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GW ASANAE rH CENEDLAETHOL YN EISIEU 10,000 0 PERCHED RHAC BlAEN. I Weithio'r gyda'r Cynhauaf. Anfonwch. eich cais ar unwaith i r Cyfarwyddwr Cyffredinol, Gwasanaeth Cenedlaethol, St. Ermins, Westminster, S.W.I, ar ffuflen sydd i'w chael yn y Llythyrdy lleol, neu yn y Gyfnewidfa Lafur. Rhoddir i'r Merched a, ymunant heddyw:— 1. Angenrheidiau pwrpasol yn rhad, esgidiau uchel, "breeches," '"overall, Q het. 1 2. Cynhaliaeth yn ystod ynrarferiad. 3. Costau teithio ynglyn a r gwaith. '4 183. o gvflog yr wythnos, neu yn ol graddfa yr ardal pa un bynag fydd yr uwchaf. 5. Llety wedi ei archwilio a'i gymeradwyo g»n Bwyllgor Sirol y Merched dan y Bwrdd Amaethyddiaeth. 7. Gwaith ar ffermydd wedi eu dewis yn ofalus. 8. Dyreh(ifiad-.mN obrwylr gwaith da gyda dyrchaifad & rhpgor o gyflog. Ar ol v rhvfel, cyfleusderau arbenig i setlo i lawT gartref neu mewn gwlad dramor. Mae eisieu heddyw:— 5,030 0 LftETHWYR. 4,000 0 WEITHWYR Y TIR. 1.000 0 GERTWYR- NAC OEOWCH Ymrestrwch ar unwaith iYN Myddin Dirol y Merched. Cait. ffurfleni i gynyg gwasanaeth mewn pob Llythyrdy ac yn y Cyfnewidfeydd Llafur. LLONGAU. I AUSTRALIA ORIK V LINE Through bookings to NEW ZEALAND and TASMANIA. Saloon Tickets interchangeable with P. & 0. Line. Managers- F CrREEN & Co.. and ANDERSON, ANDERSON & Co. For passage apply latter firm. 6 Fenchurch Awnaue, London, E.G.5, or local agents. ALLAN MAIL LINE TO CANADA. LIVERPOOL, GLASGOW, LONDON, and HAVRE, to CANAL A, NEWFOUNDLAND, & U.S.A. — ALLANS 19, James Street. Liverpool. 1-\ Cockspur Street, S. W. I., and 100 Lieadenhall Street, London, ii.. C.3. t CUNAR LINE. REGULAR PASSENGER AND FREIGHT SERVICES. LIVERPOOL—'NEW YORK. LONDON—NEW YORK. LONDON-CANADA. BRISTOL—CANADA—NEW YORK, For Rates of Passage, Dates of Sailing', and Particulars as to Loading Berths. Apiriy CUNARD LINE. Liverpool; Xiandon, 51, Bishopsgute, E.C. 29-31, Cockspur Street, S. W. 65, Baldwin Street, Bristol; 18a, High Street, Ca(iiff; 117, New Street, Birmingham or to Local Agents. DANEDD DATI E D D DR. JONES, D.D.S. (A.M.), SURGEON DENTIST, CRAIG OWEN, BANGOR Vmwela ac AMLWCH, LAXGEFNI. a LLANERCH- Y-MEDD, KOLYIIKAD. BETHESDA, EBEXi.ZF.n. LLANflJERlS. LLAX- RUG, a PORTDINORWIC. Byddai adref bnh rivdd o 9 tan 6 o'r gloeh, I ona dyddiau Mawrth a au. AR OSOD. I .0 fTIO BE LET —Fnrnis?Mi 4-room Cottage I in a to?st hea)thy part of Carnarv(m. Apply Pritchard, 1. tligh Street, Carnar- von. < O LET" I"T, k PA RAT. in -L the Pa.!i? f P:?' LECH, Cariwrvon- ehire, Area of 423 ceres, inouding 93 berlef of n Land. s Vacant MiahaalmaH 1917 -For particulars apply to— George Boviil, ''oel-an EsUite Office, Bettws- 55-tc TO LET.—Two Commodious Houses pleas- X aaitly sit;.vi;cd in Rock Terrace, Port- madoc. Beautiful sea and -mountain views.— Apply to A.B.60, Genedl Office, Carnarvon. GO-Apl 20 l AR WERTH TjTjOR SALE.—Several good Lumea, all r øi.z and weights, screw brakes. A!ao &xceHoot strong Spring Cart, carry 1 ton, and complete good strong Set of Hamesq. Full size Furnrt-ure Va.n ior Hire, Road or Rail.