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Llys Ynadol Pwllheli. :

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Blood-Brain-BOWELS All links in the Health Ch lin which make for Success and Pt- spenty. Strong Brainy Succest-u1 men have good red blood, clear heat.g, healthy I bowels. When the bowels are unh althy so is the blood, and if the blood 's bad, the brain cannot work property-,t beeomes I numbed, clogged—poisoned. The root of the trouble always lies with the bowels-sluggish bowels-Consti- pated Bowels. Rexall "Orderlies" naturally, easily, quickly and pleasantly remov i the cause of constipation. They have j, at the same effect as a sharp six orseve mile walk. Orderlies are small table's that taste and are eaten like nice swet 4—they are The Laxative Cotfjeclior." Rexall "Orderlies" cannot gripe; cause any ) feeling of sickness, pain or inc nvenience. They are good for children, t; r we, the delicate and aged as well M the more robust adult. You can buy Rexall "Orcerlies" in ¡' three sizes-prices 7id., 1/. a )n 2/ Rexall "Orderlies" are of the famous Rexall Remedies of which there is one for each of the common humaa ills. Every Rexall Remedy, including Rexall "Orderlies," is sold upon this unqualified guarantee: j The United Driig' Co., and the Rexall Shop selling this Proaraiiots, guairante-e 11 to give you satisfaction; if it does not, go back t;¡ the $1uJIJ where you bought it tin. get your money. It belongs to yon and we want yott to have it. Rexall Orderlies can ont) -,e obtained from the Rexall Chemists—tht re it one in almost every community. 'ihe Rexall Chemist in Pwllheli is R. O. GRIFFITH. 60, HIGH STREET, PW iazia.

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