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HOUSEKEEPERS. w A-NTED, in Swansea, thoroughly cap- able and reliable Working House- keeper, for small family; must be good Plain Cook; references required. State age, and terms—Write A. B., "Daily Post," Swansea. 960w2-9 COOKS, KiTCHENMAIDS, &o. ~VYTANTED, strong Kitchen Maid—Apply 45, •* Walter-road. Swansea. ,,10wt.J ,"T,ANTED, end of February, experienced I Cook; Kitchemaniu and Parlour Maid kept.-Apply Mr. Aeron Thomas, West Cross. 883w2-6 WANTED, Cock-General, reliable and ex- perienced; small fami'y.—Apply, with reference, stating wages required to Mrs. Towers, 12, Handall-road, Clifton/ Bristol. 252n2-9 WANTED. gcod Cock-General; wag':a L18 per annum; also Girl about 18 years, to assist generally.—Apply Mrs. Campey, Bishopston Valley Hotel, Bishopston. I Z54.y2- 254w2-i0 HOUSE AND PARLOURMAIDS. WANTED, Young House-Pariourmaid. Mrs. Ritson, Hearn-a Lodge, 12, De-la- Beche-street, Swans-ea. 457w 2-4 "rANTED, good Housemaid, from 20 to 24. -Apply Mrs. Delaney, Three Crowns. High-street, Swansea.. 214w2-9 XTTANTED, Housemaid; must be clean; wages £ 15; two in family.—Apply 9. Somerset-place, Swansea 955w2-9 NURSES. EXPERIENCED Nume Wanted, Immedi- ately, for ohildren.-Apply lira. Hunt, Welsh Produce, Morriston. 495w2-5 CENERALS. General Servant Wanted.—Apply after ? 2 p.m., 14, Brunswlck.str,et Swansea. 305w2-4 A Girl required, at once, for housework; sleep in or out.—Apply 29, Bryn-y-Mor- crescent, Swansea. 504w2-5 CI ENERAL referenc6, required; good ?? wages to capable maid—Apply 18, Bryn- ro-ad, Swansea. 505w2-5 GOOD General Wanted; gccd wages.—Apply ?? at once, Mrs. E. Thomas, 129, Woodfield- 6treet Morriston. 878w2-10 GENERAL Servant and Day Girl Wanted, at onoe; liberal wages.-40, King Ed- ward-road, Swansea. 952w2-9 GOOD. General, age 22 to 23. or respectable mifldl-e-atred person wanted, at once.— Apply Hopkins, 14, Cecil-street, Ma reel ton, Swensea,. 9C5w2-7 W ANTED, good General; another kept.— Apply 17 Alexandra-road, Swansea. 223 w 2 6 W ANTED, a good Girl. about 13, as Gen- ezal.-Apply 36, Westbury-street, Swan- sea. 456w2-4 W ,kN-,TED, at once, experienced General » Servant.—Apply 54, Walter-road. Swan- aea,. 532w2-5 TJ\7|A.NTED, a General Servant.—Apply 2. Bryn-y-lEoTjorescentt Swansaa. No children. 892w2-6 W ANTED, a good Goneral.-Apply, with reference, to Mrs. lewis, Fernhill. Blackpill. 227w2-10 WANTED, at once, strong iiirl. as Gen- j 1 » eral. -Apply Old Swan Hotel, College- stre-et. Swansea. 471w2-4 ?T?ANTED, good General Servant.—Apply j\* V Mrs. Maloney, Old bu?e Hotel, High- street, Swanasa.. 973w2-9 vY AXTED, clean. respectable Girl, as Gen- eral; good home.—Tracyf 93, Woodfield- 4treet. Morriston. 496w2-4 NVAi-i-TED, good General; two in family.- Apply after 7 p.m., "Hempstead," Sketty-road, Swansea. 217w2-10 Yi ANTED, immediately, a thoroughly do- mestica-ted Girl, 20 to 25.—Apply Tvy Buiii, Pontai-daw-b. 253n2-3 j "\VANTED, a, Young Girl, for housework; sl-eep in.—Apply Mrs. Bevan, 5, Gnoli- avviiue, Sketty, Swansea. C57w2-5 \\rANTED, a General. aged 18 to 20; live in.—Apply, with reference, to ^Irs. Sil- ver, 138, Walter-read, Swansea. 243w2-10 iAv AYFLD, immediately, gwd General; 1 good wages; three evenings cut.-Apply & Bryn-y.Moj.cres.Mnt. Swansea. 212w2-9 il'V ,KNTED, good General Servant, able to t assist in Bar.—Apply Mrs. Davies, Mor- ris Brynhyfryd, Swansea. 506 w2-5 .W ANTED, a Young Girl, for Housework; sleep in or out.—Apply Mrs. Macdon- ald, 147, King Edward-road Swansea. 248w2-6 YVTANTED, good General Servant, able to • assist in Shop.—Apply C. Capaldi, Bryn Restaurant, Pent re Estyll. Swansea. 954w2-9 W ANTED, a reliable Person, between 25 and 30, as General.-Apply Mount Plea- sant Hotel. Trecynon, near Aberdare. 545wZ-6 W ANTED, immediately, good, respectable General, able to wash; sleep in or out. —Apply Levi, Union Inn, Morriston. 256n2-9 w ANTED,, good, strong, respectable Girl. to make herself generally useful. — Apply Queen's Hotel, Docks, Swanse-a. 856w2-6 TTTANTED, strong General; country girl preferrect-Apply Mrs. Greenslade, Arches Hotel, Quay Parade, Swansea.. 201w&-9 w ANTED. a clean, respectable Girl. 14 or 15. for mornings.—Apply after 6 p.m., Mrs. McDonald, 262. Oxford-street, Swansea. 200 w 2-5 w ANTED, Girl, from the country, a= Gen- eral; small family; wages £ 16.—Ad- dress General, "Daily Post," Swansea,. 187w2-9 "V\7"ANTED immediately, experienced Gen- eral.-Apply. with references to Mrs. T. Jenkins Berkeley House, Tredegar. 221w2-10 TINTED, a good General; sleep in or out: no children.—Apply 4. St. Helen's-cree- cent, facing Victoria Park, Swansea. 876w2-6 w ANTED, a clean Young General, also to assist in Shop when required.—Apply, with references, to 84, St. Helen's-road, Swan- 920w 2-7 WANTED. a General Servant; three in family. Apply .34, Windsor-terrace. Uplands, Swansea. 