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Borough of Pwllhell. I ANNUAL CONTRACTS. SPENDERS are invited for the supply and delivery of fhe following Goods and Materials for the year ead- ing 31st. March, 1914 :— 1. Ironwork and Ironmongery. 2. Water fittings. 3. Gas fittings and appliances. 4. Cement and Bricks. 5. Earthenware pipes aud goods. And other tools and materials. j Full particulars and form of tender can be obtained on application at my Office, Town Hall, Pwllheli. Tenders may be submitted for all or any of the articles required, and the Council reserve the right 'to accept a j portion of a tender only. Sealed tender-sa 116 schedules endorsed I with the heading to which the tender applies must be delivered to me not later than 12 noon on Tuesday, the .w Wrii, i9iJjLr The Corporation do not bind them- selves to accept the lowest or any tender. < CHARLES L. ROBERTS, Town Hall Borough Surveyor, 1913 C c) 36titibcre & Contractors. TENDERS are invited for General *■ Improvements at the Pwllheli U.)ioii Workhouse for the Pwllheli j Board of Guardians. Plans, Specifications, &c.. are now open for inspection at the Architect's Office, 36. High Street, Pwllheli. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Improve- ments Union Workhouse," to be de- liv-jred to the undersigned not later thin Tuesday, April 1st prox. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. By Order. HUGH PRITCHARD, Clerk to the Board of Guardians. 34, Penlan Street, Pwllheli, 22nd March, 1913. tto JBniltiecs. 1 ANDERS are invited for erecting .1 Two New Houses at-LTithfaen. piat1 and specifications can be sten on applying to Mr J. O. Jones (Arifoy), Pt%llheii, to whom tenders are to be sent not later than April 2nd, 1913.. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Lost. EASTER MONDAY EVENING. PENDANT (Silver and turquoise) between Cardiff Road, the Sciuare, and Embankment Road. Finder will be rewarded on returning same to Uti„rorn Office. YIYIFUDIAETH. RHYBUDD PWYSIG. Y Mae Mr R. G. Humphreys (R. o Fadog) Portmadoc, yn t'wr yo oruchwyliwr trwy drwydded Bwrdd Ma-nach i'r Cwaaniaa canlynol -Uc ion Castle Royal Mail Steamship Co. Allan Steamship Co. Cnoaid Steamship Co. White Star Steam- chip Co. Dominion Steamship Co. A nericau Ste;.msbip Co. a Chwmniau ereill, a gall anfon ymf'idwyr bob rhan o'r America, Canada, Briribh Columbia, Vancouver, Australia. Affr*ca yr Aifft, Mor y Cyfandir, India, a gwledydd ereill. Gall roddi tocynau hefo'r rheilffyrdd i ben y daith, ynghyd a thysty-grif i Hicrhau i gostyDgiad jjnjtcostau teithio i Llnndain, South- ampton neu Lerpwl. Mae gwell mantais i ym- fudivyr godi tocynau hefo gorucbwyliwr doa- bartl. fel Mr Humphreys nag tnewu uurhyw flFordd arall. Cyflawndar o leoedd 1 gretitwyr, flFerr» ivyr, a morwynion. Fob manyliou yil rha-1. WEDI 8YMUD -a Dymuna F. H. BOWEN, Grocery and Flour Merchant, Ileal Fawr, PvMheli> tr."1 yn datgan ei dJiolchgarw,h I d Haunt i'w luosog •»wsnieridid ac e aill am y ^efno^aeth a ddetbyn- j i dd yn ystod y cytnod y mae yn crio ei fusnes yn mlaen yn iop Eifionydd, hysbysu ei fod VE D I SYMU-DI I i ochr arall i'r Heol, ac wedi | ( lieu y NEW WELLINGTON gynt yn iasnachdy hwylus a chyfleus 1 W L snach, lie yr hydera dderbyn par- had o'ch cefuogaeth yn y dyfodol. C'ifiwch y cvieitiad SHOP BOWIBlq I (Drws nesaf i Shop Hirwaen), 73, HEOL FAWR, PWLLHELI. Sales gan Mri Robert Parry a'i Fab. 70, HIGH STREET, PWLLHELI. