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RESTPIC i IONS AS TO CRUISING OF YACHTS AND PLEASURETBOATS-. -410. ADMIRALTY have decided., tAc definite limita siiouu se Ai=ft AT Gath flBBour or Estaary outside of which no cruising of YacftW-or Pleasore Boats can be H efofe a Regatta is held within the limits of the aatborieed' Port or Waters, the- ion of the Senior Naval Officer is to be obtained. carsioa Steamer Traffic can be permittel only as far as it serves for convoyaoce tKfi&feeesaries to places off the mainland, all such sailings must be made under licence t1tu Naval Authorities. eAuthorities are authorised to issue restrictions as to, and the limits wifchin WQKch pleasure cruisings, etc., are allowed, and requests for informstioa as regards f 1<:ul areas should be addressed to them. PtThe Senior Naval Officer, Liverpool (address, Colonial House, Water Street, -has been authorised to deal -with all questions of the above nature, within W}tí limits, viz. :-East oi a line joining Mull of Galloway and Bardsey tte following are the restrictions as to, and the limits within, the abotiOiDed outside of which Pleasure Boats and Yachts are not allowed:— RESTRICTIONS. 2 '1) No cruising of Yachta or Pleasure Boats will be allowed except under permitr- from the Naval Authorities, that no craft-can be used without permit. J .,¡t, The following Officers are authorised to issue permits of this nature in the "*5-V Oreas as shown against their names, a.nd'appMcatKmshouid'be made direct )to them. ?  I Name and Address. I, Area in which Oatoer is a.othomsed to 'It issue perm its. P=- It" .>tMJjt Bra<Hey, R.N., From Bardsey Island- to Tabular Bridge, Coastguard, Pwllheli, MCTIAI Straite. ^Bjttiiieutenant Pearce, R.N., From Tubular Bridge, Men at Straits to Coastguard, Llandudno. Mull of Gailoway. GJhief Officer Briddle, R.N., 1Island of Anglesea and Holy Island. Coastguard, Holyhead. (2) Yachting, etc., w ill only be-allowed between the following times, viz.: Half-an w hour before Sunrise till half-an-hour aflter Sunset. V^.<3) Every Boat must return t»4ier/moormgs. >(4)-Special Permits are-required'for passages-from port to port. (5y» Permits must be-carried on-board;-and-produced on demand: to a.ny authorised person. (6) A distingxiiahing, namber,ordetter corresponding with that on the permit must be painted on each -be-yof-the,boet or vessel. (7) Fishing Vessels having on.board any person-or persons other than their aisthor- ised crew will be.-subject-to the, refftriction-S for Yachts and Pleasure Boats. <81 Any person contraveni-ng't-hese.ordc,-s,is liable, on convdcitiion, to cancellation of Permit, and to. heavy penalties rader the Defenco of the Realm Reg"ulations (Coldl.ted), 1914. LIMITS OUTSIDE OF WHICH CRXHS<:i\G OF PLEASURE BOATS AND YA CH Ts WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. (1) Within a line drawn from Port Dinlleyn to South Stack. (2) Within an- area confined- within ;1.. drawn from North Stack to Skerries, and from Slœrri ;'to'Ca.mel Head. (3) Withip a line from Carmel Head to Lymas Point, Boats not to proceed more than I 3 mi-les laterally from their moorings without special permission. (4) Within a line drawn from Lynae Point to Great Orme's Head. c' (5) Within a line drawn from Pentrwyn to Point of Aire. (6) Within a line drawn from Poinit of Aire to Hilbre Point. • (7) Within a 5-miie radius of the Old Lighthouse at Hoylake. .JS) Within a line drawn from New Brighton Stage to the Norsh Wall Lighthouse. (9) Within a line dist-aiit 3 miles from the Coast stretching from Formby Point to Rossali ■ Point. (10) Within-the Area of Morecambe Bay, that is, between. Rossali Point and Walney Island. (11) Within a line distant 3 mile6 from (-he Coast from Walney Island to St. Bee's Head. x as regards h e IsIe-of- Man. Further special instructions will be iss ued as regards He Isle-of-Man.  {S:?ned) HARRY H. STMEMAN, Pfj- l\>,l rnd Senior Naval (law v COMPETENT NAVAL AUTHORITY, r, th March, 1917. PORT OF UVERPOOL. I| Ride a   -?' m tg R ide a m RALEIGH BTHE ALL-STEEL BICYCLE H aj Nodwaddio?arbenizy'hw.gy?D?mbpaagm?hyw bicycle arall ? three-speed cear. 6'i gwnl gymaint yn warly? ? Starmy-Axchm Kg! ?"?"? Y anae ffram y Raleigh yo c? ei hadeiladu    ""d yn   a ? %!?L?<? Naith unionsybh—a? a Slcrha ei bod ,yn IÆr- ? ffaith unionsyth—ac y mae hyny 0 r P^s 19  "i  ?? mwyaf tu&ptsierh,%u rhwyddmeb ? 7 ??-  a ?'-?????? iau. Y mae colofn Tr eiteddfe a'r handle a ?'?rr.' ?? ?.?? 'b? yn cael eu gweithio ar gy?? ?<?'g? ? ??! a i_&R??-" 1 allan o ddur 9DIed, ac felly o grvfd?Br angh'ff- ? ? '?'???M?? retSn. Gwneir yr boll tabing H"n y R&LMgh l ga E9 F?ctoiy. iel ag y gellir gwarantu y H?n mR bwysig hon o'r I -hon or pe iriant. I GWARENTIR EF AM BYTH N Priaiau, o 7p 10B i 14p -14s. Anfoner Pod ()Cra am y Bdak of the  IUWgh. Raleigh!. B \||S|F DOLBENMAEN | [la GRIFFITH E. JoHeS. | H 1 111 Dolbenmaen Stores. | H i I m BANGOR | ? WM. EVANS ? H ?B High Street, | 1|1 RALEIGH CYCLE CO.. LO.. NOTTINGHAM. W?M ''rrrvone shonld read Cycling for Health & Pomts for Cyclists." by Sir PMnlc g P-wden. Bart.. pp. PrlCC Is. Bookstatlo; and agents p| .) .) ??**="?'??_ ?——— —???.MM???.?,? Sprm? s Heaj th- b ringer, 11 Steioed ?M6ar& /??????? J a????sc???/ !????'????' It refreshes the blood and lillllK. 4/ 'm '■ rcmvi?oraes the system. ???.? ????' ? Besides softening th2 acidity, i Bird's Custard supplies the all- i?portai-t nutriment and makes a '?dEP? ???/'? perfectly delicious dish. <? j /???'?'??? Birds I Cus t ard    !?y?  ?? ?.???. i and Rhubarb-Dame Nature#  ?./?V .pring food and tonic,-soonapak, l????f 'ty 'I for itself in bright yes, rosy cheeks G??? ? and clear complexion& (   ?..< ?7RD'??- A del?ghtfia ?A-? ? eo?. WfS if TIRD'S— I i sitiia.Xo res & large7YnL |  ?? ri1 —— < FUBlSUBf r Problem" |-Sol^ed.- | UOVca I mm— 6e par- *? "I peiMf ? c?efy poaad wbicb I to 8p8Dd on Furmtnfe ? TTie sekbe* of Art emMeewl be fouad m mar free caulocne tad war Showrooms. Whfle we etif nqiply artistic, ctardUT-baik hreibfe, ear perfect Baanafacttfmf and eefing organisation enahie» v to quote prices that are mnch below diow charged elsewhere for the HUM article* No matter whether you 4 Furnish for Casb ar, all COlKBlllt I Pagment SustBI yonrf Money wil go hithot a you purchase from aL Facts worth noting* W« dW« V-btb«A Slwount for Cask Piyeecnts KI HM|ri k Mk CMMMM1 M« objectiaaaUa mfnammam t* riga. Srary Atår:I8 I" mOrn mm •*» dimt antral mad nftntaha. We pa?7 =p W?*? ??' << htPri?.V?. Kverr FonuMac Jt" ? Ow? V<d-' *<? aauriM C«t<w<M fm the Uagmsm  t CiMMrante? ?J'??'