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i" THE LONDON CITY AND MIDLAND BANK LIMITED. ESTABLISHED 1836 SUB CRIBED CAPITAL: £ 22,947,804 .0.0 PAIU-LIP CAPITAL: f,4,780,792 10.0 RESERVE FUND £ 4,000,000 0 0 SIR EDWARD H. HOLDEN, Batt; Chairman and Managing Director. WILLIAM GRAHAM BRADSHAW, Esq., London, De^Hitj-Chairtm*n. .The Right Hon. LORD AIREDALE. I fiir PERCY ELLY BATES, Bart, Liverpool. SOBERT CLOVER BEAZLEY, Esq., Liverpool. The Right Hon. LORD CARNOCK, G.C.B., r Directors DAVID DAWES, Esq., M.P., Lilai-idinani. FRANK DUDLEY DOCKER, Esq., C.B., Birmingham. FREDERICK HYNDK FOX, Esq., Liverpool. H. SIMPSON GEE, Esq., Leicester. JOHN GLASBROOK, Esq., Swansea. ARTHUR T. KEEN. Esq., Birmingham. FREDERICK WILLIAM NASH, Esq., Birmineham. I The Right Hon. LORD PIRRIE, K.P., London. THOMAS ROYDEX, Esq., Liverpool. Six JOSEPH WESTON-STEVENS, Bristol. The Right Hon. Sir GUY FLEETWOOD WILSON. K.C.B., K.C.M.G, G,C,I.E. London. WILLIAM FITZTHOMAS WYLEY, Esq., Coventry. HEAD OFT1 ICE: 5, THREADNEEDLE STREET, LONDON, E C. Joint General Managers: J. M. MADDERS, S. B. MURRAY, F. HYDE, E. W. WOOLLEY. EJ. MORRIS Welsh District Manager: JOSIAH E. JONES. Welah Dict Assistant Manager: W, R. OWEN 3 LIABILITIES AND ASSETS, 31st DECEMBER, 1916. CT. Tv Capital Paid Ujp, viz.,— £ s. d ?2 10s Od p?r Share cm 1,912,17 Shares 4,780,792 10 n0 r, rl9 ea?h. ? I'?'o? o 0 Reserve Fund ?'?   ? Dividend p?vab'.? on 1st February, 1917 ?3,703 9 ? 11?1 « Balance of Profit and Loss Account, as „ below 5 10 5 9 ? Current, Deposit and other ? o?  -1,620,721 ? Accepta.n on ac?unt of 'hyrius ?<' 7 <??,?SU 1_ 2 • l ■ I £191,188,&39 15 8 I £ is. d By Cash in hand (including GIlcl Coin £ 7,000,000) and Oash at Bank of .England 47,973,686 4 4 •« Money at Call and Short Notice and Stock Exchange Loans 8,844,377 19 10 INVESTMENT^:— War Loans, at cost (of whicjj £ 1,490,000 is, lodged fo"r Public and other Accounts) and other British Government Securities 33,399,531 13 6 Stocks Ouaranteed by the British Govern- ment, India Stocb, Indian Ra-ilway Guaranteed Stocks, and Debentures 326,406 tlO 0 British Railway Debenture and Preference Stocks, British Corporation Stocks 1,924,813 0 4 Colonial and Foreign Government Stocks and Bonds M 751,520 12 11 Sundry Investments 788,021 0 10 Bills of Exchange. 23,336,817 0 9 117,345,177 2 6 Advances on Current Accounts, Loans, on Security and other Accounts 65,868,856 17 4 11 Liabilities of Customers for Acceptances as per contra. 7.220,780 .12 2 M Bank Premises, at Head Office and Branches 2,753,725 3 8 £ 191,188,539 15 8 I Dr. PROFIT AND ACCOUNT for the year ending 31zt Decesmljer, 1916. Cr. £ s. A To Interim Dividend at the mte of 18 per cent per annum for the half-year ending 30th June 1916. less Income Tax 344,217 1 3 Dividend payable on 1st February, 1917, at the rat-e of 18 per cent. per annum, !css Income Tax 322,db 9 n Investment Account 6= ,501 0 6 Payment of Salaries to Members of (ftie Staff serving with His Majesty'a Forces, and Bonus to others. 