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PRESENTATION TO MR. JOHN T. JONES, RHYiviSEY. In connection with the rehearsal of the forthcoming singing festival of the Congregational Churches oi Rhymn-y and district, held at /ion Chapel on Thursday evening, a presentation was made to Mr. John T. Jones, who has ably filled the post of secretary of the committee for the last twelve years. A very large number of choristers and other friends were present to witness the pleasant event. The chair was occupied by the Rev. R. E. Pere- grine. During the meeting the Chairman, and District Councillors H. M. Thomas. W. T. Hopkin ktreastirer of the movement), and Mr. W. R. Beddoe, Pontlottyn ksecretary), delivered addresses, all of whom emphasised the irre- proachable character of Mr. Jones, his ability and devotion to the musical art, and his valuable and ungrudging services as secretary of the committee for the lengthy period which he has occupied the post, and which accounts largely for the success which has attended the festival hitherto. The Rev. J. R. Salmon, chairman of the committee, in well-chosen words presented Mr. Jones with a note wallet, in which a considerable number of notes were enclosed, and a handsome silver-mounted walking stick, upon which was inscribed the words:—" Rhodd eyfyilledig gan Gymanfa Ganu Annibynwyr, Rhymni a'r Cylch i John T. Jones, Ysw. Mai 1917. The cordial cheers-ot the meeting having ceased, Mr. Jones suitably responded, and declared that what he had done as secretary had been a source of the purest pleasure to him, and he was prepared to con- tinue to do all he could to promote the interest of sacred music, which he regarded as one of the most important elements of Divine wor- ship. Then followed short. ad- dresses by the Rev. R. D. Jenkins, Goshen, Alderman J. Edwards, J. P and Mr. Dan. Owen, the conductor of the festival, all of whom spoke in the highest terms of the recip ient's character and his valuable service to music in the locality for the past 40 years, and the esteem in which he was held in the town ot his birth and the, district. The whole meeting was pervaded by a sane and hearty enthusiasm.


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