911w2-7 W A.NTIED, good General Servant, able to wash; references required.—Apply 3D. Carlton-terraoe Swansea.. 250w2-6 i TXTANTED, a reepectabl-e General, immedi- ately; good wages.-Apply 14, Alex- andra,t-errirtce, Brynmill, near Brynmill Park. Swansea. 474w2-4 rl,V,ANTED, General Servant, two in fam- f ily. good home, good wages; references required.—Apply Mrs. Green, 2, George-street. Swansea. 866wg-10 TX^NTED, at once, a clean General; refer- » enoes required; sleep home: Uving near Uplands preferred.—Apply 17, Uplands- crescent. Swansea. 398w2-3 W,LNTED, jood G-eneral; must- be fond of children; good home and wages for a suitable person.—Apply Mrs. Isaac Levi. 65, Dyvatty-etreet, Swansea. 888w2-7 "\j?7"ANTED. General, or Cook-General, four I in family, washing out; Nurse and Housemaid kept; good wages.—Apply Mrs. Humphreys Davies, Rotherbank, Roth-erslade, Lan gland. 477w2-4 YOUNC DIRLS WANTED. "TXTiXNTED, a good Day Girl.—Apply Rees, V, 10, Mirador-crescent, Swansea. 3?4w2-3 WAJJTED, at once, a good Day Girl: or J r one to sleep in.—Apply 29, Bryn-y-Mor- crescent, Swansea. 418w2-3 W I-NTED, a Girl, not under 16. for morn- ins.-Apply 4, Glanmor-crescent Up- lands, Swansea. 246n2-7 TXTANTED. Young Girl: tfleep out.—Apply » 228, Oxford-street, Swansea,. 884w2-7 BARMAIDS, HOTEL SERVANTS, Etc. W ANTED, a respectable and reliable Young Person, as Working Barmaid- Apply Bind-f-n-Hiainid, Miorristion. 535w2-5 W A,NTTED. smart Barmaid-, used to quick counter trade.-Apply, with references, lira. Nicholls, Red House, St Thomas. Swan- Sea. 197w2-5 at once, Barmaid, must be cf good appearance, and have experience. -Apply by letter, Barmaid, c.o. Charlie T-v^n-. Newsagent,and Tobacconist, Bryn-y- Mor-road, Swansea, 856w2-6 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS. BRICKLWER Wanted, long job for suit- able man.—Apply New Buildings, Pwll-street, Landore. £ 26w2-5 CHARWOMAN Wanted, tempororily. —Apply 6.30 p.m., to 235, High-street. fijVansea, 350w2-4 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS. pHAR WOMAN Wanted, immediately.— Mrs. Davies, Station lan, High-atreet, ,S -in se a. 237w2-10 c- IP,RIAGE Trimmer Wanted.-Apply Pal- nier Bl., 7, 8, 9, and 10, Gower-street, 4 wan-sex. 567wi-V QONFECTIONERY.—Youth Wanted, for Packing; Motor Van Boy; Woman for Cleaning. —Mackworth Bakery, Swansea. 265n2-10 CLEK8 desiring rapid promotion should send me a card. —W. Jeckson A.I.S.A., Public Accountant, 16, B-asinghall-stre-et. Loi!- (hu. E.C. 338w2-9 ? J. MEYLER, Ltd., Swansea,. has vacan- D. cies for experienced Young Ladies for 8ilowrcom and Fancy. 234w2-10 DRAPERY Experienced Young Lady Wanteu, -0 serve through; live out.- Cecil and Co., Ltd., 36, Oaetle-etreet, Swansea. 516w2-5 EXPERIENCED Packer and Sorter re- •* J quired; also respectable Girls; just leaving soiiool. for same department (ati learners).- ),Iana.geress, Baths, Swansea.. 527w2-5 G ROCERY.-Wo,nted, several smart Jun- iors, for BraneTies.-Apply Pegler's Stores, Ltd., 174, Dcek-street, Newport. O'On" C FMPROVER Wanted, for Garage; wages 17s. td.—Apply Chapman, Garage, Mum- ''■ies.. 236 ri2-S TRONMONGER'S Porter and Warehouse- Im-g-i Wanted. Young Man, strong, ac- tive, and willing t > make himself generally useful; permanent Situation fer suitable age, wages, references, to T. Jenkins. Ironmonger, Tredegar. 22lw2-!0 T- -,eclego,,r. 221,vv2- 'O NEATH.-Wa,nted, immediately, good Ploughman.—Jarvis, Crythan Farm. 6n2-9 OPPORTUNITIES ABROAD. Men and Women. Salvation Army. Unique world-wide organisation. Gives up-to-date disinterested and experience^, advice. Work guaranteed. Now orgianising weekly con- ducted parties to Canada. First sailing 21st February.—Write or call, Gommissioner Lamb. 5, Denmark-street, Bristol (Head Office, London). PLOUGHMAN Wanted.-Apply E. Wm. Jar- P Yis, Crythan Farm, near Neath. 220n2-3 PARTNERSHIP open to ambitioua worker, capital unnecessary. Only those giv- ing ful! particulars will be considered.—Ad- dress Energy, "Daily POiSt," Swansea. 355w2-2 "PARTNERSHIP.—Advertiser wishes to meet pLad, or Gentleman, with 159 for ex- tension of business; can draw 94 per month. -Write Partner, "Daily Post," Swansea. 1554w2-5 ESPECTABLE, €ldeny Psrson?anted. as RCaretaker for country cottage.—Apply 513., High-street, Swansea. 541w2-10 VV ANTED, Secretary, for Money Society in Swansea; one able to invest £ 50 to C-100, or influence the amount.—Write Chairman. "Daily Post," Swansea, 486w2-4 VIT,ANTED, Gardener, attend to Dogs, and make himself generally useful: refer- ences required.—Apply to Mr. Harry G. Thomas. Brynheulog. Elackpill 836w2-7 WANTED. Under Manager, for Steam C-cal Colliery in Western District.-Apply, stating age, experience, and salary required, to Box 209, "Daily post," Swansea.. 934w2-9 vV ANTED. by t,ic, Bla,ina Lancaster Town Band. two Bass Players, also Solo Cor- net; work found for suitable men. Apply stating full particulars, to A. Jackson, 19, Abe d, Blaina, Mon. 440w2-4 XrOUNG Girl, about 16, Wanted, Station- ery, Toys, etc., at Bennett's Library. Uplands, Swansea.