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Borough of Pwllheli.

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Borough of Pwllheli. SHOPS ACT, 1912. NOTICE OF INTENTION (I) To make a Closing Ordet under Section 5 in respect of the under- mentioned trades or businesses and (2) To extend the provisions of Section 4 to the businesses of Selling Meat, and of Pharmacists and Chemists, and to fix the Weekly Half-holiday therefor. PART I. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council propose to make a Closing Order for Drapers, Outfitters, Milliners, Dyers, Boot and Shoe Deal- ers, Saddlers, Harness Make-s, Leather Merchants, Toy, China, nd Fancy Goods Dealers, Ironmongers, House Furnishers, Jewellers, Pharmacists and Chemists, Hairdressers, Meat Sellers, Booksellers, Stationers, Grc -ers, Corn, Flour and Seed Merchants, m the Bor- ough of Pwllheli, fixing the hours at which such Shops shall be closed as follows DRAPERS, OUTFITTERS, MILLINERS, DYERS, BOOT AND SHOE DEALERS, SADDLERS, HARNESS MAKERS AND LEATHER MERCHANTS, TOY, CHINA AND FANCY GOODS DEALERS. Monday, Tuesday and Friday 7-0 P- m- Wednesday 8-op.m Thursday (Weekly Halt- holiday) 1-0 p m. Saturday 9-0 p.m. IRONMONGERS AND HOUSE FURNISHERS. Monday, Tuesday & Friday 7-30 p.m. Wednesday 8-0 p.m. Thursday (Weekly Half- holiday) 1-0 p.m. Saturday 8-30 p.m. JEWELLERS. Monday, Tuesday and Friday 8-0 p.m. Wednesday and Saturday 9-0 p.m. Thursday (Weekly Half- holiday) • • 1-0 p.m. PHARMACISTS AND CHEMISTS. Monday, Tuesday & Friday 8-30 p.m. Wedtiesday 9-0 p.m. Thursday (Weekly Half- holiday) 1-0 PIM. Saturday 10-0 p.m. HAIRDRESSERS Monday, Tuesday, Wednes- day and Friday 9-0 p.m. Thursday (Weekly Half- holiday) 1-0 p m. Saturday 11-0 p.m. NJEAT SELLERS. Monday and Tuesday 7-0 p.m. Wednesday and Friday. 9-0 p.m. Thursday (Weekly Half- holiday) 1-0 p.m. Saturdaiy 10-0 p.m. Excepting in the months of July, August and September, during which period the hour of closing on every week-day other than the day fixed for the Weekly Half-holiday shedl be 10-0 p.m. BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS. Monday, Tuesday & Friday 7-0 P in- Wednesday 8-30 P- M Thursday (Weekly Half- holiday) 1-0 p.m. Saturday 10-0 p m. GROCERS, CORN, FLOUR AND SEED MERCHANTS. Monday, Tuesday and Friday 7-0 p.m. Wednesday 8-0 p. m. Thursday (Weekly Half- holiday) 1-0 p.m. Saturday 10-0 p.m. IT IS PROVIDED by the Pwllheli Shops Half-holiday Order, 1913, that where in any week a lawful!}' constitu- ted fair is to be held on a Thursday, I the preceding Tuesday shall be sub- stituted tor Thursday in such week, as the day fixed tor the weekly Half. holiday. It is intended that the hour of closing on any such Thursday and on any other fair day shall be the same hour as is herein fixed for Wednesday for each respective trade or buiness. IT IS ALSO PROVIDED by the said Order that any occupier may sub- stitute Saturday for Thursday or Tues- day as the case may be, on affixing a notice to tfhat effect in his shop. IT WILL ALSO BE PROVIDED that the Order shall not apply to the three days next preceding Christmas Day, the day next preceding Easter Sunday, and the day next preceding Whit-Sunday on which such days the closing hour shall be the same as in herein provided for Saturday for each respective trade or business. IT WILL ALSO BE PROVIDED that with respect to the trad a or bus- iness of Pharmacists or Chemists the Order shall not apply to the sale of Medicines and Medical and Surgical appliances. IT IS ALSO PROPOSED that nothing in the Order shall prevent a customer from being served on any day after closing hours with Victuals, Stores, or other necessaries for a ship, on her arrival at or immediately before her departure from a port. PART II. NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN of the intention of the Council to make an Order u ider Sec- tion 4 (6) and (2) extending the pro- visions of Section 4 to the trades of Meat Sellers and the sate of Medicine and Medical and Surgical appliances, and fixing Thursday at 1-0 p.m. as the day of the Weekly Half-holiday for such trades, and Tuesday at 1-0 p, m in substitution for Thursday whenever a iawfully constituted fair is held on any Thursday. Any person wishing to make objec- tion to the Order, or suggestions-as to the provisions of the Order, should address a statement in writing to the Town Clerk, on or before the 20th day of May, 1913. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the occupier of any Shop to be affected by the Order may on presen- tin £ himself at the Borough Surveyor's Office, Town Hall, Pwllheli, aforesaid, j between the hours of 10 and 4 on any wek day before the aforesaid date verity that his name and address and trade are duly entered in the Register of Shops. Datad the 19th day of April, 1913. EVAN R. DAVIES, Town Clerk. Town Hall, Pwllheli. .I