡phe.trf'et, a,nsai. 1931'10 TO LeT—BU&:MESS PREM'SES. TroUSH and Shop to Let. 69, King Edward- ro&d; immedia-ta poasession.—Apply 1, Bay Swansea. 128rl-7 HOUR,-F, and Shop. 59a. King };ctwHxd-l'oad, wjlh t-tablpa at rear, togeti.ler or Mpa- ra.te.—Appl. on premises. 128rl-7 FOR SALE—HOUSES. j?OR 'L!'L, "Ði¡-b'ít Hcn-p. in — KUvpy-t<'n-a.c€, St. Tc.oiN&s. — Apply '?T. ?.. Y- ?.. "Daily Pc.t. '?nsM- <C80nl-lC I, }"OR SALE. ?. ;.Iarr-el-teri-ace, Swa.KFf.a. coit-.iining & J'{X)1TIF, bK,th, c'!s.; iTn'ot'di- E.t<; possession; Do rea.sona.bte ofter —Appiy on J.rernif:'Ele, S20rl-10 S.UJ;. 4 L-easehold noM6.e&. i" Wa,tkin. street, E-v.ransea; Jet to gcod exp&Hent iTiTp&tiBent wU! be sold. I; Apply Da,Ti<i M. 'iT!cma&. Estate Agent, Rut- la.nd-st.reet. t=",a,næ¡¡, 289ri-ll T?OI:SALL., Lea&eh<i<! Bx.t'.?? (6 rooam a,)id -?- soullery). ,ui Beach-street,. n<;?r Hc?pi- &wa.rts<'a; ??<I ?' T?a?hoid lLouse. m Fine<bury-terrace, r.eM' Cricket Atjpiy Da'iu M. ThcmaE, Esta.tb Agent.. Rut- 28S'r'l-ll ? LAXMOELAIS.—fo:- SRie, number cf -? Houses. Wil!. b& Mid togethLr. or 61è;Jarat1-, -Apply Hind&, i-cliNtor. 6, Fisbcr-gttpet, ISBrl-lO Ul'LA.DS,-M:odem, well-buiH. House, m Bernard-st.reet; eight rooms; a:l im- prOYement.s; early pos&e&biorL; plÍce low to a. Quick }J\uohaBer,-Alldres8 Lcmc'hold, DaJly Post." Swa.DB'èa. 91rl-6 HOUSES TO LET. '\rAnoc-ST'REET.—To Lot. smaJl IhYe]Hn?-  1. house; rent, 6s. 9d. per week; good leut-book and references essentia.l.-Apply II J. Barren Pascce, 6. Collegc-stret't. &wan.?a.. 4078nj-10 ??'.FIC?R'S well-appointed House t? Let. ?' Furnished; hea.Ithiiy Mtua?t, near La.nshmd Bay; two reception, fiye bed- rcoms, nursery; three ¡;<:8 jircs upstairs; ,'a.rO. e; rent.—Address Lessor. iii ei. Z3brl-10 ?0 ?ET. near Ncnth. tw? Cottage?; imma- T diato posspssion. Write Cottagef, DM)y J'ost. ;;hnu¡¡;eH., 4084til-ll t- HOUSES TO LET OR FOR SALE. ]O.E S.'LLE, or to Lot. in Bryu-road, Eesi- dene-e. with three reception, fin' bed- rooms,, etc.; itnniedizto possession; uuhiterrupted view.—Asttcy Samu'e], Auc- tioneer a,nd Valuer. King's Chambers, Swansea. 4054nl-o ?p0 LET; .or for Hale, in R-osehill-terra?a, -? spleudid House; two reception and iive bedroom&, kitchen, et< i:h.Jû pi'tce modfia.te. J..50 down. caji remain. Lea-se, 999 y<Mn'a. Ground R>It" £4.-J, Push Wil.iia.uM, House a.nd Estate Agent. 12, College-street.. bwa.nsea. 4055nl-& OFF!CES, Etc., TO LET. n- THIRST Fioor OffioCe. to Ix-t. Cenbr&l Bui!d- ings, D. Jone, 24. 109rl -6 ?\FF1CF.S to I?et, g'ro"nd tioor; ccntr:!l. ? Apply ', Pnnters, 4, Rutianf- ?t.TMt.. S?'a?ca. 265rl-11 CARACES, Etc., TO LET. ?AEAC?.S t? Let. n''ar Upl?'dn Police -? Sta.t.ion.