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BOATED T0N8UE-G0NSTIPATI0N. Kindly K?tWM ?tw?yw WMM you; ?low the t<M?ue-tMt your mother taiight you. Niae times out (if tea, constipation is the cause of the coating, also of the bad taste, the bad breath, the "cotton wool" feeling in ycur mouth, and the any-how" feeling in your b6dy. Occasional constii«ation, if neglected, becomes habitual constipation. And habitual. constipation causes poisoning of the body as surely as if an arm or leg had been bitten by a viper. Rexall Orderlies relieve constipa- tioo-gently, naturally, positively. Rexall Orderlies are the Laxative Confection—small tablets which taste and are eaten like sweets-nice sweets, too. Rexall "Orderlies" never purge, gripe, cause nausea or the slightest inconvenience. Trey tone up the muscles, and permit the bowels to perform their natural function easily and regularly. Three sizes-71d., i/-and 2/ Rexall Orderlies" are one of the famous Rexall Remedies, of wlfich there is one for each of the common human ills, and every Rexall Remedy is sold on this guarantee: The United Dr:(!! Co., and the Rexall Shop this preparation, guarantee it to give JlOlI- satisfaction [ if it does not, oo back to the shop where yots bought it and get your money. It belou 's to you. and we want you to have it." Rexall Order i-s jn only be ob!r :ned from the Recall CUeir".sVs there is one in almost every community. The Rexall Chemist in Pwllheii is R. O. GRIFFITH, G8.. HIall STKBBT, PWLLHELI. er y

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