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POLITICS FOR WOMEN. By WOMAN VOTEB. GERMANY MUST PAY. I aiki no apology for retaraiag to this subject agaia, for cdnoe last week I have made exhaustive inquiries in every direc- tion, and am amazed to find that many Coalition caadiiaUs are-quite prepared to admit the possibility of Germany being allowed to escape the necessity of paying Britain her share of the costs inmrred in pre" ng Germany from ruling the world. I am pleased to notice that the public is beginning to realise this. Articles are gradually appearing in the various news- papers oa this subject. I can quite under- stand that every Englishman took it for granted that Germany would be forced to pay for the war that she had planned and made, and it takes Borne time for them to realise that it is possible that the victory ef the seldiers is to be negatived by the action ef the politician. It is interesting to notioe some of the replies girea by Coalition and other candi- dates. Oja* max assures me that it would he impossible;to make Germany pay. This is eMtty contradicted, for acccrdim? to Ger- many's own statement ia an official white paper, her ce?l a d tizek mines &lout aN paper, shoemr e .MaG,000,OM,000, amd as the total cost of the war to all th* Allies amounts to somewhere about Jt35,000,000,000, there should be no difficulty in ttaking Germany foot the bill. There is another point en which the Coalition is silent, in fact Mr. Lloyd George himself trc; ed the matter as a side mouo in his speech at Wolverhampton, and that ia: Whether the Germans in this country are to be allowed to remain here. I believe that to the majority ef the women in this oountry, whose sons and husbands have been tortured and massacred in Ger- man priaon camps, it i. anything but a aide issue whether these beasts in human form are to be allowed to mix again on equal terms with the men who are now re- turning maimed for life through the brutal treatment they have receWed. Do our rulers expect the eountry to vote for a candidate who refuses to give a straight answer to the above questions? Three weeks ago I had practically decided to record my vote for the Coalition candi- date, as there was no National party date, *A t l re was no  nominee standing in the constituency in which I reside, and I was determined not to allow an AuquitKian Liberal to represent me in the House of Commons. Since the above startling fact. have been brought to mv notice) and I have been- totally unable. to" get a satisfactory answer from any re- sponsible member of the Coalition, I admit that I am in a dilemma. I think this is a oaae where our women voters should take immediate action. We must write, not only to the candidate of the constituency in which we vote, but to as many others as possible, requesting them to state clearly whether they uphold the principle that Germany must pay us and the Allies all the expense incurred through the war. Unless this matter is satisfactorily set- tied the problems of reconstruction, better housing, a Health Ministry, cheaper food, etc., will not arise, for we shall be com- pelled to spend the rest of our lives, and our children do the same after us, in pay- ing off the debt that has been incurred through Germany's mad crime, when all the laws of justice demand that she skould pay. It is interesting to note, that every candi- date who is standing in the interests of the National Party has agreed, without reser- vation, that Germany must pay the full coat of the war. Beyond t hese National Party candidates only about six so far, to my knowledge, definitely pledge themselves to this oause. I would like to state again that I am always willing to answer any questions that my readers may care to address to me. It is not possible to reply to all through these articles, but I am always prepared to write to anyone previdod she forwards name and address.