— J. Owen, Slate Quay, Carnarvon. t.o. WALLPAPERS from 4l per ro!l. Any TV quantity, large or small, supplied at WHOLESALE PRiCES. Largest stock in Great Britain. Write for patterna stating olaae inquired. (Dept., BARNETT WALLPAPEB CO., LTD., MANCHESTER. SCREWS-Mixed: 28s cwt. j 281b8, 7s 8d; Wire, Cut and Wrought Nails Staples, Tacks, Rivets, BDHS, arid Naiia, etc., art Vail Wcrks, 25 to 28 Rea-St., BinminghaTn Wholesale Prieo&C. W, Hay lei, Midland .N^il Worb: 25 to 28 Rea-n., Birminghj>,r» VXTYAU White Wyando??a a White Leg- W homa. Cook a Cam strain at ddeori (haltohing). Stiings 4s., wedi eu dethol o tua mil o ieir wedi bridio at ddodwy.—Mrs Jones, Brithdir Poultry Farm, Rhosgadfan. '6-May 31 PROVE to your profit that each hen can lay six eggs a week in Spring on Kars- wood Spice (containing ground insects). Packets 3d., M., Is. Pilchard, 33, Pool Street, Carnarvon. 57-Apl 21 ON &AIX.-Fishing ketch, 26 tons regig, tered, well found, ready for sea, apply at once te Pritchard, 1, High Street, Carnarwom. A R WERTH.-Brvn Dwyryd Farm, Pen- ?\_ rhyndeudraeth, o hyn i ddechreu mis Mai. Tir gwastad a chyiiyrchiol, gyda thy da cymwys i'w osod i ddieithriaid yn yr hai- I Saffe rhagorol o fewn milltir i orsafoedd y Cambrian a Ffestiniog Railway.—Pob man- ylion i'w cael gan Mr. Samuel Jones, Bryn Dwyryd, Penrhyndeudraeth. I ON SALOE—Bargaaii. A Covered Spring! Cart. Suit buttlner or baker, or can be easily converted into a market cart.—Hugaes,J 15, Poci Street. j T ABLF.CLOTHS -Lady offers three beau- ) tiful Irish Damask Tablecloths nearly two yards square also six handsome serviettes f —Uiiif»oilftd perfect condition, accept 178 6d I for Lot, worth double, approval willingly ar ranged—Write.- A.X. 53, "Observer," Car-If narvon. ) SHORTHORN Calves for Rearing, recoixi Clicsliire Milkers and Pure1 Bred Bulls. Quotation at any station. No fancy pwices. Correspondence a pleasure. FRANK j DOBIE, Tittelton, Chester. I PANAEIBS.—AW varieties for Breeding. Vj Most profitable, inexpensive and fas- I cinating hobby known. Start now. Also Chnm- pion Songaerg, and odd Hens, Singing Mules, < and British Finches. Reliable Parrots. Send ¡ for List containing useful information free Self-acting Net Traps, catch all kinds birds. J 28 2d; 2s 9d each, post free.-Rudd, Special- ist, Norwich. Jn. 22 KILL THAT INSECT TOMMy.-c',),.1 Kyour pa? "out yonder" some tinf of I wash, there's a big chance you Ml have '^companions". A little Flarrisons's Pcaia.i# i bina <-very msfXit on bair or body. 'nsis? j or h?mg Harrisors's Nursery Pomade "Tm-( of Cohort" at ?d and 9d. Sold by !j aU Chamifits—or by Post from Harrison Cr.<ML'3h. Be??ng. Cam&rron: R. Bt) !j berts; Llangofni, R R. Jone*; Bangor- J Bowon; Holyhc,.d: R. H. Williams; Port, modoc: T. Jerki-,is Hftheada: W. M^vHs J CrxjcieUi E. Daviea Hughes, and Co-; P6 y-gn>as: J. Bllui -Tonos; Amlwch: B. JODft. ] k ARWERTH! ANT All MESSRS. ( JOHN pRITCHARD AND CO., I AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, BANGOR, FREDAY, APRIL 13th, 1917. Parade and Judging 10-15 a.m. Sale (commencing with the females) 12 noon. OVER JB30 CASH PRIZES, 4 SILVER MEDALS, AND A CHALLENGE CUP. fJL WE NORTH WALES EXHIBITION and THIRD ANNUAL SALE of I PEDIGREE WELSH BLACK CATTLE (held under the auspices of the Welah Black Cattle Society, and promoted by the princi- pal Breeders in North and Mid Wales). will be held at the MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIELD, being the most convenient centre for North Walffl Breeders MESSRS. JOHN PRITCHARD AND CO., Expert Auctioneers of Pedigree Welsh Black Gattle, will be pleased to arrange keep for Vendors consigning Sw.K by rail the day previous, and are arranging for special facili- tiea 08 the Cambrian, Great Western, and L. and N. W. Railways, for the conveyance of Stock for this Sale. Prize Schedules and Entry Forms forwarded on application. Entries close March 31, 1917. BANK CHAMBERS, BANGOR. MR. ROBT. G. JONES, AUOTIONEER AND VALUER, CARNARVON. T LANLLYFNI. DIWRNOD Y FFAIR, EbriU Heg, 1917. Gwerthir tua 100 o DDEFAID, sef holl gorlan TYNYFAWNOCr, TALYSAILN; Cyplau, Hesbyrniaid beinw a gyrfod; Myherjn Cym- reig. Cj-nefin yn my-nydd Blaen Pennant. Telerau: ARIAN PAROD. Dechrouir am 12-30 o'r gloch. PJRYN EURAU, CLYNNOG. DYDD L L U N NESAF, EbtiU 16eg, 1917. GOSODIAD TIR BLYN-YDDOT- Am 2 o'r gloch. B BYiN DWYRYD, PENRHYNDEU- D DRABTH. DYDD MAWRTH, EBRILL 17eg, 1917. Y Tyddyn Rhydd-ddaliadol a'r Holl Stoc, am UN o'r gloch. SMITHFIELD, CARNARFOiN. SALE NESAF. DYDD MERCHER EBRILL 18fed. Anfoner yr Entries rhag blaen. MESSRS JJENRY pARRY AND SONb AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, CARNARVON. FELIN THOMAS MORRIS. (neu Vavnol Mill) LLAjfRUG. Mao HENRY PARRY AT FAB wedi ea cyfarwyddo gan Mrs. Morris (am ei bod wodi y Felin) i werthu ar Auction, ar y He DYDD GWENER, EBRILL 13, 1917. Merlyn 8 oed. 13 uohder,—hwylus ymhob gwaith; Trol dda a ffram cryf; S<4 ° Harness; Coleri, Ger blaen; Strodur,, a In o lotiau buddiol yn rhy luosog i'w henwi. Telerau: ARIAN PAROD. Sale i ddechreu 2 o'r gloch. AR WERTH rno BE SOLD by private treaty, Leasehold -L Dwelling-house and Sthop, known as Cloth Hall, Llanotianial, until recently occu- pied as a Tai'or and Draper's premises. Un- expired term 46 years. Ground rent C3. Apply to Messrs Morris Owen and Trevor Roberts, Solicitors, Carnarvon. N' L, W LAID EGGS.—Patrick & Grainger, 1. "4 Wholesale Egg Merchants, Victoria \Vareliouse.«, Man sell Street, Aldgate, Lon- don, require unlimited quantities of finest ne-v.- laid eggs. Terms prompt cash. Quote lowest prices f.o.r. 61-Apl ? SCOTCn OATMostly direct from Scot, land. Suitable for Seed. Varieties:- Abundance, Pbtatoe. Regenerated potato. Newmarket, Victory, lianeasbire Gold Finder, Stand-well, Barley. New Sacks Is 3c. Nett cash with order. Samples, E. B. Jonee, & Co.. Abergele and Llanrwst. 50-Apl 12 YN EISIEU YN EISIEU.—Yn ddioed, Matrager-irnal) JL neu feroh (heb fod mewn rhwymedfig- aeth-au milwrol) i Gymdeithas Co-operative Llanrug). Ceisiadau i ddod i law, gan nodi y cyflog ar y 17fed o Ebrill 1917, i'r ysgrifen- ydd, Mr. R, J. Roberts, Fron Helyg, Llan, rug. 61-Apl-17 WANTED.-—A single-handed maid, age T' not under 20, fo- a small family. Good home, and liberal outings. Wages per annum.-Apply Mrs R. E'ias. Trosgol, Beedi- wood Avenue, Finch ley, N.3. 61-Apl 7 ~T\RESSIMAKINO.—Dymuna Mrs. Owen J.J (Bodmi-ill hysbysu e; bod wedi symud o No. 2, Newbon>ugh Street, i No. 6. Segon- tinin Terrace, He y bu-riada eario yn mlaen ei busnes fel Di-essmaker fel o'r blaen 60-Apl-24 LAW—^Wanted clerk, knowledge of Union L ?nd Rnml DitriMi Council work. Welsh necessary. Ineligible as soldier. State age, ex- perience, salary lequired. Apply: Lex 59, Observer Office, Carnarvon. 