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RHYBUDD CYHOEDDUS. RHYBUDD- CYNHELIR CYFARFOD CYHOEDDUS  0 A-NIA E Y it SIR GAERNARFON yn yr INSTITUTE, Caernarfon, ddydd SADWRN", 3ydd CHWEFiiOil, 1917, am 1-1 o'r gloch y prydnawu, 1 gad t..rafAa.eth yn nglyn a chodi mwy o yinborth yn ol cu." Bwrdd Amacthyddiaeth, ac i ystyried ei safiti yn wynvb y cais, yn yr argyiwng presenol, a materi011 sydd yn codi onerwydd y Rhyfei. Gel-wir y cyfa-rfod o dan nawdd Cym<i«".tihas Gweiia Da Byw Canolbarth Sir Gaernarfon, a chymar.r y Uywyddiaefch gan Thomas Roberts, Ysw., Y.H., las-y-Groes, Bangor, a siaredir gan amiyw o amaethwyr. Disgwylir i bob amaothwr sydd yn teimlo yn wladgarol i wneyd ymdrech i led yn y cyfariod. R. W. PRITCHARD, Ysgrifenydd y Gymdeithas. CARNARVON UNION. fTlHE GUARDIANS of the above Union I invite applicatiuiis for the following appointments:— 1—Fully-trained Nurse at the Bodfan In- firmary, Carnarvon salary £ 35 per annum, with rations, residence, wash- ing) and uniform. 2—Cook at Ikidva-n, Carnarvon; salary £ 28 per annum, with rations, residence and washing. 3-AS."ÙI:lnt Matron at Bc;dvan; salary S:18 per annum, with rations, residence and washing. Aopi Leations in the handwriting of the Canci:dat?, on forms t-o be obtained from the undersigned, and accompanied by copies of three recent testimonials, siiould be received at mv office nut later than Friufev, the 9th February. w R. WYNN ROBERTS, Clerk to the Guardian. Palace Chambers, Carnarvon: YMRYSONFA AREDIG jA: L OynheVi r yr uohod mewn maes eang pei-thynol i Mr John Roberts, Cae Ddafydd, DDYDD GWBNER, CHWEFROR 2il, 1917, Gwobrwyon. Dosbarth 1.—Ciir.impions (agored i'r byd). Aredig gyda gwvdd main, Gwobr £ 3; ail 12; 3ydd Xl 10s Oc; 4vdd 10s. Maint yr Ar 5x7. Dosbarth II.—Champions (a.gored i'r) byd. f Diggers. Gwobr: laf, £ 2; ail £1 10s Oc; 3yd d £ 1 4ydd 10s. I>osbairth III.—Cyfyngedig i rai'heb enill o'r blaen. Diggers. Gwobr: laf £ 2; ail El 10s; 3yoH £ 1 4ydd 10s. Rhoddir Gwobr o 5s i bob vmgeisydd aflwydd- ianus yn y tri Doabarth. Gwo/brwyon sylweddol am v Canol Cefnau. Rhvchau, &c. Y Wedd oreti (dan 4 ood); y Gaaeg oreu, y fVfTv! £ r>ren, Harness gl&naf, a'r Wedd Wisgo oreu. ENTRIES YN CAU IOXAWR 31ain. ENTRANCE FEE 2s 6c. GWEDDOEDD Is. Yr Elw at Giwyfodigion Rhyfel. Cei Rhestr gyfiawn o'r Rlic-olau a'r Amoaau, ond asi-Hi nt vr Y ififenJ-dd,- THOMAS WILLIAMS, Rhydspardyn, Llangefni, CYLCHWYL LENYDDOL A CHERDD OROL WAENFAWR, a gynhelir' N08 WEXER, PRYDNAWN A XOS SADWRX, EBRlLiL 20 a'r 21, 1917. BFJRMAID :— Cerdclorol: Dr. Caradcg Roberts, Rhos, Wrexham. Llenyddol: Mr H. Parry-William?. Rhyd-<ldu, II Mr G. E. Jones. Penisarwaen, Parch. D. J. Lewis, B.A. Celfyofiyd Mrs. Vaughm Davies. Carnarvon, Mr Humphrey A. Williams. Testynau Rhydd i'r Byd: 1—Da-trarru "Y Blodeuyn O!af". (J. Ambrose Lloyd). Trefn R. G. Williams, Pen- bontfawr (gwel y 'Cerddor' Chwef.. 1916), I Goran Merched heb fod dan 20 o orif. Gwobr lp 10s Oc ac Electro- plated Jam Disli i'r arweinydd. 