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  I f£ ■; GEt A WATCH LIKE M?E!  /¡'r: :;h:i; :< ;.¿( Y?.    J[41j0:; i V 'T A GUNNER Get a watch that will never let you down—one of i ? ""}'i', ¡O,(.t')\ DELIGHTED H. S?uel's world-famed timekeepers. Call and see ;c.; ???':?.'????\?. &f,.r:h'{,? 'l .f: ? W/????'??A? Gn,,]. W. p?h. 2;th the new ??st model with luminous dial (as illustrated). ?? ?' ?-?% ;1,1 |j V» *f t jDs Brigade Staff, R,F,A" wntes High grade, fully jewelled, keyless movement, handsome fS^" ,)") C ".itt': "k" 8 v <h "*5> h £ ^JL October II, !9i5: "I am nickelsHvercase, strap any shade.Wonderfu!vaiue,!7' .6. ''=?==?'?-?s?????????'? 'b——  B '*»«& j*- fff. highly doligrhtcd with \??*??????<?? the wrist Many other designs, 21 25/- upwards. Every '?°* -?? '? ? H H watch. It is an arti- watch warranted for 5 years. SatisfactioR guaran- ??e.. "'?/'??3? (:2r\ cle no British Tommy teed or money refunded in full. Send one to your ?*?= 'f"Jl N ???=???'? 8hould be without." sailor or soldier friend to-day! *?? '? /??''??!?????;???????  m ■ ■— 172» CommerCif1 1 S-hows t?,e time instanil,?b Shows 0 r dav.Fine jevH NEWPORT. StrMt. B I LUMINOUS WRIST WATCHb.y BHB lyi U C !■ NEWPORT. -.????''S k-?!,per. (J¥atchmaker to ih  tt ?.?.??.? W/0 r!?a????????/?. ????? .<<??????'????? '?S IF YOU WANT TO Furnish or re-Furnish Wisely and Well, you cannot do better than pay me a visit. Most of my Goods are made in my own Workshops. I have been Es- tablished in this Valley over Half-a-Oentury- Re-upholstering, He-polishing and Repairs done only by Ex- perienced Workmen. No Shoddy Work done. ESTIMATTilS FREE FOR ALL WORK Special Show of Kitchen Dressers, Bedroom Suites, Bedroom & Ware of every description. Motor Cycles, Cycles, and all Accessories Venetian Blinds a Speciality. Buy with a Firm with a Half-a-Oentury's Reputation. ISRAEL FINE, Lawn Terrace, Rhymney, and Commercial Street, New Tredegar. ;:Z;:17:Z;>L-t.P''5;r>-1!Ij,t;l¿r,y,.¡ -:J j ONE tablespoonful Karswood Poultry Spice supplier 20 bens one day and ensures eggs, Packets 2d., 61, Is, Sold by Davies & Son, Chemists, Rhymney. BAR:l():'TH & DISTIUCT.-Lilt of Furnished Ho MM JD on application to- E. Binkey, Surveyor, Bnrmouili ') I MO.ITTHLY.-Costarnes, Suits. Raincoats, Chil, tC 0 drcns' Clothing, Footwear, Household IJ.ien, Dttpcry, &c. Easy Terms. Ill us. Cat. free.C,istic 8u¡¡ply Co., Norwich. EW POTATOES DIRECT FROM JERSEY TO YOU. anywhere. From mid Jane to July Bond .V P.O. for biggest quantity at current price.— JK'RKOM. TORK STREET, JKfc^fcY. HAIR COMBINGS BOUGHT From 4d. per ounct. by J. P. Ray. Ltd., 24, Kilbura Priory, London, N. W. Food Production. Bow now, Climbing White Haneot Beans. Just arrived from France by specal permit. Half pint I, pint lf'«, p at. free. Crown the saae n.a Scarlet Runners, height af t. »• d can be tifed a. a green Vegetable, or aliowau to ripen for Winter use. and can only be supplied by S. BIDE & SONS, Ltd., Seedsmen, Farnham, SURREY. WILD FOODS OF GREAT BRITAIN: Where te Find Them and How to Cook Thern.- By L. C. R. CAMERON. 46 HITS. (21 coloured). Post iree If. 9d. Describes over -00 edible products, animal and ▼cjetable, easily identified, with directions and recip (8) for each. Nearly every product dealt with is habitually eaten, somewhere or other in the country. GEORGE ROUTLEDGE & SONS, Lttl., 70, Carter Lans, E.C. 4. Preserve your FURS. This year especially. When you put your FURS, Blankets, and "Winter Things" away, see that they are dry, and well sprinkle them with "Keat- Kelitin,f,fi KILLS Moth and will not injure the most delicate fabric. Directions vith every tin. Sold everywhere, :1d., 6d., and Is. But, be sure you get Keating's." "WfU /"????'" '? l LAM3E8T^BUTLERS J WAVERLCYI i ???%? /sar ?? ?? aa a8r-' ?W/ ? WM ?W c'rm ? SLs K?a L&? ??? aB LBz ? Straight Cat V?gtttta B g ? f ?? ?,f AA M? ? ? ? i ?i ? LR* !6?' H Your!t'"s t!"