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Don't Eorget That by far the Largest Selection of FURNITURE In the Principality is held by 3EVAN COMPY S?    ?OMRANY a EVA. GE S T ARE THE t f'? ? .?S J a^JHE^ I]r AND*TH^ |"  ?????K?RNfsh s B "7 rheir numerous Branches are crammed with everything required for COMPLETE FURNISHING. \11 Goods are Warranted, and Sold at thel Lowest possible Margin of Profit, and. Delivery is Free up to 200 Miles of any Branch. ,,1Ii'J «' | W/icn%/2?Aas 1 m ) MF?/??Qr ??2<??Qr? ???x<SM ? ??S?  rhe next question I pou should ask is, kG My Dear, iroia what Firm would you Wish our Home to be Furnished ? Her answer would, of be as follows:i ]BY the same Firm as supplied Mother with her ex- cellent Goods, the well-known, old- established Firm, I: T I ¡! ¡. I I f I t I i J ¡ i I J i 1 f 1) LIMITED, Wales' Largest Furnishers Known far and wide and Registered as "The Cardiff Furnishers," I Near Empire and I 97. St. Mary Street, I CARDIFF, Also Swansea, Newport, Pontypool, Pontypridd, and Llauelly. V I  m\\ pm'•X r CARRY GREENWICH FLU-10LtL iT 6R.Y;ile? had*'E ??'?*   ??c?\ T..IAL g "?   c  E       ? ON YOUR ?W?F<Rr%ta)!S??*T ?s* ?????.???\ ?..???  was RtwAV9,;?u h ,i p.? r ?? .?1?—?'?*?* '?'????Sm. Towetrtn H. Samuel watc h is like being in wireiess touch with Greenwich. V ou jff ???.?i? o\?. ? fooi timek ^epar It Ba '? L  ?' ? !n' M -— have only to look ?t your wris? an d you need never be ?te f'?r ? theatre or |L|*7'I S P\ r.v/A § 2A yoqris 8 ???S)?_?**??t U'?in,nor w?stf )our time hy turning up too soon. Catim H. Samuels MVyS*fe,a|y^ » has Stcod 2A ye^rs B to-da? an d choose ior your?tf -rom the magnificent ispby. ?n????R?*<?-???? \%?? 8 0! !Act weSerWtCJt?n« B ?!?!?!?!M L. ? ? !ft m S?? A? Mtm?UNt nEM?ML M ?S?????????????tS?????- ??????'???j |Sf 3&3I M Ba I <* 3 g^k IWI Umm La gnaw griaes: Un- 1 S^™ Uti- LUMINOUS WRIST WA1CH. FOC"B ealy tile rest I >K J J CChe World 3 Largelt Jeweller. Shows the tim. instantly by night t wach h%w* ever fi ? or day. Fine jo welled movement. had. ffl ??b, ???T??.?-!???d D ? 172 Cemmercial Street, 22 2S & 26&. High St., NEWPORT. Car?Uy tuned and ??tec.? You?tr.y U "ikel ¡¡ve(  a ?M??. -<i<et ?tivef c<te. ?K ? ?K?(S<nd.)R. W ??nde)'? JB '?MK???. /\Ir I H, 5.VEL. LTD upwards.) WIN T ER SALE! I JttD EDWARD, COMPTON HOUSE, RHY MNEY. SATURDAY NEXT, JAN UARY 18th, 1919, FOR 14 DAYS ONLY. There will be REDUCTIONS in Jackets and Mantles, Furs, Dress Materials, Hosiery, Underclothing, Quilts and Blankets, Overcoats, Rainproof Coats. Stocks of these Goods are Small, and they should be Secured Early IT YOU WANT TO Furnish or re-Furnish Wieely and Well, you cannot do better than pay me a visit. Moat of my Good. are made in my own Workshops. I have been Be- tabliahed in this Valley over Half-a-Oentury. Re- upholstering, Re-poliahilll and Repairs done only by Ki- perieneed Workmen- No Shoddy Work done- BflTlMATRfl FREE FOR ALL WORK Special Show of Kitchen Dreseers, Bedroom Suites, Bedroom 4c Ware of every description. Motor Cycles, Cycles, and all Accessories. Venetian Blinds a Speciality. 8111 with a Firm with a Half-a-Oatury's Reputation. ISRAEL FINE, Lawn Terrace. Rhymney. ImmM I BALSAM I tBit1!tHtn I *?"??**?'* Mm i KESWCHM ANW? D t? WELLHA MEM l'o-eii I 3 a 31- GAMO' .f, f?.?RYLLWYRA.GR.)S't ?M? ? MORRELL'S INKS. i SPKCLiL OFFER 10/6 worth for 3/6. As an AdiMtisement wt give with eub quart or 3/6 bottle ef MerreU's Blue Blaek Writing or Copying Ink, a 7a. Id. llet. Gold Nib Fountain Pan FREE. If a 8/6 bottle of one kind of ink i8 too much for your own use, we will aend in- stead THREE 1/2 bottles of assorted-on« is. bottle Writing Ink, one 1/2 bóttle Coping or Coloured Ink, and one 1/2 bottle of Gum or Office Paste. TO BE HAD OF ANY STATIONER. If unable to obtain locally, Mod Postal Order to Works-' 2. COOK 'S ROAD, BOW BR"" "iv STRATFORD, LONDON. E. FOR PHI\T1\«; GO TO THE Guardian' Offices" Rhytnneyr J RHYMNEY SCHOLARSHIP DISTRICT. NOfICE OF AUDIT. VIOTICE IS HEREBY GIVFN 1; that the DiHtrict Auditor for the Glamorganshire Audit District has appointed the Aodit of the Ac- counts of the Governor* of the above- iiprred Scholarship District and of their Officers, for the year ended March 31st, 1918, to commence on Thursday, the 13th of February, 1919, at 12 noon, at the To-?n Hall, Mar:, thyr Tydfil. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that the said Accounts of the Governors duly made up and balanced, together with all Bookf, Accounts, and Documents re- lating thereto, will be deposited at the Council Offices, 61. High Street, Rhymney, Mon., and be open during offiee hours to the inspection of all persona interested for Seven Clear Days immediately before the audit. Dated this 24th day of January, 1919, W. LLOYD MARKS, Clerk to the Governors. PRICE.-Mr. and Mrs. T. Price and Family. 36, High Street, Rhymney, desire to thank all kind friends for sym- pathy in their recent bereavement, and tor the beautiful filial tributes.