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t. I!-  e.a. ('LUCKY ??????., ¿'c- ;i'" :< .:> u  Ti]E DA V OF PERFECT Kki, PPINEiSS  ,¡ ,>¿f <, R'uS §:■ V /Tr* V 'sfN *>■■■ should be crowned by the thought that the symbol of arwcddmgiovM R«f!8Si ?<?? '.A ? f"t the most perfect that money can buy, H. Simon's "Yucky"-Wedding Latest f?ionab!<. /?? ??i?  ??????? 1 |.  ,,)i1 ?' 1 R"?s are perfect-perfect in their Iden purity; p?rfccL'jTstertin" value CocrtttytestnHtt)- ?? .?? -'??? i '< ¡' f ¡(". tel t;> I hl:> marked Solid Gold, ? J." P«iect *>' a lifetimes wear. H.SamuelpresenHtoe?Typurch?rof? sS5 5 £ L?#,d* ?????????\? 1 v I 'K LUCKY'WEDDING RING 1 ?5/- /'WJ CLJ I J 1' "í 1' .t; ¡ DO &I' G 22-Ct. 10!6 y £ < £ j WE I-.Q 1FT FREE. "f?10/8 ?.???? ij ? .???-?.?? ?E?RSMC B9E@EMTC ?money-Mvingnext ?'??????"??? *?'???? I WEDDING PRESENTS y^r.Slv I • •/ ,,?'¡;j' 'i .I. > <= ID¡:Ult 'ree. -4' 1'\1 r  172, Commercial S?et. 22, 23 & ?a. ?? ??< Jg '1"f.C ,o, I 1;1 R M U. r l' &W II. S'??!JEL 26a. High St., NEWPORT. SPECIAL FFR. ?? \V ,< ,) I.. i to;5 \& ( ) .\edLuJ1g R.ng and -I 'KMBs^mBmeaeaoeiBiieE ¡; -}; A, K L e p e.r 1 (i /'1i ":1. thelwo S. t., IF YOU WANT TO Furnish or re-Fur nish Wisely aud Well, you t-anaot do better tbaQ. pay me a visit. Moat f of my Goods arc- irade in ny own Workshops. I hava Vepn Es- tablished in tl is Valley over Half-a-Ceutury. Re-upholstering, Re-; r lishing a.d Repairs done enly by Ex- perienced Workmen No Shoddy Work done. ESTIMATES FRKIi ,IHlt ALL HOHk Special Shew of Kitchen Dreiser?, Bedroom Suites, Büdroom lJ Ware of every description. Motor Cycles, Cycles, and all Accessories. Venetian Blinds a Speciality. Buy with a Firm with a Half-a-Oeatury's Reputation. ISRAEL FINE, Lawn Terrace, Rhymney, and Commercial Street, Ne^ Tredegar. It-IF Scientific ? '-??? '?c?r?ction =z ,ø '\1, \-1 c: x.& i =: /)lJl'/Yf;fll:JI'¡//llfjiJJ}.j every WC ■ foot ¡>' i, ?r.-???? ?'????????''??=s?? AILMENT c ''í.' "I'> -'< m ir. c Q('f'- ? ????NB!??!)B?'? Tired, -?S???. .chi?f  i.iii aching feet ♦* B.?.ttiti??  •• weak, turn ng  A? ?"" ankles, flat foot,  ?? cr?mpeJ toes, and other foot troubles are ?nstant'y ?? re' evei and permanently corrected by Dr. Sc?oH's Foot ?? ? Eazi r. M or Women. Pnce 8 6 pair. 10 days free trial l 'J .}: !í1J;¡ ? ?oc?r???z/?/c?<? S  'J have won the  have won the approval of the teadf?g autocrines on the treatment of gg ? foot ailmenh, as the only scentinc and anatomically perfect crect- «j ?? IV"" and they are worn every day W!th abs?!?co'T'for?v??)ton9  õ l' A 1 dr' 1 1 ? oIp?cpt?t:tfous':outHewof'!d. A'A'arciednumercmC'jidMedats. ? If ynu have any foortrouble. come and tT 4 ,??..? ??? 7?' ?? exam ned /ee Ii p? ? ? J -req,'ired. a mitable Sc,?o'?! Anpl'ance ItlU* f ''< ?.?? 'ens?nng imtaf11 relief and permanent T.s-ri? \C?? ° cprrection will then be adjusted and toes^and i[ure? # fitted. liUl?10113 peri))a- '? ? '? Ante')r?'-ta- It eaaMe to caB, wrje !of a copy nent Y. Price 1!6 ea. Scll-1 iif f unabLli e t. o caiiij wrjie i f or a copy s = Xrf An, lcnorMeii- Feet and th?r ?,?'?- tarsal A,ch Supprrts of Dr Schol]', "The Feet an d their BKeaacer •* Instant'v teiievs )? ?  cnuiirei toe- and r Care- eiyesinstant ?. pain ■ at the ball of. P^j o/ J r Price .10 6. i^r y.r 4^ Giltfp-jr Sir«4. Landaa, E.C. I. A ■ j. THE SCHOLL MFG. CO. Ltd..  J? —— TIT-BITS The cheeriest and bwt paper to Mnd t. yoar boy at the Front. Keep him Merry and Bright. 1d. Shops selling ^FOOTWEAR Travellers being called to the Atmy and circulation of Price Lists officially prohibited, we fcjTite all Boot Retailers to send V a line saying class required for coming season's trade, when particulars or sam plea of 'in stock' A lines will at once be submitted, AO. E. C. MIDGLEY & SONS LEEDS. M&T V A PS I™ 3 3 S" A rt A very sirnp)? FnmCb.