59-Apl 16 — YN ETSTEU-DYIJes m-wn oedi g-adw ty sweithiwr vn y rvbd. Lie ysgafn. Ym- fvn-r 1-ru fanylion a E.D 56. Genedl Office. Carnarvon. 56 C- RYD-o::=.-Vn eisieu ar unwaith, un ab! i c -?'n?V? noh mit?i o ?rwpin. He da a jrwnith cy.««>n i ddyn snhr. Ymofvner a R. H. ■R.nt>r>rt s Mpirioii House. T.h"Q'OI1n, YN ETSTEU.-UE fet housekeeper gan rlti"no! barchus, ei-nol oed. erbyn Mai, mewn ffarm fpchan neu dv nreif"t. Ymofvner I trwy lvthyr S Genedl Office, Carnarvon. 59-Apl 12 Y- N EISIEU—Gwr a gwmig (y gwr fel Y B?UfF. 'r wn ig vn aJh!0€r i drin U:wth ac vmenvn) erbvn Mai nwaf. Ymofvner trwy lvthyr ft Syr T E. Roberfte, Plasybrvn. CS<-mirfon. 59-tc WANTED—At once, Manner. male rw fp??e (?n'?o:!?o ?r mi?t?ry service. for the L^anruor Co-oner.itive Stores. Appli- cn.fion<5 to be <ser»t. -f-atng salary required, bv T),,il 17tli. 1917. to the secretary, Mr. R. J. Roberta, JTron Uelyg, IIanrui4. 61-Apl 17 RHYBUDO CYHOEDDUS. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NORTH | WALES. 1 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. IN connection with the Two Years' course of practical instruction iu Horticulture tor women and girls a.rra ,'d! tin co-operation with the Marquis of Anglesey and Colonel the Hon. R Stapleton Cotton, there are two vacancies to be filled up at once. Pupils take a full share in the work of the gardens i and are paid for their services. Full particulars and forms of application may be obtained from R. G. WlHTE, University College (Old Buildings), 31 Bt Maroh, 1917. BANGOR. YSGOL SIR ABERMAW. JL (I Fechgyn a Merched) Prifathraw Edmund D. Jones, M.A. (Lon. 1 .Atibrawon Cynorthwyol: John Lloyd, M.A. W. A. Beddows, B.Sc.; W. B. Williams B.Sc. Atbnawesau Cynorthwyol: Miss L. M. M I Adam, M.A. Mise Mary Davies, B.A. Yn nghydag Athrawesau profiadol me\9lJ I Coghiiaeth a Cherddoriaeth. Telerau: P.4 10s Oc. y flwyddyn. Pob manyltoi oddiwrth y Prifathraw, neu— R. LLEWELYN OWEN, PRIFYSGOL CYMRU. JL University of Wales. THE THIRTY-THIRD MATRICULATION EXAMINATION will commence on MON- DAY, JUNE 25th, 1917. Particulars may be obtained frcjm the Registrar, University Registry, Cathays Park, CardiCF, from whom forms of entry can be obtained. Application for Entry Forms must be made not later than Monday, May 28th. CARNARVONSHIRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE. rpHE Entrance Scholarship Examiination JL will-be held at the various County Schools on Friday, April 27, 1917. Candidates .Should send in their names at once to the CLerks to the Local Governing Bodice. EVAN R. DAVIES, Secretary of Education Education Offices, Carnarvon, Maxell 27th, 1917. GWYRFAI RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL COMPLETION OF AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in pursu- ance of the Rural District Councils (Notice of Audit and Publioation of Accounts) Order, 1915, that the Audit of the Accounts of the Gwyrfai Rural District Council for the half-year ended the 30th da.y of September 1916, has boen completod, by Arthur E. Ellis. Esquire, the Assistant District Auditor ap- pointed 'by the Local Government Board. The Audited Accounts and Statutory Financial Statement will be open for inspection without payment by any Parochial Elector of a Parish in the Rural District at my office at 7, Mar- ket Street, Carnarvon, at all reasonable times wit-iiin a period' of fourteen days from the 11th day of April, lfci7. Dated this 4tih day of April 1917. DAVID G. JONES, of 7, Market Street, Carnarvon. Clerk to the said Gwyrfai Rural District Council. NOTICE. HUGH GRIFFITH—DECEASED.