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DERI SPORTS AND FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT. il A grand sports and football tourna- ment were held by the sub-committee of the Welcome Home and Memorial Fund on Whit-Monday. The weather in the morning was rather wet, and it was anticipated that the event would have to be postponed, but, fortunately, towards mid-day, there was a welcome change in the elements, which con- tributed greatly to the success of the meeting. The football tournament commenced at 11-30. Mr S. Edwards and Mr W. Googh being the referees The fol- lowing eight teams took part, the first round being played in the order named. The number of goals scored will be found in brackets :—Deri Midgets No. 1 (4), v. Otri Midgets No.2 (1) Constitutional Club (0), v. Will Stevens' Team (2, one a penalty); Duri Rovers (3), v. Sid William's Team (0) Deri Nibs (l penalty), v. George S okes' Team (0). The first and last games were splen- didly fought out, when we consider the teams had only seven a-side. The secocd and third games were played between teams the members of which had not played for many years. Much merriment, and little football, was the order of the things during these two matches. The semi-tinal matches produced two good games, though some of the players showed clear signs of wear in the first roand. The results were as follows:—Deri Rovers (3), v. Will Stephens' Team (0) Midgets No. 1 (2), v. Deri Nibs (0). The final was fought oat between Deri Rovers and Midgets No. 1, and, after a hard straggle, the Midgets ran out winners by 2 goals to nil. It was evident, after the first round, that, barring accidents, the Midgets No 1 team were the likely winners. They knew the game, knew what to do, and when to do it, and were de- servedly the winners. Our heart'est congratulations to them. The sports took place later in the afiernoon. The Deri Silver Baud miirched from the Central Buildingii at 5 p.m., over.to the Coke Oven Field, where tho sports were held. The handicapper6 were Mr Jones (Bailey Arms), and Mr Herbert. The events and successful competitors were as follows:—Race for boys under 12 years, Willie Phillips race for girls under 12 years, Cad wen Vaughan. The competitors in these two items were quite numerous, and excited a great deal of interest and amusement Race for boys under 14 years, Boisey Stead; boys under 17 years, Boisey Stead three legged race, Re(a John and Glyn Richards; seek race, Idris Harris open race for men, D. Uzzell marai h;n race, a race around the villa e, John Bowen race for married men over 40 years, James Tenby race for married men over 50 years, Wm. John; wheelbarrow race, W. Hopkins and J. W aHH; race for married ledif F,, Mrs Lee.. This race caused much excitement andlaughttr. Tug- of-war for men, Deri Scrubbs. This contest was exceedingly severe Secoud iaej for married ladies, Mrs Lee. This was a very severe contest and aroused ruuch interest. Widows' race, Mrs Richards egg and spoon race for ladies, Mrs Harris; the tug- of-war for ladies proved a very inter- esting and amusing contest. The team that carried off the prize was as follows: Mrs Meredith (oaptain), Mrs Cowling, Mrs Lee, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Hardiiug, Mrs Kay, Mrs Richards, Mrs Perkins, and Mrs Hopkins. The Sub-Committee wish to tender their best thanks to the following Mr James Jones, for loan of field Deri Silver Band; Dr McCarthy, L.R.C.P., Mrs Young (Bargoed Inn), and others for their generosity in giving prizes.