¡ I I ■■ H P» B* remedy which has I I OA 1 |l| |]|1 permanently cured DEAFNESS hundreds of euffereM  I Ktadly expMned FREE. -W?nt< "ORLENF," Co., Watling Street, Dartford Kentj. YO." WANT POSTERS to advertise your business t 1 } ) If 80. write for samples and p"ices,-8tafford and Co., NetheriMd. Kotts. DOLLKR 8KA,TES.-Wanted. to buy quantity fœ j\ ?..h—Jacobs. SO,T?ckn?y Hoad. London. F 2. ",I,, pkpLR.-(,Id "k- Magazines, News- purohsised ill any quantity, :010. 6d. per cu t. r wit at Promyt cash by return po^t, 6i I "v Go'»di" Train to Messrs. GRIi'FITHS, 31, Midden Lane. hTRAMX j^OXi'ON. "■mm SUFFERERS! po NOT GIVK UP UT,PB OF A CGRE UNTir. yoo I ri-d the him ired-rear-old remedy, BANKX Q I i- N. -,i. certain Cure for Era ma. Hingworm, Itch, Bui Ikgs, tc. Succcsseg after all else have fitilc l. Te,-ti.. n h; n's ryx-m appliesti'n. M'lll not soil linen and has no di^.tjieeable odoUr. rtice 2'6 per bottle, post free, from BAN 'EX LOTION COMPANY, GLK SiDK, POLSKA.H, PAIGNTON. 8. DEVON NVTirrr^L S FRY ICE.-Health Preserva- ti n is essential fer all "workers. The germa of disease axe carried hy insects—Beetles, Bags, Fleas, Ftic. Body Vermin, ALL are CoTrilIrrs. Ti-,Qi-cf,e KILL them— ) w'? -K?Mtu.t2'a Powder Sold everywhere,  BntMh-'a t  ;>(! British Made.  TTTASTE PAPER, Ih+ T.c4gf«'s. tc. N Any qutntitf t)?.?.?. c'<? q? '!?'?'?' ?rr'??a 'I forward ,-101, Ora.y>/ii^^It. si'l. 'J"?'-? 1 WANTED, Blu¡o: 1<11')", '?H tL? Am?pr V!'I", ?e.:j drf Whit*" and (o.T.tfa -grJiw* C"'nncu?'as oa; XcwMM Street, Lott^loa. • ;■ v/ j ^^002*^ r-? t???' ??-??   ? v< ????? .? Liptons own thou- L If you want ric h j sands of acres of some ?T? mature, leafy tea, of the finest Tea plan- t 4 LiDton s ig the best. tat• ions in the world, L iDtons is the best.  been, and 1 t.h* epossession of which fcf > ^41 3 alj waus hL as b, een, and • Liptons ? ? ?'?- I LIpton s is the best.  H you want rich that a d vantage over If you want smal1 tea I ers, ena b l'ng mature: leafy tea, ot h ers, ena b lmg them Lip!ons is the best: j just give Liptons I I J I alwags has been, and ra~Tr riesrts m »*>-»•' better va is so $iill. better value. — Ltd., If you want §Mlftl l r*a ^•^CBYLOM. the best tea, ?OtOt?efirHt Br?cAMen d ?ene?"? that g??s it  « WILLO WSMEEE" I (Opposite Railway Station), i ^BC~yjVLIsrE3"Y". Mr. F. A. PHILLIPS, F.A.I., HAS received instructions to SELL BY JH PUBLIC AUCTION at the above Address, on THURSDAY. JUNE 7th, 1917, a large quantity of Magnifioent and Well-Preserved HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Comprising :— Oak Sideboard, Oval Mirror in Oak, Up- right Grand Pianoforte in Walnut (E. Allinson & Sons), Clock in Rosewood, Couch. Ottoman in Tapestry and two Easy Chairs to match, Arm Chair and two other Chairs to match, inlaid Chippendale, Crimson Plush Table Cloth and Mantle Border to naatch, Inlaid Mahogany Card Table, Oak Flower Stand with Brass Bowl, Occasional Table, Antique Copper Curb with Irons ^nd Dogs to match, Brass Fender with Irons and Dogs to match, Brass Coal Vase, Brass Dining Gong, Bamboo Music Stand, Axminster Stair Carpet with Rods and Fittings complete, Wilton Square Carpet, Roman Square Carpet, Axminster Carpet, Solid Brass Bedstead, White Enamelled Bedtand, Wire Mattresses, Hair Mattress, Bedroom Suite Wardrobe, Dressing Table, W&fchstand and two Chairs in White Enamel, Single Bedstead with Mattress and Pillow complete; Bedroom Ware, Bedroom Pair, Swing Glass, Lino, Oak Umbrella Stand, Kitchen Dresser, Dinner Service, Crockery and Glass, Steel Fender and Irons, Kitchen Table and Chairs, Mats, Rugs, Mowing Machine, Steps, Pots, and Pans, and other Atticles too numerous to mention. Goods on View Morning of Sale. Sale to Commence at 2 o'clock sharp. For further Particulars apply to the Auctioneer, at Post Office Buildings, Mer- tbyr Tydfil. 