-Apply Watter W&tkins. 4. l?.utla.r'd.treot, Swanxen. 2Mrl;.H. APARTMENTS TO LET. _u_- A Wch-furnish'&d Front Sittin?- .1:;i 1'ooni a.nd Kedroom; !ood cooking :).t'd :),tt(,'r.d:iuce. -App)y 1r:O, Bry'T.-r-oa<i. 8wn.n-ca. 2rt-6 \C<'??M.ODAT!.OX m j'riva.)c Houso ?. -?*- !'f;i'f'it)<;)fr?T-pd to rcsp"cta.b]e 'Woman, or P.'it'.D'ied COllple, i)t retun) for servicos.—Apply M. M. Da)Iy 1'cst, Swans?. 174rl-10 APARTMENTS YacnDt; centraUy SitU-j .f. Ilt.ed; every c'o?YpnLenoe; u?e of; s''ut. Gfttt.?man J'\rien(if.; gc?'d 'uoki'i'-? :n<I Apply 1P7. Wn]<;rrace. Swansea,. 103rl-6 ('C11FORT.\BI¡E h)(lgings, Ar,¡¡], Mr' J Da ies, 1: C'rJtoT1,tcr nHk', "a.n,a.. 194rt-8 ?lOMFORTABLE edgings to Jx)t, for o))e ? or t?'<-? )?-? Men.—Appiy 10, Bt'rman- 6t.reat. 204rl-7 í 10Mli'OR1'X3LJ'l ,ittiilg-lOom ¡¡.lJd Hed- v rQmn to Lüt, hath (boi, i,ea,r Albert f{a!1,-4, W¡Uow,pJaee, ::<W¡Vll"C1, (",OM.FORTABI¡l; Fum'shcd Ap<1rtm(:nt, ) with (f)uv€.nio7T.o8; suit .Ladies or Gcutlcmeii i'i Bu.2Ïne:è:61..Man8el-terraee. Bpd- -I. room; suit two Gentlemen, or YOllng M.Mriod Oouple.—Appiy 86, a.venne. 1]9rl-8 F UILNISBED Apartments. or L<dgi)igs; fuit two or three BuRi"MH I;; bath.eto.: accommodation for biovole; te. l-f-us Hc'en's House, crescMit. Swunsea. 242T.-1-11 t ODGINGS for two Steady Men, at 43, Prince <f Walps-roud. L,,vansea.. 157rl-8 'JDOOMS to Let. suitaMe for- Married Ù Couple, or Widow.—Apply Ib. PhLUips- pu,nMie. 9'l3p1-5 rv"o LRT, 2 or 3 1.:nful'nish.d RooBjs; ?0 chUdren.—]?, Rhyddings Purk-road. rj'O h) comfoi'ta.blo it.tjng'l'oorn tjtid Bedrootn, jn qmet Da.ih' }>(\t," Swansea. 187rl-7 ?!"0 ?.ET, two Roon's, Furnished or UrLfur- T mehed; s?it .Mamed. Co'[p)e without .i- Trafa,]gsLr-p!aop, Bryn- min, .Sv/a.nsea,. riio LET. two or tb)r' nn<'t)rnif=h<'<I R<oms; (xmremf-ntly situated; bathrocJTi a.Dd le,iatoi,N terms modei'a,te.-For particulars. ajy "D. I! "Daily 1'01:;1' Swansea. l72rl-10 liO LET, two Unf,ir,iiFhwi H<'otD.s. in .-Hao- cveT-ftreet; uae of sa.a "'{)H\ und :'cut- tsty; bath (hQt ztitd fir;.t. ht- to Mips HčMper, H.unphre.y-sut,. 407!.ni.n rl10 IÆT. We!1.ftlrn ¡"hoo Hit,ting-l'ÇOlTI a!)d Bedroeui. to one. or two IJadies in Business; ev(,t-y couyenience; OYt'rJookiug bay; terms moderate.—Apply 75, Danygraig- rc<i<l, St. Thomas. lOOnl-7 "0 IjET. comfortably Furni."hcd Apaj-t.- ments, with fvery oonvenicBr''?. 1.1'*1 <)f ba.throom; wiU suit one or two GoDttemfn, or SmaJl J"amily (without small ch'Idt'on). Apply Myrt.te HOUf3e, 505, Matisel-tpriaeA. S'wajisea. 292i'l-ll TWO La,rge Unfurnished Front Rooms to — Let.—Apply 4, Victoria-streft, Uplands. !swa,nsea. 256rl-10 npWO or three Unfurnished Rocms to .Let, with use of scullery and gas cttove.