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Don't Forget That by far the LRrgest Selection of FURNITURE In the Principality is held by 6EVAM & COMPY. EVAN& COMPANY S S?SErVUAA M N '&F .RGEST t AND, THE t.S ?s AArR<P c T'H?E ???t? t ?' f'A??NrD?T"M"F ???T ? ?<r? ? J?!?!?i! !6 !?F!?JR'"N?"!?—)?'t' t*?'F' {?S?! \?CMr ?Zt' WALES., Their numerous Branches are crammed ¡ with everything required for COMPLETE FURNISHING. All Goods arc Warranted, and Sold at the Lowest possible Margin of ProSt. and i Delivery is Free up to 200 Miles of any Branch I !,¡" 1/ w ) M?V/??Mr?? ? J???cM? ???O?M ??PH? "'lUu_, I t????TES ?????? The next question !jtj}!?????? you should ask is, ??????' 64 My Dear, from what Firm would you wish our Home to be Furnished ? Her answer would, of course, be as follows:.g I By the same Firm as supplied Mother with her ex- cellent Goods, the well-known, old- establighed Firm, ,r I I I' I J I I J I LIMI'I'ESI3, Wales' Largest Furnishers Known far and wide and Regiatered aa The Cardie Furnishers," Near Empire and 97, St. Mary Street, CARDIFF, A!so Swansea, Newport, Pontypool, Pontypridd, and Llanelly.  AT N EXT TO FACTORY PRICE <??'??*??tSr ? YmAMOHOS ? To FACTORY PR?? ICE. S!? '?rt? ??Mn!t?<tZ"f t?? ? ? ??———? Havmg h! rt??) hn e factor a?-d f-x?rt gem. 8\111. 1 setter-, V"U t ft,¡.t jl.W!!ery to ff Got in the Kingdom A at .eCl'" to \,ric. A sound intment. I S I .fi r ,I "J et" t i 1C magnl 'mt (.I:>p,ay ?/? ?Nf'??? ???? Di?d,????????) t?.d?y. c. eahy S?'?h ?'??/? {/?7 !,MTM ? Di??. early r n o c ti 25/- ree i7 ?? frA.f.??!<??!???!? ?!? ?!n!s?'?''?' "s?F"???!?!?!!?!????????h 'H r1B7.2??, ?tM?tU?!&?tbt The Largest .OMTW' I  He FULL 83 Three I t t??f???jM?r?? .??y ???Dumonda. V !fun?b:etoe?Hwrn.eto. D?m?na, <?? tko World. K. Diamonds. ?W*? M?*< ?2<5 & ?MWMt, NM tWT <. Mt A ?y ?o-' Pr<'e C?mtefuw RjULFARt "P" X DMmo? d ..?? ?,t*, ? ? .? ???.????HS?S?Q?tC.???<? ,????? ??P?t..t? ?\°?. S to ? ???'?-???? MtWfORT. N setting. SIr" Manhfste, PAID C, .tiI ual,. ""c'¿: CABLE'S "36" MIXTURE. A F!ne Quality Tobacco blended with skill and has a great reputation for Coolness. Sweetness and Ftne Aroma. IOld. per oz. Packet. 3/6 per t!b. Tin. 7/-peri!b.Ttn. SOLD BY TOBACCONtSTS EV&RYWHKRE. Manufactured only by PERCY E CADLE & Co., TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS, CARMtFF B .A R G-0 E YD. WESLEY CHURCH (Wood-Street) BARGOED ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD WILL BE HELD ON EASTER TUESDAY, 1919. CHtEF CHORAL, "L<-t the Hit!a Reøounri" (Briu;ev Riohatdw) PriM iCI2 0 0 II dl;II. (B'4Jrp): £. c o CiiFinirili)n So!u (nwt f.ein< 'ion), C-2; UI!p¡I, £: Open Solo, -Male (Rnv vot'e). Zi Open Soto. t'tnaie (allY "n». jEi lus Novice Sofo. Zi Novice ,in, FerTiy4;e.. X Ito fja,i,ei an i Ger.tte- n.ett w!.u hxva n<'f pre"¡onsir won a prtx" "fjE! )'-) OP(-n Rtc*llatlon, prlzLA ;El 10a.; Ch.!