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Don't Forget It! THAT T 1 T 1 1 11, I I I 1 :limited, Hold by far the Largest Selection of every description of Household Furniture In the Principality; that every Article is Warranted, and that all Goods are Sold at the Lowest Possible Margin of Profit. ^BEVAN.&^fpGEST ? r? VA ?(* JEST  THE §11 Weapes^ S??    F?NjSpE.RS IKFLY". "I N. 7  ?WA L ES' Don't Forget It THAT BEVAN & COMPY, CARDIFF, NEWPORT, SWANSEA, And from all other Branches, De- liver Goods Free up to 200 Miles, aoQ Pay the Train Fres of Cash and Pay the Train Fares of  Customers. Registered and known far and wide as The Cardiff Furnishers." I LI H.-IIt- .L nh "'Tr, "f.1:"  7' "='1' 'IiïIIF' ? ??::?. -.e;?- '?T?.J?  L M???, GET A WATCH LIKE MIME 1  ? ??.???????'?'? ? GU?MER Get a watch that will never let you down—one of ?-    ?'f  .???'.?- Jvi ? ???????S??? DELIGHTED H. Samuel's world-famed timekeepers. Call and see ? "^5«| t. ??????????6 Gunner J. W. Finch, ?'' the new wrist model with luminous dial (as illustrated). S6.E? ?'?'SS § 't BRIGAJE staff, R.F.A., writes High grade, fully jewelled, keyless movement, handsome EFPJAABAPB ) S ?????'????'? October a' 1915: aI nickel silver case, strap any shade. Wonderful value, 17¡6. -—      —/Lv i highly i'htd with S ??????M!????? the luminous wrist Many other designs, 21/ 2?/- upwards. Every *'S* '?" ? /??:'????? H 9 ????BNE?St??jM?? w?tch. It is an arti- watch warranted for 5 years. Satisfaction guaran- ?-.?. ?T ?'?!S?'? ?-'?? ? !$f?? H ?s?S? British Tommy teed or money refunded in full. Send one to your *=.. ?'??'  ??!S? \?! ????N g ??*—S!?s??M? P?'?? ?? noBrit!shTomfny ?' ehou:d be wtthout." sailor or soldier friend to-day! '?T ???????S?-? ?' i.'?1 S   movement. Perfec N' Ho SAM==UEL ntn&NE21W1&,PORT.  ?-  'HEWPOBT.^ a ?shew:?s th.e ?tirmfJe?.n?-?nuy ??b? y ???BVt?&L NEWPORT..<????S??   ?eper.s years'w?n-Mtv ?/0 ?a??a????/7????. ? ? ..<???????*??? .?  L T D ) IF YOU WANT TO Furnish or re-Furnish Wisely and Well, you cannot do better than pay me a visit. Most of my Goods are made in my. own Workshops. I have been Es- tablished in this Valley over Half-a-Oenturj^. Re-upholstering, Re-polishing and Repairs done only by Ex- perienced Workmen. No Shoddy Work done. ESTIMATES FREE FOR ALL WORK Special Show of Kitchen Dressers, Bedroom Suites, Bedroom & Ware of every description. Motor Cycles, Cycles, and all Accessories. Venetian Blinds a Speciality. Buy with a Firm with a Half-a-Oentury's Reputation. • ISRAEL FINE, Lawn Terrace, Rhymney, and Commercial Street, New Tredegar. —; r«Vr*r^w?. Jt:- diiIIIIk.a.4t ;I'L:£::i. Important Announcement. THE NEW TREDEGAR EISTEDDFOD ON Saturday, July 21,1917, Will Commence at I p in., and not 4 p.m., as originally announced. ,Preliminary Tests will Commence at 11-30 a.m. Order of the Day, Id each; lid. by Post, from the Secretaries- Mr. OWEN JONES, 59, Duffryn Terrace, New Tredegar, Mr. GWILYM DAVIES, 54, Derlwyn Street, New Tredegar. ONE tablespoonful Karswood Poultry Spice supplies 20 hens one day and ensures eggs. Packets 2d., 6d., Is. Sold by Davies & Son, Chemists, Rbymney. ??????'?L? ?t?M ?.\?.. '????? BUTLER'S ? LAMSERT& BUTLER'S I | WAYERLEY ? w?Jn&?a?M?iLsLM CIGARETTES 1 ??yf?i?!F!?i! fw ? Stratght Cut Virginta !f??' worry: a comple- jj) Your cigarettes are your dtity ? ?t??A??i?i'TiTitB?ta€ Wavcrl ey Cigarettes will fulfill all your expectations. 10 FOR 41° 20 FOR 9D. The Imperial Tobacco Co. (of Great 1^ Britain and Ireland). Ltd. PVRT.OTRMAIT> or »>xper'i»C-*d TEOTJS* PARLOUR,- p MA?'!?aat''d. Three ?'y. State age, wilder, fee—Mrs. M"?n. The I'uolt;. Hertford C'ORETS MtQufoturer's?tock. Fifty tbon- ??I?t?JL I t? and Special FttUnt French Corset# for j f< pr pair, with lace camisole for introductions- Semi P.O.. with tixe t)f waist*, we will forward carriage paid.—Tuin^r and Co.,$6, Great Portland Street, W. CUT THIS OUT.—Print Shirt Blouses. 12N.: Voile Blouses. sailor collars, all oolonra, 1/6d.; Ditectoire Divided Skirts, white, aelf eolours., atripes, Vuchesa Mats, 2d.; Costume Cloths. Send post card for bargain list.-FIRTH. Westgate, BRADFORD. Keating's KILLS in War and Peace, FLIES, FLEAS, BUGS, BEETLES, all in- sects. ALL kiHed eare and certain with Keating'* Powder. Remember Insects carry disease—therefore kiU them with Keating's. Tine 3d., 6d., and Is. Sold everywhere. But be ans it BB "Keatia^e.^ I HEARSE, Light, Glass Sides; equal i t New Low Price, Cash or Terms.— Marston, 24, Bradford St., Birmingham. WOMAN'S UNFAILING FRIEND. TOWLE'S PILLS Immediately you notice any irregularity of the Rystem, take Towle'ts Pills. They will quickly remove all suffering. Boxes 1/3 and 3/ of all Chemists, or sent anywhere on receipt of P.O., by E. T. TOWLE & Co., Ltd., II, Long Row, NOTTINGHAM. I Write for Booklet containing most invaluable information for married women. Post free.


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