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,;1 Don't Forget It! ,t4\' ,W' THAT i I I J I ¡ j I ninwi; LIMITED, Hold by far the Largest Selection of every description of I < Household F t Furni ture In the Frinoipality; that every Article is Warranted, and that all Goods are Sold at the Lowest Possible Margin of Profit.  SBp S DDLrUVAANM& F  ??t  t ?a?  ?-?  ??B S&fUR?St1ERS H' c pb si" r WALES. Don't Forget It ¡ THAT #' "> BEVAN & COMPY., CARDIFF, ( NEWPORT, SWANSEA, And from all other Branches, De- liver Goods Free up to 200 Miles, and Pay the Train Fares of Cash Customers. Registered and known far and wide as « The Cardiff FurDishers." IL U' ?——————- .!m ■! ■iiin ))????.?????<)))MMP)'??!a?M???MNNMMN?Bat?? ??W?-.?CTW??m?-??? ?'??? GET?AWATCH UKE ?!!ME! ?%? „ .? I Ii'" I "> ff'1 ? W???????S? A GUNNER Get a watch that will never let you down—one of "3.f: .)i § DELIGHTED H. Samuel's world-famed timekeepers. Call and see 2j}i.;L;1:O</$1 ? ?N??B ?S?rX Gunner J. W. Finch, ?? ?? new ?"?? model with luminous dial (as illustrated). j| LL i^ly l l Brigade sn?, R.F.A., WRITES High grade, fully jewelled, keyless movement, handsome ?.BSHsEaL ._j'v    <*—— Y  S OCTOBER ii, 1915: "1 am nickel silver case, strap any shade. Wonderful value, 176. "jAaiU"»»S^j g /£ £ ■■ J 3 ??SMMM?'?K ?''?'y?*"?t<"?t? —-????S?!?..???-? M ? .????;??? ? ???S???N??S! the 'umtnout wrist Many other designs, 21/ 25/- upwards. Every ?? Jm#  ;:N:: watch. It is an ani- watch warranted for 5 years. Satisfaction guaran-  .:(! :¡l: uj watch, it is an arti- watch warranted for 5 years. Satisfaction guaran- *» 'r' S ?SS?????S???? e)enoB)-tt:<thTotMnty teed or money refunded in full. Send one 10 JOur >.+JfYi 1 LUMINOUS WRIST WATCH..hould bo without." o.lIor or sold..r mend 'J c: Bteee*' • £ &$&&& £ MSli I I Bail I imp Bind, ? ,<?SS?SS3S?? Jj LUMtMOUS WR!ST WATCMb. y "Hll ■ SAMUEL NZWPORT. j! ,° 3 sh?s th. tim. inst?y   ? t ?keeper. :yMrs'w.rrMty 17/? C (Watchmaker to the ,49mirally).(?l. -.AMUR" LTD? ???'????*??? J? 't' (H AAIlUEL, LTD, > n t -j,i "1 IF YOU WANT TO Furnish or re-Furnish Wisely and Well, you cannot do better than pay me a visit. Most of my Goods are made in my own Workshops. T have been Es- tablished in this Valley over Half-a-Oentury. Re-upholstering, Re-polishing and Repairs done only by Ex- perienced Workmen. No Shoddy Work done. ESTIMATES FREE FOR ALL WORK Special Show of Kitchen Dressers, Bedroom Suites, Bedroom & Ware of every description. Motor Cycles, Cycles, and all Accessories. Venetian Blinds a Speciality. Buy with a Firm with a Half-a-Oentury's Reputation. ISRAEL FINE, Lawn Terrace, Rhymney, and Commercial Street, New Tredegar. :"t("r:ø,t'f"1r'f",i.t'l:I-1\Æ("'e')¡"-¥¡:7:dIt. n*t • -V.wrt- intWIKaiiWr HEARSE, Light, Glass Sides; equal JLl New Low Price, Cash or Teruis.- Marstou, 24, Bradford St., Birmingham. ONE tablespoonfal Karswood Poultry Spice supplies 20 ben9 one day and ensures eggs. Packets 2d., 6d,, Is. Sold by Davies & Son, Chemists, Rbymney. LAMBERT & BUTLER S WAVE. LEY Straight Cut Virginia CIGARETTES Your cigarettes arc your daily I companion a solace in tinoo j of meatal worry; a complit- ment to your happy momenta. Choose them with. care- Waverlay Cigarettea will fulfill all your expoctatioaa. 10 FH ?.. 20 FOR 9D. The Imperial Tobacco Co. (of GIMI WI '-II Brifaia aad Irclaad), Ltd. INSTANT RELIEF FOR TLRED, ACHING FEET In every district th era's a ^QKH0r Foot Specialist who renders Dr. Scroll's Foot Comfort awvice-fres export foot examination, and accurate CCTeCiWn for all foot ailments. Dr. Schoirg Faot-Eanr—a upit of this ser- Tleo—instantly reUeraa ttrad, aching feet, flat foot, and other foot x discomforts. In y Ken's and Womews 11-. Prke WS. pair. Writ* ftr name tf W! _t <?TMf< ?«t?' V <!??BB?? .d a copy of ?r. la ?/N???A r: "?« °fw!r: 'nMSdKUMf?.C. m?at?? ?\. Lt-L, 4, Giltopm-sL, LMtdon. B.C. 1. '?? jS^ £ i £ sdmJ £ £ Si^ TTIRA. VANE, the fuciaatiq Cimeaa fiirl. leU the r., Cinema Star." All Iibrariea aad Bookiellera. WANTED TO PURCHASE, POST AGS STAMPS OF ff BRITISH GUIANA Karitisi aad Karly by% W. J. Webster, 34, enat Ormsad Street, W.C. 1. MONEY FOR WASTE PAPER. Old Books, Majfajtinea, Nowspepas, Journals, "A an kinds of paper purchaaed for cask. Bsrt yricea. Proaapt rayment on receipt. Sesd Vy SOods Traia to GRIFFITHS, 16, John Street, Ajelyhi, LONDON, W.O. FLESH AND BLOOD ?0.'bL uf the li?ill. '11. "Cinema$tar." A I L.ib!<Lri?fand &oM!I, J's. Tbe Great Potôto Boom,190 3-4 Its Itiae, Progress, and Kail clearly explain p I by T. KIMS, MABKHAM LK KRN, BOSUd, la),colnol,ile. Ready zww. Pnt free, 7d., from the Ador. i J '¡. ■•v.r.i-r VVJ.

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