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Cambrian fuiihvuys Aiiiioicicemoutsj Excursions -fco JL.o:o.ca.o:o.j AGRICULTURAL HALL :— INTERNATIONAL SHOE AND LEATHER FAIR, October 6th to nth. DAIRY SHOW, October 21St to 24th. CRYSTAL PALACE ANGLO-GERMAN EXHIBITION.-For Closing Dates see Daily Papers. KENNEL CLUB SHOW, October 21St to 23rd. OLYMPIA IDEAL HOME EXHIBITION, October gth to 25th. IMPERIAL SERVICES EXHIBITION at Earl's Court. For Closing- Dates see Daily Papers. EXCURSIONS TICKETS will be issued on Wednesday, October 8tb, for 2, 3 or 4 days On Wednesday, October 15th. for 2, 3 or 4 days On Tuesday, October 21St, for 2, 3 or 4 days On Monday, October 27th, for 2, 3 or 4 days tu LONDON (via Welshpool or via Afon Wen). FOOTBALL AND HOOKEY PARTIES PICNIC TICKETS at a Single Fare and a Third (plus fractions of a penny) for the return journey are issued for a minimum of 10 adults upon 3 days' notice being given at the Stations. SUMMER SEASON EXCURSIONS, SEPTEMBER 30th, 1913. Ou FRIDAYS, to SCOTLAND, for 7 or 17 days. On FRIDA y, to LANCASHIRE, YORKSHIRE, THE MIDLANDS. DOUGLAS, ifcc., fur 8 or 15 days. On FRIDAYS, to SOUTH WALES, for 8 or lo days. On SATURDAYS, to LONDON, fur 8 Jr In days EVERY WEEK DAY, to THE MILMVALI-; >> -PAS, fur 14 day* SATURDAY to MONDAY ;ii,d WHEK-RXD 'Friday to Tuesday), TUIVKS tu ALL PARTS _4 SEASON DAY TRIPS from PWLLHELT, every WEEK-DAY To September 30th. To CAMBRIAN COAST STATIONS. NORTH WALES COAST I or 2 days. BALA and LLANGOLLEN I' BLAENAU FESTINIOG (via Mu;ft'-»rdd & Narrow Gauge Railway) SNOW DON* LLANC?RIS For full particular. ? e Summer Excursion Pr"S!:L:nm" c? 'h" Station. Foi- full I)ai-tict!lai-,e I R a I and o tch Tcrirs from w l GRAND W XLICINO TOr!I. T.> »\.n«r.anp.>o1 St -tl-M. bv Rail thence j ovzr the VOEL PRI-ATTICE WALK u hi'ch is vpp wiie the CADER R.\N(IE. ¡ through LLANELLTYD l_)OL\ i r,LLHV. VWilki ^g distance about 4 mile>. I TORRENT WALK, f,r nor than 4 p <s-e.i :ers. To DlI!l1e by r.ii. thence by Coach. PRECIPICE WNLK t. ni-t than 4 s To Dolgelley by Rai'. thence hv Coach, a I .n.t'fiil drive ot 4 miies ti OLI(-rll exceedingly picturesque sconerv. TY'NYGROES, D.-l-diev, f,r not less th in 4 passengers. To DOL- GELLF.Y by rail, thence hv Co-tch. Also Tours to CWMBYCHAN LAKE, PIIINOG VALLEY, MOCHRAS, BEDDGELERT, SNOWDON, &c For full particulars see RAIL and CGACH PROGRAMME, to be had at the Station. -<-+- For further ibiuf matinn respecting tin ■ anar ^••nicnts shewn above application should be made at any ot the Company's Otfices or A-encies, or to Mr. G. L. Con.icher,?ri'atHc M?na?r. Oswestry, October, 1913. S. WILLIAMSON, Genera! M niger Oswestrv, October, igi-. S. ?l'ILI.IAMSON, Gener.-ii n?i g er-

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