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   Miss Tcdds, Nuneaton. j This little maid's life was saved by Veno's Lightning Cough Cure. "I am certain that Vcno's Ligntning Cough Cure wvcd my child's life. Sheteasaim out on the point of suffocating with Whooping Cough; but Vcno's cured her completely. From Jlrs. Tedds. 29, New Town-road, Bed- worth, Nuneaton. • The wonderful efficacy of Veno's Light ning Cough Cure is due to the valuable curative principles it contains, and to their being in liquid form. The only way in which curative principles can reach the breathing organs to do real good is by way of the blood stream. Inhalant preparations can never equal a liquid medicine like Veno's Lightning Cough Cure. Doctos recognise this fact. They do not prescribe lozenge,, for serious bronchial trouble, but liquid medicines always. Awarded Grand Prix and Gold Medal, International Health Exhibition, Paris, 1910.   I For Coughs and Colds, ~f| Bronchitis, Asthma 9y1 Ua tn?uenxa. Catarrh, and all Chest and Lung Per Bottle. Troubles in old or young. Larger Sizes The surest and speediest remedy I/It & 2/9 known. lfENO*$^SSOiins V CWCH CURE ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ I

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