? I —————• sod& OK |M akaohrta MiAMha IIr write or call fte. Ostaboama "W Gl:OBE Furnishing Co. U. R. OsAirt. ftvweca% Pembroke Place, LIVERPOOL. Badnan Boon 9 to 8. lutr Closing. Batartar 1 pm. AUSTRALIA by the ORIENT LINE Through bookings to NEW ZEALAND and TASMANIA. Saloon Tickets interchangeable with P. & O. Line. 1I.ana.gers; F, GREEN & CO., ANDERSON, ANDERSON & CO. For passage appty latter turn. 6 Fenchurch Avenue, London, E.C.3, or local agents. ALLAN MAIL LINE TO CANADA. LIVERPOOL, GLASGOW, LONDON, and HAVRE, to CANADA, NEWFOUNDLAND, & U.S.A. ALLANS 19, James Street, Liverpool. 14, Cockspur Street, S.W.I., and 103 Leadienhall Street, London, r,.C.3. AR WERTH PIGS goon ready for butcher when they get i Karswood Pig Po-woters. Promote health increase weight, prevent crop sickness. 12 Powders Is, by post Is 3d.—Richard Williams, Cambrian House, Garn Dolbenmaen. 64-Jn-9 j rnO double the food supply is a,utoma.tic?y TO to defeat the German submarine cam paign. Kairswood Spice will double your egg output. 2d., 6d., Is.—J. R. Pritchard, 33 Pool Street, Carnarvon. Millay .oJ 0 HORTHORN Calves for Rearing, from ks, record Cheshire Milked and Pure Bred Bulls. Quotation at any station. No fancy pwces. Correspondence a pleasure. FRANK DOBIE, Tittelton, Chester. ?XTTAU White Wyandbt?M a White Leg- W Y,b,orns, Cook a Cam strain at ddeori (hatching). Stiingp 4s., wedi eu dethol o tua mil o ieir wedi brfdio at ddodwy.—.Mrs Jones, Britbdir Poultry Farm, Rhosgadfan. '6-May 31 SCREWS—Mired s 28a ?t.; 281ba, 78 M; S Wire, Cut and Wrought Naila Staples, h,ka. Rivets, Baits, and Naile, etc., ab Vail Works. 25 to 28 Rea-St., Birmingham. Wholesale P-ioeL.-C. W Hayles, Midland N6åI Werk*, i6 to 28 Bea-ai. Binaingbam. I O'VQ ox" fSB» wef? obtMnod in March 278 and April last "year by Mr W<?e! Oak Farm, Cooksbridge, Sussex, at cost of only 2s. for Karswood Spice, 2d., 6d., Is.- J. R. Pritchard..Corn Merchant, Tea Mart. 33, PooJ Street, Carnarvon 62-Mav 30 I »— < <J?B SALE.—Several good Lurries, all IIii0l? sizes and weights, screw brakes. A!so excellent strong Spring Cart, carry 1 ton, and I oomplete good strong Set of Harness. Full I size Furniture Vain for Hire, Road or Ra.il.- J. Owen, Slate Quay. Carnarvon. t.o. WALLPAPERS from 41 per roll. Any W quantity, large or small, supplied at WHOLESALE PIECES. Largest stock in Great &r:tain. Write for patterns stating j class required. (Dept. 282). BARNETT I WALLPAPER CO.. LTD., MANCHESTER rtANARIES.-Al1 varieties for Breeding. I V Most profitable, inexpensive and fas- cinating hobby known. Start now. Also Cham- f pion Songsters and odd Hens, Singing Mules, and British Finches. Reliable Parrots. Send I for List containing useful information free Self-acting Net Traps, catch all kinds birds, 2s 2d; 2s 9d each, post free.-Rudd, Special- ist. Norwich. Jn. 22 R WERTH —Un o dd?y o fTermvdd. Y ?- naiH yn 60 a.cer. a'r Hall vn 100 ?er TLr cyny-rcliiot iawn, yn Mon. Meddiant buan. Am ragor o fanylion, ymofyner trwy lythyr yn unig a A63, Swyddfa'r Genedl, Carnar- von- 53-My 4 ON SALF-Second -hand Dressmakers' S. ewing Machine (Fli st -c'ass. make). com- pete. and in splendid working condition. Bargain. Write, Vcn, Geneal Office, Carnar- von. 644-Lay 19 UIOR SALE.-Highly-finishoo new Milk or 1: Pleasure Floats. Rubber and 1 Iron Tyres. Second-hand Pony size, Rubber- tyred Ralu Car. Cheap Governess Cars and Pheetons, &c-. Bargains.—Royal Carriage Works, C-wnarvan. • MAP Y RHYFEL YNG NCWLEDYDD Y BEIBL. Yn dangos Safle a Svmudiaciau y gwaLanol •f^ddinoadd yn eu perthynaa a THEITHIAU HANESYDDOL Y MBL. Gan BERlAH GWYNFE 'EV '"S. Oyhoeddeddg gan G-wmni'r Darian, ac i'w gael o'r Swyddf?. 