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11 PROHIBITION GYMRU. Galwad yr Amserau at Genedl y Cymry. MAE CYNGOR EGLWYSI RHYDDION CYMRU YN YM- DAFLU A'I HOLL EGNI I GEISIO ATAL GWASTRAFF. Y DDIOD YNG NGHYMRU, A THRWY HYNY GYNOR- THWYO I YSGAFNHAU CALEDI PLANT TLODION Y WLAD. YR UNIG FFORDD I HYN YDYW ATAL GWNEUTHUR- IAD A GWERTHIANT DIODYDD M E D D W 0 L YNG NGHYMRU, TRA PAROR RHYFEL AC AM CHWE' MIS AR OL HYNY. A GAIFF CYMRU EICH CYMORTH CHWI I GYMERYD Y BLAEN YN YR YMGYRCH HON? Drcs Gvngor Eglwysi Rhyddion Cymru, W. BEDDOE REES, Llywydd. JOHN ROBERTS, M.A., Ysgrifenydd Mygedol. D. MIALL EDWARDS, M.A Trefnwyr yr Ymgyrch GWILYM DAVIES, M.A., (Mygedol). AR WERTH "OOB SALE.—Several good Lurries, all i sizes and weighte, Bcrew brakes. Also eaoelient stroag Spring Cart, carry 1 ton, and OBEnglete good strong bet of Harness. Ftrti Porntfcure Tain ior Hire, Road or BaU.- J. Owen, Slate Quay, Carnarvon. to. WALLPAPERS from 41 p- roil. Any V' quantity, laige or smaB, supplied at WHOLESALE PXlbCES. Largest stock in Great Britain. Write for pofterns statiey cia- required (D«|»L 288*, BAIQQMW WALLPAPER CO., IJtÐ., MANCHESTER. SCRBWS-: 26b art; 2811x9, 7. Sd* <0 Wire* Cut and Wrought NtoLfa Staples, Tada, &▼«* Bbtta, and XaAfc eke., at Mn Wvcice. 25 to 28 nowlm- Wbofrwnip Pwiam.-c. W. iOagfet, SCiSmd Nail Wbrbi i6 to 28 B. Birvuofgbaa» B ARGAIN..S.-Tiovelv Finbroidered After- J3 noon tea doth; three duchess mats; two pilioTr cases; bolster. Will accept 5s 6d a- go paid. Frith, Wtot-gabe Arcade, I Bradford 57-Apt 7 **TYAU White Wyawkttee a White Leg- l honm, Oook a Cam strain at ddeori (batching). Stiings 4a., wedi 80 dethol o toa mil a ielr wedi bridio at ddodwy.—Mrs Jones, OigWir Poultry Farm, Rhoegadiaa. '6-May 34 ,T)BDVE to your prot t?at _ch hen can £ Uy an agp a week in Spriag on Kara- vtod Spbe (coefceiniog aroun d inaecto). Backets Sd., 6dL, 1& ftrtt chard, 33, Pool Street, Carnarvon. 57-A pi 21 DN SALE.-Flsb* ke", $ bms re" \? tered. wen found, mdy fm Bœ? at once to Pritchard, 1, High &sa&, Qarnarracu WERTH.—Bryn Dd Farm, Pen- !AL rhyndeudr&Ah, o byn i ddechreu mM Mai- Tir gwastad a chyttyrohiQI, gyda thy da cymwys i'w osod i ddieithriaid yn yr hat. ,%Be rhagorol o fewn militir i orsafoedd y Cambrian a Ffestiniog Pailway.-Pob man- sion IV cael gan Mr. Samuel Jooea, JSryn Dwyryd, Fanrbyndeudrafctlv SCOTCH OAIS—Mdstiy (firacfc rfom Scot- t land. SniW>l &w Good. VMtB??- A&Mdsnce, Pbtdœ, Regenerated fiotaito. Newmarket, V. taumkire QoH Fmder, Stand well, Barley. New Sacks Is 3c, Watt ] gadh "with order. Samples, E. B. Jones, & Oo.. i AbergeAe and IJesnrat- SBApi 12 DN 8 ALB—J3anpia. A. Cbvered S?pting ? (laA. Ad UAla or Iabr, or can awiV convertad Mto t nMrket c?? -???MB, 15, P001 Street. III&BLECLOTHv,t Lady offers three beau- tiful Irish Damask S"at>lecloiha nearly IMO yards •qnare, also six handsome serviette* —msoiied; perfect condition, accept 178 6d fcr lot worth double, approval willingly ftr- rOge^—^Write: A.X. 53, "Observer," Car- narron. SHORTHORN Calves for Rearing, from 0 record Cheshire Milkers and Pure Bved BulJa. Quotation at any station. No fanev prices. CorrestponCfene* a pleasure. FRANK DOBIE, Titteiton, Chester. "IBB.