207,606  2 Baial-v,,e lur-vi-.ixd- tu next account J4J,?o 5 i'?u £1.7.0,566 10 8 £ s. d By Balance from last Account Net profits foro the year ending 31st.# 113,597 15 2 December, 1916, after providing for all Bad and Doubbfu? Debts 1,636,968 15 6 £ 1,750,566 10 8 I EDWARD H. HOLDEN, Chairman and Managing Diraetor. H. SlMI\j;OX GEE, Directors. W G. BRADSHAW, Deputy -Chapman. PtERlOY E. BATES, U'lfectur. REPORT OF THE AUDITORS TO THE SHAREHOLDERS OF THE LONDON CITY & MIDLAND BANK LIMITED. In accordance with the provisions of Sub-section 2 of Section 113 of the Companies (Consolidation) Act, 1908, we report as ??Wi? h?ave ?? mmed the ?oveBa.?uc? Sh?t in detail ?th the B?? at Head Office, anci with th% certified Røt.urn Ïrom the Branches. We h?e ?ti?<.d ?ar?lves as to the c-on?tn? of the Cash Ba1aancRS and the Bills of Exchange, and have verified^he correctness of tile Monev at (M and Short Notice. We h?ve algo verified the Securities representing the Investment* of ?FBi? k aJ having obtained all the information and explan?io? we have required. ?e? of opinion thn ?ch B12nce Sheet ,5 SLL .X drawn up *7 as to exhibit a true and correct view of the state df the Company s <?n.. according to the best of our miorm- atio aM the expl?tio? given to us and as %hown by the bo<As of the .Comply. l,oTi&n, Iltli Js-iuirv 191'4 WIIINNEY, SMITH, & WHlNiNEY. Chartered Accountants, Auditors. ioi~ Auditors. L»• ondon, 11th Jt anuary. 1911.. Aud itors,  EISIEU YN EISIEU WANTED—iFor Private Hona? in Eng- f V land—Good CI?M of Maids with good reference. Plenty of Places in every part of North Wales. Private and BueinegB.—Apply Mrs. Ephraim, Original Registry Offioe, Bl. Festinio«. < "\Y TN EISIAU—Ffarm, heb yn fa- yn <JL NggWd Cy- A-f('- ? Cymro, 48. "Genedl" Office, Carnarvon. otB-tc \V\V TANTED—Jobbing 'Comjositor or Lino W Operator (Society), full particulars,- W. Jones, Printer, Newport Mon. 51-Feb-7 WANTED-Strong General; clean; pl?" 'W cookm?, 2 maids kept.—29, Curzon Road, ]3i.,rke??2 .maiis kept.-29, Curzoti YN EISIEU.—Prynir hen arian un ai yn JL ddarna-u unigol neu yn fan lotiaa. Khoddir prisiiu da. Hefyd stamps tua dwli- rea teyrnasiad Victoria.O.R.50, 'Genedl' Office, Carnarvon. 50-F«b-H GOF—Yu eis!?u. wedi vmarfer & gwa,th 'kX gwlad a phedoli. Gwaith p?rhau?.— Ymofyner a E.E., Box 51, Grenedl Office. W. ANTED-At once. a carter to look after VV horse, warehouse, and deliver goods. Must, be over military age or ineligible for the Army. State wages. Welsh preierred.-kpply, Wm. Eames, L'anfairfechan. 51-Feb. 10 MOLESKINS Wanted.—Highest priœs Wpaid, by oMest regular buyers. Prompt payment.—J. H. Smith & Co., 10, Friday Street, London, E.C 51-Mar. 3 WANTED—Scrap Brass, copper, laad tV iron. Snot eah. Immediate removal.- Write, stating .r.antities. to J. H. Lewis, 71, Duke Street. Liverpooi. 47 Mar 31 GWEINYDDES (General Servant) yn AX ei?eu. C?rin-ei cyHUjns. C?og da. A?hm? e.t Mrs. Uoyd Owcn,. Cremlyn, Teign maaib Road, Oric lewood, IjGndon. 52-Feb 15 VAN-MAN.—R liable, to work br<M? i rounds and deliveries generally. State a?e: references, ?nd alary.