2—D&fceanu "Awn i chwareu yn yr eira" (Pedr .V!;iw). I Goran Plant ((-an 17 oed, ac heb fod dan 25 o rif. Gwobr, lp 10s 0c a-e arweinffon hardd i'r ar- weinydd. Atelir 10s o'r wobr os na, bydd <n-staadleuaeth. 3—Unrhyw bdc-cawd. Gwobr 12¡:: 4-Uiirhvw Unawd alla-n o Gyfanwaith. Gwobr 15& a Suite Baq hardy. 5—U^awd "Bedd GlyndwT" (W. G. Jones Gwobr 10s 6c. 6—Adrodd "Esg-yni.a.d Elias i'r Nef" (Eben Fnr^d). Gwobr, 10s 6c. Gwobr 5s. 8—Black Saltin Pane" for Fire Screen. GrwoTir Qe, i fod yn eiddo rlioddKvr y wobr. Uhwtr o'r Tiptvn'iu i"w cael trwy y post, pria ceiniog. JOHN W. HUGHES, Fron Hyfryd. Ysg. AUSTRALIA BY CRiE- 1" LINE. Via Cape of Good Hope, Under Coi.tri.ct to carry Hii; Majesty's Mails to FREMAXTLE. ADELAIDE, M ELB (t U RN E, S Y C N EY, BRISBANE. Through bookings to all Ports in AUSTRALIA. TASMANIA, NEW ZEALAND. Saloon tickets interchangeable with P. and O. Line. Managers:— I F GREJBN & CO., & I ANDERSON, ANDERSON. & CO. FOR PASSAGE apply to the Litter Firm, at 5, Fenchinch-a venae, loiidon, E.C.; or In Carnarvon: W. J. Parry, High-street; Dolgeiley: IL C Evans, Einion House; Bethesda: W. J. Pare, Cwtmor Yai-d. AL LAN ROYAL LINE TO CANADA. LIVERPOOL. GLASGOW, LONDON, and HAVRE, to CANADA., NEWFOUNDLAND, & U.S.A. — ALLANS — 19, James Street, Liverpool; 14, Cockspur Street, S.W., and 103. Leadonhall Street, London, E.C. CUN4RD LINEr REGULAR PASSENGER A.ND FREIGHT SERVICES LIV RPOOL—NEW YORK. Londoa-New York, J iMon-Canada. Brh t; -Ca l.aa- ¡'¡ ew York. AM DANYNT. FOR R TE"1 Of PASSAGE. FREIGlffT, DATES OF SAILING, & PARTICULARS AS TO LOADING BERTHS. I Apply CU^&RD LINE. Liverpool; London, 51. Rshopsgate, E.C.; 29-31. Cockspur Street, S.W. 65, Baldwin Street, Bristol; 18a. High Street, Cardiff; 141, Corporation Street, Birmingham or to Local Agents. I ARWERTHIANTAU. j _ESSR8 j OH N kKITCUARD ANU CO., AUSTiONCERS AND VALUEMB, BANGOR. PLEASE NOTE FRESH ORDER OF SALE MONDAY, JANUARY 2Cth, 1917. MENAI BRIDGE SMITHF1ELD. Where all the best Buyers attend and top market value guaranteed. l\/fESSRS. JOHN PRITCHARD, & CO., X\X invite early Entries for the NEXT SALE of SUPERIOR WELSH DAIRY COWS and HEIFERS. PRIME HOUSEFED BULLOCKS and HEIFERK RIPE FAT SHEEP and LAMBS. FAT BACON, PORK and STORE PIGS. Order of Sale.—Dairy, Store Cattle, and Pigs, 12 o'clock; Fat Cattle, 12-30; Fat Sheep, and Laiabs, to follow about 2-50 p.m. MESSRS. JJEXRY pARRY AND SONS AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, GLANRAFON, CARNARVON. ] COUNTY OF CARNARVON. MESSRS. -HEXRY PARRY AND SONS f l are instructed by the Executors of the Late-Thomas Morris to Sell by Auction (ac- cording to conditions of Saio there and then produced, at the CASTLE HOTEL, CARNARVON, On SATURDAY, the 17th FEBRUARY,1917, at 3 p.m., The well-known Milling business as a "going concern," and Leasehold Property known as THE VAY-NO L MILL, L L A N R-U G (otherwise, known as Criwia Mill), for the