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Nodion o Frynamman.

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DOWN & SONS, FOR GOOD SUBSTANTIAL Furniture, Bedsteads, Bedding, Carpets, And every Description of HOUSE FURNITURE. 21 High St. 0 Morris Lane, Swansea. The Largest and Cheapest Steanj Cabinet Manufactory iq South Wales. Illustrated Catalogues free on application. IMMENSE STOCK TO SELECT FROM. Carriage Paid on all Orders above £10, or Delivered Free in our own Vim.   MIRACULOUS EFFECTS! I have suffered from Pile and Gravel*°for four years, during which time I was quite disabled, and never, during this time, had a whole night's rest. I was at last induced to try a box of your Pile and Gravel Pills, and incredible as it may appear, after I had taken but a few doses, I felt as if I had had another body. Encouraged by the effects of one box, I took another, and now I am free from all pain, a living testimonial to the miraculous effects of these Pills. Yours truly, D. WILLIAMS, Penralltwen, Newcastle Emlyn. ."7:"0 ""È. -r- IMMEDIATE RELIEF! I feel happy in bearing testimony to the efficacy of your Pile and Gravel Pills in my own case. Also in numerous other painful cases qf long standing in which your Pills have given immediate relief, and in a short time effected a perfect cure; so the weak in faith may be assured of their efficacy to accomplish what they are professed to do. Yours truly, THOS. PHILLIPS, Grocer, etc., Caeremlyn, near Whitland. Y mae y Feddygini aeth werthfawr hon i'w chael mewn tri ffurf. No. I. = George's Pile and Gravel Pills (label wen) No. 2. —George's Gravel Pills (label las) No. 3.—George's Pills for the Piles (label goch.) Gwerthir y Peleni Byd-glodus hyn yn mhob man, mewn Blychau 11., a 2/9 yr un. Gyda'r Post am 1/2 a 2/10. Gochelweh DWYIIWYP I-Gofynweh yn eglur am "[George's Pills," a gwelwch eich bod yn eu cael. PERCHENOG— d. E. GEORGE, M.R.P.S., HIRWAIN, ABERDARE. "TAR IAN Y GWEITHIWR" PAPYR Y BARDD A'R LLENOR. Y mae gennym Dystiolaethau lawer i effeithiolrwydd y "Darian" fel newyddiadut i hysbysebu Gwyliau Lien a Chan. ) YMOFYNEE AM DBLBEAU. SWYDDFA 19 Cardiff Street, ABERDAR.