— H. Victoria-stroot, Uplands. HOrl-6 rrWO or three Unfurnished Rooms io Let.; use of bathroom and— Apply Z4a, rHo'3ehil1-terrace, Swansea. 159rl-9 T WO or three Unfurnished Rooms to Let; uae of scullery and gas stove.—Apply 20, Hanover-street, Swansea, after 6 p.m. 65rl-5 V\r ANTED, t,v.o Ladies, to share Bedroom a.nd Sitting-room; terms niodeiate.— Apply 15, Dilhvyn-street, Swansea. 266rl-7 -_u- APARTMENTS WANTED. I ED-) I'PTINa-ROO!L comfortably Furn- Want<-d by It Widower, or B<'d- tôLte im.jinx.-r ut' -Write l\ Swansea. 65r1-:) X UltlSHED. cr -[J,lftiriiislied, two jfoouis, ?- or oue Y.r-e Wanted by Soid'er's V/H-e. '.it11 recta.b] Widow pi-t-ferred; l'«IBonanle; worltÍUg class.—Write F. M., "ya.¡¡y PoMt." 2611'1-11 ADY Requj? cc?.?rtp..b? Sitti?-r?? ? ?odB?,?; central; ?od .?? "C.woHa,, p<')m!C!it.tpt,?. by lott'"r, ? 'Che D':I;wy)t Co.. Swansea. 2t2rl-S APARTMENTS WANTED. f)OOJ\TS nnd AtternianM W:uitpd by Lady: 1¡ .H.' ;X>d neighbourhood; :¡ :1tJO"(:, "Dai'y J80,1 10 ??7'AK')'HD, :'t once, one Largo Hcom. j l \v?i..h r€T<'c?<ib)c people; << ruis mr?'. '? i'€!t8ouab!f. Wn!:e Box 29. _?;; n: )'OFt." Swangoa. 2Prl-6 "r ANTED, and B<;d- room; Brynnut! district pTpfej'T'e<i.- statue t<;[-n)S. to Bryn. Dn.ily I'cst,' Sws.nsc:a.. 64)-1-5 "í A J'n:u,) comfortable Combined Rojra, or Sitting-room. c..iid BFedro,,)ni; must Of; central; BU8í!l(' Man, away oil day.— \rrit.e C. & "Dai'.y Post,' b'.van&M. -6r1-7 A-NTFf), by Lady WiUl children (youngest 81, ;) Ihtfurpished Rooms; neighbourhood Box 247. Da,]!y Post," Swansea. 241rl-JO '{?IT ANTED, S':tt;- T-room aud Bc<lrcoTT.. o" wot-,Id simre, !y Youjig Lady, cither 'n Swansea or "T. E- "Daily Post," 8wansea, 1hr .iTED. by Je-3pectahle Young Coupi?. t without children, three Unfurnished .Rooms, in respect:b)e part of SWalJE.ea,- Write. sta-ting terms, etc., to "Ebrc,' DaHy I.ady. in. Bu'in€sg. EeQuires two Fu:'n.:6h€d Reomp, witi) attendance; I ce.ctral; tN"IH mooctate,-Write l".cntral, Da,i}y \n;mea., Zl':t'l-t'' MOTORCARS, CYCLES, Etc. l?OE hALr:, BeiM? T?.i, 12-1() H.P.; prjcc, ? /-?;.ft.-P. Molyr?ix. I?td., ?0. Hig-h- &t.reet.Kwai.6eG. 4C71nl-C 'U'OR )&Ai?., g Ger.t.'& Cyc?s. B.S.A. a.t)d New HUQwn; ;£.2 10s. the two.-Apl)ly S!=n.J!ccmbc. 96, .Br-_N-nymc)r-rca< Piirl-6 IOP, SALE. 5-6 'Ttvin Rex. free eng-ine clutch, in good condition; bargü.in, le,7ri-10 F('a. 167rl-10 FOR 8AljE, All-Black Raleigh Bioycle. FIumin-i,jm rims, 3-si;<;ed gear, b?Lok- pedalling' brake; recently everti.Luied; fauat. t'o "Oa.ity Peat," Swansea.. 80rl.