19 Ca,rdiS Stre&t, Abar<t?. Pris 6c.; trwy'r post, 621-,c, Fel hyn yr ysgrifenna Mr. J. Hezeciah Thomas, Llan^amlet, am FAP Y DtARLAN: "Danfonwch ohwe' chopi o Fap y Ehyfel yng Nigwledjidd y Beibl. Wedl dangos yr un a gefais, yr oedd y cymdogion yn dotio arno, I ■ac yr oedd. yn rhaid i mi anfon am gopiau I iddynt hwvthau. Gf:ae'n synn genyf eich bod yn alluog i ddod a'r cyfrvw allan am bris mor rhesymol. Mae'n llawn gwerth swllt. Dylai werthu wrth y cannoedti. Barn pawb a'i gwe10dd gennyf yw ei fod y map goreu o ddigon o'r gwledydd hyn sydd wedi ed gy- hoeddti. CivnNai's tafto -in ddridrafferth y fan lie mae fy mab yn ymlao/d a'r Tw-e Sm Mhalestina. ARIAN DIM RLAENDALIADAU. RHODDIR BENTHYG ARIAN YN EREIFAT Mewn symíau bychain neu fawi (dim llai na £ 10) AiR "PROVISORY" NOTE V BEN- THYOIWR El HUN WEDI EX SEFYDLU ERS DROS DDEDGAIN 1 MLYNEDD, AC YN AWR YN RHODDI HESTPHYG DROS RM,000 YN DDYDDEOL AM Y TELERAU: YMOFYNER A GEORGE PAYNE & SONS 3. CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. A RE YOU WILLING to pay 4a in the 9 ?or twelve A? months. I don't advtrt)M to lend Mcney at Is. or 2s in the P,, aDd then tell you it is br one Of two month?. MY TERMS ARE IN PLAIN 3NGLISH, E20 will cost you P.4, for twelve months, £ 50— £ 10, £ 100 £ 20, and Rpecial terms for larger amounts. I ANYONE ADVERTISING CHEAPER RATES DOES SO TO ATTRACT APPLICANTS. MARK SHAFFER I 8, Bold Street, Liverpool. BENTHYCIR ARIAN YN GYFRINACHOL. 0 B5 i £ 1,000. YOHYDIG ORIAU 0 RYBUDD. Am dymorau penodoL NOTE OF HAND YN UNIG, yn o y telerau canlynol:- Benthyg Ad-dalad Benthyg. Addaliad £ S s d £ S B d 5 550 40 42 00 10 10 10 0 50 52 0 0 20 21 10 0 100 105 0 0 ?0 31 110 0 0 0 a 101500 5 0 0 o0 Cymerir ad-daliadau byohain trwy gytuideb neill- tuol. neu oe dewisir gall y benthyoiod sefyl onrl talu y llog bob hanner blwyddyn. Telir y betthyciadau sy'n iros am log llawer is. Gwarentir ybydd pob peth yn hollol -3-frinachol, pa un a wniir busnes s'i peidio. Ymofynwch yn bersonol, 08 in gyfleu8 neu gellir gwneyd busnes trwy y llythyr. Arbed- wch y Uogau iichel a'r ad-daliadaii trynion trwy ymofvn a—THE MANAGER, 28, QUEEN STREET, RHYL. BENTHYCIADAU HOLLOL BREIFAT. 0 £10 I £500. HE3 SICRWYDD ARELERAU RHJSYMOL. Dim costau. Dim gwahaniaeth mewi pellder. GELLIR ANFON ARIAN DRWY'R JOST Yinofvner, ac argyhoeddir chwi f B. WOLFE, 36, SPRING GARDENS, I I MANCHESTER. « BENTHYCIR ARIAN AR FYR RYBUDL £10 TO £1000 AR ADDEWID YSGRIFEXEDIG I AD-DALU. Mae pob benthyoiad yn hollol at unrhyw angen, neu i gvehwyn mewn llu.siies, i Ddodreftti eich Ty, i bcynu, etc., neu Drehi. Anfonir yr aoati gyda'i' post yn gytrinachol. Gellir ad-dalu yn bol, chwar. terol, neu haner-blynyddol, neu os dew siv wall v bctliyciad aros i fyny hyd bum mlynedd, ond talu y Uog. Nid ydyw y pellder yn ddim swihaniaeth. Mae y tlocjau yr isaf yn Nghymru. trtnir ar i fenthyewyr sy'n talu Hog iichel mewn lie Vail vm- ofyn yma, ac y telir y benthyoiad, sydd yr aros am log llawer is. Ni chostia ddim i chwi yniholi, ond gall arbed punnoedd drwy anfon yn Gymt neu Saesneg, am y prospectus i'r NATIONAL AI'VANCE i Sae,,inIe.N,,?, 'EST-IIENT SOCIETY, Ltd.. 41, CORPORA- 'I TION STREET, MANCHESTER. Established 1887. Nat. Thlpplwne, City 6C66, or to our North Wiles Dis. trict Ottiee, 32, FA RRAR ROAD, Bansrcr, nnd 19, QUEEN STREET, Wrexham. 