-E. B. Jon.eR, & Co., Rhyl. 51-Feb. 10 & Co., Rhyl. 51-Feb. 10 DALIER SYLW 'I Y ma, Mrs. W. W. L?Tti?? M 2, Strvd T Llvi lJa,e"}IR.rfJ)T}. vn orvnn 90b rn mlli o IModrnfri Kwisifnl. Tre=elvdd. Ovovrddan Bwy. Tri- (fern Her O&Wei ria-n etc vm WANTED'.—I>ar?e oa<mtiti? of new-laid V* TV?* Wf?o offrp of pMce required. olnfi -vbaf, n,ontitv vn hT" to offer. CaAh on roeo'nt rJ Fff* HodtreK'* and Salisbury f n?? ?t?t Qn"mAM, j WANTED—To pnrch?? Larch and Sc??h I V' •^tandina' or fel'^d in any quantitiet I suitable for Pit. Wood. Particulars to The i G. J EvftBon Coal and Coke Co., Ltd., j BirminlrhAm MORTGAGE-Wanted £280 on House and o Shap (free-hold) in principal str?t o? important town.-Sta-te interest.—"Cwellyn" Office of this paper. 52-Feb 17 ",XTATED" for ndon. a Good GenraL t" Fare paid. Go-id wagps.—11, Beech- <,r,>ft Avenue, Goldors Green, S.W. — — — WANTED.—Stvooig, u"du] girl, 17, f?ir  housework. AnntheT maid kept. Ad dress: Englewood, Egeixlon Park, Rock Ferry. 52-Feb 15 BORTHYGEST. P"R.TM A DOC—Ar h | JD n<-u ar osod—12, ??a. View Terrace, >u cyowys Shop, Ty, a Bakehouse, &c.—Ym- i ofyner a Mrs Faints, Phis. Villa, Llanfeir- ■ fecham. 52-F-b. 24 ,? "{XrA..TED -gÍl,_)d w;rÏ Servant. Two I ?'*VY fa.Tuly.-Mn E:tm?. Pla VI?. t?jn- ?nec-h&n ? 52-Feb.-24 AR WERTH FULL egg baskets follow use of Karsweod JD Spice containing ground insects. 2d., 6d., Ls.—Jones, Benllech Drug Stores, Tyn- y-gongl. 52-Feb 9 C'ART ROMF-Will lend for a few months for its keep good cart horse, used to_aU farm work.—AppLy L.A. Gemxll [ Office, Carnarvon. PULLETS which ó:cm't lay don't T-giy. 1 Ears-wood Spice entires eggs. 2d.. 6d. iq.-Uovd Williams & Co., United Stores. Beaumaris 52-Feb-9 —— < PULLETS which a'on't lay don't pay. L Karswood (h?rm'e?) Spice ensures egg. Packets 2d., 6d.. ls.-Wi!!iam;;¡, Chemist, High Street. Nevin. 52-Fel)-23 /CANARIES—Of every vanety, for singing C and ]'.ree4g. Best. and largest couee- tion in Wcrld. Approval. Als? Gold?nch?s. I Linnets, etc. IHustT&ted list free. See thigs? before dectdi!-? elsewhere. Genuine Talking Parrots. Strongest Birdlime, 7d, Is Id, Is 6d. Self-setting Trap Nets best in England, 2s 2d, 2s 9d.—RUDD, Specialiet, Norwich. AR WERTH-TV Jiardd a chyfleus cyfc a ddiaa iawn i feddyg medrus, mewn ardal o 11,000 o bobloga^th, He y bu farw I yn ddiweddar feddyg pob loga.idd.-Ymofyned trwy lythyT h, Swyddfa'r "GenecB," Carnarvon, 47tc. t Tp(OR SALE.—SeveraJ good Lurries, all !JL 6izes amd weighta. screw brakes. Also excellent strong Spring Cart. caiTy 1 ton, and complete good strong &et of Harness. Full size Fumfture Van for Hire. Road or RaH.— J. Owen, Sta?e Quay, Carnarvon. t.c. ,F,f)R SALE.—Bargains Iiniportant to parties where Railway Stations are closed, becntiful, most expensive, by noted maker,a. Wagonette Bus, shafts, pole and bar. Carry 8 inside. Speaking tube and lux- uriously trimmed with blue o!oth. This modern carriage, throughout eacnot be dis- tinguished from new; also specially, light, magnificent Laaidaulette and Brougham, as new when left works. Suit any size both rubber tyres, grand small pony Rallie C. rubber tyres,not soiled, will sacrifice at low figures.