-6 -IOR SALE. a 6 H.P. RoyaJ EnSeid. ooa,ch- built oombina.tion, late 1913, hO\>d and '"oreen, tbree LupR.s la,icps. Lucaq horji, and lut of new spares; .S5C. cr ncai'egt o!!er.— Write Climber/' Dailv Post/' Swansea. 79rl-5. }"'OR AIÆ, 1914 Humber, 3i: H.P., 3-speed, clutch, kicl¡:.f,'Garter, all (,cEon.e¡;; i owner enlisted. ALso Side-car, litireulle- cca,eh-buiit, wxterp.roof cape. good tJre, lajDp, eto.-Apply Phiilips, Uniou Inn. Pert Tennant. Swa.asea. H2rl-6 DOYAL JtniMid Motor ('Yl'le a<id Side-car; I o real fl'.er; cpoa to a.ny te"t or trial; about 70 mil" to gallon; nearest oner to .EM get9 it.—Ivor Beynon. 175, High,street. Swansea. 196t-l-7 1<)1 it Hnmbc'ctte Lighh ""? 1 ?!1 J. C'a.r, complete, with la.mpp. horn, speedometer, clock, Stepney. a.nd a.ll QOoes- eorjes, iu pp-rfpct ordpr; ;tny triai.—Seen at 17. Bcath6<-ld-stre€t, Swansfa,. 44rl-5 T? A?T?D, Motor Cycie. lightweight, 2 or 4-stroke, not less 2A H.I'. Fullest pa.r- ticulars and ca,sh pnce, a.nd where seen .—Apply Jcnkins, c.o "Daily Posh," 8wans<'a. is5rl-6 E' VERY Cyclist should send for mv list of CaptsLin" Cycles and AocesBc.riea- My prio&s sav: you pounds. Roadster or Racing Models from 77$. 6d. Special Tyros with gua.r..i,ntoe tor 15 months; Ss. Wired; 6e. 6d Beaded. Best Value in the Trade. Work- ma.tiehip fully g-uaranteed, and evei-y Order DeT}¡,¡,tohed PrompWy. Mt!ud Post-<ard to- da,y to R. k-itygeraid (Dept. M), Buinley. .i7Jb.d.-t.o. !vo:- L. Roberts' (OxfCi'd-strMt) Ann&uncemants. ??OTORr CYCLES'?Sole Agent for B?A, ?'? EitS?Id, Dou?!as. A.J.S., CalthorTj". Humber, Horgan, Runa.1),outs, etc. Deferred c,arrL,,s arrnng'ed. Scn.d your .inquiries. ( tl6rl-7 (iYGrÆS,&>I AgNIt for t.he B..S.A., H<.)ya'. ?? Enfield, R?biu Hcod, ''T lumber. etc. Prices from ?.? 19;ô, 6d. to f-I.i 13! Easy Pa.y- mnt3 M-end for !ists. lt6rl.-7 NEW Mot-or C:.I'cles in S<wk.—Two-speed. ?' 2-atrcke Diamond, 21 H.P., £38; 19.15 4l U.P.. 5-spped U.S.A.. £67.; ?u'<. 2-stroke, 2j H.r..<e30; 4 H.P. 'i'j-iumDh, 5-spced, ?60; F. iield. B H.P-. C'omb?a,ti<')i, ?89 5s. 116r1-7 QECOND-HANi) H.P. :J Doug-!ns, £16; 4 H-P. 1914 1', 8ide-<:a.r, .860; 6: H.P. frpmieT, 3- .pe(-< £'1:1 10s.; j<; B.a.A., exc.e(- lcr't conditioT)..€29 10s. 116rl-7 \EW in ?t?ok.—'i'rumbnil Light Car. i? ?115; Ritz Light <'m-, ?125; Ford. 2- scatf't..El.25: Ford. 5-cpntpt'. £13S; Ford I"ai,. £1.30; plus deUvcry chaigeg. HGrl'7 POULTRY, Eto. l:rENS-1;¡;-h-T''t bj.) ?on'L pay. Kars- <? wood Poultry Spi<'e, containi'lg ;:rronnQ ineec,t8, Ensures e.ggf', Try sample and prove it. 2d., &d.. Is. By post. l&d.. Is. M.—Morris. C'hcmL-:t. Oowerton. 260r!