unexpired term of 60 years, from the 12ti May, 1880, granted by the Vaynol Estate, subject to a, ground rent of £5 per annum. I The Mi!l is well built ol stonoe, is three I storey high, and- has commodious rooms for the grain. The three Crushers, large water wheel, etc., are in first-class order. There is a three-roomed house on the premises; Two two-stalled Stables, Cart and Lurry House and four Pigstyes. The business is one of the best connected in the County, and undoubtedly a good man could treble the work now done. There is too, a grand opening here for the disposal of fattening, dairy and calf Meals, Seeds, etc., The only reason for selling is that the son. | Mr Hugh Morris is not strong enougjh to f carry on the work. Intending purchasers wiL! be met at fetation, and shown over the prem-, I ises by appointment with the Auctioneers. All further particulars ca.n be obtained from David G. Jones, Esq., Solicitor, Car- narvon, or the Auctioneers, Glanrafon, Car- narvon. ? MR WILLIAM HUGHES, I AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, BODORGAN. THE SMITHFIELD, BODORGAN. The Next SALE OF FAT AND STORE CATTLE will be held on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7th, 1917. Plenty of buyers as usual. Please enter eariy. A BERFFRAW, ANGLESEA. ) IMPORTANT TO CHEMISTS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. MR. WILLIAM HUGHES has been instruct- ed bly Mr. J. H. Thomas, to offer by Public Auction (subject to conditions), at the Town Hall, LLANGEFNI, at 2-30. p.m. on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8th, 1917. The j very desirable Leasehold Business Establish- ment, known as MEDICAL HALL, where a ¡ ønœe8SfulChemtst and Grocer traz? has I been carried on for over 50 years. I Aiso, the three Dwelling Houses and Bake- 1 house known ? 33, 34, 35, Qu&en's Te1;rac. I Full particulars in due course, or in tie. I meantime of John Evan Joiie4, Esq., Solicitor, I Bangor, or of the Auctineer MEYRICK ARMS HOTEL, BODORGAN, ANGLESEA. IMPORTANT TO CAR PROPRIETORS, TRADESMEN, AND OTHERS. MR. WILLIAM HUGHES has been instruct- ed by Mrs Biilinge, to Sell by PUBLIC AUCTION on the Premises as above, cn TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6th, 1917. A collection of excellent Vehicles, consist- J ing of a Splendid Brougham, by Wednall and Sons, Liverpool, upholstered in Real Leather, Rubber Tyi-es, with Lamps and all accessories complete; Waggonette to seat 8 inside with Lamaps and Cushions, 1 Do. to seat 6 inside, 1 useful Brake, with Moveable Top, Pole and Shaft, 1 Hard1 Wood idog Cart almost new; 1 Light Running Gig with Rubber Tyres 1. Strong Float in good order, with new wheels, 2 Landaus, 1 Good Posting Car, 1 Set Silver Plated' Doable Harness, 4 set Single Harness. Other Entries for this Sale will be accepted. Sale to Commence at 1.30 p.m. prompt. YR ERW, BODORGAN. MESSRS. H. T. OWEN AND SON, AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, LLONGEFNI. TYDDYN