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00 YOU SUFFER FROPQ EYESTRAIN ? CAN YOU READ WITH EASE AND COMFORT AND ALSO SEE DISTANT OBJECTS CLEARLY AND DISTINCTLY? ARE YOU IN DOUBT ABOUT THE STATE OF YOUR EYESIGHT VISIT. VISIT. C. F. WALTERS, F.S.M.C., OPHTHALMIC OPTICIAN, OXFORD STREET, (Nearly opposite National Schools) SWANSEA. And 49a, Commercial Street, Aberdare. PRICES MODERATE CONSISTENT WITH THE HIGHEST SKILL AND WORKMANSHIP. Eisteddfod Flynyddo.1 Caerphili SEFYDLWYD 1887. Llungwyn, Mehefin 1, 1914. BEIRNIAID Oanu-Dr. Vaughan Thomas, Abertawe Mr. W. J. Watkins, F.R.C.O., Dowlais; Mr. J. Morgan Lloyd, Barri. Barddoniaeth, Traethodau a'r Adroddiadau-Y Parch. W. Evans, B.A., Penybontarogwy; y Parch. E. Pryce Jones, B.A., a Mr. Abraham Jenkins, B.A., Caerphili. Prif-ddarn Corawl, "Theme Sablime" (Jephtha) jC30 0 0 Corau Meibion, I- Down among the Dead Men" (Bantock) m 0 0 Goraa Plant, "Cadwen 0 Alawon Cymreig" (Tom Price) fl5 0 0 Englyn, Yr Hydd" 10 6 Pryddeø&, Marmar 3 0 Traethawd, Hen Qymeriadau Plwyf Eglwysilan £2 2 0 Unawdau Offerynol, 91 1/- yr uu Unawdau Lleisiol, f2 2/- yr un Unawdau i Blant, 10/6 yr un. Gyrer am y Rhaglen, i'w ohael oddiwrth yr Yogrifenydd- J. D. HUGHES, Rhosynfa, Caerphili. A GRAND Eisteddfod will be held (in aid of the Cottage Hospital) at the Aberaman Park, Aberaman (Kindly lent by E. M. Hann, Esq.,) on Whit-Tuesday, June 2, 1914 when upwards of X250 will be offered in prizes. CHIEF ITEMS:— Chief Choral: "O Great is the Depth (St. Paul). 1st prize £ 40; 2nd prize J610. Male Voice Pilgrims (Dr. Parry). 1st prize JG30 2nd prize JEIO. Second Choral: Ar ian Iorddonen ddofn (T. Gabriel). 1st prize JE10; 2nd prize .£5. Juvenile Choirs: "Song of Holiday" (E. T. Davies). Ist prize .£7; 2nd prize .£2; 3rd prize J61. Brass Bands (Class B.) "St. Paul." Prizes .£18. Pryddest: Gwobr 43 3s., a Chadair gwerth .£8 3s. Ambulance, Essays, Recitations, Solos, etc. For full particulars see Programme, to be obtained from the Secretaries-Hande Harris, 62E Brook Street, Aberaman; W. O. Lloyd, Isfryn, Cwmaman. FFORESTFACH (Nr SWANSEA). THIRD ANNUAL Grand CHAIR EISTEDDFOD Whit-Tuesday, June 2, 1914. CHIEF ITEMS. Male Voice Competition," The Assyrian Came Down" (Cyril Jenkins), X20 and a Gold Medal. 10/6 to each nnsuocessfnl Conductor. Mixed Choral, My love's like a red, red rose (Emlyn Evans), flo & a framed Enlargement. 10/6 to each unsuccessful Conductor. Children's Choral. Sweet and Low" (Barn by) lstPrize, £5 and a Silver Cup 2nd Prize' f2 and value 7/6. Mining Essay, "Explosions in Mines, their causes, and best means for their prevention. Prize 11 11/6 Drawing of King & Humble Improved Detaching Hook, ;el 1/ Drawing of Stoke's Safety Lamp, £ 1 1/- Rope Splicing (short splice), 1st 21 li-; 2nd 10/6. Ambulance, 1st £ 2 2/ 2nd £ 11 Individual Competition, 1st 7/6; 2nd 2/6. boloa (Vocal and Instrumental), Literary, Instru- mental Quartette, 12. Arts and Crafts Competitions. For further particulars see official Programme, post free Hd., from the General Secretary- DAVID JENKINS, Gendros,- Fforestfaoh, near Swansea. FORGE FACH, CLYDACH, Ger ABERTAWE. I CYNHELIR Y NAWFED Eisteddfod Flynyddol yn y lie uchod, Sadwrn, Gorphenaf 11, 1914. CORAU MEIBION, "Castella" (Dr. Protheroe) Gwobr JE20 CORA U CYMYSG, "My Love is like the red, red Rose (D. Emlyn Evans) „ JBIO AIL-GORAU MEIBION, In the Sweet bye and bye (Dr. Protheroe) ".