16519 ATTEN DANT NURSES.—RESPECTABLE Single Women required, of fair edu- cation and gcort height previous ex. perience unnecessary. Salary commences at .£25, rising, after satisfactary service, by annual increments of 42 to JE35, and on promotion to .£50 per annum, with board, l odging, washing and uniform.-Apply to the Superintendent, County Asylum, Prest- wich, Manchester. 16516 WOMAN'S UNFAILING FRIEND. I TOWLE'S PILLS Immediately you notice any irregularity of the system, take Towle's Pills. They will quickly remove all suffering. Boxes 13 and 3/ of all Chemists, or sent anywhere on receipt of P.O., by E. T. TOWLE & Co., Ltd., ii, Loilg Row, NOTTINGHAM. Write for Booklei containing most invaluabl e in armation for married women. Post free. HEARSK, Light, G1as Sid^s; eqaal H Ne? L6w Prie?, Cash or Terms.— Margton, 24, Bradford St., Birmingham. ft — BEDWELLTY UNIO. APPOINTMENT OF FOSTER MOTHER. THE Guardiana of the above Union in- t vite Applications for the Appoint- menc of a FOSTER MOTHER for the Children's Homes, at Park Row, Tredegar. Candidates must be Single or Widows without dependent children, not under 30 years of age, good Needlewoman, and com- petent to carry out the ordinary domestic duties of a home. Salary— £ 25 for the First, .£26 WI for the Second, X28 for the Third, and 230 per Annum for subsequent years of service, with Uniform* Rations, Apartments, and Washing. These emoluments are valued at ,£:30 per Annum The Appointment will be made subject to the Provisions of the Poor Law Offices' Superannuation Act, 189fi to one month's notice on either side to determine the engagement; and to production of satis- factory certificate of health from a Medical i Officer of the Guardiins. Applications, with copies of three recent testimonials, upon forms which may be obtained from the umdersigned. must be received by him not later than 10 a.m. on Monday, the lUh day of June, 1917. By Order, WILLIAM HALL, Acting Clerk to the Guardians, Union Offices, Tredegar, • 25th May, 1917. 16518. The Free Churches of New Tredegar and District. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD .Under the auspices of the above, on Saturday, July 21,1917. Attractive Competitions And Substantial Prizes. Proceeds in Aid of the New TreJegar and District Relie.f Fonds. Programmes, Id each; by Post, lid., may be bad from the Secretaries- Mr. OWEN JONES, 59, Duffryn Terrace, New Tredegar, Mr. GWILYM DAVIES, 54, Derlwyn Street, New Tredegar. FUNERAL COACH, with Child's Coffin FBox; equal New Cash or Terms.— Marston, 24, Bradford St., Birmingham.  W80.  mm,Mm hhwjimeows* Js The Weish?a.o'? Favonnt. | SjMABON Saiisa j ¡ U.R 'J'V J f. } ? ? ? As .??? as it* Na^e. | i?'.?'i ?..?. 'fu ?.?i' 11. *• F j? t ?' » •»' 4, >"«**» L. | n "rrl>r 1 r 11 < • r MOX ttOUTHSIf 1IIE Ci>UXTY C 0 U N C I I. íMAIN ROADS. I) ERSONS desirous of Contracting for lL the SUPPLY OF MATERIALS or for ilauling broken and unbroken S TON r .i the Repair of the MAIN ROADS within (lop County for the year ending March 31st. lHIS, may obtain particulars ard Schedules application at tilt County Council ffie S. N ewport; Sealed Tenders to be ent to tJ1 nn or before Monday, June 4th t'ii>i;>rsed ''Tenders for Hauling ard Supplying Materials lor Main Roads" S A. BENNETT, A.M.I.O.E., County Surveyor. W'<*unt.y Council Offi.'es, N(?wprr<- jMou., May 17tb, 1917. 16516




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