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ARWERTH I ANT All. I Mít. HOST G. JONES, MJOTIONKR AND VALUER, CARNARVON. H ARLECH. DYDD GWElXIER NESAF Ebrill 27, 1917. Mewn Cae yn ymyl y Station. Ar gais Pwyllgor Amaethyddol Harlech a'r Cylek, cynhelir Arwerth iant, Gvffredinol ar BOB MATH 0 AXTFEILLAJD. Mae eisoes wedi entro 5 o Gefiylau, "25 o Ddynewid, 17 o Fustych, 6 Tarw, ammw Swynogyctd, Heff- rod, Buchod Cyflo, CvpTaL,, -UAmoglaid, Hes- byrniaid, Perchyli, etc. Telir i'r G werth wyr vn uniongyrehol ar ol y Sale. TELERAU ARIAN PAROD. Dechreuir yn )jrydlon am un o'r gloch. Qiarnarvon SMLITHFIELD. Cynba'ir y Sales uchod vn y dy"odo" bob yrt ail DYDD MAWRTH. Dyddiiadau am Mis MAI: Dyddiau Mawrth laf, 15fed, a'r 29ain. Anfoner yr entries wythnos cyn y Sale. Bydd ayfle da i werthu cyp'au yn v Sale nesai GLAN ?FP?AI. NORTH ROAD, cx CARNARVON. FRIDAY, MAY 4th, 1917. Sale of Surplus Furniture at one o'clock. BtRYX DWYRYD. PEXRHYXDEU- J) DRAETH, iDYDD MAWRTH, MAI 8fed 1917. Arthwerthiant ar yr HOLL DDODREFN am un o'r glcch. fJTOWN OF CARNARVON. gala of Leasehold! Dwelling HeuseR at the Cast,6 Hot, Carnarvon. SATURDAY, MAY 19th, 1917. Nos. 18, 20. 22, and 24. Marcus Street. No. 4, Dinorwic Street, known as "Bryn Meillion, and "Darken," Llanbens Road. Full particulars in due co-Lu-se JJEXRY" ROBERTS, AU'CTIOiXBER AND VALUER, AL7CTIAD,N,BF,R -,D V-U.UER, PDRTMADO C. EMPORTIANT SALE OF FURNITURE- Tip. HENRY ROBERTS is instructed by 1V1 Mi-s. Harriscn, to Sell by Auction, on FRlIDA Y. APRIL 27th. At tha Queen's Hotel, close to the Station, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Being contents of Hall, 5 Sitting Rooms. Kitchens, Pantries, and 13 Bedrooms, and comprising several Suites. A large quantity of the Furniture is in Oak. including High- back Chairs, also Piano, etc. On view day previous. Sale commenciria, 1 o'clock. Best articles, 2-30. ==~r' -=. AR WERTH fTTABLECLOTHS -Lady offers tl.ee beau X tiful Irish Damaak Tablecloths nearly two yards square also six handsome serviettes —-mwoileci; perfect condition, accept 178 6d tor lot wortil double, approval wiiVingky ar ranpd.-Writ,e: A.X. 55, "Observer," Car- BKTOC. SHORTHORN CaJves for Rearing,, from record Cheshire and Pure Bred Bulla. Quotation a* any station. No fancy pnoes. Correspondence n pleasure. FRANK DCXBIE, t ittelton, Chester. AR WERTH.—tMetallurgique Motor Ca.r, J 18-20 H.P. Four of five seater. Would do well to be converted into a lorry. Paricu- lars on application. May be seen at Barnes' Garage, Market Street, Carnarvon. Price £ 56. "\ITYAU White Wyan&tt?m a White Leg W hcroa. Cook a Ca? strain at ddeori (hatching). StiingB 4e., wedi ea defchol o tua mil o ieir vreda bridio at ddodwy.—,Mrs Jones, EmAbdir Poultry Farm, Rhosgadfan. le-May 31 SCREWS-Mixed: 288 -t. 28lbø, 7s Wire. Cut and Wrought Naila Staples. Tacks, E vets, Bolts, and Naila, et< &k Vfcil WCHB, 25 to 28 Rea-St.. Birmingham Wholesale Prwm.-C. W AS-Ykm. Widhnd Kail Workp, 26 to 28 Roa-wt. Birlpinohli, ON SALE.-Fiabing k", 4 26 tons regis- \? temd, weH found, ready for sea, apply at once to Priichard, 1, High Street, Carnarvon. £ 1 extra SDI- went obtained in March a.nd April last year by Mr WeUer. Oak Farm, Cookabridge, Sussex, at cost of only 2s. for Karswood Spice, 2d., 6d., Is.