£6 PRIF FKIRNIAD Dr. DAN PROTHEROE, Chicago. JBhestr gyflawn o'r Testynau i'w cael oddiwrth D. CLYDACH THOMAS, yr Ysgrifenydd am y pris arferol. Treorchy Annual Eisteddfod WHIT TUESDA Y A WEDNESDAY, 1914 ADJUDICATORS Dr. McKnight, Dr. Coward, Emlyn Davies, Esq., A R.C.M., Brynfab, &c. COMPETITIONS Chief Choral, .2100; Second Choral, tl5 Chief Male Voice, dE30—40; Second Male Voice, 410; Juvenile Choir, ielo; Poem, 3 Guineas and Chair. Braes Bands, Ambulance, Home Nursing, Needlework, Drawing, Shorthand, Poetry Recitations, &c. ] Programmes, 2d. each. from the Secretaries, Eisteddfod Office, Treorchy. Llanharan Eisteddfod Whit-Tuesday, June 2nd, 1914. CHIEF EVENTS CHIEF CHORAL, Ineu.ted, Chain'd." Prize £20. MALE VOICE, The Apsyrian came down." Prize £ 15. 8ECOND CHORAL," Dvddiau Dyn sydd fel Glaswelltyn." Prize X7. Solos (Vocal & Instrumental), Recitations, etc. For full participate sea Programmes, ] d. post free, from the Secretary, ARTHUR MILES. BURRY PORT WHIT MONDAY EISTEDDFOD: Male Voice: 'The Assyrian Came Down' j (Cyril Jenkins), 240. Second Male Voice: Little Church" (Becker), £8., Pro-i grammes (ltd. post free) from-General 1 Sec., Wm. Griffiths, Elkington Rd., Burry Port. TRECYNON, ABERDARE & PONTY- CWAITH (TYLORSTOWN). David Davies, Deceased, Builder, Trecynon. SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PREMISES. MR. D. MORRIS POWELL has iT.L received instructions from the Trustees of the above to offer by Public Action at the Cross Inn, Tre- cynon, on Thursday, April 23rd, 1914, at 7.30 in the evening (subject to the Common Form Conditions of Sale of the Merthyr Tydfil and Aberdare Incor- porated Law Society, and to such Special Conditions as shall be then and there read), the following Properties: Lot I.-All that messuage or dwelling house, situate and being No. 31 Rose Terrace, Trecynon, and now let on a monthly tenancy at £1 5s. per lunar month. This Lot is held for a term of 99 years (less the last 3 days), from the 2nd day of February, 1871, subject to the yearly ground rent of 21 2s. Lot 2.—All that messuage or dwelling house, situate and known as Brook Villa, No. 56 Llewelyn Street, Tre- eynon, now let on a monthly tenancy at £1 10s. per lunar month. This Lot is held for a term of 99 years, computed from the 1st May, 1893, subject to the yearly ground rent of £1 4s. Lot 3.—All that messuage or dwelling house, situate and being No. 21a Llew- elyn Street, Trecynon, together with the stable at the rear thereof, and now let as to the house on a monthly tenancy of JE1 2s. per lunar month, and as to the stable on a monthly tenancy of 8s. per lunar month. Lot 4.—All that messuage or dwelling house, situate and being No. 22 Llew- elyn Street, Trecynon, and now let on a monthly tenancy of 21 10s. per lunar month. Lot 5.—All that messuage or dwelling house, situate and being No. 23 Llew- elyn Street, Trecynon, and now let on a monthly tenancy of £1 2s. per lunar month. Lot 6.-All that messuage or dwelling house, situate and being No. 24 Llew- elyn Street, Trecynon, and now let on a monthly tenancy of £1 2s. per lunar month. Lot 7.-All the messuage or dwelling house situate and known as No. 25 Llewelyn Street, Trecynon, and now let on a monthly tenancy of 21 5s. per lunar month. Lot S.-All that messuage or dwelling house, situate and being No. 26 Llew- elyn Street, Trecynon, and now let on a monthly tenancy of JE1 5s. per lunar month. Lot 9.-All that messuage or dwelling house, situate and benig No. 27 Llew- elyn Street, Trecynon, and now let on a monthly tenancy of 21 5s. per lunar month. Lot 10.-All that messuage or dwel- ling house, situate and being No. 28 Llewelyn Street, Trecynon, and now let on a monthly tenancy of £1 5s. per lunar month. Lots 3 to 10 are held under a Lease for a term of 99 years (less 10 days) from the 1st January, 1871, subject to yearly rent of PS 5s. 2d., which will be further apportioned and declared at the sale. Lot il.