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An Enormous Stone, l|li'4r Ml The Astounding Case of Miss Elsie Adamson. Stone is a prevalent complaint in many parts of England and in Scotland, particularly in districts where the water is hard and contains an element of lime. One of the most remarkable instances comes from Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham, where recently a young girl of 19 passed a huge stone, illustrated here, and referred to in accompanying Chemist's report. About two years ago, Miss Elsie Adamson, of No, 3 Pine Street, complained to her parents of pain in the back and urinary weakness, a doctor being afterwards consulted, and the patient placed under his care. All that could be devised was done, but the discomfort became worse and worse, until after eighteen months the poor girl, then weak and help- less, dropped the treatment altogether, and ii; was not until January of this year they had hope of her recovery. Then Mrs. Adamson obtained some of Doan's Backache Kidney Pills, and persuaded her daughter j to try them. Relief was felt at once, the patient gained in strength and recovered urinary control, Encouraged by returning hopes, Miss Adamson continued the course, and on February 20th of this year, passed the stone which is illustrated here. Her interviewer was assured that she felt well directly afterwards," and is now in better health than ever. Not only is the case a triumph for Doan's Pills, but it is a victory for medicinal treatment as opposed to surgery, a point so often emphasised by the success of Doan'a Pills in stone and gravel cases. There is great interest in this case in Chester-le-Street and neighbourhood. What the Mother says :— I am pleased to verify every word concerning the wonderful cure of my daughter, Elsie, brought about by Doan's Backache Kidney Pills." (Signed) ANNIE ADAMSON." What the Father sai/.t: — I take great pleasure in thanking Doan's Back- ache Kidney Pills for my daughter's recovery. The | stone is the largest ever passed. Many people have f asked to see it, and to hear about the Pills. My £ daughter is like a new girl, and I feel it my duty to g give all credit to Doan's Pills." gj (Signed) EDWIN ADAMSON." I Weight V Length I! 2-1 Ounces. '/i./ Inches. Circumference 3t Inches. LOCAL CHEMISTS REPORT. From Mason$ Co., Ltd., 60, Front Street, Chester-le-Street, 14-3-1914. To Messrs. Foster-McClellnn Co., London. Dear Sirs, I have much pleasure in confirming the pheno- menal success of Doan's Backache Kidney Pills, bought at this establishment, for Miss Adamson, 3 Pine Street, Chester-le-Street. The stone which these Pills have rid her of is most astounding in size, and hardly credible to any- one but those who have seen it. I weighed and measured the stone personally, so that I might keep a record, and found that it measured 2:1- inches in length, 31 inches in circumfer" once, and weighed H ounces truly a remarkable feat, which speaks volumes for the power of the Pills. As could only be expected, Miss Adamson, since beinv relieved of such a hindrance to her health, has improved wonderfully, and is now quite another woman. Should you care to make use of this statement you are quite at liberty to do so, as it is a case that should be made widely known, so that other sufferers may share the vastly improved health that our patron is now enjoying. Believe me to bt Yours faithfully, (Signed) D. YOUNG, Manager uN?M?? A? ? ?????? ???? ??.  LS DOA ?PIMLLSo 2/9 a box, six boxes 13/9, of all Chemists, or from Foster-McClellan Co., 8 Wells St, Oxford St., London, W.