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A CERTAIN YOUNG COUPLE ARE MISSING. The Wonderful Bargains now on offer In the vast Selection of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, &c., held by BEVAN & COMPANY. Ltd., Swansea, Cardiff, &c. PRESS OPINIONS. The Firm stands in the front rank of the fur- nishersof the United Kingdom."—Newport "Argus," December 4th, 1913. To have honourably conducted a business for such a long period until it has attained its present huge proportions with Branches in all the principal towns in South Wales is surely a just reason for pardonable pride."—Cardiff Western Mail," December 17, 1913. Generations of uninterrupted trading has made the name of Bevan & Company a Household Word throughout South Wales."—Swansea Daily Post," December 20th, 1913. or £ s. d. Everlasting full-sized wire-woven MATTRESSES, from 0 9 11 Full-sized home-made FEATHER BED and BOLSTER, from 1 12 6 VERY massive two-inch pillar BEDSTEADS, from 1 12 6 The Largest Selection of OVERMANTELS in this part of the King- dom from 0 12 6 An Excellent Stock of DINING-ROOM SUITES, from 3 19 6 A Fine Array of DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, all coverings, from 7 17 6 Walnut SIDEBOARDS in great variety, plat-glass backs 3 16 6 £ s. d. Expanding DINING TABLES, from 1 12 6 Handsomely-bordered CARPETS, ready for laying, from 0 18 11 Capital AMERICAN ORGANS (ten years' warranty), from 7 12 6 The excellent 'COTTAGE' PIANOFORTE Full Compass, Handsome Walnut Case 15 15 0 The celebrated "PRINCIPALITY" PIANO (hundreds sold. A splendid Instrument in every particular 29 8 0 I GENERAL PARTICULARS. Terms:—CASH OR CREDIT! Prices :-VERY LOWEST POSSIBLE! Delivery :-FREE UP TO 200 MILESr I Catalogues: GRATIS & POST FREE!

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