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Don't Forget That hv far the l>nrest Selection of, FURNITURE I ti the i) r i n e i ptt I í t Y is held by BEVAN k GOMPY. xVAM&uuM?. 6?cUAM t ?NY EVAN &c PGEST, ii  ?A AND THE ^Q ^'f ^^»FSRNSiers W/fES 'Its "fheir nnmerot18 Branches are crammed with everything required for COMPLE fE FURNISHING. All GooJs W.iir nted, and Sold at the Lowest p 88ibiu Margin of Profit, and Delivery is Free up to 200 Miles of any Branch Wficn 8m smid "YES" J N[b_ The iiext question yon should tisk is, My Dear, from what Firm wotild yon wish our Home to be Furnished ? Her answer would, of course, be as follows: By the same Firm as supplied Mother with her ex- cellent Goods, the well-known, old- established Firm, T I I j I ¡¡I j 1 i ¡ 1 j, LIMITED, Wales' Largest Furnishers Known far and wide and Registered as The Cardiff Furnish rs," Near Empire and 97, St. Mary Street, CARDIFF, 1 Also Swansea, Newport, Pontypool, Pontypridd, and Llanelly. I DIAMONDS «Zjemism Htvin?'usownhu?efactMyandcx.??  t?? <\ L ??<?????*?? ????????!??? pncesiatscmndinvestnteot.Sff??  -??  ?? /??/ K"i.gdom. A ptircha, at to-day*s   on* r(*es is a:otitlditivestilm t. Set- i Gold Brooch. the mapuficent display ???2????????? ???// mond S. Pearls an4 lo,  Pi d & 3 Dia- 7\1 1 ry??Mt-??E?n ?B?? ?TRM ??M?< t ??' H.SAMUEL T?La?? f6????????/ and TIIAL *'• ijfyr y>-»TEflL ST.9  to 8&11 write to- n 0 n d A. :??X WO It: ?"y ?'? y ".? Diamonds. V y'?"??????: ? M ??? M, M & Mt. )MHMM X?T. j » SS3g«' Diamoti d —J t?%??.-t ??????'??F??-?????? ?".?P?-&V Ms??t.?.m???. ??M'? o ??—???? r M??y??M??? IF YOU WANT TO Furnish or re-Furnish Wisaly and Well, 1°. cannot do better than pay no a vialt. Most of zay Goode are made in my own Workakopa. I bava been Bw- tabliakad in this Vallay over Half-a-Oaatary. Re-upholstering, Bo-polinking and Repairs daaa oaly by Nt- perienoad Worksn- No Shoddy Work dona.- KiTftNATIH FREE FOR ALL, WOKK Special Show of Kitchen DrMiers, Bedroom Suites, Bedroom & Ware of every description. Motor OyelM, Oyeles, and all ..o.ri. Venetian Blinds a Speciality. Buy with a Firm with a HaJf a-CJonUry'a Baynlatiaa. ISRAEL FINE, Lawn Terraoe, Rhymney. FOR SALE by Private Tender, a FREE- HOLD HOUSE, in Good Condition, known as 30, Greenfield Stseet, Pontlottyn. Tenders to be in by Deeember 3ht, 1918. -M. A. Davies, 33, High Street, Neyland, Pem. 18640 BAROOEO AND QILFACH, GLAM. Messrs PHILLIPS & JONES. A.A.I., HAVE been favoured with instruction* to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION at the JUNCTION HOTEL, BARGOED, on WEDNESDAY, DECEM- BER 18th, 1918, at i-30 o'clock in the evening, subject to such Cenditions of Sale as shall be read at the Sale, the following very Valuable FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD P KOPERTIES, VIZ.— LOT I-No.79, Park Place, Gilfach, Bargoed. LOT -No. 5G, Usk Street, Bargoed. Lo r 3—No. 31, John Street. Bargoed. LoT 4-No. 36, John Street, Bargoed. LOT i-No.4, Park Road, Bargoed. LOT 6—No?. 50, 51, 52 and 68, North Street, Bargoed. LOT 7-No. 38, North Street. Bargoed. LoT 8—No. 19, Railway Terrace, Gilfacb, Bargoed. For further Particulars apply to the Auctioneers, 15, High Street, Bargoed, or as to Lot 7, to Messrs. CARTER, HARRISON, & ARM. STRONG, Solicitors, 39, Great James 8treet, London, W.C., and aa to all the other Lots to Messrs. SPICKETT 4: SONS, Solicitors, High Street, Bargoed. FOR PRIMTIMO GO TO Guardian' Offices, RHYHMEY. I  HAYM^s S Ht BALSAM I S D?L?MtM!! Bt ? BESWCH ac AN"r\D H A whrisiadwy gyda ;btia-it. GAN O FERYLLWYR A OTTOSTRS ^RF (