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RESTKICHONS AS ro CRUISING OF YACHTS AND PLEASURE BOATS. rTBHE ADMIRALTY have decided that definite limits should be drawn at each ffar- bour or Estuary outside of which 110 cruising of Yachts or Pleasure Boats can be allowed. Before a Regatta is held within the limits of the Authorised Port or Waters, the j permissiop of the Senior Naval f officer is to be obtained. J Steamer Truffle can be permitt ear only as far as it serves for conveyance of necessaries to places off the mainland, all such sailings must be made under licence from the Naval Authorities. The Authorities are authorised to issue restrictions as to, and the limits within which pleasure cruisings, etc., are allowed, and requests for information as regards paticular areas shou d be addressed to them. The Senior Naval Officer, Liverpool (address, Colonial House, Water-street, Liverpool), has been authorised to deal with all questions of the above nature, within the following limits, viz., East of a line joining Mulll of Galloway and! Bardsey Island. The following are the restrictions as to, and the limits within the above-mentioned area, outside of which Pleasure Boats and Yachts are not allowed, RESTRICTIONS. (1) -No cruising of Yachts or Pleasure Boats will be allowed except under permit ¡ from tho N aval Authorities, that is no craft oa.n be used without permit. The following officers ar authorised to issue permits of this nature in the areas as shown against their names, am* application should be made direct to them. j shown agiiiist thtir names, aii(ii application ghould  Name and Address. Area in which Officer is authorised to issue permits. j! — — — (?) LIEUTENANT BRADLEY, R.N., j Coasto?ard, From Bardsey Island to Tubular Pwllheli. Bridge, Menai Straits. Pwllheli. Brid,elMerlai Straits. (b) LIEUTENANT PEARCE, R.N., Coastguard, From Tubular Bridge, Menai Straits, IJandudno. to Mull of Galloway. I (c) DIVISIONAL CHIEF OFFICER BRIDDLE, R.N., Island of Anglesey and Holy Island. Coastguard, Holyhead. (2) Yachting, etc., will only bo allowed between the following times, vis., Half-an- Hour before Sunrise till ha'lf-an-hour after Sunset, (3 Every Boat must return to her moorings, (4) Spocial permits are required for pa-sages from port to port. (5) Permits must be carried on board and produoed on ofemand to any authorised person. (6) A distinguishing number or letter corresponding with that on the permit must be painted on each bow of the boat or vessel. (7) Fishing vessels having on board any person or persons obher than their authorised crew will be subject to the lestrictions for Yachts and Plea-sure Boats. (8) Any person contravening these orders is p liable, on conviction, to cancellation of permit and to heavy penalties under ttie Defence oi the Realm Regulations (Con- I solidlated), 1914, i LIMITS OUTSIDE OF WHICH CRUISING OF PLEASURE BOATS AND I YACHTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWIED. (1) Within a line drawn from Port Dinlleyn to South Stack. I (2) Within an area confined within lines drawn from North Stack to Skerries, and I from Skerries to Carmel Head, (3) Within a line from Carmel Head to Lynasj Point, Boats are not to proceed more than 3 miles laterally from their moorings without special permission. (4) Within a line drawn from Lvnas Point to Great Orme's Head. (5) Within a lane drawn from Pentrwyn to Point of Aire. (6) Within a line drawn from Point of Aire to Hilbre Point. (7) Within a 3-mile radius of the Old Lighthouse at Hoylake. (8) Within a line drawn from New Brighton Stage to the North Wall Lighthouse. (9) Within a line distant 3 miles from the Coast stretching from Formby Point to Rossall Point (10) Within the Area of LNioreambe Biv, that 1ft, between Rossall Point and Walney Island. j (10) Within the Area, of Moreeamhe