—Apply after 8 p.m. 975w2-5 Q ALES MAN Wanted, to Sell Boiling Water I Appliances for Foctory, Dining Rootr>> i Hote's, lieetauranto, etc., on ocmmission. Swansea and district.—Apply 274c, 34, Union- s' rest Birmingham. 241n2-6 QMART Draper's Assistant required, to in- ? troduoe Special Work to Shop AseMt- ants throughout South Wales. Give full par- tic Lil.%rs.-Addr%ess, first instance. Practical, "Daily Post." Swansea. 852w2-6 j fjpINHOUSE Fitter.—Wanted, Improver, for -1 Tinplate Works in fflonmcuthshire. — Write Fitter^ "Daily Post/' Swansea. 245n2-7 YX"ANTED, Quarryman.—Write Quarry. "Da.ilv Post," Swansea. 195w2-9 I "\X/"ANTED, a gocd General Servant.—Apply 1 Mrs. Herbert Fit, 30,, | Neath. 894w2-7 1V A¡TED, a Young Lady, as Pianist. — ? Apply T. D. W<)ow.orth att(i C Ltd., Hi'rh-strf>et. Swansea. 859w2-6 j WANTED, a smart Youth, about 18. as Bcois, Cash Chemists, Bryn-y-Mor-road. Swansea. 882w2-6 | XU"ANTED, a respectable Lad, able to drive J Y and ride (1. bicycle.—Apply G. Thomas Fi=hmonger, Oiford-s'r^et, Swansea. 249n2-7 ~f ANTED, immediately, Junior Asistant, at Gwanncaegurwen: good vages given to suitable man.—Mathias, Morriston. 922w2-? XyHEELWRTGHT Wanted; used to light and heavy work; constant employ- ment; good wages.—Apply Holloway. Ll-an- ell.v. 226w2-10 XtrANTED, good Banker Hands, for Bath Stone, at Dillwyn-s+reet New Garages. —Apply on job, D. Jenkins, Ltd., Contractors, Swa.-ise-a. 240w2-5 XXTrANTED, Young Person, to make herself useful, and to e?aist in Bar must have good refeNnoes.-Apply ?ones Hafod Inn, 414w2-5 Swans&a. 414w2-3 WANTED, a smart Young Man, well uSAd | to horæs, and to make himaelf gener- ally usaful.—Apply COPU8, 18, Oxford-streft. Sv,- msea 473w3-4 ? j T7!WAITRESSES.—Wanted, two Waitresses, for evenings; OTIe evening a week out; wages 5s.-Central Fish Restaurant, Gcwer- strppt Swansea. ?97w2-3 i TXl ÀNTED, strong Lads, for China. Depart- It" men and Upholstery Workroom.—Apply Furniture Department, Ben Evans and Co., I T/d. Swansea. d.b.2-4 WANTED, at once, Hauliers, with Cart i ov light traction; constant work. Apply South Wales Concrete Brick Co.. Ltd.. j Landore, Swansea. ?61n2-6 "TTT ANTF,D, a good, sharp Girl. 15 to 16, for Warehouse; must be willing to make herself generally useful.—Write to Box 49. "Daily Post," Swansea. 184wl-5 | | AGENTS AND TRAVELLERS. | AGENTS AND TRAVELLERS. I — j AGENTS Canvassing Farmers Hors&. and Cattle Owners earn £ 3- £ 10 per week.- Write South, 56, Warton-road, Stratford. ion- don. Established 1S67. 902w2-7 AGENTS Wanted, to call on Farmers, Job masters, Contractors, Hotel Pronrie- tors Tradesmen; high- commission.—Write Secretary, 46, Aspinali-road, Brockley, Lon- don. SíART Lady Canvaseer& Wanted, nw 1in- Salary and commission. Required to ¡ trQvel.-Loide 17, AlTred-street, Neath. 543w2-6 A Company of high standing, and with ample capital, has a vacancy for an iOiitdoni, Representative who can furnish good references as to character and energy. —Address Vacancy "Daily Post," Swansea. 4.3Sw2-4 GOOD Spare Time A?(.nnY—A?70lutely thp G best. Grand opportunity for working man to improve his position and to secure independency. No responsibility or outlay. B?cts. Suits. OoBtums, Drapery, Watches, iJeweller-y, Household Requisites, etc., Sup- plied on first instalment. Commission 2-5 per icent. No deductions. £ 500 paid to one agent Satisfaction guaranteed. Sanipice, patterns Ifree.-Apply Freeman and Company, Laven- der Hill. London. 3093 VfOW is your chance of getting hold of an -L? up-to date Agency, Full or Spare-time. Most reliable English nrm. who supply all goods. Cash cr Credit. Furniture, Pianos, MangJes, Washing Machines, Sewing Machines, Clothing, Jewellery, etc., etc. Best commission paid. -Write "Cardin," "Daily Post," Sv,"ana, 216w2-9 REPRESENTATIVE required, for Sale of I Coal to wcrks in Swansæ district, who I has already had similar experience there.- State age, salary, and full particulars of ex- perience, to B31, "Western Mail," Cardiff. 228w2-10 SCOTTISH Legal Friendly Society.—Agents Wanted, on special terms. No debit system. Bcok for Sale.—Apply top floor, Cen- tral Buildings, Fisher-street, Swansea. 902wZ-7 ''jpTIE Swansea Branch of a large firm re-' quire the services of two smart Men i to complete their staff of outdoor repi'esen- tativei, Previous selling abilities not abso- lately necessary if p06,sed with fair educa- Ition and good personality. Salary to suit- able applicants.—Write, giving full particu- j lars of age, etc., to Box 239, "Daily post," Swansea. 239w2-6 TXT ANTED, by well-known firm, a Resi- l't dent Agent for Neath and Port Talbot (no! iusurancoj. Applicants should be ener- getic, aj-d able to get new business. Per- manency, with good future prospects. Good ¡ salary and commission to approved appli- cant.