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I Cymanfa Bregethu ao Ordoinio…

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TOWN HALL CINEMA. i Under Municipal Management. THE BESI' AND LATEST PICTURES | Entire Change of Programme Twice Weekly. Patronize your own Cinema. POPULAR PRICES. I Commencing at S n. m. r EISTEDDFOD GADEIRIOL ANNIBYNWYR ABERSOCH, A GYNHELIR Gwener y Groglith, Ebrill lOfed Beirniad Cerddorol T. R. WILLIAMS, Ysw. k. C Tretriw. Beirniad Llenyddol W. D. JONES, YSW., Morfa Bychan. Cyfeilydd Miss LAURA PRITCHARD, (Perdones Cyntal), Ffestiniog. RHAI OR PRIF DESTVXU*. j BA RDDONIAETH. "Golgotha (heb fod dn 100 li nell) Gwohr. Cad,iir Dderw Hardd (rhoddedgg n Mr. • C. Joiics, Pretoria Warehouse, Pwlliili). ADRODDIAD. Adroddiad (adored i rai droa 16eg oed) J Iesu (Golyddan). Gwobr. 5e. a Medal Ari;in (rhodded g gan Mr. T. Owen, Maes, Pwllheli). CERDDORIAETH. I'r Cor heb fod dan HOain mewn nif-r a gano'n oreu "Ar Don o flaen (iwyntoe.Kl i (Dr. Parry). (Jwobr, 1;.i 3s. a Chwptn Aii.tit Bardo! i'r Arweinydd. j I Gor o Blaut, heb fod droll Itie, oed na I It., it 20ain mewn nifer, (I un RUllI of Hope, a g'tliu,.k oreu Lwli 1'ei (.Jcnes Owen). Gwobr. H 5s., a Scarf Pin Aur i'r Arweinydd (rli ddedig | gan Mr. J. Gabriel Jones, Jeweller, High Street, Pwllheli) I'r Cor Meibion, heb fod dan 20»in mewn j nifer, a gano'n oreu Y Gwanwyn (Muller). Gwobr. t I a I'air of li, tti, r!4 hardd irhodded'g 1 gan Mr. Owen J">nes. bereooh Me-»tSto:e>) I'r Parti o ddeuddeg a gaJIII'u oreu y ddwy don Llangristi,,Itis" a •• B. wY" (alla^ o Daflen Cymanfa yr Anuibynwyr, 1014. Gwobr. 12s. Her- U nawd Bore'r Tryilydd Dydd (E D. Lloyd). Agored i rai dros IS oed Gwobr, J 10s. 6dl a Medal Ariau Uanol Aur (rhodded g gan Mr. W. M Tolemun, Pwllheli). Rhestr liwn o'r Testynau t'w cael oddiwrth yr Yagrifenydd,— Enwau yr ynigeiswyr ar y datg mu a'r adroild- iadau i fod yn llaw yr Ytlg ifenydd f'rbyu gbrill 4ydd. IVOR DAVIES, Glan DuIN-ii Aiw-ifs,pc)i. For Sale. A 3 feet 6 inches Pjtt?bie Ran?e A (open and closed) \vhh oven and boiler. Been very little used. To be seen at GWALIA HOTEL, High Street, Pwllheli. Wanted. VXTANTliD well-educated youth as Chemist's Apprentice. Apply: with full particulars to W. E. Roberts, I Chemist, Penlan Street, Pwllheli. 1- E GGS, POULTRY, or POTATOES. -Direct Supply wanted, saving all middleman's profit.-Reply what quantilies collectable, and the price profitable to you who reply. THOMAS WALL. 17 & 18, Whitehorse Alley (close Smithfield Maiket), Louden, E.C. NEW LAID EGGS. Messrs Colin Taylor, King & Co. (1911) Ltd., 80, High Street, Watford, are constant buyers oPguaranteed New Laid Eg-gs, free on rail, at market prices. Own boxes sent. Cheque posted directly Eggs are received To Let, 1^1 NE Commodious Rooms as Offices in centre of Town. Particulars from LEWIS BROTHERS, Leeds House, High Street, Pwllheli. rpWO-SWOPS at Market HaH, pwn- 1. heli. rar-particulars apply Hall- keeper (¡,. J. J. Edwards), or Borough Purveyor. j B ERLLAN, PWLLHELI. Apply to ) T. J. Houghton Davies, Solicitor, Pwllheli. HOUSE AND SHOP in good position, suitable for any trade. Also a House known as Snowdon View, South Beach. Apply :—ROBINSON, Allandale, Pwllheli. Sale by Messrs B. Ptrry & Son. j IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD SHOP PREMISES IN HIGH STREET, PWLLHELI. MESSRS. ROBT. PARKY & SON 1 have been instructed to offer for Sale by Public Auction at the CROWN HOTEL, PWLLHELI, OX WED- NESDAY, MARCH 18th, J914, at 2-30 p m., all that equal half share or moiety in those excellent FREEHOLD -SHOPS AND PREMISES being 69, HIGH STREET, held under Lease by the Star Tea Company at- an Annual Rent of i,"50, and 61, HIGH STREET, now in the occupation of Mr. Mortuzzi, at an Anmial R.nl ot £ 30. For further particulars apply to Harvey Clifton, Esq., Solicitor, 4, New Court, Lincolns Ion, London, W.C.. or to Messrs. Moreton Pritchard & JOIlS, Solicitors, Newiy House, Holyhead, or to the Auctioneers, 5, Salem Terrace, Pwllheli. Town Hall, Pwllheli. TO-NIGHT Tuesday Evening, March 3rd. Y.M.A. COFFEE SUPPER, WHIST DRIVE. AND | Variety Entertainment. Prizes will be offered for the following Solo Dance for Children under 16. Clog Dance for men over 40. Shooting Competition (under Bisley Rules). Best Comic Song (particular attention will be takeM of he dress). Fancy or Comic Costume for Children under 16 Fancy Dress Costume for Adults. Comic Costume for Adults. Doors open at 7, to commence at 7-30. Admission-One Shilling. Further particulars on pamphlets to be obtained from the Hon. Sec.: D. JOHX JONES, 74, High Street. Cwyl Dewi, 1914. 1) K A M A YN LLE EISTEDDFOD. SERCH HUDOL Perfformir v Ddrama uchod yn Y NEUADD DREFOL, PWLLHELI, Nob lau, Mawrth 5ed, 1914, CAN (iWMNIENWOG BED1) GELEKT Hon yw y Ddrama y cystedlir ami yn Eisteddtod Bangor. Dry suu yn agored 7 o'r gloch, dechreuir am 7.30. Tocynau 1/6 a Yr Elw at Eglwys South Beach. A PUBLIC UNIONIST DEMONSTRATION (under the auspices of the Carnarvon- shire Unionist Association) will be held at the 'TOWN HALL, PWLLHELI, ON FRIDAY, MARCH 6th, 1914, when addresses in English and Welsh I will be given by Sir A. GRIFFITH HOSCAWEN, M.P. DAVID RHYS, Esq., Prospective Unionist Candidate for Mid-Derby, AUSTIN LL. JONES, Esq., Prospective Unionist Candidate for the Carnarvou Boroughs. Chairman :— j Col. LL. J. EVANS, J.P, Broomhall. Doors open 7 50, to commence at 8 p.m. AIMISSION BY TICKETS, Which may he obtained from the Secretary on application at the Working:neo's Conserve tive Club, Pwllheli. COME AND HELP On Thursday Evening, March 19th. A SOl REE & ENTERTAINMENT will be held at the Cardiff Road English Congregational Church To coa.meace 7-30 p.m.