Bay, Coast from Walney Island to St. Bee's He<vi. Further special instructions will be issued as regards the Isle of Man j (Signed) HARRY H. STILEMAN. REAR ADMIRAL AND SENIOR NAVAL OFFICER, COMPETENT NAVAL AUTHORITY, I Date, 27th March, 1917. PORT OF LIViERPOOL. j I DANEDD DR. JOSKS, D.D.S. (A.M.), DENTAL SUGEON, j CRAIG OWEN BANGOR A LLANGEFNI BOB DYDD 1AU, yn 16. Lied wigan-road, o 1 byd 5-30 o'r gloch. A BANGOR, BOB DYDD, ond dyddiau Mawrth ar lau, o 9 hvd 6 o"r gloch A LLANERCFYMEDD. gyda Miss Owen, Druid House, o 10 hyd 1 o'r gloch, ac AMLWCH, gyda Mr. Hughes, Stationer, o 2 hyd 5 n'r gloch, ar lCBRILL 24, MAI 22, a MEHEFIN 19. AR OSOD. mjo LET.—Two CommwHoua Houses P!eas-! J_ antly situ?t?d in Rock Terrace, Port- madoc. Beautiful sea and mountain views.— Apply to A B 60. Gen'ed) Office, Cam&rvon. V»-Ar>< 20 t -===- I CAFWYD. C'AFWYD—Mae Dafad ddieit-hr yn Inn Farm, Chwi'og. Nodau: Tori blaen y dde a hwlch tri thoriad oddi ami, cymwad yn ml:Bn y chwith, bw'ch plyg cdai tani, a twll. Os na hawlir hi erbyn Mai -af, gwertlrr hi i dalu y eostau,—John Jones. Inn Farm, Chwilog. 62-Apl 28 COLLWYD. COLLWYD—O Station Caernarfon i ben Sfryd Llyn. Muff Sable tywyll. Pwy by nag a'i dyehwe'o a wobrwyir gan ei ber- chenog.—-rYmofyner trwy lythyr â. C.63, Cenedl Office, Carnarvon. 62-Apl 21 AR VWRTH | c ,ANARIES.-A!l varieties for Breeding, j Most profitable, inexpensive and fa3- cinating hobby known Start now. Also Cham- pion Songste.-s nd odd Hens. Sin-giiig Nrill, and British Finches. Reliable Parrots. Send < for List containing useful information free Self-acting Net Traps, catch all kinds birds. 2s 2d; 2s 9d each. post free.-Rudd, Special- jst. Norwich. J n. 22 K fl. ir-B,(:ï-M! r y J\??rr? ?' ?f"?7-" .n?ti?/tt j w<.Rh '-h?rp'?h?cha?c? yon'-H ha.? "Tjt.Tocanicn; Ff&rriaora»'» Pontile HIls "fury •»-. or body. ntit l on hurrnjr q'n"" r' V r>r?- r* Pomade ) "Till" Con»f,-n" %&<?■ ?n'd by an Ch^nnst* FVist h.[f' Harrison i Cb*mv-t. R- ir,!trT! R T?o bert»: r t R Bango. J i R P0.rt m-id. P, .■ W. Mornu j Cxico-t 'i: IS Hvii'Io Pen j j-flfrc T .7, T- D, ,Tnr!<t. mo RE Q,OLD bv private trp-?y. T??ho't! X D."?!r"T-?o';sp and Shop, known as Cloth Hal', LlanoHanio1. until recently occu- pied as a Tailor and Draper's premiss. Un- expired t'm 46 vers. G1 onnd rent C3. .\pp:y to Messrs Mr,rr Owen and Trevor Roberts, Solicitors, Carnarvon. Aj'EW LAID ECOS.—Patrick & G^ai'^er, ?L?t W?olesa?a Ec[? Merchants, Victoria Warehouses, Mr.n.^cU Street. Aklgate, Ten- don, require urf'mited quantities of finest new laid eggs. Terms prompt cash. Quote. lowest prices f.o.r, 61-Ajpl 28 i SIcoTC,H OATS-Mostly direct from Seot, land. Suitable for Seed. Varieties. Abundance, Potato*, Regenerated potato, Newmarket, Victory, Lancashire Gold Finder, Stand well, Barley. New Sacks Is 3c, Nett, I cash with order. Samples, E. B. Jones, & Co., R BALB.-Several good Lurries, all J. Bizefl and weights, screw brakes. /.ii»o j ,r ,xeeltent stroag Spring Cart, carry 1 tLa, and I ;on.pJ-ete good strong bet of Hsmew. Full ;,ue Furniture Van for Hire, Road or Rail.— J Owen, Slate Quay, Carnarvon. to. WALLPAPERS from 4? per roU. Any VY quantity, large or su?ag, auppl?ed at WHOLESALE P]t?0M. L&rg?st stock in Great Britain. Write for patterns stating elMS requ'r?. (Dept. 2821, BARNETT WALLPAPER CO., LTD., MANCHESTER. W C* CREWS—Mixed 289 ;jwt. {28U, 78 <W I ? Wire, Cut and Wroo?bt Nenb) Ste?UM, I Tacki, Rivetw, Bolts, and L\'aile, etc., at NfHil Works, 26 to 28 Btea-Si. Kvnuni^ri-r.'c I Wholesale frvsw..—C. W H»yle«, lfidlan. Nail WorD. 25 to 28 at. Birwogiw TTfTYAU White Wyandottes a White Leg- I VY horns, Cook a Cam strain at ddeori (hatcliing). Stiings 4s., wedi eo dethol o tua j mil o ieir wedi bridio at ddodwy.—Mrs Jones, Br:thdir Poultry Farm, Rhcsgadfan. '6-May 31 i PROVE to your profit that each hen oan .L lay six eggs a week in Spring on Kara wood Spioe (containing ground insecte). < Packets 3d., 6d., Is. Pritcbard, 33, Pool < lqtvea, Carnarvon. 