-An varieties for Breeding. U Most profitable, inexpensive and fas- J QMmtmg hobby known. Start now. Al- Cham- pion Songsters and odd Hena, Singin Mu?a. and British Finches. ReliaMe Parrot? Send lor List containing useful information free Self-acting Net Traps, catch all kinds 1.i-ds. 2s 2d; 2s 9d each, poet free.-IRudd, Special- í iat. NiDrwich. in. 22  ILL THAT INSECT, TOMMY.—Send j Kyour p" "out yonder" eome tina ct j waai, there's a big chance you'-ll have ¡ "companiona". A little Harrisons'a Pomade | kills every insect on hair OT body. jiabft J on having Harrisons'a Nursery Pomade, j "Tins of Comfort" at 4id and 8d. Sold by all Chemists-or by Post from Harrison. Chemist. Reading. — Carnarvon: R. Rö- b«*rts: TJang<)fni^ It. R. Jones; Bangor* J. Powen; Holyhead: R. H. WiUiaow-, POft. madoe: T. Jenkins; Bethesda: W. Morris • Oiocieth; E vle Hughes, and Co.; Pot Amlwr h R Ynneo y-groes: J. Elli« .Tnn„<: Amlwvh • R Jonen YN EISIEU BREAD. GROCERY, & PROVISIONS.— J) Assistants; bakers, and vanmen wanted Give full partiewters, stating wages required. E. B. Jones, & Co., Rhvl. 55-Aprl-15 i A- D.-Targe quantities of new-'aid j 'Y E>ffgs. Write offers and price required., and qnantibv yon have to offer. Cash on roceipt of Fc. gs. Hodgetts and Salisb uiry. GeH Street, Sheffield. f FURNTSHHD HWSE wanted for Aoi?uat. ) Send fnM particular to X.O. ()cø of j this paper. 60-Apt-20 ( YN EISIEU 1 XX71AJNTED.—A single-handed maid, age W t under 20, for a. small family. Good home, and liberal outings. Wages F.25 per annu=-Applv Mrs R. Elias, Troagol, Beech- wood Avenue, Finchloy, N.3. 61-Apl 7 DRSSSMAEENG.—Drymuna Mrs. Owen L (Bodrual.) hysbysu ei bod wedi symud o No. 2, Newborough Street, i No. 6, Segon- tium Terrace, lie y b%-riada gario yn mlaen ei busnes fel Dressmaker fel o'r blaen CO-Apl-24 T iAW-WanW oIa-k, knowledge of UDion JLJ and Rural District Oouncil work. Welsh necaBsary. Ineligible as soldier. State age, ex- pedience, salary required. Apply: Lex 59, Observer Office, Carnarvon. 59-Apl 16 YiN EISIHU—Dynes mewn oed i gadw ty JL gweithiwr yn y wlad. Lie ysgafn. Ym- ofyner am faoylion a RD.56, Genedl Office, Carnarvon. 56 CliYDD—Tn eiaieu ar unwaith, un abl i wneyd pdb math o drwsio. Lie da a gwaith cyson i ddyn sOOr. Ymofyner a R. H. Roberta. Meirion House, Liaagollen. YN EISIEU.—tile fel housekeeper gan .L ddynes barchua, ganol oed, erbyn Mai, mewn ffarm fechan neu dy prerifat. Ymofyner trwy Vthyr a B.C., Genedl Office, Carnarvon. I 59-Apl 12 YN EISIEU.—Gweinyddee brofiadol (cook general). Toulu o bedwar. Cynorthwyir gyda.'r gwaith. Cartref cysurus. Capel Oym- reig yn ymyl.—Ymofyner: 71, Teignmouth- road, Cridrlewood, London, N.W.2. 7-Apl 60 EX&TF,U-4)mm a gwmig (y" gwr f4 .1. Etaili-ff, a'r wraig yn alluog i drin liaetb ac ymenvn) erbyn Mai nesaf. Ymofyner trwy yr a Syr T. 'E. Roberto, Plasybryn, Caernarfon. 59-tc LADY TYPIST with knowledge of Short ?J hand required. Apply with full par- ticulars and salary required to "The Welsh Insurance Corporation, Ltd., 39, Bangor-St.. Carnarvon. 60-Apl 3 Y» BISd^EU. —Teuhi p?rdtoe i gadw Ty jL Oape< ?M.C,) Bwlan, Uandwrog, ac i ofalu am yr adeiladau. Y mofyner am y tel- earu gyda'r vsgrifenydd, J. Edmund Jones, Pengwern, Lianwnda. Y ceisiadau am y lie i Sod mewn llaw erbyn Ebrill 7fed (D.S.