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. AI ESSRS. ROBT. PARRY & SON having been instructed to Sell by Publi-c Auction at the above place (where they have been removed for the convenience of Sale) on WEDNESDAY NEXT, MARCH 19th, 1913, a con- signment of HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, comprising 3 Couches, I Sofa, 12 Chairs, 2 Easy Chairs (Gent's & Lady's), 2 Dressing Tables, I Wash- stand, 2 Bedsteads complete with mat- tresses, Looking Glass, Pierglass, Two Tables, Old fashioned Oak Chest, Pictuies, and other articles. To commence at 2 p.m. Terms—Cash. CEMLYN, LLEYN STREET, PWLLHELI. SALK OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. l ESSRS ROBT. PARRY & SON have been instructed to Sell by Public Auction at the above place on THURSDAY, MARCH 27th, 1913, the following HOUSEHOLD FUR- 4 J..FH R E, viz, Drawing Room Suite, "Satin Walnut Bedroom Suite, Ward- I robe, Dressing Tables, Washstands, Sideboard, Piano (Metzler), Over- mantel, American Organ, Saddle-bag and other Easy Chairs, Small Chairs, Kitchen and other Chairs, Several Tables, Kitchen Dresser, Italian and fy other Bedsteads, Wire and Wool ) -J Mattresses, Ottoman Autoharp, Bath, Toilet Ware, Crockery, Rugs, Car- pets, Linoleum, Pictures, Fenders and Fireirons, Bookshelves and Books, and numerous other articles. Sale to commence at I o'clock. Ti ms—Cash. 5, Salem Terrace, Pwllheli. Sales gan Mr. John Davies. YARD NEWBOROUGH VAULTS, HIGH STREET, PWLLHELI. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FURN- ITURE, &c. MR JOHN DAVIES has been in- structed by Mr Eady to Sell by Public Auction, on THURSDAY, APRIL 3rd, 1913, at the above place (where they are removed for con- venience of Sale) A Consignment of Substantial Furniture, &c. Sale at I p.m. Terms Cash. For fuTl particulars see Posters. The Paragon, Blaenau Ffestiniog, and Gwalia Hotel, Pwllheli. Wanted. nRESSMAKING. Pood Bodice and Coat Hands accustomed to good and dainty work, also Skirt Assistants. Appientices wanted for the Dress- making. Apply—SHOP GOCH, Pwllheli PPRENTICE to Millinery & Sales. ?- Apply—Edward Williams, Shop Glasfryn, Pwllheli. It ESPECTABLE GIRL about 15 to « take charge of baby 2 years during the dr'y. Apfjly-Mrs Browne, Montfort, Ala Road, Pwllheli. TOWN HALL. PWLLHELI. f Propret- rs Toe Anglo-Cymric Cinemas, Ltd ager Mr. A. Browne 7I ./L5 Once ?ightly Y?E t ?U ?ors open 7- J 5.. ANIMATED PICTURES CHANGE TWICE WEEKLY. Tuesday, March 25th, Arabian Treachery. A Tnnlling Subject showing how a brave .v]other saved her hahy from being eaten by Lions. (I Roal Tbnl er). Cowboy's Race for a Bride (Dram;')- A CHILD'S INFLUENCE (Pathetic). By Special Request. £ avi& & G-oliath. A Fiot; most reverently acted. AND A HOST OF OTHERS. Wednesday & Thursday, March 26th & 27th. BBONCII BILLY as SHERIFF A.-other of .)t)r Cowboy I)ranias. BANKS OF EURE (An Education). IN O-D TENNESSEE Dramatic I'tlm). (-% I)ramsti4e b'i l rn ) Arabella's Umbrella (one long laugh). BEWARE OF THE BULL (A,t, tist-r -f t-ii t AND A HOST OF onlcs. Popular Prices Is, Gd-, 3d. II Special Scholar Matinee, THURSDAY, at 5 o'clock. Scholars, Id., 21. & 3d. Adulta, 2d 4d. & Gd.