—TIIO Hohi'dren of the late William GrifSth, named Humphrey Griffith and Margaret Grif- fith, as well as Catherine Griffith—sister of the deceased; all relations of the late Hugh Griffith, who died recently at Los Angeles, U.S.A., are requested to communicate with: Heron Rogers & Dehn. of Broad Sanctuary -tre,?t. Ww,'?m i nit-o  'Chambers, 11. Tothill Street. Westminster, London, S.W.I.. when they will learn some- thing to their advantage. 61-Apl 28 YN EISIEU Y N E I S I E U i PEN-Y-BRYN, CAR,N-,ARVON.-Waiited '0 cook goneral 918. Young housemaid 1:15 (experience not necessary).-Apply Pierce, "Rookwood," Waterloo Park, Liverpool. OO-Apl-17 BREAD, GROCERY, & PROVISIONS.- J) Assistants; bakers, and va-nmen wanted Give full particulars, stating wages required. E. B. Jones, & Co., Rhyl. 55-Aprl-15 W A'-NTTF, quantities of new-laid VV Eggs. Write offers and price required, and quantity you have to offer. Cash on receipt of Eggs. Hodgetta and Salisbury, Gell Street, Sheffield. FURNISHED HOUSE wanted for August. JP Send full particulars to X. O. Office of this paper. 60-Apl-20 NURSE-HOUSEMAID required. Gooa neodleiwoman £ 20. Out-door uniform provided. Modern House at seaside. Another maid kept. One jolly little boy, two years old. Send photo to IMrs, Garland, Ainsdale. Southport. 61-Apl 28 ANGLESEY.—Wanted a raspect?M? man ?\. —infiUgib'e or over military age,—to go with milk float, etc. Light situation Apply A.61., Genedl Office, Carnarvon. 61-Apl 14 MAID for all duties. Family of 3. Sm?l ?YL modem h?uso. Most washing sent out. Willimni;, 4 Irby Avenue, Wallasey, Cheshire. 61-Apl 14 YN EISIAU.-Dyiies barchus ganol oec? jL erbyn Mai mown fform fechan, gwaith ysgafn, cartref oysurus.— Y mofvner a, K36, Wyntyll, Llangefni. YN EIISIEU.-Teutu parchus i gadw Ty JL Capel (M.C.) Bwlan, Llandwrog, ac i ofaIu am yr adeiladau. Ymofyner am y tel- earu ?yd?'r ysgrifenydd, J. Edmund Jones, Pengwern, Llanwnda. Y ceimadau am y lie i fod mewn llaw erbyn Ebrill 7fed (D.S.-Teulii bychan yn ddewlsol). 59-Apl 7 LADY TYPIST with knowledge of Short- hand required. Apply with full par- ticulars and' sa lary required to "The Welsh Insurance Corporation, Ltd., 59, Bangor-St.. Carnarvon. 60-Apl 3 YN ETSTEU.-Gweinyddes brofiadol (cook JL general). Teulu o bedwar. Cynorthwyir gyda'r gwaith. Cartref cysurus. Capel Oym- reig yn vmyl.—Ymofyner: 71, Teignmouth- rcod, Cricklewood, London, N.W.2. 7-Apl 60 WANTED—Apprentices to the Millinery. VY R. J. G;x>rge, Draper, Carnarvon GO-Apl 6 TT RANTED. For two in family, a Maid V V for general work, in Brondesbury, London. Reply first instance to C;>» "Genedl" Office. Carnarvon, stating wages required, and what capabilities. also reference. fi1:S-



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