-Teulu bychan yn ddewiaol). 59-Apl 7 P- EN-Y-BRYN, CA:rofARVON,-Wantt->d. cook general LIS. Young houseanaid E15 (experience not necemary).-Apply Pierce, "Rookwood," Waterloo Park, Liverpool. 60-Apl-17 WANTED-A.Pprentices to the Millinery, VV R. J. George, Draper, Carnarvon 60-Apl 6 • AR OSOD. rno BE LET.—FumiAed 4-room Cottagb ?. in a most healthy pan of Carnarvon. Apply Pritcharfl, 1, Itigk Street, Carnar- von. i-Apil-W fTlY LAM OSOD.—Yn ngdwg y Fei«ai. tbw 1 Caemarfon a Ba. Cynhwysant 3 yatafoll wely, cegia, parlwr, a scultery, adeii- 1 adau cefn, gydfck garekl heVaelh. Am ragor o fanvlion ymofyner a A.O.56, Genedl Offiott, CeBhaarroa. eo fW) LET, PLASYMHENLLECH FARM, in jL the P"h of PENLLECH, CarnM?on, shire. Area of 423 aores, h«!uding 95 acres of Mountain La.nd. Vacant Michaslmaa 1917.-For particulars apply to- Georp Bovifl, Voelaa Bstate OtRce, Bettws- y-eow*. 55-te rliETT.—Two Commodious Houses p'ca.a- TO ant!y situated in Rock TITaoo. Por& madoc. Beautiful pea and mountain ?ews.— Apply to A.B.eO, Genedl Office, Carnarvon. 60-Apl 20 NN, RAN'TED. For two in family, a Maid VV for general work, in Brondesbury. London. Reply first instance to COB "Genedl" Office, Carnarvon, stating wages required, and what capabilities, alao reference. 5B-Mar.-<27 COLLWYD. COLLWYD—Dafad Gymreig. nod tori bLvn v dde a Ibwlch o dani, tori blaen y chwith, marc oooh ar v crwpar, a.c ar y gwegil. H. ar yr oehr chwit.h. Bvdda? yn ddi- olchgar am ei hanes,-Hup;h Roberts, C"ror- cribin, Fourcrosseis. Chwilog. S.O. 6O-A",1 14 C X)Iff.,Wy,,D-.o Station Caernarfon i ben Stryd Ll.yn. Muff Sable tywvll. bynag a'i dychweilo a wobrwyir gan el ber- jl chenog.—Ymofyner trwy lyihyr a C.60. Genedl Office, Carnarvon. 60-Apl 7 -z- AR WEHTHS ANT AU MESSRS. JOHN pRITCHARD AND CO., AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, BANGOR, FRIDAY, APRIL 13th, 1917. Parade and Judging 10-15 a.m. Sale (commencing with the females) 12 noon. OVER JBaO CASH PRIZES, 4 SILVER MEDALS, AND A CHALLENGE CUP. rpHE NORI-NH WALES EXHIBITION X and THIRD AJWUAL SALE of PEDIGREE WELSH BLACK CATTLE (held under the auspices of the Welsh Black Gattle Society, and promote by the princi- pal Breeders in North and Mid Wales). will be held at the MENIAI BRIDGE SMiTHFiELD, being the most convenient centre for North Wales Breeders MESSRS. JOHN PRITCHARD AND CO., Expert Auctioneers of Pedigree Welsh Black Gafctle, will be pleased to arrange keep for Vendors consigning Sw.ic by rail the day pievioua, and are arrangimg for special facili- ties on the Cfcumbrian, Great Western, and L. and N. W. Railways, for the conveyance of Stock for this Sale. Prize Schedules and Entry Forms forwarded dn application. Entries close March 31, 1917. BANK CHAMBERS. BANGOR. MESSRS. ROBERT pARRY AND SON, AUCTIONEERS AND VALUEk PWLLHELI PA NTYM OELI AID, PENCAENiKWYDD, 1. CHWILOG. Dan gyfarvvyddid tMr. Richard Roberts. DYDD IAU. EBRæLL 5ed, 1917. Y RHO iL L STOC, yn cynwys 3 o Fuchod, dwy ohonynt newydd ddod! a lloi, a'r Hall i ddbd a llo at Calanmai: Heffer ddwyflwydd dda; 2 Ddynewaid gwrryw ac un fanyw; Dynedaid Tarw Cym- reig campus, cymhwys i'w entro yn yv Herd Book; Llo magu; 17 o Ddefaid Cymreig yn nghyct a'u