—-J. Owen, Rose Cottage, Carnarvon, j LADIES Nurse Hammond's Improvoxl JLj Remedies act in a few hours when all < else fails. Surprisingly effective. Send j stamped envelope for free sample, to B. N. j rtamniond. 236. High Holborn. London. ) ALLPA.PER-q, from 4t per roll. Any j W qnantitv. ]atce or small, supplied at WHOLESALE PRICES., Largest stock in í Gre-at Britain. Writ-e for patterns stating I Hass required. (Dept. 282). BAR.NETT WALLPAPER CO., LTD., MANCHESTER. Jn. 1 I PULLETS.—M;irch 1916 h&tch-I?ym?. ?L 3s 6d e?wh; 40q dozpn six and cock 24s.—Hummell, Stratford. Essex. List free. KILL THAT INSECT. TOMMY. J[\ vOU"" Util", "nnt vnnder" some tinn fft arh. there' big chance you'-11 have VompanioTio". A little Harrigons's Pomade j Rills every on hair or body..nsist on havine 'Ra,i!'ODS'P; Nonwrv Pomade. "TinA of Comfort" at 4+d and 9d. 80M by .11 Chpmi«t»-or by Post, from Harrisnn C^AnoiV.. Reading. — Carnarvon: R. R, ^«»rt,s: TJannrofni. R. R. Jones: Banftort J. Bowen HoWhenil: R H. Will'aTUF; Port- madoc: T..VpnHiria: Fethosda: "Mo'^ts: Criccieth • E. Tlavies Hughes, and ro. i IP-r- y-groes: J. Ellis Jones: Amlwch: R. Joner. I -All m-i SHORTHORN Calv? for RMMTlIl. f"N'1" I )? rec??? fh?abir" Milkers Md P?Te 8TNJ Bulls. On<?atToaa to uv Btetian. No fMtm n;r!c? C?T<?pnnde<P''? a pl* ^i DOBIII, laiteRai, ChMttf, ARWERTHIANTAU. ME SSRS. JJENRY pARRY AND SONS AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, GLANRAFON. CARNARVON. MESSRS. HENRY PARRY AND 8088 JJ.L wit?? S?Il by PUBLIC AUCTION at the CASTILE HOTEL, CARNARVON, on SATURDAY, MARCH 17tih, 1917, as a going concern, the well-known Milling ■ Business and Leasehold Pi-opertv, known as í THE V A Y N O L M ILL, LLANRUG. Further particulars on posters, or from David G. Joites, Esq., Solicitor, Carnarvon, or the Auctioneerii,— GLANRAFON, CARNARVON. ■■■■■ » MORRIS, MARSHALL. & pOOLE AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, CHIRBURY., SHROPSHIRE. fjT O W Y N STOCK SALES. The next Sale wiFJ be heldl on TUESDAjY, FEBRUARY 13th, 1917, By instructions of the STOCK SALES COMMITTEE and will comdrise.,about 300 WEL S H BLACK C A T T LE 600 S H E E P and 30 ti-i 40 HORSES. 'M' ESSRS MjORRIS, MARSHALL. AND POC?LE, asRisted iby Ir. JOHN ROBERTS. Catalogues on application to tlie Auctioneers, Chii'bury. Shmpf?Iure; Mr John, Ttobert- Maastegfryn. Towyn, or Mr. G. ID. Williams, • Penllyn.*T<>wyn. MESSRS. H. T. OWEN AND SON, AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, LLONGEFNI. TTC'DYN CAPTAIN. LLANFAELOG, j TYCROES. < IMPORTANT SALE ¡ of Live and Dead Farming Stock, Hay, [ Straw, Green Crop, and also the House- i -hold Furniture and Dairy Utensils. í l\K'ESSRS. H. T. OWEN AND SON JAX ha? been instructed to sell bv PUBLIC AUCTION at the above p??oe it an early date. 1 Full particulars in due course. AR WERTH SCREWS—Mixed 28a cwt.: 281ba. 7» Ad; ? W'e. Cut "nd Wrought Nail» Staples, Taokp. Rivets. Bolt", and Nails, etc., a.t VNI Works. 