571 -Apl 2.1 1 ON BALK.-Fishing ketch, 26 tons regis- tered, well found, ready for sea, apply at onoe to Pritchard, 1, High Street, | Carnarvon. I A -R WERTH.—Bryn Dwvryd Frm, Pen- | ?\. rhyndeudraeth, o hyn i ddhreu ma Mat Tir gwastad a chynyrchiol, gyda thy i da cymwys i'w osod i ddieithriaid yn yr haf. Safle rhagorol o fewn milltir i orsafoedd y Cambrian a Ffestiniog Railway.-Pob man- ylion i'w cael gan Mr. 8amuelJones, Bryn Dwyryd, Pe-hYndaud-oth. i ON SAL0—Bargaivu A Covered Spring  Cart. Suit b6kAm or baker, or can be easily (Mnverted into a -ket cart.—HugCes, 15, Pool Street. I fpl-,BILECLOTEIS -Lady offers three beall- I. t.;ful Irish Damask Tablecloths nearly two varda oqli,)re alp,, six handsome serviettes —■oi^soiled; perfect condition, accept 17s 6d I for lot worth double, approval willingly ar- rhngM.-Write. A.X. 53, ••Observer," Car- narvon. S HORTHOR-N Calves for Rearing, f om reco'd Cheshire Milkers and Pure Bed Bui's. Quotation at any station. No fancy prices. Corra^poncfence a pleasu.e FRANK DOPTE, ?ittelton, Chester. AR WliRTH.—tMeial'urgique Motor Car. A 18-20 H.P. Fmir of five softer. Would do w?H to he converted into a lorry. P-?r cu- 1m on application. May !? een at Barnes' Garage, Market Street. Carnarvon. Price .£5. | j YN E 8 ? U j ""w "TN EISIEU—yn ddioed, Siopwr—mab 1 neu ferch (heb fed mewn rhwvnred g- aethau milwrol) i gymdeithas Co-operative, T.-yn Noo.It y cyflog. Ceisiadau i fod yn lhw yr y^grife.nydd, Evan Williams, Min- Af :n, IJ?.ngw^uid!, Edeyrn, cyn neuar M"i laf, 1917. 62-May 5 NURSE-HOUSEMAID required. Gooá Nnoodiewonian &20. Out-door utuform | provided. Modern House at seaside. Another maid kept. One jolly little boy, two years old. Send photo to Mrs. Garland, Ainsdale, Soothport, 61-Apl 28 RHYBUDD CYHOEDDUS. I NATIONAL SERVICE. Counties of CARNARVON, ANGLESEY, MER- IONETH, DENBIGH, and FLINT. AGRICULTURAL WORKERS. LlARMERS wanting whole or part time Jj workers should -apply to the Employ- ment Exchanges at 12 Castle Square, Car- na,rvon, Lord Street, Wrexham, 30 Church Street Flint, and Station Road, Oolwyn Bay, or the Local Agencies attached to the Ex- changes, where a list of available workers, terms, and conditions can be obtained. D. MAC NICOLL, Agricultural Sub-Commissioner. "Derwas," ABERGlELE. April 11th, 1917. MANCHESTER STOCK E XCH ANG d: NOTICE. MEMBERS OF THIS EXCHANGE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ADVERTISE FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, or to issue Circulars to persons other than their own principals. Out slue Brokers or Share Dealers fJld those who advertise are not in any way connected with this Exchange, nor under the control oi the Committee. Commissions charged by Members of tuis Exchange are based on the Rule of the -4 ssoci- ation thai no Member may divine commission with anyone. The Prevention of Corruption Act, 1906, makes the giving or receiving of an undisclosed commission a criminal offence. A List of Members of the Manchester Stock Exchange may be obtained on application to the undersigned. JOHN N. CAIN, Secretary. Committee Rooms, ManchesTer Stock Exeh-Jige. PETFTSG O Is CYMRU. .L University of Wales. THE THIRTY-THIRD MATRICULATION EXAMINATION will commence on MON- DAY, JUNE 25th, 1917. Particulars may be obtained from the Reg strar, University Registry, Ca-thays Park, Cardiff, from whom forms of entry can be obtained. Application for Entry Forms must be made not later than Monday, May 28th. CARNARVONSHIRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE. YSGOL SIR ABERMAW. JL (I Feehgyn a Merehed) Prif&thraw: Edmund D. Jones, M.A. (Lon.; Athrawon Cynorihwya!: John Lloyd, M. A- W. A. BecLdows, &Sc.; W. B. William B.8c. Athrawesan Cynorthwyol: Miss