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To the County Council of the County of Carnarvon. To the County Electors of the Borough of Pwllheli; and To all others whom it may concern. WHEREAS by section 54 of the Local Government Act, 1888, It is provided that whenever it is repre- sented to the Local Government Board by the Council of any County that the alteration of the boundary of any Elec- toral Division of a County, or of the number of County Councillors and Electoral Divisions in a County, is desirabie, the Local Government Board shall, unless tor special reasons they think that the representation ought not to be entertained, cause to be made a Local Inquiry, and may make n order for the proposal contained in s 'ch representation, or for such other pro- posal as they may deem expedient, or may refuse t-uch Order and if they by such Or 3 er, make the Order, majr^ by such OrDer, divide or alter any Electoral Division.. And whereas a representation has been made to the Local Government Board by the County Council of the Count), of Carnarvon that desirable that an Order should be made for the following purposea, that is to say :— (1) The increase of the number of County COLincillors foi- the said County from Fifty-five to Fifty-six; and (2) The division of the electoral divi- sion comprising the Borough of Pwllheli into two electoral divisions to be called respectively the Pwllheli North Electo- ral Division and the Pwllheli South Electoral Division And whereas the said County Coun- cil have deposited a plan and particulars of the proposals embodied in the said representation at the office of their Clerk, Carnarvon: And whereas by Sub-section (4) of Section 59 of the said Act, any Order made in pursuance of the Act may, so far as may seem necessary or proper for the purposes of such Order, provide for all or aoy of the matters referred to in that Sub-section: NOTICE is hereby given that R. C. Maxwell, Esquire, Barrister-at-lakx-, one of the Inspectors of the said Board, will attend at the Town Hall, Pwllheli, on Friday, the Twenty-first day of November. 1913. at EieNe,j o clock in the Forenoon, to hold a Local Inquiry into the subject matter of the said representation and all other matters relating thereto. And NOTICE is hereby further given that any person interested may, prior to the date of such Inquiry, inspect at all reasonable hours the afores lid depo- sited plan and particulars, and may attend at such Inquiry aid be heard with reference to the said representa- tion and the other matters aforesaid. As witness my hand this Twenty- ninth day of October 1913, at the Office of the Local Government Board, Whitehall, London. NOEL T. KERSHAW. Assistant Secretary. to JiBuilberg. RENDERS are invited for the erection of a Drill Hall and Caretaker's House at Pwllheli for the Carnarvon- shire Territorial Force Association. Drawings and Specification may be seen at the Offices of the Architect, Mr E. Evans, 8 Cnstle Street, Carnarvon, and at the Office of Colour Sergeant Instructor Rose, the Armourv, Pwll- heli. Tenders to be sent in to the under- signed on or before Wednesday, Nov. 5th, 1913. The lowest or any tender not neces- sarily accepted. (Sd.) R. RAXSOME, Captain, The Barracks, Secretary. Carnarvon. To be Let. MADRYN HOUSE, South Beach, ?1 PwHheH. Favourable terms. Immediate possession. Apply to LEWIS JONES, Preswylfa, Ala Road, Pwllheli. A COMMODIOUS House, in a pro- 11. minent position, at IJanbedro?. Possession 11th of November, igig. Foi further particulars apply-" J," Udgorn Office, Pwllheli. On Sale. GIG in good condition. Price about £5. Further particulars from D," UDGORN Office. VOUNG CANARIES in splendid A condition, to be sold cheap. Applv,-Richard Lloyd, 49, North Street, Pwllheli. Free Gift to Ladies. FOR A FEW WEEKS ONLY we are giving away a 2/9 Packet of our famous Health Corrective Powders a guaranteed remedy for all derange- ments of the system. They afford relief in a few hours and their regular use will promote and maintain a sound healthy condition of the system. Try them at our ex pense. Send 2 stamps to cover postage. Address-The Man- ageress, 106, Liverpool Road, Islington, London. Beware of imitations. Sale by Mr. Seth Hughes, Auction- ee", Town Hill, Wrexham. ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, 1913, and the following days. SALE OF CLOTHING, DRAPERY, BOOTS AND SHOES AT ANCHORIA, HIGH STREET, NEVIN. IVI R. SETH HUGH ES lléls received instructions from Mr W. O. Hughes, who is giving up the business, to sell by Puhlic Auction on Monday, I Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fri- day and Saturday, Nov. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8tb, at 2 p m & 6 p. m. each day. The WHOLE OF TH E STOCK OF DXA?E? ?OOTS & SHOES. Cuinprising of. oo pairs of Men's, Youths andors Boots and Shoes, [ 200 jSairs of.,Ljtdies md Giils Boots and Shoes, Men'sv*Youfhs and Ben's Suits, Shirts, Rantfc, Vests, Gloves, Caps, Jerseys' njhinatiMs, Jackets, Collars, Ties, HLsier)7; Jace, &c Counters, Shelving, Desks, Lanvps, Chairs, Fit- tings, &c. v The Fixtures will be sold on Friday, Novembe7th, at-2 p.m  Yn E sieu. Yn Esieu LLE i un Ceffyl Bori am y Gauaf. Noder y telerau isa f. EVAN ROBERTS & Co., Station Square, Pwll- ^eli.- At Amaethwyr ac Eraill Dymuna SAMUEL EVANS, Masnachydd Glo, MORLAN, SOUTH BEACH, r .VLLHELI, Hysbysu'r cvhoedd ei fod am Helaethu ei Fasnach, ac yn bwriadu GWERTHU OALOH yn ogystal a Glo. Bydd S. E. yn y Goods Station o 8 o'r gl()ch y boreu hyd 4 y prydnawn, a siciha'r cyhoedd y gall, oherwydd cyfleusterau neillduol, eu cyflenwi a Nwyddau o'r Radd Uwchaf am y Prisiau Iselaf Posibl. Hydera y gall deilyngu cefnogaeth gyffredinol. SAMUEL EVANS, COAL & LIME MERCHANT, Morlan, South Beach, Pwllheli. TOWN HALL, PWLLHELI, November 7th, 1913. mm. President MRS. R. M. GREAVES. Chairman COL. LLOYD EVANS, J. P. Tea, 6 to 7-30 p.m. Dancing, 10 p.m. to 2 a m. Tickets, One Shilling. DlBLlMl & TEA will be held at Penlan Schoolroom, PWLLHELI, On Thursday, November 20th. Old and New Garments and other articles will be sold. Proceeds in aid ot Cardiff Road Church HYSBYSIAD RHAGBAROTOAWL SOCIAL BLYNYDDOL PENMOUNT, Nos lau, Rhagfyr 4ydd, 1913. Manylion yn fuan. RHYBUDD. SWARI NOS CALAN, YN YSGOLDY SEION, PWLLHELI, Ionawr laf, 1914. Manylion eto. YN Y WASG. SeirddGwerin Eifionydd o ddiwedd yr ail ganrif ar bymtheg hyd yn bresenol, A'u Gwaith Anghyhoeddedig: YNGHYDA DARLUNIAU. GAN CYBI. Pris Llyfr mewn Amlen Bapyr, i/ Uiao, 1/6