CAPTAIN. LLANFAELOG, TYCROES. IMPORTANT SALE I of Live and Dead Farming Stock, Hay, j Straw, Green Crop, and also the House- hold Furniture and Dairy Utemils. Ij — t MESSRS. H. T. OWEN AND SO has been instructed to sell by PUBLIC AUCTION at the above place at an early date. Full particulars in due course. A WATCH FOR SKILL. -in the centre of the Digram yon -1 fee Fig. 5. Arrange the gnrœ j I 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 in the ) remainmg squares, so that the j i columns add 15 up, down, across and from corner to comer. If correct, and you comply with the simple con- dition we shall send you, a HANDSOME I WATCH (Lady's or Gent's, guaranteed ft vears) will be sent you ENTIRELY FREE OF COST. Send your answer NOW, en- closing stamp for reply, to (Dept. Y.) INVICTA SUPPLY STORES, Invieta House, Swancombe Greenhithe, S. Oo ARWERTHIANTAU. MR. ROBT. G. JONES, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, CARNARVON. MITHFIELD, CARNARVON. DYDD MERCHER NESAF. GIVARTHEG TEWIO-N, a STORES, DEFAID, Etc. Am un o'r gloch. pENRALLT, WAENFAWR. Anverthiant ar yr HOLL STOC eiddo y diweddar Mr John Owen. I Dydd Gwener NESAF, Chwefror 2il. Holl Stoø: 3 o Wart beg, un a. llo wrth ei throed, un i cdod mis ncsaf, iiall yn ei pnrofiit, Dynewad Fanyw. Gwair. Gwellt. Tail. ChafTcutter, etc. 10 o Famogiaid, 2 Oen; Myharen 37 o Fowls, etc. etc. HOLL DDODREFN. Dechreuir am UN o'r gloch. Tclerall: ARIAN PAROD. MESSRS. ROBERT pARRY AND SON, AUCTIONEERS AND VALUERS, PWLLHELI. LLAWRDREF. LLANGIAN. (Dan gyfarwyddid Jh"W. E. Hughes). GOSODIR AR AUCTION yn y lie uchod, DYDD IAU, CHWEFROR 8fed, 1917, tua. 6 0 ACE RoD I R D A yn lotiau cyfleus i'w bori, gyda therfynau da a chyflawnder o cJdwfr. Yr Auction i ddechreu am UN o'r gloch. U RYNAERAU, LLANNoR. Dydd Mawrtli, Chwefror 13eg, 1917. GOSODIAD TIR BLYNYDDOL, iDechreu am ddau o'r gloch. IDENBHYNYDYN, RHYDYCLAFDY. Dydd Iau, Chwefror 15fed, 1917. GOSODIAD TIR BLYNYDDOL, d'an gyfarwyddid Mr R. M. Roberts. Dechreu am UN o'r gloch. JJENERDFEINWS. FOURCROSSES. Dydd Mawrtn, Chwefror 20fed 1917 (Diwrnod Ffair Feurcrosses). GOSODIAD TIR BLYNYDDOL, dan gyfarwyddid Miss M. E. Hughes. Dechreu am. UN o'r gloch. R HYDOLIOS, LLANGIAN. Dydd Iau, Chwefror 22ain, 1917. aian gyfarwyddid Mr G. 0. Roberta, gosodir oddeutu 150 0 ACERI o DIR i'w bori. agwerthir AMRYW DUNELLI 0 WELLT yn lotia-u cyfleus. Dechreu am LIN o'r glüch. 5, SALEM TERRACE, PIWIAHELI. —— -———— YSGOL SIR ABERMAW. (I Fechgvn a Merohed). Prifathraw: Edmund D. Jones, M.A. (Lon.) Athrawon Cynorthwyol: John Lloyd, M.A.; W. A. Beiddows, B.Sc.; W. B. Williams. B.Sc. Athrawesau CynorthwjTol: Mise L. M. M- Adam, M.A.; Mise Mary Davies, B.A. Yn nghydag Athrawesau profiadol mewn Coginiaeth a Cherddoriaeth. Teleran £ 4 10s Oc. y flwyddyn. Pob manylion oddiwrth y Prifathraw, neu- R. LLEWELYN OWEN, CkaV- AR WERTH  ?EAMOPEONE RECORDS—IS 6d EACH. \jr The largest and best selection in Nof? Wales. Welsh records &c. Write for catal- ogne-frec.