-All that messuage or dwel- ling house, known as 55 Llewelyn St., Pontygwaith, and now let at 21 7s. per lunar month. Lot 12.-All that messuage or dwel- ling house, benig No. 56 Llewelyn St., aforesaid, and now let at £1 7s. per lunar month. The above lots are held under a lease for the term of 99 years from the 25th day of March, 1885, subject to the yearly ground rent of 92 10s., which will be further- apportonied at the time of sale. Further particulars of the various lots may be had from Isaac D. Morgan, Esq., Solicitor, Aberdare, or from the Auctioneer at his Offices, Gadlys Road, Aberdare. ARGRAFFWAITH DA, SLAN a DESTLUS GYDA PHRYDLONDEB, yw nodweddion Thomas a Parry, Cyf., 12 ijEOL CAER, ABERTAWE. Lie mae Cymry hyddysg yn y gelfyddyd. Ond anfon Lly thyr-gerdyn ceir Esiamplano Adroddiadau Eglwysig, lestynau a Rbagleni Eisteddfodol, Tafleni ('yfarfodydd Cerddorol, &c. PelJseinydd Central 151.. Cofiwch >r enw- THOMAS a PARHY, Cyf., ABEBTAWE. Mae rhai yn son am godi Cymrn yn ei hoi; ein hawydd nj yw yyrru'r Hen Wlad yn ei blaen. I'r amcan hwn yr d5 in yn cyflogi Cymry sydd ar y blaen yn y ge fyddyd o krgraff a. ANFONWCU AM SAMPL\U. BARGOED ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD Will be held On WHIT-TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1914. Mixed Choirs, 0 Father, whose Almighty Power" 20 0 0 Male Voices, "Valiant Warriors" 15 0 0 Juvenile Choirs, Action Song 4 0 0 Brass Bands 15 0 0 Solos, Penillion, Recitations, Harp and Ambulance for Male and Female.. 1\wdl, Essays, etc., etc. Programmes, lid. post free. Hon. Secretary, Workmen's Institute, Bargoed. FISTF-DOFOUAI) OYFODOL. Llungwyn, Mehefin 1, 1914.-Eisteddfod Flynyddol Caerphili. Llun Gwyn, 1914.—Eisteddfod Gadeir- iol Burry Port. Mawrth-Gwyn, 1914.-Eisteddfod Aber- aman, Aberdar. Mawrth-Gwyn, 1914. Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Fforestfach, Abertawe. Mawrth-Gwyn, Mehefin 2, 1914.-Eis- teddfod Flynyddol Bargoed. Mawrth-Gwyn, Mehefin 2, 1914.—Eis- teddfod Llanharan. Mawrth a Mercher-Gwyn, 1914.-Eis- teddfod Flynyddol Treorci. Dydd Sadwrn, Gorph. 11, 1914.-Eis- teddfod Flynyddol Forge Fach, Clyd- ach, ger Abertawe. Prepaid Small Advertisements Inserted at the following specially lo* rates: One week 4 wks. 11 wt, a. d. a. d. 8. d 20 words 0 8 1 8 & 28 0 ø a a » < 36 1 0 3 0 7 < These charges apply only to the follow ing classes of advertisements :-Apart, ments, Situations (Vacant or Wanted) To be Let or Sold, Lost or Found, awi Miscellaneous Wants. Remittances may be made by Postal Orders or half-penny stamps, if not prepaid double rate will bill charged. Advertising and Publishing OlKeen Cardiff Street, Aberdare Hysbysiad o Bwys I I Hysbyswyr, Gohebwyr a I Dosbarthwyr. Teimlwn mai angenrhaid yw gWDey. yn hysbys y cyhoeddir y "Darian bod dydd Mawrth, ac y danfonir hi i'r holl ddosbarthwyr brydnawn yr un dydd. Dymunwn ar i bawb a anfonar- hysbysiadau neu newyddion urgent ofalu eu bod yn cyrhaedd y 5wyddt J heb fod yn ddiweddarach na bort Mawrth. Carem gael bob gohebiairti arall mor gynar ag sydd bosibl. Anfoner pob gohebiaeth a phob ti-m. fodaeth yn dal perthynas a'r "Darisifl' i'r cyfeiriad a ganlyn YN UN IG — SWYDDFA'R DARIAN," ABERDAR Os bydd yn anghyfleus i un o'r darllen- wyr gael y Darian oddiwrrh ddosbarth- wr gellir ei chael o'r Swyddfa, Aberdar, am lic. yr wythnos, 6ch. am fia, 1/7, Y chwarter, 3/3 am haner blwyddyn, a 6/6 am flwyddyn drwy'r post. Nid Amddiffyn Goreu TARIAN ond TARIAN. Cyfiawnder. Tarian y Gweithiwr. DYDD IAU, EBRILL 23, 1914. SYLWER: Anfoner Llyfrau, &c., i'w hadolygu i'r Golygydd, Swyddfa'r "Darian," a gofelir am wyr cymwys i roddi barn arnynt. Ni chyhoeddir adolygiadau o hyn allan, oni ddaw copi o'r hyn adolygir gyda'r adolyg- iad.

Nodiadau'r Golygydd.I