25 to 28 Rea-Sx.. ninninm-n, WhoJeaale Prioes.C. W. Haylea, Midland Nail Work*, 25 to 28 Rea-st. Birmingham. HORSES for Immediate Sale. Cheap. 15 JjL Heavy, Light, Cart. and Van Horses. Aiso. two heavy waggpn mares (in foai); all young, torched and in good hard .seasoned condition fit for any road or farm, work, 15- to 17 hands high. Prices from 15 gaineas. Warranted and trial given if required. These hM -"es have been working on flour and timber contracts, being sold only through scaicity of drivers.—For further particulars apply: Yard Foreman, 350a, Goswell Road. London, E.C. &Xtcb._p < THE ) NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENCLAND LIMITED. Head Office: 15, BISHOPSGATE, LONDON, E.C. CAPITAL-PAID UP « P.3,000,000 ■UNCALLED « 2,300,000 RESERVE LIABILITY.. 10,600,000 SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL. 15,900,000 RESERVE FUND (invested in British Government Securities), £ 1,800,000. Directors. Colin Frederick Campbell, Esq. I Col. Claude Viiliers Emilius Laurie, Miaurice Otdio Fltzgeraid, Esq. C.B. D.S.O. William Henry Neville Goschen, Esti. Ffancia Charles Le Marchant, Esq. The Right. Hon. Lord Inohcape, < The Rit. HMi. The Earl of Lichfield. Cr.C.M.G., K.C.S.I., K.C.I.E. George Forbes MaiLcobnaon, Esq. -n P o;bert Piyor, Esq. i-ranci• ff A, 1 lexander Johnston, Esq. i Robert Wigram, Esq. Joint Ceneral Managers. Thomas E- stail, Esq. D. J. H. Cunnick, Esq. Frederick Elcy, Esq. < ———————————— Solicitors. Edward' Hugh Norris Wilde, Esq. Walter Edward Moore, Esq. LABILITIES AND ASSETS, 31st DECEMBER, 1916. Padd-up Capita). 3,000,000 0 0 I Cash in hand at can and Short Notice 21,943,406 6 JO Reserve FIln,{]¡. 1,800,000 0 0 INVESTMENTS: £ s d Current, Desposit and other British Govern- Accounts, lneiiudiing rebate ment Securi- on Bills not due, prov- ties 35,00,960 16 t ision for bad and dloubtfut Other Securi- debts, cintiT^encie- &a 100,218,7&t 19 9 ties 4,794,685 9 9 Acoept?oe? E?dor?me-nts, jQ 437 <? 5 10 &C ?'??'?2 10 1 BHJs Dlmted, Laaj? &c 41,892,7 4 4 BRa.??L nce of Profit and Loss Acc?ptan?. Endorsem?ta  c?med' forw;a? ?., as per cont? 3'032252 10 1 ?? 98,320130 Bank  843;21? 15 9 • • 98,2^ 20 1. 3 0 Bank Pr-i-,e-s 843,210 13 9 ^108449^2O85}10 £ 108,149,258 2 10 FREDERICK ELEY. M 0. LITZGFIRALD THOMAS ^TALL. j Joint ??eraj M?a,g?. G. F. MiALCOLMSON J D,,rectom D. J. H. CUNNICK. ROBERT WIGRAM. As certified by the Auditors, William Barclay Peat and Nicholas Edwin Watetrhouse. The National Provincial Bank of Enjglaaiid Limited, having numerous Branches in ngland and Wales, ac well as Agents and Correspondents at home and abroad, aiffords great facilities to its custoniem, who may havemon-ey transmitted to the credit of their Accounts through any of the Branches, free of charge. At Head Office and Branches, DEPOSITS are receive, CURRENT ACCOUNTS opened, and all other Banking business) transacted. Copies of the Annual Report of the Bank, Lists of