-Crane and Sons, Ltd.r Bangor. GOOD HARMONIUM.—7 STOPS. W?nu? kX' case.. Splendid condition. Cash 7 guineas of 7s per month.—Crane and Sons, Ltd., Bangor. 3LANBERIS.—Ar werth yn gymna.chol, Y Ji ty rhydd-ddaliadol No. 39, NWton- street, Llanberis. Am fanylion pellach ytn- ofyner & MrL Morris Owen & Trevor Roberta. Cyfroithwyr, Caernarfon. GREAT BARGAINS—New Milk OT Pleasure Floats, Rubber and Iron Tyres. Also second-hand Governess Care- cheap, and other varieties. Inspection invited. Rjcfyal Carriage Works, Carnarvon. FoR SALE—Excellent Cart Mare, 16 JD hands,—owing to be in foal. Guaran- teed quiet and a good worker in all gears. Rare opportumty.—^J. Owen, Slate Quay, Carnarvon. SCREWS—Mixed 28s wt. 281ba, 7s Ad: Wire, Cut and Wrought Nails Staples, Tacks, Rivets, Bolt*, and Nails, etc., at N&il Works', 2:5 to 28 iRpa-9T.; Birmingham Wholesale Prices..—C. W. Haylm, Vidtantl Nail Workp, 25 to 28 Rea-st. BirminighanL SHORTHORN Clves for Rearing, from record Cheshire Milkers and PproBrttd Bulls. Quotationb toO any St^t-ion. No fancy orioefi ConreBpond ence ~a plaasare- FRANK DOB IE, Litbelte'n. Chestar. CANARIES—Of every variety, for Singins and Breeding. Best and largest collec- tion in World. Approval. Also GoHiinc'ner- Linnets, etc.. UlustTated list free. See thi' before deciding elsewhere. Genuine Talking Parrots. Strongest Birdlime. 7d, Is Id. Is 6d Self-setting Trap Nets best in England. 2s 2d, 2a 9d.:—RUDD. Specialist. Norwich A B WE P-Trf Ty hardd a chyfleus ayf- ad.d- iawn i feddyg medrus, mewn arda,lo 11,000 o boblogaeth, lie y bu farw yn ddiweddar feddyg poblogaidd.—Ymofyned trwy lythyr & C.D.49, Swyddfa'r "Genedl," Carnarvon, 47 tc. -"U' iOR SALLi,Severat good Luj-nea, all ] sizes and weights, screw brakes. AIs" excellent strong Spring Cart. carry 1 ton, and complete good strong Set of Harness. Full size Furniture Vam for Hire, Road or Rai1.- J. Owen, Slate Quay, Carnarvon. t.c. F OR qkLE.rgains: Important to L parties where Railway Stations a I closed, oeontiful, most expensive, by noted maker,—a Wagonette Bus, shafts, pole and bar. Carry 8 inside. Sneaking tube and lux- uriously trimmed with blue cloth. This modern carriage, throughout cannot be dis- tinguished from new; also specially, .light, magnificent Laindaulettc and Brougham, as new when left works. SlÜt any ize both rubber tyres, grand small pony Ra-Uie Car. rubber tyres.not soiled, will sa.cri?c&' at low Dgures.—J. Owen, Rose Cottage, CaAiarvo?n. AR WERTH LADlES Nurse Hammond's Improved Remedies act in a few hours when all ot" fails. Surprisingly effective. Send stamped envelope forilnte sample, to B. N. namanond, 256, High Holborn. londoil WALLPAPERS, from 4l per roll. Any W quantity, large or small, supplied at WHOLESALE PRICES. Largest etook in Great Britain. Write for patterns stating class required. (Dept. 282), BARNETT WALLPAPER CO., LTD., MANCHESTER. Jn. 1 p ULLETS.