— J. R. Pntchard, Corn Merchant, Tea. Mart, 33, Pool Street, Carnarvon 62-M<ay 30 FXJLL egg 'bask ets follow usa of Karswood J' Spice containing ground insects. 2d., 6d., Is.-L. Prytherch, Medical Hall, Bod- edern, Valley. 62-Apl 24 SCOTCH direct from Seat- land. Suitable for Seed. Varieties — Abundance, Potatoe, Regenerated potato. Newmarket, Victory, LajacaAire Gold Finder, Standwell, Barley. New Sacks Is 3c. Nfett cash -with order. Samples, E. B. Jones, & Co., TTiOR SALE.—Several good Lurries, all sizes and weights, screw brakes. Also excellent Spring Cart, carry 1 ton, and complete good stroaog Set of Harnew. Full saw Furniture Van for Hire. Road or Rail.- J. Owen, Slate Quay, Carnarvon. to. WALLPAPERS from 4* per ro!l. Any quantity, large or saraali, supplied at WHOLESALE PRICES. Largest stock m Great Britain. Write for patterns stating SX requi. (D?pt. 282?, BARNBTT WALLPAPER CO.. LTD., MANCHESTER. CANARIES.—All Ta??ee for Breeding. ki Mo? 1,0, irexpensive and fas- aT?ng hobby known. S?t ?. Aho Cham- pion S?g?e? and odd H, Sirring M^ee and British Finches. Rehae ?Parr? ots. Send for List containing useful information free Sell-acfeme Net Traps, catch ail kinds birds. :œ 2d 2s 9d each, pœt fr- -Rudd, Special- iat. Norwich. Jn- 22 ON SALE—Bargain. A Covered Spring Haii. Suit butcher or baker, or can be eM? COberted into a mmket cart.—Hug??, 15, Pool Street. TVi EW LAID EGGS.—Patrick & Grainger, .1. Wlioleeale Egg Merchants. Victors Warehouses, Mansell Street, Aldgate, Lon- don, require unlimited quantities of finest new laid eggs. Terms prompt cash Quote lowest prices f.o.r. 61 API mJL o DE SOLD by private treaty, Leasehold .1. D'veiling-house and Shop, known as Cloth Hall, Llanddaniel, until i-ecently occu- pied as a Tailor and Draper's premises. Un- expired term 46 years. Ground rent £ 3. Apply to Messrs Morris Owen and Trevor Roberts, Solicitors, Carnarvon. 'A R WERTH.—Un o dfiwv o ffermydd. Y ?\. nail! ;n 60 akr, a'r 11?1! yn 100 acer Tir cvnvrchiol i?n. yn Mon. Me-ddi?nt buan. Am ;agor' 0 fanylion, ymofyiter trwy lythyr ra' g,f?-inylirn. yi-v uni A63, SwyLl ?, ifa'r Geiic?dl, C-irn? r_ vi-> uni r •« A63, Swyd.'Ka'r Cei?dt Ün'nar- 1 iHYBUDO CYHOEDDUS. GW ASANAETH CEXEDLAETHOL. Sirnedd CAERNARFON, MON. MEIRION, DINBYCH A FFUNT. GWEITHWYR AAiAETHYDOOL DYLAI Ffermwyr fydd amynt eisieu gweibhwyr i weithio amser llawn neu rhanol, jmofyo a'r CVfnevridfeydd Gwsithiaol yn 12. Caatla Square, Caernarfon; Lord Street. Wrexh-am; 30, Church Street, Flint, a Station Road. Ocdwyn Bay neu y Cangenau Lleol perthyftol i'r Cvfnewidfeydd, lie y gellir cael rhestr o weithwyr ellir eu cael, y telerau a'r amodau. D. tAC NTOOLL, Is-Wirptivywr Amaethyddul. "Dt-rwaa." ABEROELE. Ebrill lleg, 1917. NOT ICE. HUGH GRIFFITH-DUCIRASED.-The children of the late William Griffith, named Humphrey Griffith and Margaret Grif- fith, as well as Catheiine Griffitb-sieter of the deaceased, all relations of the late Hugh Griffith, who died recently at Los Angeles, U.S.A., are requested to communicate with Heron Rogers & Dehn, of Broad Sanctuary Chambers, S.W.I., when they will learn something to heir advantage. 