-7 FURNITURE. -N-r'ïFF' 'Y;:¿'I'l-"¡;- "l'-  'l"T '\rmV?'EAR'S mFT-H A.T t'H?L'H. Complet.o' i? Hou?o Fn'-aishc?. Cc'?r&I ?'iil.;r),r-=. Swai'Hpa. E<'c'por')\ .Tj,; In Li from House in the Trx; hrra v/h<\ ,n spite ci :¡.Jj i'dvan-'i; 'n priee. stiU t<e(-p th?j); P:-i<'M lIow- to tha na*n€ lo\" l<;v-t ;,s ¡wfote tbf war. Wr* still 8f,ll Couchc's at 161:; 6 i Mnui?room r\uiUs at .52 Guineas: .F);U Sized' bedsteads it-om lid.; Bedroom scutes,! complete with War.trobf;, Dressing Pair :md Chairg. 51 Guinpas. Sidpbom'da, PrMspra, Fcudpi's, Fire Rr".c:sC8, Bookcase, etc., etc., at your <wn \p (nnnot gnrHaIllc the.f pricca for a.ny lp11gth of tim<\ but will Store Goods Purchased at on<;t' until required, Free of Charge. All Goods Made at 0'11' 0,ii Wor!<s and GuaT'antoed.—Notc only Addr&"d in RWa,nS0&. Hill's, Cpntral Ruitding's, Ccwer- strcet. Also at Cardiff. Abcrda,re a'td Bp.rry Doc'k. 214rl-10 I. _r- TRAOE SPERIALITIES. T?OB Quality and Va.lue. ?o to Sidney Palmer. Good Stock 01 Wedding Cake-; always kept in 8to<'k. Parties catered for at Hie shortest uotice. Egtimctes free. Cen. T?l.. 140. O:<:ford-street, Swansea. 299?-t-10 L?UHM Repaired, He-made, ard Modelled to -? batet-L Style; ]?ondor' experience.—A?rs. PMry. "Oaklands." .Middle-road, Cwut'- b,i i-ii; '5 tk{)rs F. Rowe and Co.'s Announcements. E. C 0 T.1; G \.¡ cover your old Umbrella and make it equal to Hew. Prioes to suit everyone- -F. and Co.. 7. Portl&nd-street, iswa.asoa. d.b.-t.o. SPECIAL Larg? Si=e Umbrellas for the k"J trap or country ase. Umbrellas for rough wear, et< A la.t'ge belectioT! of Boys' a.ud Girls' Umbrellas, Walking Sticks 0untoo and Ferruled. F. Rowe and Co., 7, Portland-street. Swansea, d.b.-t.c. PRESENTATION Umbrellas arid Waikitig j, Stioks. Silver or Geld MounUnHa. 'I'housfI.nds to select from ï'Jl' Ladies and 'mt.lemen, direct from tTie Manufacturers. See car speciaJ ra.nges. We defy c0mpet¡ticll, \70 sell a,t first cost. F. Howe Uld Co.. 7, Portla,nd-Btl'eet. Swa/nsMt. d. b.-t.o. Tn ROWE a.nd Co.. Tha Umbrella. 8peoial- F. ista. 7. Portland-street (oppoeite the Middle M&ret Gate), hold the Largest ¡.nJ Most Up-to-da,tf) Stock of UmbreUaa s,Bd Wa-lkiug Sticks in Swansoo.. d.b.-b.c. MUS!CAL. FOITY & CO.. LTD.. High-street. -L?'Cn.rdiK.—New Model Pianos. Second ha.nd Pianos &t .Low Prioea for Cosh. Eaf.y tcrma arranged. Seoond-ha.nd Organs from R,Z.-Seooj:id-b-and Piano Player. IS.-Listsb on applioation to Loca.1 Agency. 20, Kine Edwa.rd-roa.d. Swa,nae&. FOR SALE, American Oi'ga.n. 9 stops, 2 -L knee swells, i)i wo.lDut t'; reason tor nelling. room wanted.—Write Organ. "Da.ilyPost."Sw:tn.sea 40rl-10 17'OS SALE, Walnut Hs,i-monium, 7 stops, t splendid condition, nice tone; bargain. 1,3 10s., or nearest oSer; owner leaving dis- trict.-Smith, 8, Hall-t,-Trace, Swansea. 