-March 1916 hatch-laying, 3s 6d each; 40s dozen six and cock 24s. —Hummel!, Stratford. Essex. List free. 4 KILL THAT INSECT, TOMMY.—Send Kyow pais "out yonder" dome tins of wash, therfa's a big chance you'-ll have "ccdnpanlone". A little liarrisom's Pomade kills every insect on hair or body. Jnaisfc on having Harrisons's Nursery Pomade. "Tins of Comfort" at 4fd and 9d. Sold by all Chemist&-or by Post from Harrison. Chemist. Reading. Carnarvon: R. Ro berts; Llangefni, R. R. Jones; Bangor: J Bowen; Holyhead: R. H. Williams; Port- madoo: T. Jenkins; Bethesda: W. Morris: Criocieth: E. Davies Hughes, and Co.; Pen- y-groes: J. Ellis Jones; Amlwch: R. Jones. —All Chemicrte. HORSES for Immediate Sale. Cheap. 15  Heavy, Light, Cart, and Van Horses. Also, two heavy waggpn mares (in foal); all young, toothed and in good hard seasoned condition; fit for any road or farm work, 15 to 17 hand's high. Prices from 15 guineas. Warranted and trial given if required. These horses have been working on flour and timber contracts, being sold only through scarcity of drivers.—For further particulars apply: Yard I Foreman, 350a, GosweH Road, London, E.C. 52-Feb. 24. .CART MARE-Win exchange excellent Cart Mare, 16 handsgood worker in all gears. Parting through proving in foal. Will exchange for good cart horse.—J. Owen, Rose, Carnarvon. TO La., A R OSOD-Fferm Hafodoffeiriad, dwy filldir o Ffestiniog. Cynwvsa 52 o aceri o dir, cynefin i 300 o ddefaid. Am bob man- ylion ymofyner a Mr Robert Evans, 15 Church Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog. 52-Feb-13 BE LET.—The Gables, High Street, .1. Penrhyndeudraefh,—consisting of 2 Sitting rooms, 6 Bedrooms, Bathroom. 2 Kitchens," and Small Holding at the back.- To be let from February 12th. Rent moderate. Apply: Mrs Morgan Ballymacora Barmouth. YN EISIEU VAN-MAN.—Reliable, to work bread T rounds and deliveries generally. State age; references, and salary.—E. B. Jones, & Co., Rhyl. 51-Ffb. 10 1\,ALIER SYLW. Y ma^s Mrs. W. W. Thomas, I aI, S2 Stryd y liytn. OMmmsrloQ. yn pnrun pob tnMb o DcbdreCo twmato1. TrMetydd, Cypyrddtfto Tei- 4km, Hen G^dwriau m. ma WANTEEt—Fowks, &bbita, Md E. WI Best g!ven.—H. R. Wiiiiama, *nd Co., St John's Market. Liverpool WANTED.-Lae quantities of new-laid YV Eggs. Write offers of price reqnired, and what quantity you have to offer. Cash on ce-c-eipt of Eggs. Hodgettit and Salisbury. fleJ 6treet, Shefilsld WANTElD—To pnrchM? Laroh and Swtoh W standing or reMed in any qua?'tte- adt,ible for Pit Wocd. Particular? to The G. J. Eveson Coal and Oob. Co Ltd., BirmimghMB. WANTED-FOr Private HOWJtT in Eng- land—Good Class of Maids with good reference. Plenty of Places in every part of North Wales. Private a,.id Business.—Apphr Mrs. Ephraim, Ongina1 Registry Ofte, Bl. Pestiniast. Y N HISTAU-Pfarm, heb yn fawr yn JL Ngogledd Cymiu. Anfoner at Cymro, 48, "Gexiedi" Office, Carnarvon. 