—Write. giving age. and previous occu- 1 pation, to Box 349, "Daily I)ost," Swan-ea. 239w2-6 MANAGERS, CLERKS, &e. 1 XVTANTED, Junior Clerk, in Solicitos j f Offie; experience essential. Salary and full particulars to Parker "Daily Post, Swansea. 267w2-6 WANTED, a Junior Clerk, able to do Shorthand; and Typewriting.—Write, stating wages, and experience, to Box 22. "Daily Post," Swansea. 300n2-9 APPRNTICS AND ASSISTANTS. G-ROCERY and Provisions.—Wanted, ener- getic Junior Assistant.—'Vfrite Box 245. "iJaily Post," Swansea. 455w2-4 "Jl/TILLINERY.-Apprentices Wanted for Mil- l. linery Workrooms and Showrooms; to Lye out. Apply Madame Emilio Evans 29, Oxford-street Swansea. 2632.10 XI/'ANTED, Improvers and Apprentices, for Vest9; also a Girl used to the machine. —Apply 220, Picton-lane, Dillwyn-street, Swan- soo. t 936w2r9 'W ANTED, a Young Lady Apprentice, to the Drapery Trade; Sketty district; one just left school j)referred.-Write Box 124, "Druly Post," Swansea. l76w2-9 XyANTED. Young Lady Assistant, for Fruit and Sweet Business!; quick and obliging; live iii.-Full particulars of experience, to Immediate. "Daily Post," Swansea. 956w2-9 I)FFlC ROY. ERRAVH rnvs». aq, OO'i Wanted, jnv>t leaving school.—Apply W. Tremev>.tn, Manufacturing Sta- tioner, 54, Wind-street, Swansea. 512v."2-5 OY Wanted, after school hours, 5 to 7, generally useful, tidy, respectable. and roliable.-Apply between 6 and 7. at 25, Bryn- y-Mor-road (near Hospital), Swansea. 962wZ-5 yTEALTHY Employment for Boys just leav- ing sohool; good y.-age5.—Watkins, Printers and Cardboard Box Makers, Rut- land-street, Swansea. 17 RESPEcTABLE Err?nd B,)v r?uifcd; good -L wages'-A\pply b(c:lè;i;S, <Jo.;f-:c'?un- ers, Walter-road, Swansea. 322w2-2 sMART Boy Wanted.—Apply G. Wiikinsand Co., Printers, 5a, Nelson-terrace, Swan- sea. S91w2-? A a strong Boy—Apply Watts, Confecticne.' Nelson-Street, Swansea. 234H2-5 ANTED, a. smart, tall Errand Boy.— » Apply Cecil and Co. 36, Oastle-street, 853w2-5 ~YATANTED, two respectable Errand Boys.— Apply Enoch and Co., Wat-erloo-str^t, Swansea. 213w&3 "IA/"ANTED, at once, a strong Errand. Boy.— Apply Cash Hardware Stores, 10. Ox- ford street, Swansea. 874w2-7 'T ANTED smart I>ad, as Mee&enger; one able to ride bicycle.-Apply George Wil- lia-m. 69. High-strrs-t, Swansea. 230112-4 XyAN"TED, a smart Omce LW, about 15 y?'trs of age.—Apply B. H. Thomas, ?t. Mary's Chambers, Church-street, Swansea. 257n2-9 XX"ANTED, after school hours, a smart Boy, i » aq Lather Boy for a Shaving Saloon.- Apply to B. Freed man, 1, Beaufort Arches. St. Thomas, Swansea. 935w2-5 X\TANTED, an intelligent Boy. for Office; splendid prospects. Apply in own handwriting, stating age, etc., to Box 66. "Daily Post," Swansea-. 242w2-10 XO'ANTED, smart Lad, for Lathering, in » Shaving Sloon-App]y at Charles Evans' Hairdressing Saloon, and T?,Nq-c?on- ist, etc., Gwydr-square, Uplands, Swansea. 360w2-« W ANTED, at once. strong, honest Lad. as I Messenger, between and after school; Brynmill district: one b?en out before pre- fern-d. or experienced. — M. Lewis 4, Fin?- burv-terra-ce, Swansea. 895w2-4 i XTR.ANTED, three smart Lads, from 14 to f f 16 years of age, with a knowledge of j Shorthand and Typewriting.—Apply Man- ager, Commercial Collecting Co., Ltd.. 38-39. Worcester-place, Swansea. 248w2-6 — ————- StTUATIONS WANTED, ADVBRTSIER, long experien co Collier -?- Work?, Shipping, and Accountancy. good knowledge cf Fiench, seeks position o? truat.—Write Trust, "Daily Post," Swancea. 854w2-6 'DjiKERS.—Ma.n-Md Man, 37, a.?tain?r and T!cn-sm'Jker. seeks r-e-engag'?m?nt; used to machinery; good references.—J. Dean, 17. ELDERLY Man wants situation as Night Watchman; understands Stieam Boil- ers; or as Handy Man. Warehouseman, cr I any place of trust.—Addreeg G. D., 11, Page- street, Swansea. 434w2-4 GARDENER, experienced, requires a situa- ?? tion. or would not object to a few day a week.—W. Mooring, Newton Mum- bles.. 192w2-9 SUPERIOR Young Widow (23), desires ( engagement Housekeeper, single gentle- man or widower; highest references.—Write j May. "Daily Post," Swansea. 924w2-7 XXT.ANTED, by respectable Person, Situation as Housekeeper t.o a, Widower orBach- elor; comfortable home; at (mce. — Mi53 DavieF, 4, Queen's-plaoe, Carmarthen. 502w2-5 w ANTED, Insurance Agency, or similar a.ppoiiitment, by Young Mumbles Gentleman who has a few hours daily to opare.-Adclress Mumbles. "Daily Post," Swansea. 458w2-4 YOUNG Lady seeks post in Grocery or Confectionery, experienced. — Daviec, Gurncs Supply Stores, Ystalyi'era. ?.P?w2-3 VOUNG Lady (20), fond of children, desirt,4 morni n- -nWagement; first lessons if required.—Write E. M. E., "Daily Post." wans.ea. 490w2-5 YOUNG Ladt (22) seeks situation in Con- fectionery cr any other business; has j had experience.-Write D. A., "DailT Post." Swansea. 