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PEARL LIFE ASSURANCi CO, LIMITED LONDON BRIDGE, EC. P. J. FOLEY, ESG., PRSIDENT Summary of ANNU AL REPORT O the Year ening December 31st, 1912. Your Directors have much pie,-igure in placit-)efore- you the results of another year's work. The year was distinguished b the biggest epidemic of strikes ever experienced in this country—affecting, a they did, the Industrial classes in every part of the United Kingdom addet to this, our Staff took upon themselves the responsibility ot securing for ourolicyhQlders and others the advantages of the National Health Insurance Act, hroughout the National Amalgamated Approved Society. Both of these exceptional circumstances have militated somewhat against our rate of progress It is therefore very satisfactory that, owing to the untiring activity of the Company's represen- tatives, notwithstanding all drawbacks, these good result; have been achieved. A valuation of the business of the Company has been made by the Com- pany's Consulting Actuary, R. M. MOORE, Esq., who ports a surplus of ;6247,853 after providing for all liabilities, and adding £ 7^000 to the Reserve Fund, making that Fund ^170,000. TOTAL INCOME. The Total Income for the year amounted to ^3,047,369 is. i i d., being an increase of ^98,202 19s. 2d. over that of the previousyear. In the Ordinary Branch, the income amounted to 6618.173 17s, iod., which is ^5i,755 7s- 2d. greater than that of the previous year. The number of Policies issued during the year in this Branch was 25,279; assuring the sum of ^2,090,507, and producing a New Annual Premium In- come of ^91,633 is. 4d. CLAIMS. t The Company has paid 135.287 Life Claims, Grarts, Matured Endow- ments, Accident and Employer's Liability Claims during the year, amounting with Bonuses and outstanding Claims, to ^1,119,065 14s id., which, added to the sums previously paid, make a total of ^13,819,330 os. iod. TOTAL FUNDS. The Assurance Funds now amount to ^>7»595»362 14s 4d., which show an increase of ^603,956 8s. id. for the year, making the total funds, with Capital paid up, ^8,285 491 19s. od. By Order, JAMES ROLL, Chairman. Wanted, additional representatives in all districts. To good business men liberal terms and certain success,-Apply to the District Superintendent,—Mr. OWEN WILLIAMS, Snowdon View, Embankment Road, Pwllheli.

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