( Jo..r d.ily I ccirpaniori: ■ sola .e in tim^s H Choose them with cau- Waverley Cicarettes will H fulf, !I all your expectations. H H 10 FOR 5 I 20 FOR 10°. I Th. IiBperial Tobacco Co (of Great H■ B W]?6 Britain and Ireland). Ltd. PA PE R- REAMS OR REELS. I KEENEST PRICES ON APPLICATION I JNO. CROCKER & CO.. 125. fdoo!!d al 'ror^ru^ B^rnin^bam. Telo: It r. v C. & C. KEA&SLSY'S ORIGINAL EWWiid dow M Welch's Female Pills pP?r.ooTrD.t ?a,d 1. liable for Ladies. The only enuine. AwarJ"d CUHTIPICATE uf MERIT attheTasmanian Exhib tion, 1801. 100 Years' Reputation. Ordered by Specialists for the cure of alVFeinale Complaints. Sold in boxes, 3 3 and .V of all Chi mists, or post free from CATHERINE KEARSLEY (Dept. C.P.P.), 42, Waterloo Iiridij-j Road, London, S E. 1. EXPLOSIVE CIGARETTES, BOMBS, ITCHYKOC SNEERING. 3iJ samples, 2B. fid: BRTTIQy, UNWQOH STREET. MANCHESTER. CANADIAN MFTHODB OF INTENSIVE EGG PRO. U DUCTIOX clearly explnined in every detail, in a book fiiled with practical information. Price 1/1: post tree, from R. B. Butler, North Rising, Oxford. SOLDIERS AND WAR WORXKKH Health preservation is of National Import- anc-e. At the Front, in the workshop, in the Home. Insects carry disease. Keatit-o-'s I KILLS ALL i nsects—Bug«, Fleag, Flics, Beetles, and all Body Vermin. Not one liws I after proper contact with Keating's Powdor. I Tins 3d., 6d., and 'le. SEND HIM A TiS EVERY WEEK. New Openings for Yc ng Ladies. Big demand for T.rtdy 1'1:1,r"A. I'nmfdiate Ap; uii't- mentg. !earn Knsinmntiv 1 h-awirie in two n>on»h«. App!? FUTURE CAEKIMt AS^OCfATIOX, 63, \:?.i? ■ St., 8,W, 1. The's on all Careers. Estsb. ?xtf. 10s. per Month Interest Will b" !ar fecfve )!r }!(W )? advanced, for the purpose of Developing- a First ('1 Invention Patented -Viill paiticnla'S from If. Bu kl»; d, 24, Southwark Bridge Road. London, S.E. I. SEND YOUR SOLDIER BOY A TIN. Every week one tin of Keating's. At the Front, in the Workshop, in the Home, all know that Keating's Powder kills, eveiv iu. eect-Bugs Flea.«. Flies, Beetles, i-kdy Vermin-comillg into jjioper contact with it, and the, vermin cany disease—there fere kill them. Sold ever re,. fid., and la,, but see you get Kcatiug's." m BUNION # apREDUCEE removing- the I'r6sure and frld ¡nil, and pre. "leal riiiii ei-. anil CROOKED TOES Scieniiftcally Corrected Dr, Scholl's unique method restores the natural paw-like action of the toes. and assists Natnre to bring about a perfect, permanent cure. /Q \7JI f. If; ¿>/1fI) ,%< ø;.)¿:' .1f}, J/t;fø: z i, FOOT APPLIANCES arc made b\ ex; ertli working under cr<r>otaot niedieal supervision, nnd are worn every riay by millions of I-e-iplf, throughout the world. Write for &wi ';i fir, SchelVg "Foot Rook," and name 11, expert agent. The Schoil Mfg. Co., Ltd,  London, EX. 1. 4, Giltspar Street, r FLEX?? !? Cui'ps Hunioiis rev- fc: •; .r,p¥'Ztj_"7"r r!=-.£,}_3t.l: < ;<'1 0 It Ij V E, T K~ CAERPHILLY. CASTLE GROUNDS, ON IVEDNESDAY, JULY 25tli, 1017, Under the auspices of the Caerpbilly Silver Bullet" Floral Fete Committee. Proceeds in Aid of the BLINDED AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS. SCHEDULE OF PRIZES. ) 1st 2nd Class l.-Col1ectbn of Roses—(Space occupied by exhibit to measure Prize. Prize. not less than 10ft. by 1ft). Rose foliage only. Grown in the open. Artistic Arrangement will be taken into consideration. Entrance Fee, 58. .65 £ 2 10s. Class 2-0pen. Cut Roses—12 Blooms. Distinct Varieties. Eii- trance Fee, Is. .£1 Class 3.—Amateurs. Six Roses-Distinct. Entrance Fee, Gd, 10s. 5s. Class 4. Open. Six Bunches of Cut "Flowers—Distinct. Entrance' Fee, Is. Clas.3 5.