461w2-6 YOUNG Lady (17). Mouireg situation in yCasli Det-?, Morriaton 'cr Swar,30a; qufk at figure?.—Addre £ 3 Superior, "Daily Post," Swansea. 541w2-5 HOUSES W"r=". HOUSE W a uted. —Commercial Traveller re- quii-fcs House, 10.. to 12s.; four in fam- ily; 5s. given for information.—Wiite M. C., "Daily Post," Swansea. 933?,) WANT-EI) Cottage Bishopston, MurtGn,c?r t, Mumbles di,?t-et.-Stae rent, ?O Mm'- ton. "Daily Post," Swansea. 223wl2~9. WANLTED to Rent, a House, good locality, all conveniences; possession 203 soon iló possible.—Write J. H. J., 8 and 9, Iligh- street, Swansea.. 249w2-10 WANTED, Private House, about £ 30 per annum exclu- ive; excellent references St. Helen's or Trafalgar-terrace preferred.— Write X.Y.Z., "Daily Post," Swansea. 220w2-10 Xy ANTED, House, four bedrooms, by March; Uplands, Brynmill, cr King Edward-road; small family.—Apply Urgent, c.o. Evans, Newsagent, Gwydr-square. Up- lands, Swansea. 238w2-4 .t: _"='!to MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. -4_ Xy ANTED to Purchase, a Buli-Terrier or Fox Terrier, with pedigre-8.-Apply 271, Oarmarthen-road, Swaneea. 431w2-4 WANTED to Purchase, Salvage Plate-glass, 2ft. '4in. to 3ft. Or anv sizes above.— Apply 137, New-road, Skewen, near Neath. 942?2?9 W kNTEI), fairly Lar? Stores, in Port f Talbot of Aberavon.— Apply, eivitig full particulars, to Stores, "Daily Post," Swansea. 23 £ n2-5 Xy ANTED, nearly all white Fox Terrier Bitch, rcugh eoaMd. for ratting; small j one preferred.—Addiess Fox Terrier, "Daily 1 Po"t." Swansea. 186w2-9 t 't?.TANTED? ?ceond-?and Governess CRr, with iron tyrss far pony 13 hand: also Set of Harness.—Apply by letter to S. L. Grsgor, Nestbrcok, Swansea. 949w2-9 XyANTED to Buy, Farmer's Tip Cart, and j Crank Axle Cart, to suit cob 14.2 h.lI.: als,, Trap, to suit 14 b-h. Send price and par- ticulars in writing to 38, St. Alban's-road, c 517w2-5 Xyr\NTED, Mteering Column and Steering Wh'2el for small car; also Wanted to Rent. SEMll Shed or Stable near Hospital. rent required.—Reply Cycle Car, "Daily j Post." Swansea. 90Sw2-8 j QMALL Capital required, to Patent a vc-e- ? fut article in every day u^: ?berat share 0flered.—Address Patents, "Daily Post," Swans-a. 961w2-5 6 White Wyandotte Pul!e!s. hatched April ? 191,) nnrded Cockerel, same breed, March. 1913. for Sale; price 25s. the lot.—H. W. Griffiths. Rushmoor, Bishopston Common. 910w2-3 MATRiMOMY. BACHELOR, age 23. height 5ft. 5!n., dark, Brecently returned from sea as Purser, wishes to m?t refined Young Lady, view matrimony. Photos excha-n?ed.—Write Pur- ser, "Daily Post," Swansea. 476w2-4 ARTTVTCITAT, Limbs, Hands, Crutches, Leg ,.1 lrans, Deformity Boots. "Stcelless" Easifit" Trusses. Lady Attendant. Eeit-Oor- j sets, Elastic Stockings.—Pearce, 23, Charl- street, Cardiff. Tel. 1282. Liet free. 105n4-6 MISCELLANEOUS SALES. :EL'-AN EOUS '=- FOR SALE, old-fa<shioned Sideboard, cheap. —Apply Clarke, 20, Carnglas-street, Sketty. 943w2-9 I^OR SALE, three Wardrobes, and three Kitchen Tables, -1ft. by 3ft.; must Mil. —Apply 7a, P?xton-street. Swansea. 236w2-10 F Olt SALE, thre? Wardrobe. and Lhrê Kichen Tables, 4ft. by 3ft.; mu??t se?. —App?y 7a, Paxton-stieet, Swan&ea. 380w2-3 TpCiR SALE, Kch-riggêd Trawler; 42 tone register; could be a.dapt?d for coaster at little expense.—Apply. T. H. Lillycrop, Fish I Merchant, Tenby. 500w2-5 j FOR SALE, a few pure-bred White Wyan- dottes, Pullets, laying, and two beauti- ful Cockerels, same breed.—G. MilleT, White Ho?e. ManseIK-]. 10931-2-9 '?OR SALE, Handsome Whit? Painted Tre1. lis Scr?n suitable for Shop or HaH; cheap to immediate purcli,aser.-AppiN, Walter-road, Swansea. 493w2-9 A Friendly Scci&ty Book for &aJe. eounl. L solid dHbit: barpmn to immediate ca,h buyer: good living.—Apply Society, "Daily Fo"t." Swansea. 522w2-5 BILLLIT D S. Threfe full-siye Billiard Tabk'S, one 6ft. x 5ft., for Sale.—Apply Evang, Alexandra Dairy, Skewen. 413w2-3 INSURANCE Book for Sale.-Apply 16. Lang- don-place, any day, from 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock. 393w2-3 11\t1'.IIJK for &i?. zC t) 30 ;all(ms daily, 'ntH ",IAILK f,)r a t? 30Milk, "Daily Post Swansea. ['23w2-5 I DOCS FOR SALE. FOX TERRIER.—Beautifully marked Dog L fOr Sale, about 14 months old. over dis- temper; price 30s -Write Terrier, "Daily Post," Swansea. 199w2-9 FOlt SALE, beautiful coated Black Pom ■ Dog, high pedigree, over distemper; price 45s.; worth five guineas.—Apply 47, St. Helen's-road. Swansea. 971»v2-9 TjH)R SALE, high-class smooth Fox Terrier Puppies, sire "Eagle Toff," son of the champion "Rabygaliarti"; chaa.p to good home.—Apply J. Daniel, Eagle Temperaneo Hotel. Port Talbot. 263n3-6 AIREDALE Dog for Sale, two years old, splendid guard and companion; price £ 2.—Apply 16, Hawthorne-avenue, Uplands, Swansea. 493\v2-5 PEDIGREE Airedale Dog for Sale, lei pmonths. house trained, good guard a.nd companion: price two guineas; also Cockerels, and two Pullets from my win- ning Malays, good breeding trio, 30s. Tn- spection invited.