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VISITORS SCORE FIRST. SWANS V. ABER- TiLLERY. SOUTHERN LEAGUE GAME AT VETCH FIELD. Far the tirst time this season the Swans Plat Abertillcry at the Vetch Field on Thursday afternoon under Southern League auspices. The visitors haw, rl1!3Id;e an excel- lent impression in their first season in the Second Division, a.nd they were expected to make the Swans go all the way to obtain the two points. The homesters Viad. a strong team out. Anderson, who was so successful as centre forward last Saturday, was given another triai in tha,t position, and --Nlayo was tried at inside left. Bassett ■was selected as centre half, but, unfortun- ately, lie had a painful boil on his leg, and Hamilton, therefore, came into the team. The teams were— SWA-NSEA TOWN.—Goal. Fisihefr; backs, Cleverley and Sutharland halves, Williams, Hamilton and Cubbea'ley; for- wards, Messer, Coleman, Anderson, Mayo and Greer. ABERTILLERY.—Goal. Huret; .backs, Adams. Bullen; halves, Langster, Jordan and Flock; forwards, Bridgett, Proeser, Ratoliffe, Griffiths, Baddeley. Referee: J. G. Havard (Aberdare). Lines- men Mie-ssrs. C. J. Morgan (R-hymney), and E. C. Gaccon (Trefarris). The rain had transformed the ground into something approaching a quagmire, especi- ally on the grand stand side. There was a, prospect of the gate being very small. The visitors- were not at full strength and in- cluded three ressrver;. VISITORS OPEN SCORING. lhere was scarcely a thousand present, the., Sw- nsea Kicked off against the freeze. The home- sters commenced prettily, and passed from v-ing to wing. Messer "sent over the bar with a first time shot. Anderson got away from a goal kick, but his transfer to Messer I was intercepted by Flook. Nice play on the right saw Anderson send out wide to Greer, and he, centreing, enabled the centre for- ward to trap again, but he was ruled off- side before he could shoot. Mayo showed fine form at inside left, and his passing with Greer ended in him securing a good position. Lot the ball stuck in the mud. Capital work by Anderson left Mayo superbly placed, but Adams paved. The visitors worked up the held for the first time by long punting, and with a centre in the goal- mouth came an unfortunate misunderstand- ing between Cleverley and Fisher, which enabled Pressor to dash up and score the first goal for Abertiileiy. The score was wholly undeserved on the Tun of play. Stung by the reverse the Swans kept up the pressure. The eondi- tions were all against good football. Adams and Bullen were a capable pair of backs. Hamilton came awav near the mark with a long drive, and the next moment Hurst imt managed to clear from a centre bv Greer. The visiting forwards played the T.ght game in slinging the ball about, and Sutherland did good work in pulling them up. Mayo was going throne1 h superblv when he was fouled, and the referee awarded a penalty. Greer took the kick, but Hurst, the goalIe. brought off a fine save at the expense of a corner. From the flag kick )t looked as if Coleman had gcaled, but to the general astcjnsnment the referee did rot allow the scow. THE SWANS EQUALISE I The visitors goalie was certainly keeping his charge well, and saved a certain ooal from a shot by Anderson. The visitors were playing good football, and their defence was sound. Sutherland was badly winded in st-oppillg an Abertillerv rush, and the game was delav-oo. The Swans were missing v/ns deinyed. The S'wan.s wprp missing chances, and once when Hamilton beat a rising ball down at the goal-mouth there was no one there to take his pass, and a good chance went astray. A couple of corners Were luckily cleared ,by the visitors, who were outclassed at this stage. A goal scon came to the Swans. Mayo, with suburb dribbling, put Anderson in possession with an open goal in front of him. The centre- forward made no mistake in boating Hurst with a shot that went into the corner of the net. The Swans took the lead after a per- feet movement, initiated by Anderson. He > placed Coleman nicely, and the inside-light with a great phot beat Hurst. Coleman made a brilliant clearing dribble on the restart, and Messer narrowly missed a fter clever placing by Cubberley. The interval came with Swansea leading by a ccal. HALF-TIME SCORE I SWANSEA—2 goals. I ABERTILLERY-l goal I SECOND HALF. I A feature of the hirst half was the superb (goal-keeping of Hurst and the brilliance of Mayo and Coleman, the home inside men. On the resumption play was very even foir lcil,g t i riie, .1,1, d a?L. ],-2111 long time, and at length., Messer, receiv- ing from Coleman, had liaird lines with a fast, rising shot Then Anderson had hard hick in sendin- to the wrong side of the upright. AbertilLery followed this up by an attack whirh culminated, in Fishm- SRT. oil his knees. Hurst brought off a bril- bamt siave with a deceptive back flip. It ferried odds on a goal and Anderson grazed t'lle cross-bar after receiving from Mayo. The Swans' third goal came after an ex- eitilig melee. Hurst, the goalie, ran out, but Messer beat him and gave to Anderson, ^bo netted in the corner. Mayo was hurt On the restart and had to retire to the touchline. Just on time Gordon, the visitors' centre half, scored from a corner. FINAL SCORE SWANSEA TOWN—3 goals. I ABERTILLERY—2 goals.



£ 8,000 LOST.