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ti ELEIF ^*W™™"™,B,I,II,I,I,«^ CARTRIDGES are preferred to all ot hers by the most experienced sportsmen all the world over, who realize how important it is to select the best. E L E Y Cartridges may nlways be relied on. I 22 72 Short Long Rim Rim Rifle and Rifle and Revolver Revolver a ACME. "ECAR ELEY Ag" deep shell E B Nitro quality SMOKELESS." Loaded with Eley Cartridge, Smokeless (42 gr.) Smokeless 9/- per 100. 8/6 per 100. 9/Q per 100. E. B. Nitro 5" 13 hell J Loaded with "Eley deep-shell Gastight I Smokeless," "Schultze" Pega-,iioid (Water oo and other Standard Powder. Eley Cartridges JAM ES WILLIAMSY Builders Nlerchant. are sold by PWLLHELI. Wholesale by ELEY BROS., Ltd., LONDON, W.C. PWLLHELI MAY DAY FESTIVAL, 1913. BALANCE sheet. RECEIPTS. £ s. d. Subscriptions ••• 7 15 9 Net proceeds of Strolling Coons' Concert 6 2 3! Value of tickets sold for chair presented by Mr. G. Jones 2 o 0, Tickets sold 15 12 6: Door receipts 15 10 0 i Do. repeat performance 610 9 Programmes sold I 08 Advertisements. 1 12 o Collection and entrance fees at Carnival I 4 4 Net receipts from Sports 7 4 7 £ 64 12 10 PAYMENTS. ;c s. d. For hire of costumes and carriage 4 1 6 Draperies for costumes 5 5 1 Orchestra 100 Flowers 0 15 o Carnival prizes 5 8 0 Do. expenses 163 Brass Band 2 10 o Sports expenses 1 79 Printing, advertising, and billposting 11 10 8 Miscellaneous expenses 669 Surplus handed over to Town Advertising Fund 25 1 10 £I The dresses, value about £$, are in hand, and available for next year. Audited and found correct,—G. ABERKIN JONES W. WYNNE OWEN, Treasurer. J. J. EDWARDS, Secretary. Attendance Notice. Bydd Mr. Ranleigh Jones, L.D.S., R.C.S. (Edi.), SURGEON DENTIST, yn ymweled a Pwllheli bob DYDD MERCHER, yn aros gyda Mr. BOWEN, Grocer, High Street, oily boreu dan 4 y prydnawn.




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