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CONGREGATIONAL CYMANFA GANU AT RHYMNEY. Monday last witnessed another highly-successful singing festival, held under the auspices of the Welsh Congregational Churches of Rhymney and District. This cymanfa is one of the most popular of the year held in connection with the denomination in the county, and, as was to be ex- pected, the singing reached a very high standard of excellence, and, in fact, surpassed the expectations of the most exacting critic. The meetings were marked by the attainment of the real Welsh hwyl" and, naturally, the inspiring renderings won the warmest praise of the experienced conductor and musical genius, Mr Daniel Owen, who again wielded the baton in a masterly manner, and in- fused into the choristers the true Celtic fire, as the result of which the 1 response brought forth that power, devotion, and sense of true praise which the tunes and anthems called for. The massed choirs were drawn from Zoar (Graig), Zion, Goshen, and Moriah (Rhymney), Nazireth (Pontlottyn), and Bethania (Aber- tysswg) The tnorning iilc-oting was held at N zareth Chapel, Pontlottyn, which was crowded. As in past yearp, this meeting was devoted to the children's tunes, and the inspiring singing was a clear indication of the effective work which had been done in the rehearsals by the several cond uctors. Master Ellis Salmon ably presided at the organ. The duties of president were efficiently discharged by the Rev. Rhys Jenkins (Goshen), and Mr Enoch Evans (Moriab) examined the little ones in the Catechism, the answers being intelligently given, The afternoon meeting was held at Zion Chapel, which was crowded, Mr John Evans (Graig) ably presided. After the devotional part had been conducted, Mr Owen took up his position on the rostrum, and without loss of time, the programme was pro- ceeded with. Very effective render- ings were given of the following tunes IC Merthyr," (Dr. Parry)," y, Groes- bren," Broomsgrove," M Llanwnen," (Tom Davies), Gwynfa," (J. H. Roberts) Carnarvon" (Dr. Parry), in addition to the chorus "ThanKs be to God," and the anthems, the renderings of which were quite in- spiring, and the choristers worthily Is stained the noble traditions of past years for precision, attack, ncd colour- ing. A most edifying mteting closed with pi aycr. Mr Aoel E. Junes, A.C. the capable organist of the church, presided at the orJt n most t fficieii t ly, I THE EVENING MEETING. That the singing cymanfa has lost none of its popniarity was manifest at the closirg meeting1 at Moriah Chapel. Timed to commence at 6 o'clock the sacred edifice was comfortably crowd- ed long before that hour and scores failed to gain admission. A popular hymn tune having been sung, Mr I Thomas Williams, one of the deacons of the church, read a chapter, and the Rev. T. E. Willianae, (Jerusalem) engaged iu prayer, Mr J. W. Price, M.E. presided, and in his introductory remarka referred briefly to former cynmnfaoedd. Thefirsthe remembered i was one conducted by the late Dr. Joseph Parry, the author of tho Re- quiem in the programme for this year, and which the author himself con- I ducted with thrilling effect at that i cymanfa. The next one was conduct- Ii ed by the late Rev. W. Erulyn Jenes, Morriston, a gentleman equally famous both as a musician and a preacher, and ever since the cymanfa I has been held annually, with one short gap, with splendid sucoess and growing popularity. The one this year has never been excelled in this senae, and it is in safe bands in our present conductor (Mr Daniel Owen), and the trainers in t ho various places of worship. Mr Price also referred during the meeting to the presentation to Mr John T. Jones at the rehearsal at Zion Chapel on the previous Thurs- day evening. Mr Jones had carried out the duties of secretary of the committee for the last 12 years, and he rejoiced that his excellent services as such had been appreciated by the churches. The selections included Aber- hiraeth-" (D. Emlyn Evans) Mawl- gan," (Dr. Parry) "Plygeingan," Hermon," (E. T. Davies) Pwy fel lesu GrIst" (D. C, Williams). The choristers were also heard to fi_!1e advantage in the chorus, and also the anthems, Mor Hawddgar yw Dy Bebyll" (Dr. Parry), Dyn a aned o Wraig" (Dr D. C. Williams), the latter being one of the finest treats of the evening Pa fodd y Glanha (Abel E. Jones, A.C.). The singing, notwithstanding the intense heat, and crowded building, was again of a very high standed, and the conductor was warm in his praise to the choristers for their unremitting attention and masterly renderings. The service closed with prayer by the Rev. W. Davies, Trevil. Mr Charles Edwards rendered excellent service at the organ. The arrangements for the day were, as nsnal, of a complete character, and efficiently carried out by a committee, of which the Rev. J. R. Salmon was chairman Councillor H. M. Thomas, treasurer, (who succeeded the late Mr Griffith Jones, Goshen) and the secretarial dnties were again faithfully discharged by Mr John T. Jones, j Church Street. I