hwyn; Hwch ac 11 o Berchyll 7 wythnos oed; Chwahvr gvrair mown cynwr da. Hefyd, GOSODIR IA ACER 0 DIR i'w bori, gyda chyflawnder o ddwfr. YR AUCTION I DDECHREU AM UN O'R GOOCH. Coel gyda meaohiafcm boddhaol fel yr hYF-bysir ar y pryd neu discount am arian parod. FRYK, MEIRiTONYDD. LJ DYDD MERCHER. EBRILL 18fed, 191" (Diwrnod Pfa-ir Dyffryn), Gosodir odcfeutu 40 acer o dir vn COEDBACHAU. dan gyfarwyddyd Mrs. Lewis, ynghyd a thir PENTREMAWR. dan gyfarwyddyd Mr. J. R. Jones. Tir cynyrchiol wedi ei gau yn dcia gyda digonedd o ddwfr. Telerau arferol. Dechreu am 1 o'r gloch 5, iSALEM TERRACE. PWLLHELI. Mft. ROST. G. JONES, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, CARNARVON. i — gMITHFIELD, CARNARVON (TO-MORROW). TUESDAY. Sale of Fat Bullocks, Cows, Heifers, Wethers, Shearlings, Lambs and 150 Couples. AT ONE O'CLOCK. BRYN HEULOG, OADNANT PARK, CONWAY. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4th, 1917. Sale of FURNITURE at 11-30 a.m. BRYX EURAU, CLYNNOG. LAND LETTING SALE, (MONDAY, APRIL 16th, 1917. BR "L DWYRYD. PENBHYNTDEU- JD |g £ AECH. TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1917. Important Sale, of the above Freehold tenc- r trtent, comprising :—^Modern House, Outbuild- ings and 18 acres, 1 rood, 19 perches of land. Situate within a mile of the station. Also, the whole of the Fanning Stock, including Colt risng two, 9. Cattle, Hay, Straw, "Biaickstone oil ngine, Implements, etc. To commence at 1 p.m. -The property will be offered at 2 p.m. For Further particulars apply to Mr Thomas Roberts, Solicitor, Portmadoc, or the Auctioneer, Brunswick Buildings, Carnarvon Mr. Richard Hughes, F.A.I., AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, CARNARVON. BRON CERIS, NORTH ROAD, CARNARVON. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4th, 1917. Mr. Richard Hughes, FAt 'I has been instructed by the Executors of the late Mrs. Evans to Sell by Public Auction on the above premises, all the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Comprising briefly as follows: Larg Walnut Sjdrooard with bevelled panels, Handsome Drawing Room Suite, Dining Room Suite; Several Mahogany Chairs (Mohair), Easy Chairs, Sette, Mahogany Bookcase, Telescopic I Dining Table. Engravings, Occasional Tables, Brass Fire Suites, Oil-paintings, Carpets, Rags, Mats, and several Curtains. Hall Stand, Barometer, Marble Clock, Grandfather's Clock in caae, Mahogany Bedsteads, Bedding. Pil- lows, Bolsters, etc., Bedroom Siit,, 2 Ma- hogaxy Dressing Drawers, 2 Chest of Drawers, Toilet Ware, 2 Massive Gilt Overmantels, 1 Wabiut, do., Copper Reading Lamp, Large Kitchen Cupboards, Mangle, Kitchen Utensils, etc. On View Morning of Sale. Sale to commence at 12-30 prompt". MESSRS. JJENRY pARRY AND SON6 AUCTIONEERS AND VALUTRS, CARNARVON. F E L I N T.HOMAS MORRIS, (neu Vavnol Mill), LLANRUG. Mae HENRY PARRY A'I FAB wedi eu cvfarw-yddo gnn Mrs. Morris (am ei bod wedi gwerthu -v F-t-lin) i v-etrthu ar Auction, ar v 11? DYDD GWENER, EBRILL 13, 1917, lMerlvn 8 oed. 13 udhd'er,—hwylus ymhob gwaith; Trol dda a fFram crvf: &et o Harness; Coleri. Ger blaen; Strodur,, a 11 u o lotiau 'bud'diol yn rhy luosog i'w henwi. Telerau: ARIAN PAROD. I Sale i ddechreu 2 o'r gloch. RHYBUPO