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---T YD WEILIOG. ________j

Marw'r Parch James Davies,…

IGweithred Law-feddygol ar…

ILlys Man-ddyledion Pwllheli.

Harry Thaw wedi Diane. I

Dim ond Un -Diwrnod -Eto.…

-u--Ymosod ar Ffermwr,I

[No title]

IAnfon Llythyrau Bygythiol.…

I-I Camgymeryd y Ty. I

-0-Bachgen Ieuanc Gwrol.I

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Borough of Pwllheli. REGISTRATION. VTOTICE is hereby given that Alex- ander Mere Latham, Esquire, or some other Barrister-at-Law, duly appointed to revise the List of Voters in the election of a member to sit in Parliament for the Borough of Carnar- von and the several Boroughs of Pwll- heii, Conway, Nevin, Bangor and Cric- cieth, sharing with the Borough of Carnarvon, will hold a court tor such tevision for the Borough of Pwllheli on Friday, the 19th day of September, 1913, at the Town Hall, in the said Borough, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. And the said Alexander Mere Latham or other Barrister will, in pursuance of the Act of Parliament in that case made and provided, hold a court for the revision of the Burgess List of the Municipal Borough of Pwllheli on Friday, the 19th day of September, 1913, aforesaid, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. And all Overseers, Relieving Officers, and the persons having to produce their Rate Books, ReUef Books, Lists and other documents, are hereby required to attend. Dated this 18th day of August, 1913. 1 EVAN R. DAVIES, Town Hall, Town Clerk, rwllheli. 5s. Reward. LOST between Madryn Castle and -L Pwllheli, Black Scarf with Silk Fringe, will finder please return to Mrs Myrddin Rees, Bryneifion, Pwllheli fJij DYMUNIR HYSBYSU FOD YN o"r N'S GAI_tAGE, Station Square, Pwllheli, LE EANG A CHYFLEUS I GADW BICYCLES. Hefyd gwer thir pob math o accessories am brisiau ihesymol. Yn Eisieu. GWAS Fferm yn Canada, gyda theulu Cymreig o gymydogaetb Pwllheli. Cartref cysurus i un yn hyddysg yn ngwaith fferm. Cyflog ^4 y m;s :om fi vyddyn. Am fanylion pell- .ich ymofyner a—"D," UDGORN OFFICE Pwllheli. Wanted. APPRENTICES for the Millinery.- Apply, Manchester House, Pwll- heli A N experienced housemaid waitress early in September. Apply to- Mrs Edridge, Tynlon, Abererch, Pwll- heli. T EN Masons and Stone Dressers at Trevor.-Apply to J. H. Roberts, Contractor, Pwllheli. TOWN HALL, Pwllheli FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY Friday, Aug. 22nd. Seats may be booked at Mr R. Jones, 74, High Street. Miss Mag- Morton and Mr. J. Edward Martin's Co. in The Romantic Musical Drama A Blind Girl's Love I eluding the Great London Actress MISS MARIAN BERESFORD, in the Title Role. ELABORATE SCENERY! Spfcia. !y Selected Company of Artistes. Pricrs of Admission—Reserved Seats, 2a.; Second Seats, Is. 6tl.; Admission, Is., LimiUd number at 7-55, 6d. Doors "pen at 7-30, commencc at 8. I<:ady 00.:1,; at 7. 3d. extra to all parts. Reserved Ticket Holders admitted Early Door without extra charge. Lleyn & i o)ty Ayrkultural Society. THE FIFTY-FIRST ANNUAL SHOW will be held at PWLLHELI, Friday, Sept. 5th. President ARTHEN O. OWEN, ESQ., PLAs HEULOG Vice-Presidents J. HYWEL ROBERTS, ESQ GWNHINGAR. D. MORRIS PARRY, ESQ, GWYNFRYN. Over S200 Prizes offered for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, &c. Also, Horticultural. Trotting Competitions & Pony Races. Several Open Classes. Entries close August 27th. Schedule of Classes and Prizes may be had on application to the Secretary, -D. H, PARRY, Vronallt, Pwllheli. Office: 1, Salem Terrace, Pwllheli. CORRECTION. VEGETABLES. Class 12. Onions-Spring sown-6. Class 12a-Onions—Autumn sown- 6. Class 27—For the best collection of Vegetables-6 varieties. EXTRA PRIZE.-OPEN. Special Prize given by Messrs J. Bibby & Son and Mr J. E. Hughes, their district agent. Class 6oa.-For the best Beast in the Cattle Section fed on either of Bibby's Cakes or Meal 1 1 o Cattle fed on Cakes or Meals of other manufacture not eligible to compete. Entrance fee, is. Special Prize given by Messrs. Osmond & Sons, Ltd., Standard Chemical Works, Spalding. Class 6ob.-For the best Beast fed or conditioned on Os- mond's Cod Liver Oil Condi- ment or Meals. Medicine Chest value. I 1 o Entrance, is. D. H. PARRY, Vronallt, Secretary. Pwllheli.