1 MONEY LENT £20 to JBgooO Applications are now invited. BUSINESS ARRANGED BY lOST. Ladies and Gentlemen can borrow frcm us on their Own Personal Signature LOWEST RATE OF INTEREST. Convenient Payments Monthly or Quirterly. Existing loans with other firms pad oft. DEAL WITH GENUINE LENDERS. Avoid paying heavy rates and expenses. Apply ti)- SAMUELS and CO. 5, JOIDI DALTON STREET, MANCHESTER. BENTHYCIR ARIAN 0 S5 I F,5,000 NID OES EISIAU MEICHIAFON. Telir y Benthyciadau sydd yn setyll. Anionir pob manyhon a thelerau trwy y ppst Bentliyg Ad-daliad Benthyg. Ad-daiind £ E a. d £ £ s d 5 550 40 42 0 0 10 10 10 0 50 52 0 0 20 21 10 0 100 105 0 0 30 31 10 0 1000 1050 0 0 Llog yn 01 5c y Bunt am Dvmhorau Penodil, ond anfoti at y Manager, 24, BANGOR STREET, CAH. NARVON. A RIA I RODDI ALLAN AR LOG RHESVMOL, -AR YMRWYMIAD PERSONOL. R. sr. S T Y T « E A CO. GROVE CHAMBERS, CAERN ARFON ■——— —1 BORRow from an OLD-ESTABLISHED 'fVEI.L- K NoW" FIRM, noted for Honest Dealing" £ 10 to £1.000 ADVANCED DAILY to all Classes vorthy of credit, on NOTE OF HAND ALONE. Interest the Lowest in England and Wahs. Loans: NO FEES. NO SURETIES. E10 from 2" 6d weekly. B20 from /)s weekly. je50 from 8s Od weekly. £ 100 from 15s weekly. Low Rates Chartred for Short Ferial, Call, Write or Phone (2975 City), in Strictest Con- j fideni-e to the actual Lender, H HARRIS. 71, MARKET STREET, MANCHESTER. THE GWYNEDD LOAN AND DISCOUNT CO. COETMOR CHAMBERS, BETHESDA. Established 1864. This well-known old established Company is pre- pared to advance money on personal seeurit?? No prehnunary charges. Strict con¡iden, Deposits recoi*'ed. and 4 pH cent. interest promptly paid. All inquiries :md communications to be addresd to the Manager, at the- ahove address. CAFWYD CAFWYD.—-Mas d?u hesbwrn dyeit.hr yn  Tyddvnyfelin. L'anarmon, Ch?ilog Xooau: Cnoco y chwith. bwlch plyg oddi- 'Tno, tori blaen y dde a thwll. Os na Iwwlir erbyn Mai 10, gwerthir i dalu y cost&u.— Jones. 63-May 12 CiAiFWYD.—^lae Dafad ac oen yn Cae  B?ch, Efd-eym, nod ar r chwith. Os na hawlir erbyn Mai 14, 1917, gwerthir i dalu y cosbau. 64-Miy 12 CiAFWYD.—Mae Ci Defaid yn 'Rallt, Uan- \? ?*u?- I?w du. Brest, coler, a th'a?d ?wynion. Os na hawlir cyn Mai lOfed gwe",r i dilu y costau.—W. H. Parry. 63-Mar 10 C AFWYD.—Mae Dafad ao oen dÜeithr /n y  Greuor, Llanrug. Oni hawlir ovn Mai 15, gwerthir i dalu y costau. 63-M?y 10 • ARWERTHIANTAU, Mft. ROBT. G. JONES, AUOTIONEER AND VALUER, CARNARVON. ^JARNARVON SMITHFIELD. DYDD MA WRTH (YFORU). Sale ar ANIFEILIAlD TEWION, Cyplau. GLAN MENAI, NORTH ROAD, CARNARVON. FRIDAY NEXT, MAY 4th, 1917. Sale oi Surplus Furniture at 1-30 p.m. BflRYN DWYRYD, PENRHYNDEU- D DRAETH. This Furniture Sale has (been WITHDRAWN rjTOWN OF CARNARVON. Sale of SIX DWELLING HOUSES. — MR. ROBERT G. JONES will offer for J.. Sale at the Castle Hotel, Carnarvon, on ■SATURDAY, MAY 19th, 1917. at 2-30 p.m., the following:— LOT 1.—Nos. 18, 20, 22, and 34, Marcus Street, Carnarvon. Held on Lease for 75 years from 12th May, 1880, Ground rent 128 per House. LOT 2.