CYHOEDDUS. MANCHESTER STOCK. EXaHANG. U-L NOTICE. MEMBERS OF THIS EXCHANGE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ADVERTISE FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, or to issue Oiroulacs tq persons other than their own prinOgsla. Outage Brokers or Shat tj Dealers and thooe who advertise are not in any way connected with this Exchange, nor under the control of the Committee. Commissions chafed by Members of t.,im Eacchaage are based on the Rule of the Associ- ation thcr. no Member may dferkfo commisaion with anyone. The Prevention of Corruption Act, 1906, makes the giving or receiving of an undisclosed commission a criminal offence. A List of Members of the Manchester Stock Exchange may be Obtained on application to the undersigned. JOHN N. CAIN, Secretary. Committee Rooms, Manchester Stock Exchange. PENiRHYNDEUDRAETH, M,ERII>NUI"H. fJlO BE SOLD, &odwad, fwiqg Uawperaaae X and Shop-qncet prominaat pcodwdu in High Street; containing Shop, Cadee-racca, Parkmr, very large Kitahen, four large hoA- aoems, etc. Suitable for any buatness. Splen- did opportunity for enterprising party in rising locality. For particulars, photo, etc., appty ^6 the Proprietor, Mr ibba Morris 50-Api 2t YSGOL SIR ABERMAW. (I Fechgyn a Merched). Pjeifathraw: Edmund D. Jones, M.A. (I) Ajiirawon Cynorthwyal: John Lloyd, SLX; W. A. Bedews, B.Se. W. B. VqslUam. GUSck Atheawesau CynorthwjDi: Miss IL M. M AdaciL M .A, Miss Jllajy Davies, B.A. Yn iignjuiag Athrajivesau profiadol mmewn CogfKiaetih a Ch erddori aeth. Telerau L4 10ii Qc. y flwyddyn, Pob manyjifti oddiwrth y Prifathraw, neu- R. LLEWELYN OWEN, TYSTEB Y PABOH. G. CEUHOG ROBERTS, LLANLI>YFNI. Cydnabyddwydl eisoes 70 15 4 Mr. Edwarc-Lt Jones, Maes Mawr Hall, C.aersw8. 2 2 0 Cyfaill (Lerrpwl) 1 0 0 P,cN-. J. Williams, Brynsicncyn 1 1. 0 Reiv. W. Hoblev, Waenfawr 1 0 0 Miss E. Parry, Compton, Llanllyfni 10 0 f'A Irs. Williams, Ty Mawr, Clynnog 0y 10 0 Miss M. A. Jones. Troodyrallt Council School, Pwllheli 0 5 0 Mr D T Williams, Maes, Llanllyfni 0 3 0 M. T. (wl) 0 2 6 J. J. Thomas, Ysw., Maer Kendal 0 10 6 J. Jones Morris, Ys., iCyfreithiwx, Porthmadbg 0 10 0 Rev. E. L'toyd Jones, Rhydlydan .030 Rev. R. M. Jones, Glasgoed, Arfon 0 5 0 Rev. R. W. Jones, M.A., Gerlan, Arfon 0 2 6 Rev. D. Peirry Jones (Rhyd-ddu) 0 2 6 Mr. Ellis Griffith, Pentwr, Bo n't- lyfni 0 4 0 Mr O. Owens, IMadryn Arms, Chwilog 0 5 0 Cynulleidfa Bwlan (M.C., AMon, 1 0 0 Derbynir y tanysgriafiadau yn ddiiolchgar gan Mr. O. W. Jones, Snowdion Street, Penygroes. BCr. J. B Darviea, Cbuncil School, Llanllyfni. PRIFYSGOL CYMRU. JL University of Wales. THE THIRTY-THIRD MATRICULATION rEXAUNATION will commence on MON- DAY, JUNE 25th, 1917. Particulars may be olbtainedl fr<m the Registrar, University Registry, Citliays Park, Cardiff, from whom forms of entry can be obtained. Application for Entry Forms must be made not later than Monday, May 28th. CARNARVONSHIRE EDUCATION COMMITTEE. THE Entrance Scholarship Examination will be held at the various County Schools on .Friday, April 27, 1917. Candidates should sand in th-eir names at once to the Clerks to the Local Governing Bodies. EVAN R. DAVIES. Secretary of Education Education Offices, Carnarvon, Ma^ch 27th, 1917.