-Amateur. Four Bunches of Cut Flowers—Distinct. En- trance Fee, 6d. los. 58. Class 6, Open. Sweet Peas, 12 Vases—Distinct. Not more than twenty stems. Own Foliage only. EntraliceFee,5s. £5 XI 109. Class i. Amateur. Sweet Pens, 6 Va-es-Distin(,t. Not more than twelve stems. Own Foliage only. Entrance Fee, Is 6d 451 10s. 10s. TRADE EXHIBITS. Class 8. Collection of Cut Flowers. Entrance Fee, 5s. £ 5 10a ClaEs 9—Collection of Vegetables. Entrance Fee, 5s. ?5 .EllOa Trade Exhibits Invited. Special Engagement of H.M. Royal Marines Band. Captured German Fukker Aeroplane on Exhibition. Never before seen in the Welsh Valleys. Hon. Secretary-E. E. JOHNSON, 6, School Street, Caerphilly. Entries to be in the hands of the Hon. Secretary on or before July 23rd. BLAENAYOX CHAMBER OF TRADE. 3rd ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD Also a BRASS BAND CONTEST, at the WORKMEN'S HALL AND PARK, BLAIIVAYOV ON MONDAY, AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY, £ —— UPWARDS OF £ 100 IN PRIZES. —- -:0 ADJUDICATORS -.—Dr. CARADOG ROBERTS, F.R.C.O., A.R.C M. (Wrexham). MusIc-Mr. W. J. WATKINS, F.R CO., L.R.A.M., (Dowlais). CHIEF ITEMS. Male Voice-If The War Horse." First Prize, .615 2nd .£5, Male Quartette-" 0 Peaceful Night." First Prize, X2 2s. Champion Solo— £ 2 2a. Vocal and Instrumental Solos-First Prize, .£1 Is., and 10/6< BRASS BAND CONTEST. Test, — Sweet English Songs," W. & R. X10, 95, .£3, and jgl. I Brass Quartette.-(lst), £ 2; (2nd), ^81. March Conted-(lst), 2nd, 10s. BAND ADJUDICATOR—Mr. S. RADCLIFFE, Abertridwr. Programmes, ljd. post free, from HARRY WILLIAMS, 22, Broad Street, Blaenavon. Important Announcement. THE NEW TREDEGAR EISTEDDFOD ON Saturday, July 21, 1917, Will Commence at I p ml, and not 4 p.m., as originally announced. Preliminary Tests will Commence at 11-30 am Order of the Day,. Id each lid. by Post, from the Secretaries- Mr. OWEN JONES, 59, Duffryn Terrace, New Tredegar, Mr. GWILYM DA VIES, 54, Derlwyn Street, New Tredegar. FREE to the first twelve pig-keepers t who call valuable 1917 booklet about pigs, and one Karswood Pig Powder. Certain remedy for colds, wheezing, fever, costiveness, itching, worms, eating earth, bad legs, loss of appetite, &c.-Breakwell, Corn Merchant, Monmouth. 16525, HEARSE, Light, Glass Sides; equal JLJL New Low Price, Cash or Terms.— Marston, 24, Bradford St., Birmingham. PIG-KEEPERS who want to turn their money over quickly should use Kars- wood Pig Powders twice weekly for fatten- ing pigs. Makes them put on flesh. Twelve powders Is.—Bteakwell, Corn Mer- chant, Monmouth. 16526 I WOMAN'S UNFAILING FRIENdT Immediately you notice any irregularity of the system, take Towle's Pills. They will quickly remove all suffering: Boxes 1/3 and 3/ of all Chemists, or sent anywhere on receipt of P.O., by E. T. TOWLE & Co., Ltd., ii, Long Row, NOTTINGHAM. IVrite for Booklet containing most invaluable information for married women. Post free. If you want PRINTING quickly and cheaply, go to the Monmouth Guardian Offices, Rhymney, 2 MERTHYR TYDFIL UNION. DISTRICT NURSE WANTED.— GELLYGAER DISTRICT. THE Guardians of the Poor of the above Union invite Applications for the Appointment of TRAINED NURSE for the Gellygaer District of the Union. Candidates must be between the ages of 25 and 10 years, and must have had a Course of Training for at least three years I in the Medical and Surgical Wards of a Hospital or Infirmary (being a Trained School for Nurses, and maintaining a Resident Physician or House Surgeon), and will be required to carry out the duties of the office as directed by the Orders- of the Local Government Board. Salary, £ 75 per Annum (less deductions under the Superannuation and National Health Insurance Acts), rising by Annual Increments of .£5, to £ 90 per Annum. The person appointed must reside at Bargoed. Applications, with Certificates of Diplomas, and copies of three recent Testi- monials, must reach me by Friday, the 13tlT day of July, 1917, and be made upon Forms which may be obtained upon per- sonal application at my Office, or by post, in the latter case enclosing a stamped, addressed foolscap envelope. By Order, FRANK T. JAMES, Clerk to the Guardians. 1-U, High Street, Mertbvr Tydfil, 3rd July, 1917.




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