68ri.5_ TT'OR SALE, Gramophone, and 34 lOrn. -L' Double-sided ReMrds; bargaiti, 35. comp?e.-Ca..h," "Daily Po.t, .-??? l?71-1-7 ?H'?'ODFRN Upright for Salp. pri<;<. 'L ".EM.—Particnhu's iro!n Box 567. DuHy Post,' Sw:msea. l'i9i-)-7 plAKOFORTE Tn?LMS'. o-. G?i.: l{(.?,n ir. ?- warranted meyt:a.'CM:o).t!-onLi' i I warrau1.eù fi'tI y.;a, \\oJ:U'OllL 1'1,(1,,< broken-down Organc, and Player Pianos m:Mic equal i.o npw.—H.crbe't. Stro, 37, te'Tttce, Hwansc; 'Phone 25 Dock' (L'tte of 1[. Er.nje:) ?.85rl-ll ?D. Ppr Ijf?son.i?noforte Httd ?.!a])do)ine. D —Lady (<prtin</ated) has ?'aonncie-. fo' I PnpilE.; a1.o Violin, l:j", ])Ù' r¡'enn, or by Lesson.—Write "A<i-af!Cfd.Da':yP'l.' Swansea,. 2-'3rl-5 MUStCAL. CiMifrey's Announcements. -<- ??tj)JMNYER 'Upright Grand, in perfect con' N d'tion jus? been thoroughly rcpa-ired iron 'i'K!Hp. fuil t.hord, oversLi' checl aetioa, ehouy case, 20 Guineas or l&s. Go Mouthh ''ii.'inut coat. 5C Guiucus.-Gcdfrf; ). l" z: St. Helell's-roa<l, SWallF;C,i, 78rl-'} DOMDnox OrgMl, 11 st.op: 5 seta of rdects, ? 2 knee ewcUs. very powerf'.i!. tone; handsome solid wnlQUt case, with mirror; IS Guineas Cash or Ss. 6d. Jtonthly.— Godfrey and Co.. W¡ln"(' 78rl7 ?r*HJii.\OI?A Pia.yer Piano, manufactured by — the OKheaU'elie Co.; full 6ca.le (88 note), and fitted with aH latest expression devicps. hicludiai? the fR-uous MetrostTle and TheiEodist. A oiost eh&rming instrument; 80 Guineas Cash. or Term..) Arranged.—Godfrey ajid Co.. Ltd. 22. St. Helena-road, Swansea. 78rl-7 Thompson ant! Shacheit's Announcements. pI?NIST?U?O PIa.ycr Pia-uo, property of ?- OEicer at the Front, recently cost M GuincaB, and quite equal to new, a.ccEpt 50 Guineas <—Thompson -.nd ShackeU. Ltcl, 3, Swa.ns<-a. 76rl-7 'Dr?OADWOOD Pitmoiorhe. Ro6ewo<\d Ca?,e. ?-D ci-'?k a.c-tioM, very g&cd tone, jt,? ? e<j.h. ccs., and Shaekel-, Ltd., 39. Sv.-a.nsen. 761'1,7 DIAXO. br Kirkoia.n. Rosewocd Cace, I b<Jautifui tcne. real i-fory keys, 5b Guine.a.E, r' educed to i,!B lOs, cash.-Thclmp- son a,r!d ShachcH. Lt.G" S9. Ga.stle-street, Swansea,. 76rl-? t7'STEY Or?3.n, 1C stops, tr-o knee ewella, cxMptionally good t'cne, reduce to £13 10s. cash.-Xbomp,,C" and She.ckeH. 3< C;¡,st]e,t reet" Swansea. 76rl-7 MONEY. ,\0 YOU ?BED MOXLY? PO?'T VORRy ? —M. Fcner, 3, Carlton-ten'aoc- Swa?n?a?€S Money to Respectable Uouse- hoider; Easiest terms. Strictly Priva.te. 1 23r5-t 'D JOX5, FiIw..ncier, n:akc.c, Oash Ad. L" f!om .i5 and upwards to rcapecta.bia Householders, at rea.soBa.blo ,UtE's of ;nter<'<st. without delay. Apply per- sunnily, or by letter. Dista.noo DO object. No fees. Easy Repayment arranged to suit convenience of Borrowers. PriTtlte aj)d conSdential. Gua,ra,nte€d.