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The" BERT STATHER" PIANOS, ORGANS, AND HARMONIUMS. Absolutely the Best and Cheapest in the Kingdom. Best in Tone. Best in Finish. Best in Value. I have a few Second-hand Instruments taken in exchange this January, all in thorough good order, overhauled and done up, being offered at ridiculously low prices to clear. I Original My Cash .r List Price. I Price net. ¡ £ s. d. £ s. d. Lot 61. -Full-compass American Organ, practically as good as new 6 6 01 3 3 0 62.-Full -compass Cottage Organ, in a very excellent walnut case and knee swell. ••• 10 10 0; J 4 4 0 63—Full-compass Organ, 4 stops, including couplers and knee swell 12 12 0'412 6 64.-Full-compass Organ, 3 sets of reeds. 9 -stops, knee swell and gallery 13 13 0 5 17 6 65.-Full- compass Organ, 3 sets of reeds, 9 stops, 2 knee swells, practically good as new 15 15 0 7 18 6 66.-Full- Compass Organ, 4 sets reeds, 10 stops, 2 knee swells, j verv little used 16 16 0 8 8 0 „ 67.-BELL ORGAN, 4 sets reeds, 11 stops, including couplers, 2 knee swells, nearly new 27 6 0 13 13 0 68.-Stather Organ, 11 Sets of reeds, 16 stops, powerful tone, suit- able for church or mission—returned from hire, but as good as new 31 10 0 16 16 0 69.—A very fine overstrung Piano, returned from hire, but good as as new-a wonderful bargain 50 0 0 19 19 0 70.—A Multum in Parvo Piano retnrned from hire, in splendid condition, good as new 29 8 0 16 16 0 71.—Piano in walnut case, full trichord, iron frame, check action, very exceptional offer, nearly new 24 0 0113 17 6 Original I My Cash List Price. Price net. £ s. d. £ s. d. Lot 72.—Harmonium by Trayser, one manual and pedals, 8 sets of reeds, 13 stops, hand as well as foot blowers, a very fine instrument, powerful tone, in Al condition, would cost when new at least .120 0 0125 0 0 „ 73.—A splendid Harmonium by Debain, Paris, 4 sets reeds, 10 stops, l oak case, excellent tone 00 0 0 10 10 0 „ 75.—Two manual Harmonium by Alexandre, walnut case, 3 rows t of reeds, etc. Great bargain .|60 0 0 i 14 14 0 76.—Harmonium by Alexandre, rosewood case, 10 sets of reeds, (6j in treble, and 4 in bass), percussion action, grand tone .184 0 0 22 0 0 „ 77.-Piano by Hopkinson, upright grand, overstrung scale,; check action, best ivory keys, grand tone, &c., only usedj I') once or twice. Special bargain, 57 15 0 34 13 0 „ 78,—Piano by Collard & Collard, rosewood case, overstrung, best ivory keys, check action, E-c. Only used once or twice 1-55 13 0 35 14 0 79,-Organ by Bell, walnut case, high mirror top, 6 sets of reeds, 14 stops, quite new. Clearing price.32 11 0 15 15 0 „ SO.-Organ by Bell, with 9 sets of reeds, 17 stops. 37 16 0 IS 10 0 81.—Organ by Robert Stather, just returned from hire, walnut case, low top, 11 sets of reeds, 16 stops, grand tone 31 10 0 16 16 0 Scores of other similar Bargains. State your requirements, S can meet them. M?)<M? ?? F? s?B? i ??? S?BME? FNBE €.?? 8?. ? ?k ? B M?Mt) N )?BBB ?? ?6. ?? M ??a ? ? a a ?M? TWOSPECI LITIES-Samplesofthe Fine Value I offer. Sa B B Em  t  ???""  ?*?*" t MAGNIFICENT Upright Grand Piano, HEIGHT 4 ft. 2 in. Perfect Tone and Touch. Finely finished case of artistic design; metal frame, check action, full trichord, fulS compass, &c. A grand Instrument in every way. Usually sold for 30 Guineas. My Price for a few days only: Net Cash S16 16s. Ode Cariage paid. On approval. Fully warranted. During the Last Few Days! Northumberland House, Finsbury Park, Banuary 20th, 1910. Dear Mr. Stather, I feel I must Write to thank you forfthe Piano. I am so very pleased with it in every way. The style is exactly what I wanted, and the tone is perfect. It sounds more like a grand than an upright. Very many thanks. E. M. JORDAN. iWtetM Street, Portlaad, Jan. 20th, 1910. Dear Sir, I received the Harmonium safely, and am very pleased with it. I think it is a real bargain—and beautiful tone. Yours, &c., E. PEARCE. Jam. 20th, 1910. Dear,Sir, The 2-manual Organ, containing 8 full rows of reeds and sub-bass, which you supplied to me in July, 1907, has given me the greatest satisfaction the tone is superb and the touch everything that can be de- sired. » Yows sincerely, F. KEALL (Organist, P.M. Church, Grimsby). Gt. Bircham, Jan. 15th, 1910. Dear Sir, J received Organ quite safe, amd am very pleased with it. I will certainly show it to my friends. Years truly, E. STEBBINS. Swindon, Jam. 15th, 1910. Dear Sir, I The Organ has arrived to-day it per- fect condition, and I am greatly ptaastd with it. WSkSSt*?- L_ &v. ■ Yours, &c '1" W. SPANSWICK* Cartrefle, Llanddulas, Abergele, Bit f Jan. 25th, 1910. Dear Mr. Stather, -,4TP I herewith beg to enclose cheque in payment for Organ. Am glad to say we are well pleased with it. Yours, &c., KRev.) D. DARLEY DAVIBS. -č Vodei Windsor Organ, HEIGHT: 6 ft. 2 in. The Organ of the Century. Handsome Walnut case, with mirror top, 4 sets of reeds, 10 stops, including Couplers and Vox Humana. Fine Full Tone. Cash Net F.1 1 5s. Od. Carriage paid. On approval. Fully warranted. Write now for fully Illustrated Catalogues of Pianos, Organs, and Harmoniums. Any make of Instruments supplied at Lowest Prices. ROBERT STATHER, ESTABLIED 18'70. The Premier Methodist Musical Instrument Maker, 187, Seve., Sisters Road, Fitjsbary Parli, Lcinlop, N.