—'No. 4, Dinorwic 'Street, Carnarvon, known as "Bryn MeilUon." Term of Lease 73 years from 12th Nov. 1876. Ground Rent £ 2 per annum. LOT 3.Derwen," Llanberis Road, Car- narvon. Unexpired term 71 y.Ground Rent £2 per annum. -For furthur particulars as to Lots 1 and 2 appij, to Chairies A. Jones, Esq., Solicitor, Carnarvon; Henry Jones, Esq., F.A.'I., 3, Lord Street, Liverpool, as as to the whole to the Auctioneer, Brunswick Buildings, Car- narvon. Telephone 86. MR HENRY R OBERTS, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER* PORTiv £ AJX>C. PORTMADOC. BALE. OF OAK FURiNITURE, Etc. MR. HENRI ROBERTS is instructed by J-Ti- John Humphreys, Esq., who is re- moving, to sell by Auction on Fridatv, May 4th, at Tanyfoel, close to the Cambrian Sta- tion, a large quantity of House Furniture, in- eluding beautifully carved Oak, Mahogany. and Walnut, Grand Pianos, E.P. and Brass Articles; Fine Oil Paintings, etc. On view day previous, 2 to 5 o'clock. Commencing 1 o'clock, and with best 'articles 2-30. MESSRS. HENRY pARRY AND gONa AUCTIONEERS AND VALUFRS, CARNARVON. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. EARLY IN JUNE. JjLWYN Y BRAIN, LLANRUG. A large collection of surplus HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and outdoor effects. Rubber- tyred Ralleigh Car; useful driving Cob, ana first-class Harness. Float, &c. The property of Dr. Lloyd Williams, who is leaving. I Mr. Richard Hughes, F.A.I., ESTATE AGENT, VALUER AND I AUCTIONEER. A umON HOTEL. BANGOR. THURSDAY, MAY 10th, 1917. MR. RICHARD HUGHES, F.A.I.. has  'been instructed by the Trustee of this Estate to Sell by PublLc Auction on the u bove premises, all the Ya.hiaMe I HOUSEHOLD iFURNITURE and Effects, which bri?ny comprise Handsome Drawing and Dining Room Suites, Massive Mahogany Sideboard, 2 Small do., 2 Large Mahogany Tables, Several Occasional Tables, numerous Easy and other Chairs, Pianoforte, several Handsome Overmantels, Fenders and Firesets, Paintings, Water Col- ors and Prints, Carpets, Hearthrugs, and Linoleums, numerous China and other Orna- ments. large quantity of Linen and: Plate, Sail Stand, Barometer, Bedroom Suites, Chest of Drawers, Brass and Iron Bedsteads, Spring and Wool Mattresses, Feather and Flock Beds, Kitchen Cupboards, Deal and Slate Tables, Culinary Utensils, Large En- amelled Bath, Lavatory Basins, etc., etc., Also the Stock-in-Trade of Wines, Spirits, etc. etc.. Beer Engine, Copper and Pewter Measures. Glasses, etc., etc. Terms: Cash at fall of hammer. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock prompt. On view imorning of Sale. B ODAVO-N TEMPERANCE, CASTLE JD DITCH. MR. RICHARD HUGHES, F,A,I.. has l been favoured with instructions to Sell by Public Auction as ae, the valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, comprising Sitting Room, Kitchen and Bedroom Appointments. (Full particulars in next isswe). Side to mmemce at 11-30 a.m. Auctioneer's Office: 14, High Street. Carnarvon- LIVERPOOL HUGH JONES AR MAB, Passenger Agents, I BANGOR HOUSE, 12. EARLE STREET (St Faul's-square). I DYMUNWN hysbysu ein cyd-genedl Dfod tocynau i'w cael genyf i bob rhan o'r bva gyda'r oil o'r Uinellau a ganlyn :-AMERICA, CANADA, AUS- TRALIA, PATAGONIA, neu unrhyw barth arall, am y pris isaf ym mhob dosbarth. Ond anfon gair atom cewch v manylion gyda tliroad y Post. Yr vayrn Ima er's 32 mlynedd, ac wedi cael profiad maith yn yr amser hwn. Byddwn yn derbyi pawb ar eu glaniad yn y j station, yn gwneyd eu busnes, ac yn ) myned gy(.. hwy i'r Hong, i'w rhoddi yn y Rooms sryda'u gilydd. Ty glan a 1 chysurus i'w derbyn am y noswaith, os bydd eisieu. hefyd i ymwelwyr a'r dref. C A R T R, E F I'R C Y M R Y 0 D D T C A R T R" 1P KILL THAT INSECT. TOMMY.