61-Apl 28 DOLGELLEY UNION. APPOINTMENT OF NURSE. f I TlIE G-UARDIAN'S of the above Union .1. invite applications for the appointment of a. resadiant nurse at the Poor Law institution, Dolgell. Applicants must have a knowledge of Wels-h, and mu.t have had experience of Institutional nursing and mid- wifery. The duties will include the oare of the sick inmates, and generally to assist in the i)I.ana.geme-nt. Average number of inmates about 35. Sal-ary CW per annum with rations, residence, and washing, and a'Jovvanc? of £ 3 per annum for uniform, will be paid aft;n three months' service, for the purpose of the Super-annuation Act. The emolument will 00 valued at £39 per annum. Applications in the. Candidates' own handwriting, stating a-ae. qualifications, and experience, accompanied by copies of 3 recent testimonials, must be sent to me by not later than PridaiY 27th inst. R. GUTHRIE JONES. Dolgelley, C'erk to the Guardians- April 14th, 1917. YSGOL SIR ABERMAW (I Pechevn a Merched) Prifathraw: Edmund D. Jones, M.A. (Lon.t Athrawon Cynorthwyol: John Lloyd, M.A.: W. A. Boddaws, B..Sc.; W. B. W31ian» B:Sc. A frhrawesau Cynorrtliwyol: Mise L. M. M Ada.m, M.A.; Miss Mary Davies, B.A. Yn nghydag Athrawesau profiadol mewn Cogiffiaeth a Cherddoriaeth. TelerM P-4 10g Oc. y flvryddyn. Pob macylipti >ddiwrth y Prifathraw, YN EISIEU Dp J ;SWAKLNG.-Dymuna Mrs. Owen jJ (rnal) hysbysu ei bod wedi symud o No. 2, New borough Street, i No. 6, Segon- tiuin Terrace, Ile y bwriada. gario yn mlaen ei busnes fel Dressmaker fel o'r blaen 00-Apl 24 Yn BISIBU—Dynes mewn oed i gadw ty I 'JL gweithiwr yn y w lad. Lle ys?afn. Ym- ofyner am iacylion a E.D.56, Genedl Office, Carnarvon. 56 c RYDD-yn eisieu ar anwaith, un abl i I wneryd pob math o drwaio. Lie da a I gwaith cyson i ddyn sobr. Ymofyner â. R. H. Roberts. Meirion House, Liangollea. YN Er,&IA.U.-Dy-nes barchus gancrf oed J. erbyn Ma.i mewn fferm fech.a.n, gwaith ysgafn, cartref OYSUTUS .YIUOfyner & K36, Wyntyll, Llangefni. MANAXS-ERS—Welsh-speaking men with jjJL experience of Mixed Trade, over mili- tary age.—Apply, stating age, reference, wages required.—E. B. Jones & Co., Rhyl. 61-May 22 II ,WANTED.-La.rge quantities of new-laid V Eggs. Write offers and price required, and quantity yoa have to offer. Cash on receipt of Eggs. Hodgetta and Salisbury. I Gell Street, Sheffield. w A,N-TF-D-At once* good Slaughterman, V V able to assist in shop.—Apply R. Ed- mund Jones, Butcter, Bangor. 61-Apl 30 Yn EMIFTJ-Gwr a gwraig IF gw fel Bailiff, Q r wraig yn alluog i drin llaeth ac ymenyn) erbyn Mai ne?f. 7.Ifyner trwy ly*Yr & Syr T. E. Robert, Plasybryn, Caernarfon. 59-tc I "Y -rN EISIEU yn ddioed, Siopwr—mab X neu ferch (heb fod mewn rhwymedig- aethau milwrol) i gymdeithas Co-operative. L?yn Noder y cyflog. Ceisiadau i fod yn Haw vr ysgrifenydd, Evan Williams, Min- Afon, Han?wnadI, Edeyrn, cyu nou ar Mai 1af, 1917. 62 May 5 ? -W- ÃLUT PIAXO.—FuU compass; well-  known maker. Splendid conation. 15 gainer or 8s monthly.—Crane & Sons, Ltd., I Bangor. 61-May 8 NEW LAID EGGS and Fowls wanted. I Any quantity. Best prices given.—H. I R. Williams & Co., St. John's Market, Uver pool. 63-Ju 1 I WELSH Gramophone Records.—IJO new I titles. Send for special list free.-Crane & Sons, Ltd., Bangor. 