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I MMT Tm! !

913,000 PENALTY.

TO COST £12.000.I



[No title]



I -,---,-I"I'LL K!LL THE LOT."


['"MY DWN" DISASTER I ! ———?———

- - - - U N ION 1ST CHAPMAN.





93?S5SSSSSS"SSg?gBS?5B?SS ? ? Great Sale j OF We have over 200 slightly y used and second-hand ? piano bargains by well- ? known makers to offer. n1anv; Prices in many cases ? below cost. ? We give an example from I our Sale List: ? o,,ir Sale List: i C?* otii? ard & LoMard J Collard & Conard Upright) in Walnut case, Price when new 55 Gns. II í SALE PRICE Z12 } Write for complete sale catalogue. ¡ Every instrunu:,nt fully ( guaranteed (7 delivered ?? 'j ccn !<T?e po?. <? ? )' :Y(m Need not Pay Any instrutDent includf:d ¡ in this sale mav be pur- chased by a siDaH payment down, and the balance in easy instalments. I IC. ILSOr" 8& SON, LTD., ) i The Crsat West of En,gJanrl P!ano House, ———— 15, Milsom Street, BATH. ALSO AT j LONDON. SWINDON t and BRISTOL. ? ? J ? ? S MftMiiMtt.??at?tMa??SS?mSp? I On Friday afternoon Sketty bd!ringer9 rang a mutncd ppai in respect to their old comrade, Mr. Jo&eph G\vyn. a! j L._ ? TT CAN'T BEAR TO HEAR YOUR ? CHILD CRY. Keep his stomach in ordsr and you will soon find his temper improved. Next time he seems irritable, try a Steedman's Powder. Nothing else is just as good. Observe the EE in Steedman, Anniversary service were held at UppeN KiHay Congregational when the p.e\'¿;. S. WiU'iams, Lan dore; E. Morgan, ParkmiU; and J. Morgans, KiHay, a l I G UATIS AND POST FREE. 1914 Edition of "MODERN METHODS." A suTipIe trpAti&M on a diincu!t subject :— Hov' to invest arKi sp{.cn!ate it) Stocks.<i':d chares. Fortnightly Aceounta openett on a minimum Comtpi.ssioH ch<'rg<a R. SterHng and Co.. Ltd., .Moorg;ate Street Buildings, London. E. C. In St Paurs Chnrch, Skptty. c'u Sunday, Mr. T. D. Jones, organist, played Chopin's "Marche F'une.bre," a.nd the Re\ D. AkfIH Jones. M.A.. made sympathetic reffreneea to the five deaths that had takn placa m hiK parish within the last few days. Our Portrait )80f Mrs TREV:s, who writes asfo!!ows: I f suffered with :t c,heek hone for a year, a.nd 'for which f hRd ;{ in hos. pltal. aU of whit.h I ?cre ttbsolutety usetess. One day quite by accident I re::¡d in a newspa,pt-r of the wonderful cure! !clarke, ,s Btood Mixture had done for other-i, so I a.t once decided to try it ?)r m?- c.?t'. 7 )!;td hpGa n'oubkd a great deai with ,!is('hal-ge from the boue, a.nd all previous remedies that I tried fai)ed to stop it. f am thankful to tft) after taking 10 t a!n "OIllp,letely < nred, and am now in the best of health. Alv one regret is that, I did not hear of Ciurkc'aB.oofi fixture' before, for I feeleoctideut t shou)dha\'jbppnsp:).rde much suffering through operations. (Si,,nRd) Urs TREVIS, 11, Lherpooi Ro&d, FrattO)), Portsmouth. CURED BY ? —— If you suffer from any uch Scrofula, Bad Logo, Abscesses, Ulaerg; 6!sttrdM!ar 8weUinp, BoH., P!mp)aw Sores d any kind, PHe*, Blood Pc ison, Rhenma.t!etM, Gout, &C., don't Witste your time and money ,n useless lotions aiid U1e8$y oijn?t- men t!i which c-nnot get below the surface of the 'dn. What y.)u want and whftt .vou must have to b e permanently cured is a free the blood of the poisonous matter whicn alone is the trnc of ail YOUI' Clarke's biood Mixture i'! juet sut,h a medicine. JL i, composer) of which quickly expel from the blood aji impurities from whatever cause aris- ingo, arid by it, clean and pure can 1M 1"- 11;1'.1 on to effect a. compile and lasting eurw. Over fifty years success. Pleasant to th 3 taste. .<¡ II Sotdbya" Che'Tiisteand Stores. I 2'9pefbott)a. Refuse Subttituttn. ? Blood ? ?S-n?re jj mixture N "THE WORLD'S BEST BLOOO PURtFtER.' t —————-?——————— J