—Lengden, Springfield House, Coick-,?tt. 417v, 9,- -i Cockdt. 417w2o PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET. John M. Leeder and Son's Announce- ments. TO LET. DOUBLE-FRONTED SHOP, 160ft. by 25ft., Din -,he best part of High-etMet.—Appiy John M. Leeder and Son, Waterloo-street. Swans0a.. 243n2-7 if !C,H-STREET.-Double-frr,nt-ed Shop, ex- cellent business position, 'extensive accommodation, immediate possession. — Apply John M. LeedBr and Son. 243n2-7 iXFORD-STREET (close to Market), double- fronted Shop, 20ft. by S4ft.. Workshops at rear, five large Shops over.—Appljr John M. Leader and Son. 243n2-7 f 1WMDONKIN-TEJittACE. Pleasant little House, containing two Reception, four Bedrooms, Bath, usual offices; early posses- sion.-Apply John M. Leeder and Son. 243n2-7 pATON GROVE.-Nicely situated Seini-de- '*? tached House, three Reception and seven Bedrooms, Bath, usual offices; pesses- sion by John M. Leeder and Son. 24.3n2-7 I? £ UNSWICK-STREET.-Stable and Work- shops, conveniently situated, cartway entrance; possession by arrangement; lease will be granted.—Apply John M. Leeder and Son. 243n2-7 OFFICES, centrally situated, well lighted I rooms on first floor; moderate rent; immediate possession.-Apply John M. Leeder and Son. 243n2-7 QKETTY.—Suite of living Rooms, on first I floor over business premises, close to tram terminus; immediate possession; low rental.—Apply John M. Leeder and Son. 243n2-7 ATON GROVE.-D-!irable Family lirei- dence, containing three Reception Rooms, Billiard Room, six Bedrooms, and usual Offices. Attractive Garden. Charm- irg outlook over Channel. Earl possession. by arrangement. Moderate rent.—Apply John M. Leeder and Son. 245.u2-7 FOR SALE. SKETTY.—Double-fronted Shop, ciose to centre cf Villa, and on the main Gowsr road, Cartway at side, separate en- trance to house.—Apply John M. Leeder and Son. 243n2-7 Q KETTY.—Several Detached and Semi-d?- kcacheCt Villas, on the Co-sdsaeson Estate, all modern conveniences, and close toO tratn route.—Apply John M. Leeder and Son. 543n2-7 Q KETTY.—Oamglag-mad, nine 6-roorned Houses, all modem conveniences, K'ng gardens, easy distance from trams.- A i'pip- John M. Le-eder and Son. 243n2-V MORRISTON.—Seven Cottages, known as 1: "Bush Cottages," in excellent condition, and close to business centre.—Apply John M Leeder and Son. 243n2-7 ?BEEHOLD and Leasehold Ground Pents, kectired upon a centrally situated pro. party, for Disposal.—For full particulars ■ apply John M. Leeder and Son. 243n2-7 J BR, YNA-IILL. Well-appointed Residence, 1 containing two Reception, five Bed- rooms, bath, a,nd usual offict's. small garden;' low ground rent; early possession. —App 1 y John M. Leeder and Son. 243n2-7 EATON GROVE.-P.air of Semi-detached E Villas, each containing Dining-room, Drawing-room, Morning Room, seven Bed- rooms, bath (hot and usual offices; possession by arrangement.Tchn M. Leeder and Slii. 243n2-7 T?JRYNMILL-CRESCENT. A convenient, easily worked House, on long lease;' low ground rent; electric light throughout.— Apply John M. Leeder and Son. 243n2-7 UPLANDS.—For conversion into Business Premises, House, closn to Uplands Post Onio*. and on tram route; growing neigh. bcurhood.—Apply John M. Leeder and Son, Waterloo-street, Swansea. -• 243n2-7 Astiov Samue,"s Announoements. 10 LET, Semi-detached Villa, Eversley- road, Sketty, two Reception, four Bed- rooms, Bath (hoc and cold), modern, and up- to-dsto: rent £ 40; possession March 25.-Ast- ley Samuel, Auctioneer, Swansea. 239w2-6 ''?O LET, Qu?en'6-ro?d. Skctty? exceptionally J- well fitted and arranged 'Detached Vil- la, three Reception, four Bedrooms, Box Room. Bath, W.C., Conservatory, nice gar- den rent, £55. Early possession.—Astley Sam- uel, Auctioneer and Valuer, Swansea. 239w2-6 XCIRADOR-CRESCENT.-Por 'Sale. House, IT- in good crder, three Reception Rooms, l fiye, Bedrooms; every convenience; lease 80 years,- ground rent £ 4 Cel.—Astley Samuel. ■ Auctioneer and Valuer. Swansea. 239w2-6 rT*OWN END OF BRY?-ROAD.—Capital 8- T1.1(?)med House, w" all conveniences; long lease; low ground rent; paice X450. A?tley Ssmuel. Auc?ione?r. Swans&a. 239w2-6 TTIRWElIOLD HOUSE for Sale, in Finebury- -t terrace, eeven rooms, bath (hot a? cold); in lower part of t?fpace; opportun- ity for quick buyer.—Astley Samuel, Auc. tirneer. Swansea. 239w2-6 HODNEY-STREET.-House for Sale, w, h :.I" Siab'e ■. Ground rent £ 2 2?. 6d.: lmse about 50 years—Astley Samuel, Auctioneer. Swansea. 239w2-6 '— —. HIgMan and Co.'s Announcements. QKETTY.- For Sale, several six-roomed Houses, in good situat01 well let, easy terms.—-Avply Higrnan and Co., Auctioneers. I' 919w2-7 FONTARDULAIS.-Fcr Sale, six Semi-de- I tached Houses; centrally situated near statj^n and works: good investment; low price to clos-a estate.—Apply Higman and Co. Auctinieers, Swansea. 