48-to WANTED-Jdbb:ng Comjoaitor or Lino W Operator (Society), full particulan,- W. Jones, Printer, Newport Mon. 61-Feb-7 GROCERY and Provisions: Smart Im- \jr prover, or junior assistant. Apply full particulars; out-doots. —Apply Elite's Stores, Criceieth. WANTED—Strong General; olean; plain VV cooking, 2 maids kept.—29, Curzon Road, Birkenhead. YN EISIEU.—Prynir hen arian un ai yn JL ddarnau unigol neu yn fan lotiau. Rhoddir prisiau da. Hefyd stajnps tua dech- reu teyrnasiad Victoria-O.R.50, 'Genedl' Office, ClarnoxvoiL WFeb-13 WANTED—A good General Serva-nt, for Tv for family of three. No children.—Mrs He wart Fonianell, Wobdhill Road, Co wyn Bay OF—Yn, pisieu, wedi ymarfer & gwaith Ggwlad a phedoli. Gwaith parham. Ymofyner & E.E., Box 51, Genedl Office. THERE are one or two vacancies open at JL present for Nurse Probationers at the North Wales Counties Asylum, Denbigh. Commencing salary £ 20 rising to £ 28, with' extras on promotion.-Forms of application l may be obtained from the Clerk, 15 Jan., 1917 6377. WANTEa)-At once, a carter to look after TV horse, warehouse, and deliver goods. Must be over military age or ineligible for the Army. State wages. Welsh preferred.—Apply, Wm. Eames, Llanfairfechan. 51-Feb. 10 MOLESKINS Wanted.—Highest prices O paid, by oldest regular buyers. Prompt paymemt.—-J. H. Smith & Co., 10, Friday Street, London, E.C. 51-Ma.r. 3 WANTED—Scrap BraFs copper, ?aj w irr'?. Spot cash. Immediate removal.— Write, stating quantities, to J. H. Lewis, 71. Duke Street. Liverpool. 47 Mar 31 WANTED—At o?ce for L?nrwst. Good W Honsfkeeppr.—Apply Gwa?ia, Llangefni. 52- Jan. -30 WANTED, for London, a Go? General. WJ7?are paid. Good wages.—11. Beeeh- ■ croft Avenue, Golders Green, S.W. f [R02\:M .)"N }E,y'JUniOr AssiRtanb wanted L —m:i? ?ne!ig'b!p). or female; must have some experience of furnishing Ironmongy.- ApT)1y in own hand-w-r;, stating experience and wages required, with two references, to- Edward Huhp& ? Son, Ironmongers, Car-  52-Febl narvon. 52-Feb-1 SHORTHAND-TYPIST— Male (ineligible) <,r female, with some knowledge of baok-keopl.tig.—Apply in own }¡and-wriitin,r!. stating experience, and wn^es required', with 'two refer?nc?.—Edward Hnghes, & Son. Ironmongers, Carnarvon. -?-Feb 1  GWEINYDDES (General Sernnt) v i ?jr <?8!u. C.?-t?-f cvsums. Cyfk da. I Anfoner at Mrs. Lloyd Owen. Cremlyn. 1 eign- mouth Road, Ciicklcwo >d, London. 52-Feb 15 ¡ MORTGAGE—Wanted £ 280 on Howe and 1\tf'ORTGAG-E-Wanted £280 on Hotlpe an(11 S'ha.n (frce-h')'(? in rrin?pn' Ktrf?t of important town.—State interef".t." Cwo^yn" f Office er this ipnper. 52-Feb 17 t # .-u_- (, CAFWYD ■ CI'AFWYD—Cyw Merlen, di-nod, ym Myn- j J ydd LLanlloohid. Y.mofyoor yn ei gylch a Mr Jeremiah Eva.ns, J, Bontuchaf, LBetheada. Settiwr. Og na liawlir ar nen I cyn Chwefror 3ydd, gwerthir i cialu y costau. I 47-Jan. oi FREE SALVATION FOR ALL. By the Spirit of lieveiafcioo ir. ZION'S WORKb Vols. I.-XVI. (with catalogue) in Libraries.



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