61-May 8 "YrURSE-HOUSEMAID required. Good -L? needlewoman ?30. OaA-door uniform provided. Modern House at seaside. Another maid kept. One jolly little boy, two years old. Send photo to Mrs. Garland, Ainsdale. Southport. 61-Apl 28 I WANTED-Generd, able to do plain I cooking. No washing. Small Apply, Mrs. Prvee Williams, Everard Build- j ings, Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay. 62-Apl 30 i ANTED—General Ma'd. Welgh-speak- ing essential. Small Welsh family, in Liverp-I.-Appbv Williams, "Derwen," Albert Drive, Orrell Park, Liverpool. « W A-NTBD.-ImmecUatelv a apable and V V reliable man with good references, ac- customed to estate work, with knowledge of Architecture and Surveying, to act tempor- ally for deration of war; ineligible—Apply: J- nius, office of this paper. 63-Apl 24 -,tper. 93-Ap] ?-1 4 WANTED Immediately, experienced V Assistant in the Provision T)ppartnv?nt. Mnle or female.Apply J. R. Pntchnrd. Pool Strer»t. Canaivon. 63-Mav 5 C;AFWY D. da.uhesbwrn dveithr \m \J Tv^d"-nyfe.in. L'anarmon. C'hwiiog. Nodau '0 v chwith. 1)Wlchp1yg (?dd' arno. t?n wn v r)? '??.? O- ,??wT. ,b- V' 10 1,1 v c^ osttaou. — erbvn y.i ? rrwerthir i P-? v <?st.a.u.- ?"ss. ?- ? 63.??. 12 V ^Fd—Between 'Maid or General V V c: ,1 r ? take between-maid's place. £!6-£?A'X,¡S j?Dnms-s. 52 Gloucpst?r-St.. Victona, Lon d fon. S.W.I, 63-Mav 12 COL |^WVf>. COLLWYD—O S- i befl V" t?tj? Cl".ernaron i be? ? Stryd Llyn. M uff 8,blc tywyll. Pwy bynag t'1 dychwe!'? ? 1 tyQ^-ryir .C?n ei ber- chpno?.—Ymofyner ? rwy lythy' r & C.62. Genedl Office. CariiarN -on. 62-Apl 21 RHYBUOO OYHOEDDUS. THE CARNARVON C-3UNTY SCHOOL. HEADMASTER: E. P. Evans, Esq., B.A. Assisted! bly a Wei!■•qualified Staff. The Summer Term Commences on TUESDAY, THE FIRST MAY. r 111 HE Headmaster will interview jjarents at -L the School on the day previous between 10-30 and 12 noon. Pupils are prepared for the C.W.B. Examin- ations, Univesity Scholarships, for Civil Service and Commercial Careers. Forms of application for entry may be ob- tainedl from the Headmaster, or from the un- dersigned, J. LLOYD ROBiERTS, F. S.A.A. Clerk to the Governing Bod v. Carnarvon, 19th April, 1917. ö. —— ?<?\?tt ??-'?M? FmrmMUfmg Problem i ,Sol j How caa I mm* 6e Put- 11 chasing powtf ef Cftfjr pound which I am about to spend on Furniture ? The tolctMn of that BTtthleawZ be a =, ma be found. ow free catalogue awl oar Showroom*. While we oe$r sappfar s?.owroow& wh& we OM27 ear perfect mtnafMtnm? tad se6g orgnisatioo enables at to quote prices hiat are mock below thoiie charged einewkere for the sane atficks, No matter whether yoa Furnlsb for Casb cbur* GenvealBit Pagment SastBm your I' moivey wa go hothesl a 701 I purchase from aL Facts worth noting, w. an- 2J- in cbe e dlaoount for CaelL Parmenta tarn lie mi|i< k Mk CMMm' convenience. H 0 objecti-w. ■gTMMNll Jtwry Artiela ■—rfialwi mdm m di"a 000m) ?d HPOTUMI We pay awr6?p tt ? t?? <*?* ?t)"'< ia Private V*JJ^ a K?rr FontM?t K.?xttM .?fthi. Good :r j c far tht pliiaoMMial giaalfc timm k«ia«. G ant W* L" ..L.JIr Guarantee. give nbsolata alUMia Mr vvrfte or oatll ftM. ftatel»gw>. "W iGL'OBEl Furnishino Co. (J R. Okast, Px«prl«toaV Pembroke Place, LIYEKPOOLu Bnalitwi Hours 9 Co L marly CiwliMl. HXttrtiwl W,




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