L. M. M Adam, M.A.; Miss Mary Davies, B.A. Yn aghydag Athruwesau profiadol mewi Cogpniaeth a Cherddoriaeth. Teiorau £4 10s Qe. y fiwyddyn. Pob manylioi. oddiwrth y Prifathraw, rteu- R. LLEWELYN OWEN, DOLGELLEY UNION. APPOINTMENT OF NULSE. rp I, GUARDIANiS of the above Union X invite applications for the appointment of a resident nurse at the Poor Law Institu- tion, Dolgelley. Appic-.nts must have a knowledge of Welsh, and must,iJiave had ex- perience of Institutional nursing and midwif- ery. The duties will liicludo the cate of the sick inmates, and generally to assist in tlic Management. Average number of inmates ,about 35. Salary £ 53 per annum with rations, residence, and washing, and allow- ance of £3 per annum for uniform; will be paid after three months' service, for the pur- ,tt i oii Act. pose of the Super-annuation Act. The emolument will be valued at £ 39 per annum. Applications in the Cand'dates' own handwriting, stating age, qualifications, and experience, accompanied by copies of 3 recent testimonials, must be sent to me by not later than Frio.ay 177th inst. R. GUTHRIE JONES, Clerk to the Gua.rdia.ns. Dolgelley, April 14th, 1917. NOTICE. Hugh GRIFFfT!f-'l)ECF-kSET). rna JLL children of the hte William Griffith, named Humphrey Griffith and Margaret Grif- fith, as well as Catherine Grififth—sister of fith, a,; well Cat l i(-i- the deaceased, all relations of the late Hugh Griffith, who died recently at Los Angeles, U.S.A., are requested to communicate with Heron Rogers & Dehn, of BrO,i.d Sanctuary Chambers, S.W.I., when they will learn something to heir advantage. 61-Apl 28 YN EISIEU WELSH Gramophone Records.—150 new titles. Send for special list free.-Criiia & Sons, Ltd., Bangor. 61-May 8 -w-. WALNUT PIANO.—Full compass; well- W known maker. Splendid conûtion. 15 guineas or 8s monthly.—Crane & Sons, Ltd., Bangor, 61-May-8 WANTED—At once, good Slaughterman, I W able to a?Ht?m Rhop.-—Apply: R. Ed- i mund Jones, Butcher, Bangor. 61-Apl 30 WANTED—Errand boy. Must be sharp I and atr?n?. Also, OERce boy.-Apply, Observer Office, Carnarvon. F URNISHED HOUSE wanted for August. I Send full particulars to X.O. Office of this paper. 60-Apl-20 -+- YN EISIAU.—Dynes barchus ganol 00? JL erbyn Ma^i mewn fferm feehan, gwaith ysgafn, cartref cn-surus.—Y'nofyner a K36, Wyntyll, Llangefni. -II YN BISTEU.-YN ddioed, M?n?ger—ma.b JL neu ferch (heb fod mewn rhwymdg- i aethau milwrol) i Gvmdeith?u Co-operative L!a?mg). Ce1siadau i ddod i law, gan nodi y cy&g ar v 17fad o Ebri!! !917, i'r ysgrifen- ydd, Mr. R. J. Roberts, Fron Helilg, Llan- rug. 61-Apl-17 DRESSMAKING.—Dymmoa Mrs. Owen (BodruaU hysbysu ei b<d ivedi symud o No. 2, Newborough Street, i No. 6. Segon- tium Terrace, Up v bwriada ?ario vn mlaen ei busnes fel Dressmaker fel o'r b1ae 60-ApI-24 I>usiies fol fel o'r blaen 60-.Xpl-24 YNEISIEU-Dynes mewn oed i gadw ty JL gweithiwr yn v whd. Lie ysgafn. Ym- ) ofyner am fanylion a E.D.56, Gened! Office, Carnarvon. 56 CRYDD—Yn eisieu ar unwaith, un abl i j wneyd pob math o drwsib. Lte da a í gwaith cj^jn i drlyn sobr. Ymofyner a R. H. I Roberts. Meirion House. Llangollen. YN EISIEU-Gwf a gwraig (f gwr fel JL BaiUS, a'r wraig yn a.Ing i drin Haet.n ¡ ac vmenyn) erbyn Mni nesaf. Ymofvner trwy lythyr & Syr T. E. Roberts, P<:tsybryn. Caernai'fon. 59-tc WANTED.—Largo quantities of new-laid W J'??. Wr?e offers and price required, and quantity y?u hn-'c to r?er. Cash (I*r receipt of Eggs. Hodp?tts :m(? S?Ksbuiy. Gell Street. Sheffield. MANAGERS—Wolsh-speaking men with ?yi. cxperipnc? of Mixxl Trade, over mili- tary agc.-AppIy. stating age, reference, I wages required.—E. B. Jones & Co., Rhyl. 61-May 22 j WANTED—Strong gir!, age 18-22. Able to I W milk a.nd do housework.—Good wages. References required.—-Mrs Roberts, Belgrano, Abergele. 62-Apl. 20




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