—Apply 3, Grove- p?<-e, A'M&ndra,-roa<l, Swa.Bsea? d.b. Q'-VANSEA Albion Permanent Building ?-? Society.—Adva.nces ma?i? on Security of Freehold or Leasehold Property. PrinoiDaJL and Interest ltepayable by InBtalmoiits. Dat-e of next meeting December 21st. De- posits received at 41 per cent. interest,-Fo1" purticulars, apply Edward Roberts and Son, Secretary-, Haniair Buildings. St. Ma,ry- street. Swansea. l23sl-5 t OA?S.—.elO to -Cl.OOO on written prom?a —? to repay at. a, mutually agreed hitereat. No travelling expanses charged busineea done or no't. On receipt of letter a Repr- senta.t.iyp ,il1 CH.!t with Cash a.nd disens." tcni' Distance, no object. Do not expos' vour re(U';rempnts locally. Coiomisaion paid for inÙodnctionR.-F, Ltd.. Don Cha.mbers.€t_ B!-istol. SWANSEA MERGANTlLE CO.. LIB., 18, PARK STREET, SWANSEA, MAKL CA.SL' i)lLi- trom sio to f-1,000. No Charge unless pUJ3iness Done. BiUa Discouut€d. Strictly P'ivate a.nd Oona. deMtia'. For farther parttculars apply: H. 8. JONES, M&agagiDg Director. DO YOU WANT MONEY? On Perscaa,! or other .security. Apply:— The SOUTH WALES EQUITABLE MONEY SOCIETY A Friendly Society). IS. HIGH-STREET ARCADE. SWANSEA. and at 4. Nea-th. CASH ADVANCED. £2 UPWARDS. E:m¡d js your enquB'ipa. for r.jjrlv n'tMcrnants. SOUTH WALES LOAN AHD ilWANCE.,Co. ?, Meibcun:e?)?ce (Dear IJc??-r: s'fMt;. ?NI aCe (-12ear T') APPLY T9 THE NEW OFFlor.. A. <T<JODMA.X to n(..ti!y that- 1: i. prepared trt) consider appLjaL iiiili iur Loall-i trom ai. LlabNus m a.ny ctrnomita iro!,t JbiU UPWARDS. No Loan Oejco Routine. .\é) ::3u:eties no Not<- Tel'ma: .S10 from 10/- monthly..S25 from 35/- monthly. .850 from iJ2 monthly..6100 from .34 monthly. Any ether sum in prolx-.rtion. ,\pr;ica.nt cs.n if net-essaiy ba seen by 7 p.'n. or Ly 11t.t- p P:1'),n( ? A. GOODMAN, iiuu), 12, EDWARDS' TERRACE (Of! Queen-street), CARDIFF. ilL MOI\fEY LEIT í- i'(!T \THU{:ï' WCí.RITY, THE C!TY AN3 COUNTY -PRIVATE I F!NANCE CO., LTD.,° Chh ",<ÍY¡-¡';WÐ:-<, .3U tu £5,0(\0, 8ho17-ke-epers. <1"(\ iespon;<ib'o on Kot-f of ,flo;. StricOy Priva-te. No Fee" charged. H<)lTCIVdJ (kaUJl with o¡lIt'I' '¡rms .n h?. r.UD OF}" or lGHEAFP. ,.d <T-r are' advised to j'ay jio preiiminttry eli.n8e", FuU JnfoTma.ti.'n p'i,.(Us ¡WÙ pot. free. Write to SEC.. 4°. 't.. T, SHtPPtNC:. AMERICAN LINE. Carrying 1st, 2nd, and 5rd Class Passengers LIVERl'OOL TO .\H£W YURK by U.S. ?.Iail Steamers every ,a.Lirday, Sailing uBdt.'r the American FJag. Moderate Best Acc?)nt.)odation. Apply to Amertcan Hue, I.ivapooi, "'I;l- don, Southampton, or to Lota! Agents.

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