—?nB L\. your pa]? "ont yonder" 9om« tins of wash, theM's a big chance you'-ll have "P,r)mpanions". A Harrisons's Pomade kills every inswit on hair OT body. Jnsisl on having Ha;-rison«'a Nursery Pomade. "Tins of Comfort" at 44d and 9d. 8cId by all Chemistfl—-or by Post from Harrison. Chamist. Re-'vim^. Carnarvon: B. RG- berts; Uangwfiii. h" R. Jones; Bangor: J. Bowen; Holyhead: R. H. Williams j Port- madoo: T. Jenkins Bethesda: W. Morriss Criocieth: B. Davias Hughes, and Co.; Pen- y-groes: J. EITi* Amlwch: R. J0!8. RHYBUDD CYHOEDOUS. {i NOTICE TO J! ]; VOLUNTEER TRAINING CORPS. j! 5 AND SECRESARIES J[ Miniature Rifle Clubs I 0-22 LONG RIFLE SMOKLESS i (BRITISH) AMUNITION Orders should' be placed immediately. () Supplies are now available. | NOBEL'S EXPLOSIVES, CO., LTD. j! Kingsway House, Kingsway- London W.C. (Seventh Episode). MANCHESTER STOCK EXCHANGE. 1lL NOTICE. MEMBERS OF THIS EXCHANGE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ADVERTISE FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, or to issllb Circulars to persons other than their own principals. Out {WE Brokers or Share Dealers and those who advertise are not in any way connected with this Exchange, nor under the control of the Committee. Comiaussions charged by Members of fcais Exchange are based 00 the Rule of the Associ- ation tbao no Member may divide commission with anyone. The Prevention of Corruption Act, 1906, makes the giving or receiving of an undisclosed commission a criminal offence. A List of Members of the Manchester Stock Exchange may be obtained on application to the undersigned. JOHN N. CAIN, Secretary. Committee Rooms, MancbetTTer Stock TYSTEB Y PJJTCH. G. CEIDIOG ROBERTS, LLANLLYFNI. Cydnabvddiwydl eisoes 81 6 4 Rev. T. Gwynedd Roberts, Cae- athra.w. 0 5 0 Rev. ED. Powell, B.A., Festiniog 0 2 6 Rev. W. Mathiasi Griffiths, M,A., Pyffn;y;n. 0 2 6 Miss A J. Roberts, la-te Infante C.S., Penygroes 0 5 0 Mr. Griffith J. Jones, Penygarth, Nantl!e 0 2 6 Mr. W. Owen, Plasynbont, Bont- newydd • 0 2 0 Rev. J. Jones, Brynrodyn, Groeslon 0 5 0 Mr. ,Evan Jones, PLas Dolydd, eto. 0 2 6 Mr. R. J. Thomas, P.O., Groeslon 0 2 6 Mr. Daniel Hughes, Llwyngwalch, Groealon 0 2 6 Mr. Henry Hughes, Llwyngwalch, Gro.qlon 0 2 0 Mr T. J. Wiliiams, P.O., Llanllyfni 0 3 0 MI-. R. J. Roberts, Compton House, Llanlljyjfrci 0 2 6 Mr. Ellis Jones, P. O. Terrace, Llan. llyfni 0 2 6 Rev. R. Edwards (B.), Penygroes 0 2 6 Derbynir y tanysgrifiaidau yn ddiolchgar gan yr ysgrifenyddtioe:— Mr. O. W. JONES, Snowd-oii Street, Penygroes. Mr. J. B. DAVIES, School House, Llan- llyfni. ETIFEDDIAETH GWYDYR. CYNHYG IR Gwobr o P.2 i unrhyw un a didygo wybodaeth o berthynas i'r per- son neuoorscmau a gyneuasant dan yn adeil- adau Tynddol, Bettwsycoed, yr wythnos ddi- wddaf, ac hefyd ydynt wedi Ha-drata. y "water tap" a'r bibell blwm, ynghvda pethau eraill. THOMAS GRIFFITH, 1 yrrr'] i iww Llanrwst, Ebrill 21ain, 1917. RICHARD PIiERCE ROWLANDS Deceased. AILL personj having any claims or demand's .LJL %ainst the estate of Richard Pierce Rowlands of the Vaynol Bakery, Ebenezer, 'in the county of Carnarvon who died on the 8th day of February 1917 and Letters of Ad- Administration (During Minority), of whose estate was on the 3rclk day of April 1917, grant- out of the District Prolate Registry at Ban- gor to Mary Rees, of George Inn, Bethesda. are requested to send to me the undersigned, particulars of their said claims or demands on or before the 14th dlav of May 1917. Dated April 25th, 1917. ROGER EVANS. Solicitor for the said Mary Rees. 15, Ogwen Terrace, 0# Bethesda. 