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I SWANS' WALK-OVER. i !TREHARRIS' DISORGAN- i TSED SIDE. I PREVIOUS RESULTS. Southern League— March 22-(aw-ay)-Swam, 3; Treliarria, 1. April 30-(home)-Swans, 1; Treharris, 0. Dec. 27, 1913-(awa,y)-Sweria, 4; Tre- harris. 0. Welsh Leagúe- Nov. 4, 1912—(laway)—Swans, 2; Trehar- ris, 4. Feb. 22—(away)—Swans, 2; Tpeharris, 2. Nov. 20, 1913-(hOme)-8wa.ns, 5; Tre- harria, 0. (By 11 Alax.") The Swans' aspirations in the Southern League c-ompatitions have been somewhat lost sight of amid the thrills and excitement of the English Cup competition. Treharris' visit to the Vetch. Field 7 recalled the fact that thf; homesters are still out to ob- tain promotion. They still have a chance, but to obtain success they will have to win practically all the remaining games. This month they have the opportunity of securing at least t-en points, and thus materially im- prove their poaitiooi in the table. Treharris did not send down a particularly strong side to-day, and it was hoped that the Swans would pile up a big score. They have not given as mucn attention to the goal average as they should have. This is a very import- ant matter, and it will most probably decide the promotion problem at the end of the season. The Swans should go "all out" against every team, because mot only is it important to build xiv, a strong goal average, but also to maintain the interest. Unless the Swans make all their games attractive I am afraid t-ue rest of their programme, with the exception of the Welsh Oup semi- final and the English teams' visits, will hardly draw big crowds. We have become accustomed to such a high standard of foot- ball in the English Cup gRmM that tho sub- sequent encounters with the Welsh Second Division clubs will afford a very unfavour- able comparison. The Swans have never shown their best form up against a "soft thing"; the stronger the opposition the bet- ter they play. To-day the Swans' directors experimemted with the intermediate line, Jack Williams being included instead of Duffy at right-half. Williams was signed on as all inside forward, but he has shown his best form at half-beck in the Welsh League games. The teams were: — SWANSEA TOWN .-OoaJ, Fisher; backs, Allman and Cleverley; halves, J. Williams, Bassett, and Cubberley forwards, Mayo, Coleman, Ball, Anderson, and Greer. TREHARRIS.—Goal, W. Davies; T. Williams; half-backs, Downer and Pike • forwards, Evans, H. Williams, I Summer, Owen and L. Williams. Referee Mr:. Farrarkt (Bi-istol). There was an eleventh-liour change in I the Swa-nsea team. Weir standing down in consequence of a slight. injury, Ball taking his place at centre forward, whilst Anderson took the vacant inside-left I position. The visitors were not at full strength, and were without the services of Dem- mery, their crack goalie, and two of their usual forwards, E. T. Davies assisting at the amateur international match at Plymouth, and Partridge standing down. The visitum came down with only nine men and fielded without Morgan, their right back, and Jarvis their centre half. Cub- belley cnpbined the homesters in the ab- sence of Nicholas and Duffy. The Swans won the toes and played with the breeze, their being 5,000 presnt when Summers kicked off. BASSETT WAS INJURED A SECOND I AFTER the start of the game. Trehaa-ms, with nine mm, were, of course, irnmediatel-y placed on th' defensive, the homesters pressing through a clever movement on the loft. The homesters got a free kick just outside the area, and Bafrsett, who had now resumed, taking the kick, BOOKED THE FIRST GOAL I lth a hard drive which Davies, the goaue, I failed to hold. Play was pretty, and onoe when Greer centred superbly Da vice brought off a fine save from a neat header by Ball. The visitors were playing the one-back game and Mayo, after breaking through skilfully, centred, but Ball, who received, was ruled offside. The homesters could hardly take the game setraoualy in view of the handicap of the visitors, and Cleverley amused the apoctators by taking the leather through on his own and letting loose a mighty punt for the net. which went wide. The home for- wards and halves, after M)m first. class oon- l1,n'" With the Treharris defence, enabled I COLEMAN TO SCORE tj-L -J. -U.f. the second goal wit-n a "uu.