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LOCAL SIFTINGS. The Cwmamman Urban District Ooun6H have resolved to make on application, to the Local Government Board for a loan for street lighting by gas. The Carmarthen Borough Education Com- mittee have decided to grant a holiday to the school children on March 2nd. in cele- bration of St. David's Day. <xtx?>«SxSx3> Michael Sullivan, Port Tennant-road, St. Thomas, was admitted to the Swansea Hos- pital on Saturday morning, be having fallen off a scaffolding at Messrs. Weaver's millø and fractured one of his ankles. Frederick Clarke, 28, Manor-road, Man- selton, wi% treated at the Swansea Hos- pital on Saturday night for a severe scalp wound, he having fallen dowrstairs at his home.—Walter Chalk, married, No. 59, Strand, fell downstaiTs and cut his face badly, and he was treated at the hospital on Saturday night. -< < x -< Mr. W. G. Cooper, hay ard corn mer- chant, Landore, was married to Miss E. Fisher, formerly of the Royal Hotel, Swan- sea. at St. Paul's Church, Newport.. The Rev. A. Matthews (late of Trinity Church, Swansea) officiated. The wedding couple left for London in the afternoon to spend their honeymoon. The members of the English Congrega- tional Church Guild, Ravenhiil, on Thursday had a debate on "Y our Recreation and Mine." Excellent papers were read by Messrs. D. Davies, P. Llewellyn, R. Green, Stevens, Gwilym Williams, M. Llewellyn, and D. Davies. Mr. Obed E. Device made a capa-ble chairman. <XSx$xt>-<S><> A small boy named Branswell, who re- sides with his parents in Victoria-avenue, Mumbles, met with a nasty accident op Saturday afternoon by falling off the sea- wall near Oystermouth Station on to the stones beneath. First aid was rendered by members of the Mumbles police force, and the lad, who was badly cut and bruised about the head and ears was afterwards oem- veyed home. A performance of Haydn's Creation" wa,s given on Saturday a,t Bethooda Inde- pendent Chapel, Llangennech, by the Llan- gennech United Choir, under the oon- ductorship of Mr. J. Bees Davies, a by Miss Beatrice John, Llangenneoh (soprano), Messrs. David Ellis (tenor), and Emlyn Davies (bass), both of London. Mr. Oaredig Williams, Llangenneeh, presided at the organ. The chair wae occupied by Mrs. Morton E' am, Plasissa, in the absence of her husband. There was a very large audi- ence. The proceeds will be devoted towards the local Public Hall Fund. Mr. James A. Hughes, son of Mr. Robt. Hughes, Briton Ferry, and brother of Mrs. B. Bureh, also of that town, has headed the poll in a Council eleotion at Welland, On- tario, out of sixteen candidates. Mr. Hughes, who is an alderman, was the candidate of the Labour party, and he polled (says the Welland Telegraph") a phenomenally large vote, and although there was no doubt of his election, the fact that he led all others was the cause of much comment. Previous to going to Canada about five years ago, Mr. Hughes lived at Llanelly, where he worked as a bricklayer at the Llanelly Steel Works, and in the short time he has resided in the new oountry, he has been wonderfully suo- cewful Mr. A. T. Williams, of Baglan House, Briton Ferry, writes a protest in "The Field against the influence of dog shows on gun dogs. He says that a noteworthy instance of its baneful effects is the Welsh spaniel. When first shown at Birming- ham in 1899, as a specimen of a apanieil tdsati could do a bard day's work, the Welsh spaniel wae untainted by shows, and was purely a working dog. Most unfortunately, he waa afterwards taken up by purely fancy, exhibitors, who neither break nor work their dogs, with the natural result that the breed has been nearly spoilt. I say 'nearly' because there is, mofJb fortunately, still gome of the untainted blood left.'