<ifft:'t< Rpcittno! cpen PInof()l't So)o, Joint Sfcret&ries—T. CJB8S. 47, Henry Stre..t ,BrgoeJ, and W. MINGIXS, 68. (,ilfi,-h Streft, Bargoed. IF YOU WANT TO Furnish or re-Furnish WiMty Md Well, yoH cannot do better than pa11D. a vi<it. Mowt of my Cooda are made in my own Workthopa I bave b. tablished in thjlJ Valley over HaU-a-OeDturJ' "upholBriDC, Re-polishing tad &epMt done only by Bz- parione4el Workmen No Shoddy Work done. JEWVMMATM fRKE FOR AH WORM Special Show of Kitchen Dr$Mer<, Bedroom Suites, Bedroom as W&re of every deacrtption. Motor OyciM, Oyelea, and all Acceatorie*. Venetian Bifnda a Spectattty. Bwy with a Fifm with a øaJf-a-Oen'.rY'1 Reputation. ISRAEL FINE, Lawn Terraoe, Rhymney. MORREL1/S INKS. SPECI..IL OF}R' 10/6 worthy 3/6. At M Adwattiaement w< «te with <Mt .It M S/B betth << MoM&'t B!M 81Mk WfMa< M Ccpyhtg In?, t T*. M. itet. 0%4 Nib F?mitin Pea FREZ. If t </e b<M< of CM kind of ink M too much for yow own Me, we will tend in- atmd THREE I/a bottle* of ttMorted-oM U. bott!< Writint Ink, oc< 1/3 bottte Coping or Coloured Ink. and eoe 1/9 bottle of Gam or CMBoe PMte. ¡ TO BE HAD Of ANY MATIONER. If cMb!e to obtein iocttUy, eeod Pcett! Order to Watrkt. I. CCOK S ROAD. BOW ¡. HTRATPORD. LONDON. B. PRINTING of every description executed on the ahortMt ncttce at the -"Journsi OiBcee, CtrdMf-rowd, Buyoed -:r. HAYrEAmANS B t) BALSAm WELLHA BESWCJI ae ANW\"n A mJf,.is;4wy gyda ph;'ó1 t. 1/3 a ))f GAM O',r. F''yBR\'LLWYR A (' Rog R t NOTICE OF AUDLT., To THE RATEPAYERS AND OWNERS OF PROPERTY IN THE URBAN DiS- TRICT OF RHYMNKY, IN THW COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. WHEREAS M. D. PROPERT. M Esquire, the District Auditor authorized by law to Audit the Accounts of the Receipts and Ex. penditure under the Public Health Act, 1876, of us, the Urban Diatrict Council for the above named District, and of us, the Local Food Control Committee for the said. District, has appointed 11 o'clock in the Forenoon of WEDNESDAY, the 5th day of MARCH, 1919, M the time, and the COUNCIL OrFiCEa, BnYMNZY, as the place, at which the Audits of the said respective Accounts for the year ended at the 31st March, 1916, will be made WE, the said District Council, and we, the said Food Control Committee, hereby severally GIVE NOTICE, in pursuance of the said Act, THAT the Audits of the said respective Accounts will be made at the Time and Place so appointed as aforesaid; THAT any Ratepayer or Owner of property in the said District may be present at the Audits, and may make any objection to the said Accounts before the Auditor; AND THAT a copy of each of the said Accounts, duly made up and balanced, together with all the Rate Books, Account Books, Deeds, Contracts, Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipts mentioned or referred to in such Accounts respectively, will be deposited in the Odoe of the said Rbymney Urban District Council, at 61, High Street, Rhymney, on Mon- day, the 24th day of February, 1919, and will be open thereat, between the hours of 90 a.m. and 5.Q p.m., until the said day of Audit, to the inspection of all persons interested, who will be at liberty to take copies of or extracts from the same without fee or reward. Dated this 14th day of Febru- ary. 1919. W. H. TRUMP, Clerk to the District Council and Clerk to the Committee. TOAD weather doea n<?atop ef(<{a wh« J-F birds ?et Karswood Poultry Spice. LMt winter two year-eld heat Itid welt with four inches of anow on pena-— W R. Morgan, 91. High Street, Rhymwey.




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