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PLOUGHING CONTESTS. AT KILLAY. 'BEST COMPETITIONS ON RECORD i Undoubtedly the Meal climatic conditionf was the chief factor which contributed tOt the unprecedented success of the 37th Northl Gower am;ml ploughing cor-1 petition, which took place at Wernfawr Farm, Killay, ou Thursday. The ground was in excellent condition and extremely favourable to the competitors, who set- the judges with a very difficult task. The financial state of tha society has now been placed on a sound basis, there. being a credit balance in the bank of over £25, whilst the list of prizes has in- creased 100 per cent.. the total offered fot competition being 55. Mr. Tom Davies, Ffynonmenyn, Llanelly, the winner in fchtf champion closs open to all comers, has well over 80 first prizes. The judges and officials were :—Plough- ing D. Lewis, Caergynvddfawr, Waunar- hvydd; J. Clement, Scurlage Castle, Gower; W. Lewis, Cvvrtybettws, Skewen. Horses—Mr. M'Oomish. Penrice Castle, Gower Mr. T. Thomas, Cwmbach, Carmar- then Mr. J. Thomas, Pantyffynnon. Sttv. wanls-Iessrs. E. Davies, W. Jeffreys, J. Davies, Noah Eees. E. Hopkins, \V. Rees, • W. [organs, W. Gronow, M. Thomas, W. Davies. The chairman of the committee was Mr. Thomas Evans, Trefie Farm, ( rowerton; treasurer, Mr. D. Evans, Pen- llwynrobert, Gower; whilst the secretarial duties were ably carried out by Mr. J. H. Jones, Cefngoleu Farm, Gowerton. List of awards :— PLOUGHING. Champion class 1, C4, T. Davies, Ffynon' meniin, Llanelly; 2. B5, J. Lewis. Garrf Farm, Llandebie 3, E2, W. Jones, Llanont Gower; 4,, LI, D. Harry, Killbron, Gower, 5. 15s., D. Thomas. Walterstone, Gower; 6. 10s. 6d., LI. Davies, Rhean Fawr, Cow. erton. Special prize for best finish D. Harry, Gower. The last four prizes were confined to com- petitors residing in the North Gower Unior district. First class: 1. 1-2, R. Evans, Trafle Farm. Gowertoll; 2. 21s., W. Davies, Green Lane, Par k i-il i l; .5 Parkmill; 3. 10s. 6d., T. Gordon, Woei)ly Lastle, Llanrhidian. I Sccnd class: 1. 35" G. Hopkins. Cefn- gorwydd, Gowerton; 2, 60s., W. Morris, 1 Kiliibion, Gower; 3, 25s., D. Rees, Wimble- wood, Three Crosses. Special prize-best back 1, G. Hopkins, Cefngorwydd, Gowerton; 2, D. Thomas, Killan, Dunvant. Best finish Ivor Davies, Ystrad. Boys' class 1, T. Lloyd, Bishopston, Gowcr; 2, A. Davies, Rhean Farm, Thrta Crosses 3, T.Cundy, Long Oaks, Gower 4, G. Evans, Irafle, Gower. Special prize to youngest competitor G. Evans, Trafle, Gowerton. SPECIAL PRIZES. Silver cup; Best ploughman in district, W. Jones, Llanon, Gower. Neatest and cleanest turnout: 1, A. Davies, Rhean; 2, S. Richards, Kittle Hill, Parkmill; 3, B..Jones, Wern Fawr, Killay. Best pair of collier« 1. R. Eivn-ns. Trafle, Gowerton: 2, J. S. Howelis. Berthllwyd, G-ovvertoai; 3, H. Elliot, Winmillwood, Three Crosses. Best brood mare: 1. S. Richards. Kittle Hill. Parkmill; 2, J. Beynon, Long Oaks, Gower; 3, do. Two-year-old mare or gelding: 1, M. Thomas, Killan, Dunvamt. Best mare in foal (bv Rorcien North Star): 1, Dd. -Tones, Wern Fawr, Killay. Best c,b in boys' class: 1, J. Beynon, L&n? Oarb, P?rkimH. I Ohampion, best pair of horses: 1, T. Beynon, Long Oaks, Parkmill; 2, A. Wil- liams, Corner Hou, Killay 3, D. Harry, I, Gower. 1st class: 1, T. Gordon. Webly Castle, I Gower; 2, R. Evans, Trifl-. Gowerton. 2nd 2nd class: 1, S. Richairds, Kittle Hill. Parkmill: 2. 11. Thomas, Killan, Dun- vant; 3, T. Evans, Owm. I Boys eW-s: 1. A. Davies, Rhean Fawr, Three Crones: 2. B. Jones, Wern Fawr, Killav; 3. T. Llvd, Bishopstone. AFTER THE CONTESTS. After the competition all the competitors sat down to an excellent swead pro- A-ided by Hostess Mrs. S. L. Williams at th« Railway Inn, Killay, when the prizes weie awarded to the successful competitors. A musical programme was gone through, the chair being taken hy Detective Thos. Jones, Swansea, who deputised Mr. T. Evans, Trifli Farm, Gowerton, with whom a vote of condolence was passed in his recent sad bleft-li.v,orno-iit. Mr. David Jones, Wern Fawr, Killay, was presented bv Mr. H. A. Chapman, Swansea, with an enlarged photo- graph for the use of a field.