Branches, Agents, and Correspond- eut, away be had on application at the Head Office, and ati any of the Bank's Branches. ARWERTHIANTAU. MESSRS. ROBERT pARRY AND SON, AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, PWLLHELI. L LAWRDfREF, LLANGIAN. (Dan gyfarwyddid Mr W. E. Hughes). GOSODIR AR AUCTION YD y He uchod. il)YDÐ IAU, CHWEFROR 8fed, 1917, tua 6 0 A C E R o D I R D yn lotiau cyfleus i'w bori, gyda therfynau da a I chyflawnder o cUdwfr. Yr Auction i ddechreu am UN o'r gloch. I -————————————————————- J :—— L ) jg-RYNAERAU, LLANNOR. Dydd MSawrth, Chwefror 13eg, 1917. Gosodir Y R HOLL DIR yn lotiau cyfleus fel arfer i'w bori, gyda chyflawnder o ddwfr. Dechreu am ddau o'r gloch. J>E^RHYNYDYN, RHYDYCLAFDY. Dydd, Chwefror 15fed, 1917. dan gyfarwyddid' Mr R. M. Roberts. Gosodir YR ROLL DIR yn lotiau cyfleus fel arferol. Tir oyivar a chynyrohiol. ff^echifu am un o'r gloch. ynxEHovSE, PWLLHELI. Dydd Gwener, Chwefror 16eg, 1917. -dan gyfarwyddid Mrs. Pioton Jones, Gosodir YR HOLL DIR yn lotiau cyfleus arferol, pa un sydd yn gynar, gyd.;a chAaddiau da. a digonedd o driinir. 'I?chreu am un o'r glo<? Bpu-K gojp?u-p? u??-?g '?m?M[ ?B pun Abersoch. Mondaty, Februaiy 19th, 1917, undler intructions from Mrs. Sajndera, who is I, leaving, Salft of subsjt.aaitiaJ and nearly new HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, being content" of Dinrng-rooan, Bedixiomft, and Ki-tbhen, &c. Sale to commence at 1 p.m. Terms: Cash. JJENERDF EINW S, FOURCROSSES. Dydd Mawrth, Chwefror 20fed, 1917 (Diwrnod Ffaii- Foui-crosses). dan gyfarwyddid Miss M. E. Hughes. Gosodir Y R HO L L DIR yn lotiau cvfleus i'w bori. gyda digonedd o doKvfr, a ehioddiau da. Dechreu am un o'r gloch. R HYDOLIOX, LLAIAN. Dydd lau, Chwefror 22ain, 1917. dim gyfarwyddid Mr G. 0. Roberta, gosodir oddeutu 150 0 ACERI o DIR i'w bori. a gwertliir AMRYW DUNELLI 0 WELLT yn lotiau cyfleus. Dechreu am UN o'r gloch. rjTYMAWR, LLANGIAN. Dydd Gwener, Chwefror 23ain, 1917. dtin g|yi':ir\\yddid Mri. H. Roberta, a-O. Jone?, Gosodir Y R II O L L D I R Deiclireu am im o'r gloch. 5. SALEM TERRACE, PWLLHELI. TO LET AR OSO'D—F?M-m Hafodoffeiriad, dwy -<nL filldir o Ffeqti?n?oLr. Cynwysa 55 o aceri o dir, cynefm i 300 o ddefaid. Am bob man- ,1;00 ymofvner a Mr Robert Evans, 15 Church fcUect, li-aenau flcaUiiug. cL 1 co-xli ARWERTHIANTAU MR WILLIAM HUGHES, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, BODORGAN. -———————-———-————————————, MEYRICK ARMS HOTEL, BODORGAN, ANGLESEA. IMPORTANT TO CAR PROPRIETORS, TRAD-EMIF-N, AND OTHERS. T\fl"R. WM. HUGHES has been instructed M by Mrs Billinge to Sell by PUBLIC AUCTION on the Premises as above, on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6th, 1917. A collection of excellent Vehicles, consist- ing of a Spleaidid Brougham, by WedneJl and Sons, Liverpool, upholstered in Real Leather, Rubber Tyres, wdbh Lamps and all accessories complete; Waggonette to seat 8 inside with Lamps and Cushions, 1 Do. to seat 6 inside, 1 useful Brake, with (Moveable Top, Pole and Sliait, 1 Hard) Wood