< The next movement sa w BaD being puilea up for offside with an open goal in front of him and a moment later Anderson had similar luck. At this stage there was abso- lutely no Life about the play. Once a bunch of Swains got in each other's way in the Tre- harris goalmouth, whilst the goalie was re- clining at full length on the turf, but to t-be frenertJ amusement Anderson sent the ball over the bax when he could have blown, it in. Then AUman thought he had bet- ter open a scoring account-, but he went ten yards further out than Cleverley. The visi- tors did nothing but defend untal The Swana gave Biway a soft corner, which was eafflly dee-red. A minute later CUBBERLEY DISTINGUISHED HIMSELF i by scoring his fint goal of the reason WITN a Jong rJ? fa6t ground shot- Cuoberiey, h??-ing t?ed blood, wanted ?-.? and he nearly got 1ms ?oond g? with a gre?at d ahot which the goalie only <aved by conceding a oorner The best goal up to date came from Greer who, alter dribbling fhrcugh splendidlv, scored with a lightnmg R which w? taken on tne run. B.?t at this -t?? ??t. off to have h.? knee at- Xnd? t,(,, and ?ith the t<? more equal Treharris m.dc in incur?n into the home quarters, but they were repelled by Clever- lev a.nd Allman. There must have been a general con- piracy to Drevent Ball from SC01'j, for .TL.ugh they gave tbe leather to hIm fre- q?ntly, ?mething ?way? turned up to prevent t?e ball going in? the net. M.yo ?e?d f"rn chrome ?ta?ation, and when he did get the ball he had the hardest of luck in not dropping it into the net. Treharris had their nine men const^ antly packed into the ?1-mouth but Rasseti. Jfter he ret?n?d to the field of play, scored ? fit fth ?oal with a neat m?t-time eNcrt. BLe t? w, out for blood for with his next- at?mpt he was !noceMfu only in b?S ing th? referee m the small of the back B? thi time the game had ??oen crated into .— —,?? .-?.?— I S' HOOTING FKA( I H r YIIK IHE SWANS, «nd noor F?h?r, their goalie, was sitting ?._i,??v by th. ,.dc of Th? sixth goal came when Greer centred. Cole- man heading in. HALF-TV ME goals. v, W AN, ,?-, -WN TREHARRIS—Nil. I Tb« second cs-If started in me eame way M the fil-St. It was lifeleea football entirely, anfl devoid of thrills. The crowd appealed to the Rwanp, to augment tbeir scotp, end after a Ions: attack Billie Ball had hard l1nê m headtnsr over from a centre by (Jrear. Thoneh the homestors were doing all the pressing, the shootingr wa", poor. Treharris were now putting ro quite ,i commendable defence, and Rail and Anderson were olop.?]y marked. Try 80! the,, would, they omld not ast an inch of sooringr rr-oni. Onoe. after heating tha whole team, Ball experi* need very ha.rd lines, the leather turning awkwardly after he had ehot straight. WiUta-m-s the Treharris back. Icid out througrh getting1 in the way of a centre hy Greer, and thera war some 'He ws M M?. however, to r?eu?T?. end in th" R?cc?'ed- ?? p?aY ReH again failed to ?nd t? net. "?'i.n?Kh he had ponetra-te<j the defend?. d?TRiT) a<'t??Hy ?ett?d. hut was r?pr! off. mdp ?"? it TcOked 'f it would be P <f?aJ- Iwo half. The pity of it all was that somebody did 11 It, go up and play ha'penny nap with Fisher. He bad absolutely nothing to do to-day. After a very long and incffeotive attack Colemaji did ,he "hat trick" by scoring the Swans seventh goal. Sight on the call of time Ball headed in tb1 eighth goal for the homesters. FINAL SCORE: SWANSEA TOWN—8 goals. TREfiARRJS—Nil.


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