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Ladies and Gentlemen's _» CLOTEIK rmioss nm UM and after all Bargains— Fine's Quality ?Prices. ????._?_ ?.??MM)M?? ? t? Mt Jjt??tMNtN?)? M?MtBBBMMNMBB B M? B M? M ? MB t?M? L )? tt ???)?)t)t?? ? /?,/????????s. ?.? 1% —BOOTS— ST Wt CLOTHING jp ?t????'"?? ??'?!?!!?? ?  —  ?— ?Mj!?? ? ? ? B? ? 11111111111111 ?/??\??/M& ? /????? J ??MS"   m. ?? ? ? 7?????m/?/y .?.?jj?tMNM'??!' ? ? ?????? mWHMn??!? ?? ????i??? ? ???)Mt?? ? H UWeJU \JUf y Ijio cope with the Easter this year, we have spared tSB?? 1/ M i J J 'Tlr m neither expense nor energy in securing what we consider j?mS?\? 11 !?!????!?????????????? ? ?\\ to be absolutely unrivalled stooks of every article of wearing N ?j???? ?N apparel for either sex of any age, and we here invite you to call Mil ?t and make your selections from the endless array of money- M |S A saving possibilities that await you. j HH K' ll w A The high-standard and sound quality of all our goods are I ||| n | now household words, and naturally with the approach of every Hi H j § \l fresh Season, and with the buying of our stocks for same, we lS I ? 1( strain every nerve in the endeavour to surpass all previous N M ??mN/ t ??? A\ reoords—this has been going on for years, and each year we have ????Wt? il A advanoedfarther andfarther into publiofavour untilthis year )??M?)? <J a. state of value-giving has been reached which has never been Y w approaohed before. appromohed before, > Prices given below indicate the wondrous values predominating at our Store. CLOTHING Ladies' Costumes? Made to Measure, in latest styles, colour schemes j and materials, from 35/- to 44 10s- Od. I Ladies' Sports Coats, in all the latest styles and colours, from 8/11 to 26/11. Gents' Suits, Made to Measure, in all the latest colours in Worsted, Serges and Tweeds, from 27/6 to 43 10s. Od. Gents' Ready-to-Wear Suits, in newest Styles, from 21/- to g|P|j62 5s. Od. Youths' Suits, in Tweed and Serges, from 12/6 to 37/6 Boys' Suits, suitable for school wear or best, from 5/11 to 16/6 Little Boys' Suits, in Velvets, Tweeds and Serges, from 3/11 to 14/6 Collars, Underwear and Hosiery, cents' Hats, Caps and Ties of all descriptions. i BOOTS 00 S me an an a t Ladies' Glace Kid Boots, in Button, Derby, or Lace, from 5/11 18 to 12/6 Ladies' Gibson Shoes, in Black and Tan, from 1/111 to 10/6 Gents' Boots, in Glace Kid and Box Calf, from 6/11 to 16/9 Children's Boots, in Box Calf and Glace Kid, from 1/1lt to 7/6 A large Selection of Children's Boots, in Tan, Button or Lace, from lllll to 7/6 Ladies' and Gents' White Boots and Shoes, from 8/11 to 8/11— suitable for Tennis and Cricket. Children's White Shoes and Boots, from 1/1 li to 4/11 or F I F1 FM usl C), am 31-2, Merchant St. Pontlottyn