Dog Cart almost new; 1 Light Running Gig with Rubber Tyres; 1, Strong Float in good order, with new wheels, 2 Landaus, ] Good Posting Car, 1 Set Silver Plated Double Harness, 4 set Single Harness Other Entries for this SaJe will be accepted. Sale to Commence at 1.30 p.m.. prompt. ABERFFRAW, ANGLE SEA. IMPORTANT SALE OF A LEASEHOLD BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT, and DWELLING HOUSES MR. WM. HUGHES has been instructed M by Mr J. H. Thomas to offer fcr S?Lo by PUBLIC AUCTION (subject to con- ditions) at the TOWN HALL, LLANGEFNI, on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8U1, 1917, at 2-30 p.m LOT 1.— All that Messuage or Dwelling House and modern Bakehouse, known as No. 05 Victoria Terrace, Aberftraw, let to Mr. John Price at a gross rental of JBIQ Os Od per annum (but £ 12 as and from September next). LOT 2— All that Messuage or Dwelling Houw known as 34. Victoria Terrace. LOT 3 All that Messua-ge or Dwelling House known as 33, Victoria Terrace. The lact two named are let at a gross rental of £6 eaoh per annum. LOTS 1, 2, and 3 are held under one Lease for an unexpired temi of 80 years from the 13th Novexniber, 1897, at the annual rent cf ti lis 6d. These three Lot-q will in the first instance (be offered for Sale in one Lot, and if not sold, then in 3 lots as above described at the. Apportioned ground rent of 10s 6d each. LOT 4.— MEDICAL HALL, ABERFFRAW. This well-known Business Establishment (where a success fill Chemist and Grocery Trade has been carried on for over 50 yeqr-), is situate in the main street, with a Frornttage of about 15 yards. The Shop itself is large and well-fitted I with Parcel Room, 2 large Warehouses, Coach House and Stable. The Dwelling House contains a Sitting Room, large Living Room, Back Kitchen, Scullery, a two-roomed Cottage which might be utilised or let apart; 5 Bedrooms and Booxroom. The whole area is 50S square yards, or thereabout; held for an unexpired term of I 80 years fro mthe 12th November, 1865, at I the annual rent of £2' Further particulars of J. EVANS JONES, Esq., Solicitor, Bangor, or of the Auctioneer. I PUBLIC NOTICES BOROUGH OF PWLLHELI. LAND CULTIVATION. r I TiHE TOWN COUNCIL is prepared to I receive application from persons de- siring to cultivate land, to ensure increased food production in the Borough, during the ensuing season. Suitable portions of the re- claimed lan'dl adjoining Abererch-road will be leifc for potato cultivation at a nominal rent. Every effort wi1.1 be made to secure suitable land in other parts of the Borough if applicants will indicate what they require. The Coun- cil is also prepared to consider applteatlom; from persons who desire to keep pigs under conditions not in accordance with the Bve- Staws. Sympathetic consideration will be given to applications so long as it is passible to maintain aatdstfactoi-v sanitarv eona'ition*. All dioultl he for.vardixl irn- I mediately to-Mr. Charles L. Roberts, Borough Surveyor at the Town Hall. EVAN R. DA VIES, Town C>rl. :a: