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¥ I fjuqdrdds of Satisfied Custodiers or .In oJ" II 'n" ,P.. '.1, I lAVE SECURED BIG BARGAINS AT ] l. T. Jones & Co/s Great Clearance WINTER SALE  I Now Preceeding. i 'j MANY USEFUL f I PRICES HUNDRED&OF NEW &USEFUL OF BETTER BARGAINS IN ODD i ■ REMAINDERS Are Displayed daily in onr NUMBERS „ I AND BROKEN Windows and Show Rooms AD I PARCELS where the big attractions of SIZES r" I ARE BEING neweot F-tyle, good quality and AT I unique keen reduced prices; } FURTHER never fail to satisfy our crowds UNH EARD OF • I REDUCED. of fresh customers daily. REDUCTIONS. I FINAL PRICE REDUCTIONS I And Latest Splendid Values Offered To-day J and during the Coming Week. a Final Offers will be made of the remaining smart j Winter Coats. I. The few remaining Splendid Fur Coats Will be specially marked at; very keen figures to clear. > Some extra Clearance Values; r will be obtainable in Costume Bargains, Better Values than ever Offered in several lots of very" Smart Blouses Some unusual Bargains to be had in Felt Capes and Collars. Special Priee Reductions in Smart ranges of Underskirts I Special Value Offers in 'W liN;, TER UNDERWEAR, Com- I binations. Vests, Fleecy Wool and Directoire Knickeis. a 1 SpeeM Value !n Remnants ? Qf Useful Sizes and all kinds I ? of Materials on Offer daily at  Half Price and Less. Fashionable Mataiials | In Costume Lengths, II Blouse Lengths, Coat Lengths. I I Hundreds of Clear-up Bargains and Final Reductions in I :? Ladies' Hose I SUk and Wool  Scarves  New Neckwear 1 ? Gloves Gloves 1 -Umbrellas Lace Curtains Down Quilts Fancy and Household Linens Bedspreads Valances Rugs I Carpets I Linoleums I Table Covers I Winter Curtains I Cushions, &c. I I RICHARD T. JONES, Trading as .1 I R T. JONES & Co., I & ,8 ..u .ø., ( MARKET SQUARE, MERTHYR TYDFIL. | I, I-



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