9*9w2-7 RHYDDINOS PARK-ROAD—For Sale. c?a? -? to trams, c?nvenMnt 6ix-?'"('m('d Hct?e. in good order, long lease, moderate ground re.n~.— Apply Higman and Co., A-uu<uers, 1, Northampton-place, SwaTise-a. 919w2-7 O KETTY .—Leasehold Ch?p. Bakehouse and in gcod ?'?'itton, fro. minent premises, long lease, moderate ground rent.—Apply Higman a d Co., Auctioneers, 8wansta,. 919w2-7 ?? 0( ",)o -7he Buifd!T? ?<?? ?? Society, est?abli??bed 37 years. makes Advances on Properties, easy repay- ments. Solicitors' and Valuers' charges paid by the Society.—Apply H. C. Higman, Secre. tars, 1, Northampton-place, Swansea. 919w2-7 PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET. Trevor E. Williams's Announcements. i 22, 23, and 24, Waterloo-place, Brynm'U, for Sale—Apply Trevor E. Williams, Auctioneer and Valuer, 17, St Mary-street, Swansea. 240w2-6 HOCJSK in Oaklands-terraco for Sale. — Apply Trevor F. Williams. House and Estate Agent 17, St. Mary-street, Swansea. 240W2-6 IJOUSB in Windsor-r.treet for Sale—Apply Trevor E. Williams, Auctioneer, 17, St. Miry-street, Swansea. 240w2-6 HOUSES in Western-Street for Saie.-Apply L Trevor E. Williams, Auctioneer and F:.?!ate Agent, 17, St. Mary-sfeet Swansea-. Tel. Docks 124. 240w2-6 HOUSFR at Langland and Mumbles for < Sate.—Apply Trevor E. Williams. Auc- tioneer. 17. St. Mary-street, Swansea. 240w2-6 QEVERAL Sums of Money ready to Advance on Mortgage.—Apply Ti-evOr E.. Wil- liams. Auctioneer and Valuer, 17, St. Mary- street, Swansea. Tel Docks 124. 240w2-6 YpOR SALE, Lease of Tlousp and Shop, in Dillwyn-street; immediate possession.— Write Dillwyn, "Daily Post," Swansea. B55w2-5 F OR SALE. Business Premise's, situated in L' Prince of Wal-es-roau; good living ac- commo(lation.-W,-ito Box 6, "Dajly Post," Swansea. 205w2-9  SALE, Fre?hoM BuHdtn? S!t?3. clost to Terrace-road and proposed new tram ronto, 15ft. frontage and large depth, com. manding excellent views, and eminently suit- able for er-actioji of small houses. P-,ic-st, from fZO each.-hlor further particulars apply Edward Harris. Solicitor, 3. Fisher-street, Swansea. 2354 XyAUNARLWYDD, GOWERTON.-To Let, old-established Butcher's Business-, every donveniiofnee.; good «pportunJfty to smart man.—John Lewis Butcher, Waunarl- wydd, Gowerton, 875w2-6 rPO be Let. Llwyngriffith Farm, adjoining the main road from Aberdulais to Cry- nant, and aljout four miles from the town of Neath. Area about 65 acres. Possession 25th March, 1914.—Apply W. J. Rees and Partners, The Laurels, Swansea- 238n2-5 XTORTGAGES.—Good, sound Freehold and 11 Leasehold Property Securities required. Any sum up to £ 12,000.—Write Leasehold, "Daily Post," Swansea. 248n2-7 "OR SALE, good Lodging House, with 8 years' lease, jn thoroughly good sani- tary For inspection supply 25, Fisher- street, Swansea. l83w2-9 BUSINESS FOR DESPGSAL. JLI Olt SALE, by Private Treaty, as a, going concern, Lodging-bouse at Llanelly; good opportunity. —Apply Mr. Lewis Phillips, Solicitor, LlaneJly. 247n2-7 "OAINTING and Jobbing Builder's Business for Sale, in Cardiff No reasonable offer refused. Stock and Plant, about £ 75.— Write Builder, "Daily Post," Swansea. 909w2-7 TO LET-IBUSINESS PREMISES. HPO LET, Corner Shop and Bakebo?e?. 18, 1 SL G?org?-?trcet, SwanMa,. Apply 32, St. George-street, Swansea. 487w2-5 rr*WO Rooms on arst floor iront, Lnion Chambers, Union-a?Met; suit Ag?nt. Tailor?, etc.-Apply 14, P1cton..pklce Swan- Bea- 511w2-5 'i^O LET, Corner Shop, Room above, and f ba?'?ment; prominent positkn, Union &nd Park-street; rare opportunity.—Apply 14, ricton-plac-e, Swansea. 5liw2-5 r f 0 I.ET, Large, Spacious, Newly Fitted Cor- ner Shor, Stores, Heist, and Premises, at Kingcbridge, Gorseinon; suit wholesale grocers or bakers.-AI)ply 8teven, 2, Worces- ter-place, Swansea- 863w2-6 IIOVSE and Shop to Lot, at Pforestfach. on main ro-ad leading to Cockett Sta- tion; double-plate-giass front; Ic\Y rental- Apply Crocker, Norman House, Fforestfach, 907w 2-7 ySTORKSHOP and Ya,i,cl to Let, in Gordou terrace.—Apply Vetch Field, Swansea. 258n2-9 FOR SALE-HOUSES. "jnOR SALE, 27, Finsbury-terrace, in the .r occupation of owner, newly decorated throughout; early possess ion. — Apply at above address. 480w2-4 "-Ol,t SALE, three Houses, and large cov- ered slated ro-of Shed. Hafou.—Apply 1. G. Dü-v, 80, Gethin-ter- Cv.-mbv-rrla, Swansea. 851w2-6 TT^OR SALE, several well-built Houses, at St. Thomas, containing six rooms, with bath (hot and cold), well let,; good invest- ment.—Address A.B.C., "Daily Post," Swan- sea. 967w2-9 TPOR SALE, two Semi-deta,cbed Villas, at Oeifn LiM pn, overlooking Cwmdonkin Park; every modern convenience; splendid position—Apply C. Williams, Cambrian-place, Swansea. 967w2-9 Fdp..¡ SALE good Houfe, Clarence-terrace: — onc House, Riohardson-street, hot and cold bath; and one in Edward-street, with- Stable—Apply W. Thomas, :07, Rhydling"- teriiace Swiajis^ 64f,v2-6 FOR SALE, charming Residence, at Black- pill, standing on i-acre, fine view of Bay. ga-s hot and ooid water throughout Particulars from C. Williams, Contractor. Camorian-place. Swansea. 