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imedluum ? ,:. I POLITICS…


imedluum I POLITICS PH WtMIN. 41.. -Z. 1 St muN T»m JUpb/wg U Jirig.-Qt&erti fage Ortfl (Ct?a<??, ?.?), w? <M?M wi4w <Ae 9-Ait omm ment giwing dtinit* iolfavativ" to 40 eanaft taat, veac4 terms WMM,.imhao fllM Ktfareiion by the German JkWin, inefftaq me repayment oj the 00 mtt of the war inemi-red by the Aiho, Afr. Emttr Lmvt QC/mncmlier of the Bmhofwr) mid I can make no statement en this mbjeet. Qenertl Page Croft tuhti, » vtew of the appromh of the General JSlectien, whether the riglK hook IMtlf. nutn was going te make a definite statement on the oukfeet its conformity with the pe- mise that there should be a 1JIiIjIIi. peace. Xr. Montr low repeated ØwII no definite statement could be wmde. In the midst of somewhat rowdy and pos- sibly uligfctly preroatuxe"peace celebrations, I wris brought back to earth with a srvere shock when on opening the "Times" last Tuesday morning I read the above para- graph ia the Parliamentary news. I will admit fckat I have for sonii time entertained a lurking fear that this Coalition business wai some new form of political trick, and I think we women should be deeply grateful to General Page Croft, the leader of the fearless little group of "National" members, for, well, to say the least of it, giving ua food for very serious. reflection, for I can only conceive one explanation of this start- ling exhibition of political hanky-panky. Mr. Bouar Law is asked a straightforward ques- tion which in plam English* amounts to this Are we English "people to pay the thousands of millions of debt incurred in fighting a wax we did not want, or is Ger- many to foot the bill ? Surely there is only one answer to such a straightforward question. As a matter of fact it is such an obvious thing that one weuld presume the question unnecessary; but if Mr. Bonar Law's reply means anything it ewely means that as in the case of German prisoners in this country who were given such distinct preferential"treatment over British prisonera in Germany, so again are cut Teutonic friends to be spared the unpleasant task ct paying the bill. This astounding revelation places all other iscues entirely in tke background, sad bringa us bang right up to the one question, that we must demand elitry candidate at the forthcoming election to anSwer-RIa Ger. many to pay for the wart" If all my women readers will kindly put this question to the candidate* in the con- stituency they reside, and forward their re- plies to me, I will endeavour, to compile a !i"t of such candidate"s*as are worthy of a Fsritish woman's vote. I had intended to deal 'Lb quite another subject this week, but fc< this matter ia so important. I must confess that candidly I do not believe Mr. Uoyd George himself would KI)are Germany, and I am certain that our Allies would not, but I fear that in order to -c ure the support of some of the older poli- ticians it may be necessary for the Premier to modify his views. It is in this that I see Mi*- danger of the Coalition. Personally Ishall vote for tite Independent candidate who is out to aupport Mr. Lloyd George to bring abjut a really jubt pew*. Let as not forget that practically the whole of Germany's expenditure has been within her own country, therefore the money is still in Germany, whereas in our own case tbo bulk of our expenditure has been to AMied or Neutral countries, plaoing our financial position at a decided disadvantage, and I consider that women wiU Itove grievously failed to redeem the debt they owe to our soldiers and sagora if they give one single vote to any candidate before being assured that, whatever else they may promise, they will see that soldiers and sailers, having risked their lives ia a war net of their seeking, will not have to pay tike financial cost as well, otherwise we must he prepared, those of us who have invested onr snaaJl savings in War Bonds, te be heavily taxed r the rest of our lives ia order to pay our. >es back.