? The Riev. H. O. Mander was the apwjbw at Swansea Y.M.C.A. Brotherhood on Son- day afternoon, and about 250 men came to hear his message. Mr. Gwilym Morgan, J.P., presided, and during the course of the afternoon's meeting Mr. W. Tanner rendered two beautiful solos, which were well re- ceived. Mr. Mander took as his subject "Cheerfulness." The Home Circle pro gramme in the evening was arranged by Mar J. Morris. Mr. S. H. Smart presided, and Mr. E. G. Dennis garve the keynote. The following contributed to the programme:— Misses Mainwaring, Ruth Workman* Gwenda. Walters, Messrs. G. Thomas and W ill Charles. St. Catherine's Choir also rendered a selection. The interment took place at the Mynydd- bach Cliapel Burliag-ground on Saturday of the late Mrs. Anne Evans, Bryn Heulog, Morriston, whoae death took place on Wed* nesdav last. The Rev. D. WiiUiams, M.A. (vicar of Llangyeiach) officiated at the house and the Rev. W. Dyodwg Davies officiated at the graveside. The mourners were:— Mr. D. J. Evans, Mr. Trevor Evans (ac- countant), Mr. T. Rupert George (sons) and Maeter Neville George (grandson), Mr. J. D. Thomas, Boeebank (brother-in-law), Mr. D. O. Thomas, B.A. (solicitor), Mr. 8. a Thomas and Mr. W. J. Williams, M. A., B.L., Newport (nephews), Mr. John Evens and Mr. D. E?anE (M?thars-iTa-law), Mr. W. Rees and Mr. David Evans (nephews), ;?S Mr. Lewås Jonas (oouein). a The foundation-stone laying of the new church of St. Edmund's, Tycroes, took place on Thursday. The building of the church IS well in hand, but owing to the difficult iiat-ure of the site much additional expense has been incurred. Hie Rev. Daniel Leigh (late reoton of LHanfabon), now of Wast Cross, laid the stone, and was presented with an ivory mallet by the builder, Mr. James Evans, Maesyderi, Ammanford, and a silver trowed by the architect, Mr. W. D. Jenkins, A.R.I.B.A., Llandilo. The church will give accommodation for 220 people. It will be built in the late Gothic style. Among those present was the Rev. E. Thomas, M.A.. Llanedy, who was indnc^ed to the Irv- ing in the evening by the Rev. Canon Wat. kin Morgan, R.D., Llanelly., The work was initiated by the late Rev. Roger Williams. The funeral of Mrs. Rachel Pike (widow of the late Mr. R. Pikoe, revenue officer), 98, Walters-road, took place on Saturday at Oystermouth Cemetery. The mourners I were: Messrs. W. H. Jones, Mumbles (nephew), J. Phillips Jones, London (nephew), Clifford Jones. Mumbles (great- nephew), John Thomas, George Hazel, and John Roberts, Swansea. The Rev. the Hon. W. Talbot Rioe officiated. Floral tributes wer,e sent bv the foll owl* ] L iie, were sent by the following "Her loving daughter. John and "Annie, Nellie and Iay," Mr. and Mrs. Moulding and Phyllis, Phmbe and Maggie, Dorothy Mills, Miss Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Jones and family, Mrs. James Hazell, Florence and George," "Harold and Minnie," "Joyce." The funeral arrangements wereeritrusted to [ Messrs. Ben Evans and Co., Ltd., and car- j ried out by Mr. D. E. Thomas. Mr. Bryn George, B.Sc., enter. tained. an appreciative audience at the Royal Institution, wanse>a, with his lecture, "The Limestones of Gower." The lecturer ably described, from his personal researches, many of the special features of the rocks of our renowned limestone dis- trict, which are not obvious in a general admiration, unless pointed out. In such a stately mass, he said, as our Gower Peninsula, a very large number of interest- ing details present themselves. Many thousands visit our "pleasure ground,' attracted by the massive grandeur of its rock formations, and many a distinguished scientist has journeyed far to learn of their specific details.-The lecture was illustrated by lantern slides, which the lecturer (Mr. Bryn George) and Mr. H. f. Griffiths had prepared after scaling the cliffs and ex- ploring the caves. One in particular, of thf, stalactitic formations of a Gpw«r cava, taken by flashlight, was very beautiful