860w2-6 FOR SALE two new Houses, in St. Alban's. road, practically ready for occupation; can be finished to suit purchaser: all the latest conveniences; uninterrupted view of Bay and surroundings.—Apply T. D. Jones. Builder, Swansea- 216.,v2-4 T?OR RALE. t Jersey Marine. Rcs?a, &Groi- .J.: detached Villa, comprising Drawing- room. Dining-room, pitcher, Scullery, pan- i try, 4 Bedroomf, Bathroom, hot and cold i water throna-hout; all I-ateFt improvements;! 20ft. frontage.—Williams, Stationmaster, P. and S.B.R., Jersey Marine. 452w2-4 -141OR SALE, Detached Modern Villa, near Llansamlat Railway Station contain- ing two Recepxion Rooms, Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry four Bedrooms, and Bathroom (hot and cold), spacioug Croquet Lawn in front and large garden in rear; long lease and low ground rent; be-st position in the par- ish.—Apply Evans, Sunnycroft, Llansamlet. 443w2-5 j pLYDACH-ON-TCAWE.-FoT Sale, Detaohed Villa Residence, eight rooms, bafh (hot, and cold), electric light; long lease; conveniently situated — A\>ply Thos. Tones, Estate Agent, etc., Clydach. 286wl-31 T WO Houses for Sale, in Brighton-road, Gorseinon.—Apply David Roberts, 19, He:thfield-strcet, Swan Sea. 334w2-5 TO be Sold, two Semi-detached Houses, in Armine-road, Fforeetfach, six rooms. and good garden, w:ll-bnilt, long lease. Can be sold singly cr together.—Apply John Thomas, "Ccfiirhos." Armine-road, Efore-t- fach. 898w2-7 HOUSES TO LET. HOUSE to Let or for Sale, situate in the Promenade; has all modern cD-.ii,.eni. cncc-3, and in splendid condition; immediate j possession.—For particulars apply to Griffith Davies. Paxton Yard, Swansea. 5C8w2-5 Tü LET, Furnished Cottage between Cas- JL we!j and Langla.nd also a Room.— Apply Mrs. Trick, The Cottage, Newton. Mumbles. 244n2-7 HOUSE to Tet, in Brynmill; -very conveni- n. ence immediate possession.—Apply 88, It 11 y d di n gs-te r race, Swansea. 470w2.4 HOUSE to Let—semi-detached House, in -n- ?aziemere-road. Coeds?eson.—Apply E. R. & e, 19, Alexandra-read Swansea. 483w2-5  Glanbrydan-avenue, off Uplands and 269 :-z? r r?7,-i, house, three minutes from both trnms; immediate possession.— Apply on the premise?. 245w2-10 STABLES TO LET. S TABLES to Let, Sllit workshop, c-torag-e etc., in Picton-lane (Dillwyn-street end), electric main laid.—Enquire J4, Picton-pla-ce, Swansea. 6Hw2-5 TO LET, convenient Stabling ac-commoda- -L tion, with large, well lit loft, suitable as Motor Garage, situated near Hanover- strest.— Apply II. W. Morgan, 20, Bay View- trrraoe, Swansea. 265w2-10 -4 _11- :z: SERVANTS' RECISTRY OFFICES, X\7"ANTED, at onoe. experienced and Plain Cooks, Parlour and Ilouce-Parlour- maids. Kitchen Maids, and Generals; also Waitresses, Chambermaids, -antry Maids, ana Kitchen ATaids, for Season Housee. Apply Miss Lewis, High-class Registry, 18. C«stie-street. Swansea. 301b.t.c. Xy ANTED, Cook-Generals, Houe^-Parlour- maids. Generals, Day GirJs, etc. Dis- engaged, Ccok-H?ousek?ceper, Parlour Maid. DonK?tioated Mother's H?Ip, and General (23).—Evans, Rhyddings Registry 146, Rhyd- i dings-terrace, Swansea 526w2-5 CHINA and Earthen ware.—Cheap, welt. j assorted Crates cf Everyday SeMing Line6 for Roops, Marker, and Hawking. — 1 Write for free H.;ts.-Sheaf Pottery Ma,nufac. j tprere, Longton, Staffs. 610t.o. MISCELLANEOUS. The Army and General Stores Announce- j ments. j ~A B?fY CLOTmNG.—AH these are genuine ?? Army Goods, and in excellent, condition. Overook-ts, 8s. 6d.; New Naval Reeferg, 10s. 6d., v.-ort-h double; Trousers, 4s, 6d.; Bedford Cord Breeches, 4s. 6d.; Putties, Is. 3d.; Can- vas Leggings, Is.; Leather L-eggings, 113. 9d. Postmen's Oilskin Capes. 3s. 6d.; Harness, Saddlery, Obsolete Armour. Guns, Swords, etc. POLICE CLOTHING—Overcoats, 10s. 6d.: Luge Oilskin Capes, 4s.; Large Water- proof Cloth Capes, 6s.; Trousers, 4s. 6d. EAILWAY CLOTHING .—Ov»rcto<a to, 5s.: Reefer Overcoats, 4s, 6d.; Cloth or Cord Jackets, 3,5.: Vests, Is. 3d.; Sleeved Vests, ls. 6i. NEW OILSKIN CLOTHING.—Sou'-Westers, ls.; Jackets, 6s.; Long Coats, 8s. lid.; Leggings,2s. 6d.; Boys' Coats from 6s. 9d.; Latlies'- Coats. 15s.; Girls' Crats from 93. Scl. NEW RIDING BREECHES—Bedford Cord: Whipcord or Tweed, double seat and strapped knees, superior make and cutt 10s. &d.: Black and Brcwn Cowhide Leggins, spring front, whole bac1, marvellous valu?. 5?,. Ild. NEW BOOTS-Real Hand-S?wn Army 1? ????c 'p.? ?(?: er)p?-') Bh?h?? 48. 6d. Strong Nailed "Derbys,'r 6s. lid.; Women's Boots, 3s. lid.: Boys' and Girl, Strong School Boots, from 2s. 6d. XXTRTTE for Illustrated Cat.alogue to Dept. A12 The Army an General Stores, Ltd., Government Contractors, Castle Bou- levard, Nottingham.

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