0 Y F A N S O D D I A D A U I Q'ERDDOROL. "Canlyn lesu wnaf o Ùlyd," unawd (ail- argraffiad). "Hosanna, Haleliwia," unawd (ta.il- argraffiaci!) "Hosamia i Frenin" unawd. Y ddau nodiant gyda ichyfeiidant i'r Piano, Pris: 6c. yr un. "Mor anwvl wyt, fy Noli" (Rhangan i S.A.) H.N. 3c; Sol-ffa Ie. I'w cael gan y oyfansoddwr, MR. OWEN WILLIAMS, L. T. S. C., Beirniad Cerddorol, &c., Eglwys Bach, Nr. TALYCAFN. GWASANAETH CENEDLAETHOL. Siroedd CAERNARFON, MON, MEIRION, DINBYCH A FFLINT. GWEITHWYR AMAETHYDDOI. DYLAI -Ffermwyr fydd arnynt eisieu %weithwyr i weithio amser llawn neu i"hanol, ymofyn a'r Cyfnewidfeydd Gweithfaol yn 12. Castle Square, Caernarfon; Lord Street. Wrexham; 30. Church Street, Flint, íl Station Road, Cdlwyn Bay neu y Cangenau Lleol perthynol i'r Cyfnewidfeydd, lie y gellir cael rhestr o weithwyr ellir eu cael, y telerau a'r amddau. D. MAC NT COLL. Is-Ddirprft-ywr Amaethyddoi. "l\'i was." ABERCELE. Ebrill lleg, 1917. YN EISIEU MANAGERS-Welsh-speaking men with I JjL)L experience of Mixed Trade, over mili- tary age.—Apply, stating age, reference, wages required.—E. B. Jones & Co. Rhyl. 61-May '22 W.ANTED.-Large quantities of new-laid Eggs. Write offers and price required, and quantity you have to offer. Cash on receipt of Eggs. Hc,dgetts and Salisbury. Gell Street, Sheffield. — t YN EISIEU—yn ddioed, Siopwr-mab neu fúrch (hob fod mewn rhwymedig- aethau milwrol) i gymdeithas Co-operative, LJeyn Noder y cyflog. Ceisiadau i fod yn Haw yr yagrifenydd, Evan Williams, Min- Afon. Llangwnadl, Bdeyrn, cyn neu. ar Mai laf, 1917. 62-May 5 WALNUT PIANO.—Full compass; well- W known maker. Splendid condition. 15 guineas or 8s monthly.-Crane & Sons, Ltd., Bangor, 61-May-8 NEW LAID EGGS and Fowls wanted. NAny quantity. Best prices given.—H. R. Williams & Co., St. John's Market, Liver- pool. 63-Ju 1 YN EISIEU. 4 )———— WELSH Gramophone Records.—150 new V W tities. Send for special list free.-Craneo &,Sons, Ltd., Bangor. 61-May 8 w ANTE-D-General Maid. Welsh-spoak- T ing essential. Small Welsh family, in Li. verpool.—Apply Williams, "Derw«i." Albert Drive, Orrell Park, Liverpool. TXTANTED LnnnedM?ely, experienced f f Assistant in the Provision Department. Male or female—Apply J. R. Pritchard, Pool Street. Canarvon. 63-May 5 ??ANTED—Between Maid or General S???nt to take between -maid' s place. £ 16J £ 20.—(Mass Jennings, 52 Gloucester-St., Victoria, London. S.W.I, 63-May 12 A PP,IL&NTICE.-Bachgen yn eisieu mewn Y ntasnachdy yn agos i Llandudno.—Ylm- ofyner ag W.63, Gened! Office, Carnarvon. 63-May 15 w AN-TED-TO Rent immediately. About V V 5 acres of land, near Cambrian Railway, sloping lanœ if possible. No objection to poor land, if low rent. Replies to C.63, Observer Office, Carnarvon. 63-May 15 AIRDRES-REIL-Young Assistant or im- Hprover wanted in Ba?gor. Good shaver and %bl?e to give a satisfactory trim. Box B63. Observer Office, Carnarvon. 63-hy 1 I WANTED—Ear y in May, an experienced j T V farm man to 'work and take charge of ,un.,ill farm.—Lort, Bryniau, nr Bangor. 64-May 5 YN EISIEU-Totw beddau, &c., i fyn- wentydd St. Rhedyw, a Gorphwysfa, L!anllj-fni. Ceisiadlau i fod yn llaw Cerc y Cyngor Plwyf (gan yr hwn y ceir pob man- ylion) cyn neu ar y 13eg o Fai. 64-May 12


? -.—.?....._.____ .—— iBWYD.



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